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21 Bulk Gifts For Coworkers and Employee Appreciation

Giving gifts to your employees is a great way to grow your company, but why? 

See, employees feel recognized when they receive gifts. When they get corporate gifts from their companies, both clients and employees feel the same way. Your team will start to feel more integrated into the workplace and will start producing more when they are successful and feel appreciated for their efforts.

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For instance, in one survey on workplace satisfaction, 45% of participants claimed they thought team appreciation shows how much they were valued.

A room of people celebrating a holiday party. A person receiving a gift from another person.

Top 21 bulk gift ideas for employee appreciation and coworkers

Succulent Plants Pots

Price: $9.50

Purchase some succulent planters to give as gifts in bulk to coworkers. These plants require little upkeep, are simple to accommodate in small places, and are sure to make your coworker smile. Don’t worry, you don’t need a green thumb to keep these alive.

Cozy Socks

Price: $15.76

Everyone loves socks. You can’t go wrong with a pair of vibrant cotton-blend socks, especially when more and more workers are remote and don’t wear shoes as much as they used to.

Get the sides of each sock printed with a message and logo. Every time your employees kick their feet up to unwind, they’ll be reminded of your appreciation.

A person's legs crossed over on a table showing off their socks.

Customized Snack Box

snack stash is great if you’re looking for a delicious and affordable bulk present for coworkers! 

Everyone enjoys snacks all year long, and a hearty snack basket is sure to make them happy while satisfying their cravings. Select the ideal sweet or savory goodies that you are sure they will adore and it will act as the perfect employee gift box.

SnackMagic India - order for yourself

Soy Wax Candle

Price: $22.25

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

This 100% vegan-friendly soy wax candle will be a hit with your environment-conscious coworkers. Most soy wax candles come in reusable glass containers and have a wonderful scent. This bulk present conveys gratitude and emphasizes the value of employees.

Custom 8 oz. Scented Tumbler Candle in a Cardboard Gift Box

Wood Tower Puzzle

Price: $26.50

Your staff may require a little lighthearted fun at the end of the day or week, so encourage it. Give them an eco-friendly wood tower puzzle as a token of your understanding of their desire for relaxation.

You can have your phrase of thanks imprinted on the box when ordering in bulk as an employee appreciation gift.

2 people playing Jenga with 2 glasses of red wine.

Mobile Grip Rings or Stands

Price: $15.63

Smartphones play a crucial role in the workplace. Aluminum grip rings or stands that a person can attach to the rear of their phones are a useful gift option. And on the metal stand, you can engrave a motivating phrase, the company’s initials, or both for added effect.

PopSockets Wood PopGrip

Can Kooler

Price: $43.50

An excellent present for both office-based and remote workers is a Can Kooler. This item is made of sequin and is offered in a variety of designs, from simple black to unusual patterns.

KOOZIE Sport 20-Can Kooler

Gift Card

Gift cards make the perfect bulk gift for employees. They allow each recipient to choose something they truly want or need. Whether it’s a popular retailer or restaurant, a gift card puts the choice in their hands. Group gifts like gift cards are an ideal bulk option – they’re easy to order in large quantities and appreciated by all.

Keychain Gifts

Price: $17.80

Looking for unique bulk gifts your coworkers will actually use? Customized keychains make great group gifts. These handy accessories can feature your company logo or a motivational quote. Ideal for employees always on the go, keychains are affordable yet thoughtful bulk gifts. Order a bunch personalized with each person’s name or role for an extra special touch

CorkSmart - Custom Keychain Wine & Bottle Opener

Swag Gift Box

Surprise your team with swag gift boxes packed with brand merchandise! These ideal group gifts let employees rep the company while enjoying useful items like branded water bottles, pens, notebooks and more. Curated swag boxes make unique bulk gifts that boost morale. Include top-quality items your coworkers will be excited to use.

Insulated Lunch Tote

Price: $25.70

An insulated lunch tote is another item on the list of bulk appreciation gifts that promote health. Your employee will be inspired to pack a nutritious lunch for work thanks to the vibrant appreciation message printed on the side. Even some bags have an ID badge or business card holder on the top.

Break Time 9 Can Lunch Cooler

Microfiber Towel For Cooling

Price: $30

Microfiber cooling towels are another good bulk employee appreciation gift. These gentle on-skin towels dry considerably more slowly than terry cloth towels but readily absorb water.

These are ideal for cleaning around the house, exercising, or cooling off on a hot day. Your staff members will be reminded of your appreciation for their professional and personal lives.


Price: $24

Long hours spent working in an office can occasionally result in dry skin, allergies, or sinusitis. A humidifier is an ideal way to stop problems and is a great thank-you gift for coworkers

They can use humidifiers on their own or in combination with essential oils to create a calming and healing environment. 


Surfaces that could be damaged by heat from hot pots or pans are protected by trivets. Workers will love a bamboo trivet made of sustainable bamboo. Print a thank-you letter on the trivet’s surface to add a personal touch.

Infusion Water Bottles

Price: $4.25

Fresh fruit and herb-infused water provide many health advantages, such as immune-boosting and detoxifying properties. Simply put, giving this gift is a beautiful approach to encouraging health throughout the company!

Customized Mousepad

Price: $59.98

A sturdy mousepad is a great choice if you’re looking for inspirational bulk employee appreciation gifts. Any mouse can be tracked well with a mousepad, and it also shields the desktop from damage.

Additionally, a vibrant modern design reminding your staff members of their value makes a gorgeous and useful desk decoration.

Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Magnetic Clip Holder

A magnetic clip holder makes a thoughtful gift where you can print a thank-you note. You can choose out a holder with a strong magnet and embellish it with acrobatic people-clip arrangements.

Cinema Box

This is a programmable lightbox with vintage movie theater marquee inspiration. Coworkers can use it to display messages that reflect their mood for the day.

On one day, they’ll enjoy saying “good morning,” while on another, they’ll prefer saying “do not disturb.” Plus, this movie theater box adds interest to any unremarkable workspace.

Desktop Picture Frame

Everyone enjoys having personal pictures on their desk at work to serve as a reminder of a loved one. To improve mood and encourage conversation at work, get this bulk holiday gift for coworkers and each team member in the office so that each workstation can have a unique touch.

Herb Gardens Set 

Give small, self-contained herb garden growing kits to staff to encourage them to use their green thumbs. These include expandable soil wafers, biodegradable fiber pots, and a range of herb seeds.

Your employees will all take pleasure in seeing the seedlings develop. And when the time is appropriate, staff members can proudly adorn their meals with homegrown herbs.

Planter Pop-Up Kit for Flowers

Have you ever thought about pop-up beginner flower kits? 

This is perfect for those gardening-loving employees. A container, soil pellets, and flower seeds are all included in the kit. Employees can replant seedlings in larger pots or gardens once they have grown to be a couple of inches tall.

Clip-On Book Light

This cool token of employee appreciation isn’t just for books. You can use this for added light when needed and clip it to a binder, tablet, e-reader, or car visor. Don’t forget to print a thank-you letter from your business on the side.

California Wine Mixer Sampling Flight

The California Wine Mixer sampling flight will take your staff on a journey of sun-drenched coasts and golden vineyards and is filled with 8 exquisite wines.

There are eight drinks bottled in tiny glasses, showcasing the understated, bold, and dazzling flavors of the Golden State in wines ranging from whites to reds and the rosé in between.

Adults Crafts Crate 

This is a perfect gift for creative-conscious employees. Adults and Crafts subscribers receive a new craft activity every month, ranging from wood burning to engraving. They may unwind and let their creative side flow thanks to the enjoyable break from the pressures of work and daily life.


Challenges of Buying Swag in Bulk

There might already be thousands of t-shirts, pens, and other swag gifts in your office broom closet. It’s all leftover swag over the years that you don’t want to regift but you also don’t want to throw away. There are a lot more challenges with buying swag in bulk, these include:

  • The price of storage is the main problem with buying in bulk. If you buy in bulk, you might have to acquire more storage and pay ongoing storage expenses.
  • Bulk purchases of gifts can occasionally result in regret because your employees might not be able to exchange the item they are unhappy with. 
  • Risk of purchasing from low-quality stores.
  • Problems in logistics resulting in delays. 

Luckily, SwagMagic takes care of all of these issues from day 1. You can send your existing swag and store it in our swag locker – keeping track of your swag digitally. Then, you can create a swag store where employees choose their own swag. Our swag is of the utmost quality and we deliver all over the world.


How You Can Automate The Process Of Setting Up Your Own Store?

At SwagMagic, we are committed to offering top-notch bulk ordering automation that can manage the distribution of swag treats. These gifts, which can include everything from miniature mugs to can koolers can greatly improve staff morale and happiness.

All you need to do is “select your order type” – choose what works for you: branded store, swag kits, or bulk swag. You can also request a demo here.

Corporate Bulk Gifts for Employees with SwagMagic

Ready to take your corporate gifting game to the next level? Book a call with SwagMagic’s dedicated experts today! Our team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and craft the perfect bulk gift solution for your employees or clients. From branded swag stores to custom gift boxes, we make it easy to delight your team with thoughtful holiday gifts, thank you presents, or year-round rewards. Don’t let another gifting opportunity pass you by – explore SwagMagic’s seamless process and global capabilities now.

In today’s competitive landscape, branded corporate gifts are a powerful way to show appreciation, boost morale, and foster brand loyalty among your employees and customers. This holiday season and beyond, stay ahead of the curve with SwagMagic’s innovative bulk gifting platform. Our vast global catalog, custom branding options, and streamlined fulfillment ensure a memorable unboxing experience for every recipient, regardless of location.

Whether you need Christmas gifts for coworkers, office holiday gifts, employee thank-you gifts or anytime corporate gift ideas, SwagMagic has you covered. Our unique offerings like branded swag stores, custom gift boxes, and real-time swag lockers make ordering bulk employee gifts easier than ever. Invest in building a stronger corporate culture and brand affinity – take the first step with SwagMagic today!

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