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Best Employee Gift Boxes with Custom Branded Holiday Gift Items for Employee Appreciation

Employee gift boxes are an excellent way to personalize a gift for office staff. They’re also one of this year’s most popular gift items.

Bulk gifts for coworkers allow you to create a completely customized gift that matches the recipient’s personality.

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Each gift box can be unique, or, you can give boxes that are the same (e.g., world cheeses, candy, etc.) but provide a fun experience that’s not getting a company t-shirt for the 20th time.

Custom gift boxes for employees make the employees feel valued for their contributions this year. Expensive chocolates, beach towels, and jackets feel more fitting than swag items employees can potentially receive all year long.

Three presents with bows stacked on one another

Personalized Employee Appreciation Gift Box

The Personalized Employee Appreciation Gift Box allows you to show each employee how much you value them by customizing a box with their name and including thoughtful gifts tailored to their unique interests and preferences. This personal touch will make them feel truly appreciated.

Give Thanks-tile-image

Company Gift Box with Logo Branded Merch

The Company Gift Box with Logo Branded Merch is a great way to boost employee morale and connection to the company brand. Employees will love receiving practical items like mugs, t-shirts, and tech accessories all sporting the company logo. It’s a simple yet powerful identity-building gift.

Snack Box with Gourmet Goodies

The Snack Box with Gourmet Goodies is a crowd-pleasing gift that caters to nearly everyone’s taste buds. Treat employees to an indulgent assortment of sweet and savory snacks that they can enjoy at work or at home. It’s a delicious way to show your gratitude.

Snack Appreciation-tile-image

Corporate Holiday Gift Box

The Corporate Holiday Gift Box allows you to celebrate the season with employees by gifting them popular holiday treats and festive company branded items. It spreads seasonal cheer while reminding them that they are valued members of the organization.

Happy Holidays!-tile-image

Christmas Gift Box for Team Members

The Christmas Gift Box for Team Members fosters team bonding and connection. Fill the box with fun gifts co-workers can enjoy together like hot chocolate kits, cookie decorating sets, or ornament crafting supplies. It facilitates holiday team building.

Winter Medley-tile-image

Employee Recognition Gift Basket

The Employee Recognition Gift Basket enables you to reward standout employees for their exceptional efforts and contributions. Carefully curate a collection of gifts like gift cards, luxury snacks, tech accessories, and more that align with their preferences. It’s personalized recognition.

Custom Swag Box with Gift Card

The Custom Swag Box with Gift Card is a flexible retention gift allowing employees to choose their own gift thanks to the included gift card. They’ll also love the curated assortment of company apparel, drinkware, office supplies, and more you selected just for them. It puts the reward in their hands.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Employee Gift Box with A Sweet Thank You Note

The Employee Gift Box with A Sweet Thank You Note is a thoughtful way to express sincere appreciation to staff. The personalized note articulates why you are grateful for each employee’s hard work while the box contains a sampling of their favorite sweet treats. It’s an affordable yet meaningful gesture.

Birthday Gift Box for Employees

The Birthday Gift Box for Employees helps celebrate employee birthdays in style. Fill it with festive birthday party supplies like hats, decorations, confetti, a banner, and sweet treats to help employees enjoy their special day. It fosters workplace celebrations and positivity.

Birthday Box-tile-image

Individual Gift Ideas to Add to Employee Appreciation Gift Box 2023

Foam Yoga Mat

Price: $89.47

This yoga mat will quickly become one of the most popular gift items in your boxes. Made of high-quality cushioned foam, this yoga mat allows anyone to work out in style. Perfect for those with an established workout plan or those who want to start a company yoga workout.

Pink Yoga Mat
Pink Yoga Mat


This might not seem like the most thoughtful gift at first; however, hear us out. These towels are butter soft and tightly knit meaning your employees will love using them throughout the year.


Throw Blanket

Price: $41.63

Throw blankets are a staple for one main reason; they are comfortable and nearly everyone has them in their home. This throw blanket is an excellent gift option for everyone in the office and, being they are completely customizable, your employees will get nice and warm while showcasing the company’s branding.Throw Blanket

Engraved Silver Bar Chain Necklace

For female employees, this silver bar chain necklace will become a game changer. With a variety of color options and personalized engraving, you can create a beautiful statement piece that your employees will cherish and love.

Luxury gold toned necklace reflecting in the black surface
Luxury gold toned necklace reflecting in the black surface

Bag Tag

Price: $8.00

Bag tags are one of the most important items for anyone who needs to travel, so why let your employees use those cheap ones made from paper at the airport? This bag tag will quickly become a staple when employees vacation as it’s weatherproof, durable, and stylish.


Coaster Set™ Signature Collection

Price: $24.98

Coasters are one of those items we all want but never seem to remember to pick up. That changes with this deluxe coaster set that actually turns into a bottle opener, letter opener, ruler, nail puller, wire cutter and so much more. Give the gift of functionality with these coasters and see your employees jump for joy.

4 Piece Coaster Game Set

Games Kit™ Signature Collection

Game night is important for many people across the nation and this game kit will be the perfect addition to any home. Featuring an art-deco box and all the basics one needs to play most games, this game kit will become a favorite for your employee gift idea.

A games kit is a great item for employee gift boxes.

Wireless Speaker

Price: $101.76

A quality speaker is hard to find at an affordable price but not anymore with this beauty. Delivering crisp, high-quality sound and a compact design, this will be an employee favorite.

Breakaway Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Portable bluetooth Speaker, wireless boom box, Small radio, waterproof, Stereo Sound System

Stick and Stone™ Pencil Cup

Price: $57.67

Not everything needs to be taken out of the office. This Stick and stick-and-stone pencil Cup is perfect for all employees as it allows them to store their writing instruments in style.

Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Pencil Cup
pen holder with various pens and pencils on purple surface

Stick and Stone™ Business Card Holder

Building off our last entry, you can’t very well give someone a pencil cup and not include a business card holder. This sleek model from Stick and Stone is perfect for those who want to give their employees something they’ll use at work for years to come (plus the uniformity of matching business card holders can increase the office aesthetic).

card holder

McStreamy – microphone and light ring

Another great option is a more a bit more personalized, but it’s excellent for those who will use it. This microphone and ring light set will allow your employees to create their own internet content that looks like it was produced in the studio.

A McSteamy is a great item for employee gift boxes.

How SwagMagic can help in selecting custom gifts for employees?

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The beauty of it all is that SwagMagic will pick, pack, and ship all of her curated swag kits to all the employees, anywhere in the world. All she has to do is decide what goes in each box and sit back to receive compliments on all her hard work.

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