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Best Virtual Gift Ideas and Gift Cards For Employees- Last-Minute Favorite Online Gifts 2024 

Looking for the perfect virtual gift to wow your employees without breaking the bank? Who doesn’t love a surprise gift…especially around the holidays or just because? With 2024 upon us, gift cards and online subscription services are all the rage for good reason – they let you easily personalize and deliver fun digital presents that feel thoughtful and special.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the top virtual gift ideas and gift card options to treat your team right now. Whether you want to help someone learn a new skill with a MasterClass subscription, immerse themselves in an Audible world of audiobooks, unwind with some self-care using Headspace, or binge the latest shows on Hulu, there are amazing digital gifts to match every interest that are sure to delight.

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African american man using virtual reality headset at home
African american man using virtual reality headset at home

And the best part? Virtual gift ideas remove the stress of wondering if a physical present will arrive on time or fit right. With just a few clicks, you can surprise coworkers, clients, friends, and family with personalized digital presents, gift cards, or subscription boxes they can enjoy from…wherever! These thoughtful online gifts check all the boxes – convenient, flexible, cost-effective, and bound to impress whoever receives one.

So let’s dive into some of the top virtual gift recommendations for 2024 that are guaranteed to put smiles on faces now and keep joy flowing all year long!

Virtual Gift Art Masterclass

Give the gift of creativity with an online art class membership. Services like SwagMagic offer the best virtual gifts for employees – access to thousands of inspiring classes across painting, drawing, graphic design, and more creative arts. With customized class recommendations and new premium content added daily, an art masterclass subscription box makes a great last-minute gift idea for beginner to advanced artists looking to spark inspiration.

Online classes chalkboard
Online classes chalkboard

Personalized Branded Swag Gift Box

SwagMagic’s personalized gift boxes let you easily send branded virtual gifts from a list of the best uncommon goods and digital gift ideas. Employees can choose their preferred items like water bottles, socks, blankets, etc. based on your set gift card stipend that can be used to redeem gifts. The entire experience – selection, payments, shipping, and delivery is completely managed by SwagMagic, making this one of our favorite virtual gifts to gift.

swag kit

Subscription to Online fitness classes

Give the gift of health with a virtual gym and online fitness class membership. Services like SwagMagic offer many virtual gifts to choose from – follow-along or on-demand streamed strength training, yoga, meditation and more guided by world-class instructors. What better motivation to start the new year strong than an experience gift for self-care goals using celebrity trainer classes anytime, anywhere?

Woman conducting virtual fitness classes over video conference
Woman conducting virtual fitness classes over video conference

Online Cultural Training Course

Want to gift professional development across cultures? Rosetta Stone is one of the best virtual gift ideas with digital gift cards that can be used for language and cultural training courses. Employees can access interactive online classes in 24+ languages led by native speakers and continue improving conversational skills with speech engine anytime. It’s a thoughtful way to promote inclusivity while enabling global competencies.

Virtual Cooking Class

Surprise at-home chefs with an online cooking class membership! The best virtual gifts for foodies include platforms like Masterclass, offering access to culinary teachings from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller. Learn new recipes, techniques, and flavors hands-on from the comfort of your kitchen with pre-recorded streaming services sent straight to your tablet or mobile device.

Custom-Branded Celebrity Video Message

Allow employees to request a personalized celebrity video message for milestone events. Services have access to hundreds of talents eager to provide a fun, morale-boosting surprise. This virtual happy hour gift is sure to spark smiles through the screen.

Remote Dance Party Best Gift Idea

Liven up any virtual event by gifting a private dance party led by professional dancers streaming interactive instruction live. Services like ByStadium make it easy to book talent to teach simple choreography tailored to any song and skill level – no experience needed! It’s a fun way to get teams moving together while apart.

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Online mental health and wellness workshops

Support employees’ overall wellbeing by gifting free access to virtual workshops focused on mental health, meditation, sleep and more through platforms. Sessions led by experts make it simple to develop healthy coping mechanisms while working remotely. A valuable and supportive gift that promotes employees’ well-being and resilience.

Home Workspace Kit 

Help remote employees optimize their home office by sending specially curated boxes with ergonomic products like lap desks, blue light glasses, wrist rests, and more. Subscription services like SwagMagic deliver quarterly kits fit for any budget – the perfect personalized gift.

Top Virtual Gift – Puzzle Challenge

Spark some friendly competition by gifting a virtual puzzle tournament. Many services facilitate private online “race to solve” games between small groups – teams can chat live while piecing puzzles together. It’s an engaging way to connect with colleagues for focus and fun.

Online Game Night – Perfect Gift

Facilitate team bonding through friendly competition with a virtual game night membership. Many services provide access to hundreds of popular multiplayer titles that are fun, funny, and easy to play remotely. It’s the perfect gift to break the ice and bring employees together outside meetings.

Online Financial Planning Course

Empower employees by gifting enrollment in a virtual financial literacy program. A few services offer live online courses to develop healthy money habits. Lessons on budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and more provide valuable professional development.

Virtual Motivational Speaker Session – Spotify Subscription Service

Inspire and reenergize teams by booking a virtual motivational talk. Gift a yearly Spotify subscription so employees can continue finding daily motivation.

Online Office Tours – Best Experience Gift

Let employees explore global offices and landmarks right from their desks. Virtual tour platforms provide access to 3D walkthroughs of interesting spaces supplemented by audio guides. It’s an immersive sightseeing gift usable anytime.

Virtual Team Building Games

A bulk virtual gift idea for employees and clients that strengthens teamwork and communication skills. Bring remote groups together through entertaining digital challenges. Sites like ByStadium facilitate private sessions tailored to companies of any size. Employees get to interact creatively, problem-solve collectively, and have fun through friendly competition.

Remote Ergonomic Assessment

An important and thoughtful gift that helps employees maintain good physical health while working from home. Support healthy work-from-home practices by providing an online ergonomic evaluation. Experts assess employees’ remote office setups through video calls, provide posture feedback, and recommend equipment upgrades for avoiding injury – an invaluable well-being gift.

Online Professional Development Training

A valuable and career-enhancing gift that offers employees opportunities for growth and advancement. Invest in the growth of remote teams by funding self-paced virtual courses through platforms like LinkedIn Learning. Employees can access thousands of on-demand expert-led lessons unlocking in-demand business, creative, and technical skills – a gift that pays dividends.

Zoom Mentorship Programs

A personalized and supportive gift that provides employees with guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals. Pay it forward by launching private virtual mentorship programs. Tools facilitate knowledge transfers between experienced and newly onboarded employees. It’s a special gift opportunity for seasoned staff to guide the next generation.

Digital Gift Card

Treat employees to gifts tailored to their unique interests by providing a virtual gift card. Retailers like Amazon offer electronic gift cards redeemable for millions of products, subscriptions, and services online. Recipients can choose whichever items spark joy.

Self-Care Subscription Box

Support personal wellness by gifting a self-care-focused monthly subscription box. Services like SwagMagic delivers wellness products, at-home activities, healthy snacks, and more in quarterly shipments. It’s a thoughtful way to encourage employees to recharge and decompress.


Book of the Month

Spark joy in reading by gifting a Book of the Month membership – a virtual library of the latest releases tailored to unique tastes. Monthly subscriptions make discovering new authors and genres easy with recommendations and discounts. It’s the perfect gift for bookworms looking to unwind.

Swag Box with Uncommon Goods

Surprise and delight remote employees with a seasonal care package filled with fun schwag and uncommon finds. Online retailers like SwagMagic deliver custom assortments of unique accessories, stationery, home goods, snacks, and more straight to one’s home.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Host an entertaining virtual wine tasting led by sommeliers to engage teams. Facilitate live-streamed blind tastings through Zoom paired with chat forums for answering questions and discussing favorites. It’s a great virtual gift for oenophiles or casual drinkers to bond over a shared passion.

Remote employee works virtually

The value of virtual gift ideas for employees working from home is evident. Such unique gifts are the only way you can reach these key contributors to your company.

Office virtual gifts for employees are a sound, effective internal marketing tactic that’ll yield the desired results: increased loyalty and productivity.

SwagMagic Is The Ultimate Virtual Gifting Company

With premium digitization options like video messages (from gift-givers and celebrities alike), branded swag stores, and a fully digitized branding experience, SwagMagic is the ultimate choice for virtual gifting.

We understand that today’s workplace environment is caught between two worlds–remote and in-person. We also grasp that virtual gifts have their place regardless of your office environment because of the convenience and customization offered. 

Partnering with us means you’ll have a team committed to getting the best from your virtual gifting strategies. We guarantee a hassle-free corporate gifting process that promotes your brand while etching smiles on your employees’, clients’, and prospects’ faces. Find out more by requesting a demo today!


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