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10 Memorable Spirit Week Ideas your Team will Love

You’re trying to come up with spirit week ideas for work to bring your team together while improving company culture. You decide to take the time to connect with your employees for an entire week via games and prizes. 

Continue reading to learn exactly what Spirit Week is, ideas for team building for the week and how setting up a store can help you during Spirit Week as well as in the long term.

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10 spirit week ideas for team building 

You’re ready to have your own Spirit Week, so what should you do? We’ve compiled our ten best Spirit Week ideas to help employees and employers alike have a fun and exciting week. The best part? Most of these ideas double as virtual spirit week ideas for work as well, meaning you’ll be able to include even your remote workers!

woman using game boy

1.     Company History Trivia

This will let you teach your employees more about your company and help everyone look towards the future. For this activity, you’ll want to teach your employees more about your company and founder. Reward each participant with goodie bags full of the founder’s favorite snacks.

2.     Costume Party

Whether Halloween is coming up or you want to dress-up in the middle of the year, a costume day is an excellent option to let your employees’ creativity shine. Look to see what they come up with and have the office vote on the best look. The winner receives a dozen cookies!

3.     Scavenger Hunt

Send your employees on an office scavenger hunt, requiring them to get items from one another. Make it extra special by making it match their personalities (e.g., if you have an employee who always uses pink pens, put a bunch on her desk for collecting). To help them work through the hunt’s list, provide each employee with a custom clipboard.

4.     Murder Mystery

This one is really fun. Come up with a murder mystery idea that allows your employees to solve the crime. To make it more office oriented, make it something like trying to figure out who (fictitiously) steals everyone’s lunch. To help your budding detectives solve the case, provide them with a custom stationary kit that includes all the tools they need to become the next Sherlock Holmes.

5.     Literary Hero

Have your employees dress up as their favorite literary hero and share their books during a company potluck. You can learn more about your employees and what makes them tick while expanding your reading list. Provide a special treat for your employees during the potluck, such as a case of brownies

pile of books

6.     Swag Day

Have your employees wear their company swag! This will allow you to finally utilize all those t-shirts you have stocked in the back office as well as letting your employees show off their company spirit! As a thank you for participating, give your employees non-wearable swag such as customized blankets.

7.     Decorate Your Desk

Rather than having employees dress up, why not have them dress up their desk? Give your employees time throughout the day to dress up their desks or let them know the week before and see what they create for Decorate Your Desk day. You can see their creativity on full display. Have employees vote on who has the best desk design and give the winner a set of custom office supplies.

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8.     Social Media Challenges

Your employees likely have social media accounts, so why not have them incorporate it into their Spirit Week activities? Look to see what’s currently trending—dances, poses—and have your employees participate in them while wearing custom swag. Have them upload their photos or videos to their social media accounts and tag their posts with a company hashtag. You can have your fellow employees and customers vote by liking these pictures. Give the winner something fun they can use to push their social media account to the next level, such as the McStreamy microphone and light ring.

woman and man playing tug of war

9.     Office Olympics

Who says the Olympics only have to come every other year? Office Olympics will allow you to create an Olympic experience in your workplace! Make challenges something everyone can compete in, such as an office triathlon that includes a relay, hula hoop contest and who can type the most words per minute. Instead of gold medals, reward employees with custom pins.

10.  Company Picnic

Rather than doing something indoors, why not enjoy some time in the great outdoors? Send groups off with a company picnic basket that’s filled with delicious treats such as these exquisite charcuterie boards. Your employees will get to spend some time with one another while enjoying lunch paid for by the company.

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We hope you feel inspired after reading these ideas for spirit week at work. You’ll be able to spend time getting to know your employees—and them you—while having fun all week long. To keep that spirit week motivation going all year long, why not consider setting up a swag store? Swag Magic stores allow you to create a one-time shopping solution for all your upcoming events. Your employees will get to choose the items they want which allows you to stay within budget when giving employee gifts while letting them choose exactly what they want. Learn more about how SwagMagic can help you here.


What is Spirit Week? 

There’s no definitive answer on what exactly a Spirit Week is. If you asked 100 different people, you’d receive 100 different answers.

However, at its core, a Spirit week is a series of activities or events that attempt to increase employee engagement. Accomplishments are celebrated, bonds are solidified and company culture becomes a prime focus.

What are the benefits of celebrating spirit week?

As an added bonus, Spirit Week brings several benefits to companies as well, including:

Higher Engagement

People who are more engaged with their workplace or school are likely to be happier, achieve more and feel more fulfilled.

Team Building

The point of Spirit Week is to bring employees together to celebrate the company. To do this, team-building activities are completed throughout the week. Team-building can increase everything from performance to retention.

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