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Best Virtual Gift Ideas To Help Your Company Thrive

A quarter of all US jobs are remote. While that number pales compared to in-person roles, it indicates a massive shift in workplaces nationwide. This shift comes with the need to adjust how we approach company culture, catering it more to a virtual environment.

Virtual gifts for employees need to be part of your culture-building strategy. After all, virtual gift ideas are much different–logistically and sentimentally than in-person offerings.

Virtual gifts make sense beyond remote teams, fitting an in-person or hybrid office environment. It’s wise to consider virtualizing your office gifts, no matter your office environment.

Unique Virtual Gift Ideas For Employees and Coworkers

  • Virtual Art Class: A creative and engaging way to foster team bonding and enhance employees’ artistic skills.
Online classes chalkboard
Online classes chalkboard

  • Branded Swag Box: A personalized and thoughtful gesture that serves as a unique reminder of the company’s appreciation. SwagMagic is entirely online, and your employees can select their preferred items based on your set stipend. Once they order, SwagMagic manages the physical swag items’ storage, shipping, and delivery.
swag kit

  • Online fitness classes: They will help improve your team’s overall well-being. This gift pairs perfectly with a defined wellness program in your workplace.
Woman conducting virtual fitness classes over video conference
Woman conducting virtual fitness classes over video conference

  • Online Cultural Training Course: A diverse and inclusive gift that provides employees with an opportunity to learn and grow their cultural awareness.
  • Virtual Cooking Challenge: An interactive and fun way to encourage teamwork and culinary creativity.
  • Custom-Branded Celebrity Video Message: This level of personalization and creativity will make your remote team members feel valued and inspired.
  • Remote Dance Party: A lively and entertaining gift that boosts morale and energizes employees.
  • Online mental health and wellness workshops: A valuable and supportive gift that promotes employees’ well-being and resilience.
  • Home Workspace Kit: An inexpensive virtual gift that enhances employees’ remote working experience and productivity.
  • Virtual Puzzle Challenge: A fun and stimulating gift that exercises employees’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Online Game Night: An engaging and interactive gift that fosters team bonding and friendly competition.
  • Online Financial Planning Course: A practical and informative gift that provides employees with valuable financial knowledge and skills.
  • Virtual Motivational Speaker Session: An inspiring and empowering gift that motivates and energizes employees.
  • Online Office Tours: A unique and informative gift that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s operations and culture.
  • Virtual Team Building Games: A bulk virtual gift idea for employees and clients that strengthens teamwork and communication skills.
  • Remote Ergonomic Assessment: An important and thoughtful gift that helps employees maintain good physical health while working from home.
  • Online Professional Development Training: A valuable and career-enhancing gift that offers employees opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Zoom Mentorship Programs: A personalized and supportive gift that provides employees with guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals.

Remote employee works virtually

The value of virtual gift ideas for employees working from home is evident. Such unique gifts are the only way you can reach these key contributors to your company.

Office virtual gifts for employees are a sound, effective internal marketing tactic that’ll yield the desired results: increased loyalty and productivity.

SwagMagic water bottle - virtual gift ideas

SwagMagic Is The Ultimate Virtual Gifting Company

With premium digitization options like video messages (from gift-givers and celebrities alike), branded swag stores, and a fully digitized branding experience, SwagMagic is the ultimate choice for virtual gifting.

We understand that today’s workplace environment is caught between two worlds–remote and in-person. We also grasp that virtual gifts have their place regardless of your office environment because of the convenience and customization offered. 

Partnering with us means you’ll have a team committed to getting the best from your virtual gifting strategies. We guarantee a hassle-free corporate gifting process that promotes your brand while etching smiles on your employees’, clients’, and prospects’ faces. Find out more by requesting a demo today!

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