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Holiday Gifts for Coworkers and Employees (#24 is the Best Gift Idea for Christmas and Holidays)

Exchange Christmas gifts by coworkers

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your coworkers. Whether you work in an office, a remote team, or a physical location, these holiday gifts are perfect for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 holiday gifts for coworkers to make your shopping easier in the year 2023. From tech gadgets to personalized items, read on to find the best gift that your coworkers will love.

Best Holiday Gifts for Coworkers, Employees and Office Staff

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Travel Gifts: Best Holiday Gift Idea for Coworkers

  1. Personalized Travel Journal– Price$ 28.55

5.5" x 8.5" Cactus Leather Bound JournalBook

Give your coworker a travel journal customized with their name or initials. It’s a thoughtful gift for documenting and commemorating their travel adventures, making it a cherished keepsake.


  1. Custom Wireless Charging Desk Pad– Price $118.33

Taskpad - Custom Wireless Charging Desk Pad

It’s the perfect blend of tech-savvy and stylish, keeping your desk clutter-free while charging your phone. With a personal touch, it’s not just a gift; it’s a conversation starter. Your coworker will thank you for making their workspace as awesome as they are!


Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

  1. Personalized Luggage Tag: Price $8.00

Luggage Tag

Ensure your coworker’s luggage stands out while traveling with a personalized luggage tag. Engraved with their name and contact information, it’s a practical and stylish accessory that helps prevent mix-ups at the baggage carousel.


Personalized Accessories: Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug: Price$ 14.61

13 oz. Marble Campfire Coffee Mugs

Elevate your coworker’s coffee or tea routine with a personalized coffee mug. By adding their name, you’re giving them a thoughtful and unique gift that enhances their daily caffeine experience. Every sip becomes a moment of personal connection, making it a cherished part of their morning ritual.


  1. Bluetooth Earbuds: Price $ 89.98

Skullcandy Jib 2 True Wireless Earbuds

Tailored for a co-worker who relishes music or podcasts on the move, these wireless earbuds redefine the audio experience. They offer a tangle-free and immersive soundscape, making them ideal for commuting, workouts, or simply enjoying a moment of personal entertainment. Their convenience and quality of sound elevate your coworker’s auditory experience to new heights, allowing them to escape into the world of music or podcasts without any distractions.


  1. Customized Airpods Case: Price $ 21.39

Airpods Case

Offer your coworker a stylish and personalized solution to protect their valuable Airpods. This hard-shell case not only shields their earbuds from potential damage but also adds a personal touch by displaying their name or initials. Best birthday gift you can give your colleague.


  1. Apple Watch: Price $ 371.41

The Apple Watch is like having a tiny computer on your wrist. It’s not just a timepiece; it’s a fitness tracker, health monitor, and your gateway to apps and notifications. Whether you’re counting steps, answering calls, or checking your heart rate, it’s the ultimate blend of fashion and function. A fantastic gift for anyone who’s into tech, fitness, or simply looking for a sleek accessory to upgrade their daily life.


  1. Personalized Flask: Price $44.85

Luxe Flask™ Signature Collection

Gift your coworker a high-quality flask personalized with their name, initials, or a meaningful message. It’s a stylish and practical accessory for enjoying their favorite spirits on the go.


  1. Personalized Pen Set: Price $7.63

Bambowie Bamboo Gift Set

This thoughtful gift adds a touch of sophistication to your coworker’s desk. A high-quality pen set, customized with their name or a special message, not only makes writing a pleasure but also shows your appreciation for their work and style.


  1. Personalized Fitness Water Bottle: Price $24.96

Camelbak Water Bottle 25oz

Encourage your coworker’s hydration and fitness routine with a high-quality water bottle customized with their name or a motivating quote. It’s a practical and personal gift for an active lifestyle.


  1. Personalized Wine Glass: Price $39.67

Wine Tumbler 12oz

Elevate your coworker’s wine-drinking experience with a personalized wine glass. Engraved with their name or a special message, it adds a personal touch to their relaxation ritual, making it a thoughtful and cherished retirement gift.


  1. Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker– Price $124.94

The Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker is the ideal gift for health-conscious friends and family. It’s not just a fitness tracker; it’s a wellness companion. With features like step tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep analysis, it keeps you in the know about your health. Plus, it’s sleek, comfortable, and customizable, making it a stylish accessory too.


Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

  1. Personalized Desk Nameplate:

Elevate your coworker’s professional image with a personalized desk nameplate. This sleek and customized accessory not only adds a touch of elegance to their workspace but also showcases their name or title prominently. It’s a professional and thoughtful gift that enhances their office aesthetics while adding a personal touch to their desk.

  1. Personalized Phone Case: Price $ 16.10

Apple Flexi Case

Give your coworker’s smartphone a personal touch with a custom phone case. Whether adorned with cherished photos, artwork, or a meaningful message, this accessory not only protects their device but also showcases their unique style.

  1. Snack Box Subscription: Treat your coworker to a global culinary adventure with a snack box subscription. Every month, they’ll receive a curated selection of snacks from different parts of the world, allowing them to explore new flavors and satisfy their cravings.

snack box with swag

  1. Personalized Chocolate Box– Price $4.79

Treat your coworker’s sweet tooth with a box of delicious chocolates. Personalize it with a heartfelt message to make the gift even sweeter and more special.

  1. Personalized Tote Bag– Price $250

A tote bag customized with your coworker’s name or initial is a versatile and eco-friendly gift. They can use it for shopping, carrying essentials, or as a stylish accessory to complement their outfit.

  1. Personalized Wall Art: Price- $46

Create a meaningful and decorative touch to your coworker’s space with personalized wall art. It can feature a favorite phrase, song lyric, or inspirational quote, adding a touch of personality and inspiration to their environment.

  1. Customized Bookends: Help your coworker stay organized with bookends customized to their taste. These bookends are perfect for holding workbooks, journals, and other materials, keeping their workspace tidy and stylish.
  2. Gift Card: One of the best Christmas gift ideas is a gift card. Be a secret santa and give them a surprise where they can choose what they want.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

  1. Inspirational Desk Sign:Boost your coworker’s motivation and productivity in the office with an inspirational desk sign. This daily reminder of their goals and aspirations adds a positive and motivational touch to their workspace. It serves as a source of inspiration during challenging moments, encouraging them to stay focused and driven.
  2. Phone Sanitizer: This compact and ingenious gadget utilizes advanced UV-C light technology to effectively sanitize not only your coworker’s phone but also other small objects. It serves as a valuable addition to their workspace, contributing to a clean and hygienic environment, particularly during flu seasons when maintaining cleanliness is crucial. By using UV-C light, it eliminates harmful bacteria and germs, ensuring that the objects they frequently touch remain safe and sanitized.
  3. Fitness Tracker: Price $199.99

Tailored for fitness enthusiasts, this advanced fitness tracker is designed to monitor workouts and daily activity comprehensively. It empowers your coworker to stay on top of their health and fitness goals by tracking steps, calories burned, heart rate, and even sleep patterns. With a wealth of data at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions about their fitness routine and health, ultimately leading to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

  1. Desk Organizer Set: Price $280

Enhance your coworker’s workspace with this comprehensive set of organizers designed to declutter and streamline their desk. It comprises various compartments and holders for pens, documents, and other essentials, enhancing efficiency and tidiness. With everything in its place, this is the best gifts for coworkers as they can focus better on tasks at hand, leading to increased productivity and a more organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

  1. Monogrammed Journal: Price $10.04

5.5" x 8.5" FSC® Mix Bound JournalBook

Elevate your coworker’s note-taking and creative endeavors with this exquisite journal. Its stylish design is enhanced with a personal monogram, adding an element of sophistication and uniqueness. It’s the perfect canvas for capturing thoughts, ideas, and memories in a truly personalized way, making it a cherished item for both work and personal use.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle: Price $21.74

Tritan Clear Water Bottle 25oz

Encourage healthy hydration habits with a durable and eco-friendly water bottle. This practical gift serves as a constant reminder for your coworker to drink water throughout the day, promoting their well-being and reducing single-use plastic waste. Its sturdiness ensures it can accompany them on all their daily adventures.

  1. Multi-Device Charging Station: Price$24.99

Simplify your coworker’s charging routine with this versatile docking station that accommodates multiple devices. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches, this station provides a clutter-free and efficient charging solution. It streamlines their workspace while ensuring all devices are ready and fully charged when needed.

  1. Plant Desk Decoration: Price $48.00

Bring a touch of nature and freshness to your coworker’s desk with a trendy plant decoration. Not only does it add a pop of greenery to their workspace, but it also creates a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. Taking care of the plant can provide a sense of responsibility and connection to nature, enhancing their overall work environment.

  1. Magnetic Notepad: Price $17.25

Magnetic Notepad

Magnetic notepads are the unsung heroes of organization. Stick them on your fridge, and suddenly, you’ve got a convenient spot for grocery lists, reminders, and notes to your future self. They’re like your memory’s trusty sidekick, ensuring you never forget the essentials. For anyone who appreciates a practical and fun gift, a magnetic notepad is a must-have for everyday life.

  1. Desk Lamp: Price $49.34

Reduce eye strain and boost productivity with a bright desk lamp. Its adjustable settings ensure optimal lighting conditions for your coworker’s workspace, whether they’re reading, working on a project, or simply adding ambiance to their desk. This thoughtful gift enhances their comfort and efficiency during long work hours.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Price $166.65

Anker® Soundcore Life Tune XR Bluetooth® Headphones

Perfect for creating a distraction-free work environment, these noise-canceling headphones are a valuable asset for your coworker. They allow them to immerse themselves in their tasks, drowning out office noise and distractions. Whether focusing on important projects or enjoying some music during breaks, these headphones promote a more concentrated and productive work session.

  1. Tile Key Finder: Price $57.80

KeySmart Pro With Tile™ Smart Location

Help your coworker bid farewell to the frustration of misplaced keys and important items with this handy device. The Tile Key Finder is a compact and reliable tool that syncs with their smartphone to locate misplaced belongings quickly. It’s a practical gift that adds a touch of convenience and peace of mind to their daily routine.

  1. Wireless Charging Station: Price$44.99

Simplify your coworker’s charging routine with this advanced wireless charging pad. Designed for compatible devices, it eliminates the need for cumbersome wires and cords. With this sleek and efficient charger, they can effortlessly power up their devices with ease and style, maintaining a tidy and organized workspace.

  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Protect your coworker’s eyes from screen strain and the harmful effects of blue light with these stylish and functional glasses. Ideal for extended hours in front of screens, these glasses provide a shield against digital eye strain, ensuring that your coworker can work comfortably and protect their eye health.
  2. Desktop Punching Bag: Bring a touch of fun and stress relief to the office with this desktop punching bag. While it offers a lighthearted way to release workplace tension, it should be used with proper office etiquette. It encourages a healthy outlet for stress, allowing your coworker to take quick breaks and return to their tasks refreshed and revitalized with this fun gift.
  3. Personalized Mouse Pad: Price $17.14

Mouse Pad

Customize your coworker’s workspace with a mouse pad featuring their name or a motivational quote. Not only does it enhance their desk aesthetics, but it also adds a personal touch to their workspace. Every click and movement of the mouse becomes a reminder of their unique identity and motivation.

  1. Small Succulent: Price $ 56.00

Perfect for coworkers who may not be ready for a full-fledged office garden, a small succulent adds a touch of nature to their workspace with minimal maintenance. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of greenery without the commitment of extensive care, promoting a calming and pleasant atmosphere.

  1. Electric Fleece Blanket: Price $37.19

50" x 60" Team Blanket in Soft Microfleece

Keep your coworker warm and cozy on chilly days with an electric fleece blanket. It provides warmth and comfort while they work or relax, ensuring they stay snug and comfortable during colder seasons.

  1. Desk Humidifier: Improve the quality of the office air with a compact desk humidifier. It adds moisture to dry environments, enhancing comfort and well-being. This thoughtful gift is particularly valuable during the dry winter months when indoor air can become uncomfortably dry.
  2. Digital Business Card: Price $33.31
Popl Digital Business Card

Digital business cards are the modern way to make a memorable first impression. They’re your professional identity in the digital age, easily shareable and always up to date. No more fumbling with paper cards. Just a quick tap, and your contact details are shared seamlessly. They’re the perfect gift for tech-savvy professionals, helping them network with ease and style.

  1. Portable WiFi Router: For coworkers who require constant internet access on the go, this portable WiFi router is a lifesaver. It ensures reliable and secure internet connectivity wherever they travel, whether for work or leisure, making it a valuable asset for staying connected and productive.
  2. Wireless Headphones: Price$ 99.99

Offer your coworker a more cord-free audio experience with a pair of wireless headphones. These headphones provide the freedom to enjoy music, podcasts, or calls without the hassle of tangled wires. They offer exceptional audio quality and comfort, making them an ideal companion for work or leisure.

  1. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser: Price $39.99

This compact diffuser is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere right on your coworker’s desk. Powered with remote control, it’s incredibly convenient and lets them enjoy the soothing effects of essential oils during work hours, promoting focus and relaxation.

  1. Smart Notebook: This innovative notebook takes note-taking to the next level being the best gifts for co-workers. It allows your coworker to jot down ideas and sketches conventionally and then upload them to digital storage and cloud services, ensuring they never lose their valuable notes again.

  1. Blue Light Lamp: Price $14.73

Kikkerland Desk Spot Light

Help your coworker improve their sleep quality and mood with this adjustable lamp. By filtering out harmful blue light, it promotes better sleep patterns and reduces the adverse effects of excessive screen time, contributing to overall well-being.

  1. Mini Projector: This compact projector, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, offers the convenience of on-the-go entertainment. Your coworker can use it for presentations, movie nights, or sharing content with friends and colleagues with ease.

  1. Blue Light Screen Protector: Protect your coworker’s eyes from the harmful effects of blue light emitted by computer screens with this screen protector. It’s an essential accessory for anyone who spends extended hours in front of a digital display.
  2. Wireless Keyboard: Price$ 66.65

Help your coworker maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace with a wireless keyboard. It offers the freedom to work from a distance, providing flexibility and efficiency in their tasks.

  1. Desk Exercise Equipment: Help your coworker stay active even during office hours with compact desk exercise equipment, like a bike or elliptical. They can use it right under their desk to sneak in some exercise while working.
  2. Eyeglass Holder- This wooden holder is a work of beauty, regardless of whether your coworker has poor vision or is devoted to a reliable pair of blue light-blocking glasses. It’s hand-carved and will serve as a great conversation starter for your workplace.

Give your coworkers a holiday gift that they love

Finding the perfect gift for coworkers can be a daunting task, but with this list of top 50 holiday gifts for coworkers, you’re sure to find something that fits everyone’s style and personality. From personalized items to tech gadgets, there’s something for everyone on your list. Make this holiday season a special one with a thoughtful and personalized gift for your coworkers.

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