Start An Order

Build out a branded company store

Give your recipients a stipend to select their favorite items

We’ll take it from there…to anywhere in the world!

Discounts are available based on the amount of units purchased

No credit card required to launch

Poof! On-Demand Swag That's Ready When You Are 🪄

Our Swag Store lets you buy for 1 or 10,000 and our on-demand items allow for a quick turnaround. Choose from 200+ items for recipients in the US and Canada and 40+ items for recipients living internationally.

Watch how you can create your own Swag Store and treat your recipients without any hassle!

Pick the branded swag that goes in your swag store

They'll get a stipend and go on a shopping spree.


70% of swag gets thrown out, but not when the recipient picks their own.


Minimum quantities? Nope, we don’t do that. You only pay for what gets redeemed.


Just pay the cost of the products plus a $25 fulfillment fee per recipient. No hidden fees.

Watch the Magic Unfold

Create your branded swag store.

Pick your products and upload your designs in minutes. You can even use the same design with multiple products.

Design once.
Upload your design and we’ll apply it to all the products.

Get access within 48 hours.

Personalizable Designs.
Let ‘em make it theirs.

Set up a budget and invite your recipients.

Send swag credits to everyone on your list–all you need is their email address.

Make it exclusive.
Restrict your store to approved email
addresses only...or don’t. It’s up to you.

Global reach.
Local fulfillment partners in every region means
no customs hassles and no crazy shipping fees.

The grand finale...

Your recipients pick items from your swag store. We collect their addresses and apparel sizes, print their products, and deliver them to the recipients.

Delivered in 10-15 days.
Not six weeks. No one has time for that.

Track redemptions.

See what they love.

Find out what they want so you can give them more of it.

Let Your Swag Be a
Show Stopper at Your Next Event!

Let Your Swag Be a
Show Stopper at Your Next Event!

Why Create a Swag Store?

Create, store, and send out your swag to anyone, anywhere

No minimum order quantities for on-demand swag

Only pay for items that have been redeemed

A flat fee of $25 per recipient, domestic and global

Recipients can customize their swag

Ability to add snacks

No lock-in contract / subscription

Worldwide Shipping isn't an Illusion

Pick a location, any location—we’ll deliver your swag anywhere!

We’re Swag Magicians, Here to Make SwagMagic

Swag Consultation

Graphic Design Work

Domestic Swag Storage

Still have questions?

Let's make SwagMagic together!

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