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Gifts for People Who Work From Home: Best Gifts for Remote Workers In Your Life

What’s up, my gift-giving friends! Looking for the perfect work from home gift to brighten up someone’s home office? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got plenty of fun, customizable gift ideas to make that particular WFH person smile.

Whether working long hours away at a small corner desk or having a whole room dedicated to their 9 to 5, a thoughtful work from home gift can go a long way. From personalized coffee mugs to cozy slippers to fancy pens and customized mousepads, we’ve covered you on gifts that suit any work from home style or personality.

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Software developer working in home office
Software developer working in home office

And the best part? Many of our gift ideas allow you to customize with their name or a cute quote, allowing you to add an extra thoughtful touch. So poke around our work from home gift ideas and find something perfect. We’re confident your giftee will love that you took the time to find a gift that truly caters to their WFH needs. Now get to shopping while we grab our own cozy slippers and freshly brewed cup of coffee—all these great home office gift ideas excite us to start our work day!

Portable Wireless Charger

Price: $90.35

The Portable Wireless Charger is the ultimate work from home gift for anyone who works away from their desk. This lightweight, compact charger is perfect for keeping devices powered up, whether your favourite remote employee is taking Zoom calls from the couch or working in the kitchen. It’s a thoughtful gift that will get plenty of use! 

Mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Headphone: Unique Gift

Price: $124.20

A nice set of Headphones is a perfect gift for filtering out distractions during the workday. With soft ear pads that allow for comfortable wear even during long hours, anyone who works from home will appreciate this gift. The crisp sound quality will make their music, calls and meetings easy to hear. It’s sure to be a gift they reach for day after day!

Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

Gift an Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair for the ultimate work from home setup to provide comfortable support. Customizable adjustments allow your giftee to tweak the chair to perfectly fit their desk and body for all-day relief, making it the best choice for improved posture and less strain even after long work hours. It’s the most thoughtful gift to keep remote employees happy and productive.

Yoga Mat Helps You Look Your Best

Price: $89.47

Help your favorite work from home friend bring some movement into their day with a Yoga Mat. Perfect for taking stretch breaks, this lightweight mat allows anyone who works from home to sneak in some activity between emails and meetings right from the comfort of their living room. It’s a fun and functional gift sure to earn smiles.

Foam Yoga Mat

Customized Mug

Price: $15.25

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

With a Customized Mug, they can flaunt their WFH status in style whenever they grab their daily cup of joe. Choose from many background colours and font options to create their perfect work from home accessory. It’s a thoughtful desk gift anyone would love to receive.

15 oz. Large El Grande Coffee Mug

Gift Card

Get them exactly what they want with a personalized Gift Card to their favourite retail store. It allows your exceptional remote worker the flexibility to grab anything from office supplies to self-care treats that will help make their workdays more enjoyable. It’s the most valuable gift that keeps on giving!

Standing Desk Lamp

Price: $49.34

Help them create the perfect work zone lighting with a sleek Standing Desk Lamp. Its modern profile and adjustable arm allow it to direct the beam where it needs it most. It’s a gift that’s helpful for late nights spent working away.

LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger - (Black) image

Water Bottle

Price: $34.73

Keep them hydrated through their busiest work blocks with a stylish new Water Bottle. From stainless steel bottles to vacuum-insulated tumblers, it’s a functional gift that reminds anyone who works from home to take refreshing drink breaks.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Coaster Set for Office Desk

Price: $24.98

A stylish Coaster Set is the perfect work from home desk accessory for anyone who enjoys their morning coffee or afternoon tea while working away. This gift provides a useful landing zone for setting down hot mugs and cold glasses, protecting your giftee’s desk surface from annoying water rings. Choose from fun prints and natural bamboo materials to suit their style.

Square wooden coaster for cups
Square wooden coaster for cups

Business Card Holder: Best Gift Idea

We get it; a cardholder seems silly for remote workers. But this desk accessory does more than store business cards—it reduces desk clutter, keeping spaces clear for to-do lists and coffee mugs. And when it’s eventually time to meet clients face-to-face, their cards will be neatly organized and impossible to forget!

Business card holders are great work from home gifts

Stick and Stone™ Pencil Cup for Workspace

Price: $57.67

We all have that drawer in our house where a collection of pens, pencils, and other writing instruments hang out. However, the drawer will be banished forever with this pencil cup. Featuring a sleek and modern design, this neutral pencil cup will become a staple in any home office. Most useful gifts for people working at home.

Make your creative space work for you. A desk with pencils, a cup and greeting cards.
A desk with pencil cup

Wireless Speaker

Price: $101.76

Work-from-home employees cannot deal with the possibility of poor sound quality, especially when listening to a video or audio recording for work. This speaker allows your favorite remote worker to listen to anything wherever they are in their homes.

Portable bluetooth Speaker, wireless boom box, Small radio, waterproof, Stereo Sound System
Portable bluetooth Speaker, wireless boom box, Small radio, waterproof, Stereo Sound System

Smartphone Holder: Work from Home Gift for Video Calls

Price: $5.94

Although we cannot condone driving on the phone, it’s an increasingly common phenomenon. Work meetings and conference calls frequently feature at least one person on the phone. This smartphone holder will allow hands-free driving for a safer meeting-in-the-car experience. Give the gift that makes working from home easy and fun.

smartphone on a cell phone holder, mock up screen for your picture placement.
cell phone holder

Selfie Drone: Best Gifts for People Invested in Good Day Long Trips 

One of the most popular aspects of remote work is the fun selfies that employees post. During the pandemic, we saw various viral posts showing employees’ workspaces. This selfie drone is excellent for those who want to give their at-home employees a fun new toy that can also create social media content that puts the company in a good light. Find the best holiday gift here for people who love to travel.

Flying drone in summer forest
Selfie Drone

Microphone and Light Ring: Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Record

Your employees need to be heard and seen in the best light, and this microphone and ring light set will quickly become their go-to setup to ensure both. Perfect gift for anyone who works for hours and wants to look their best. 

McStreamy – microphone and light rings are great work from home gifts

Handle Strap Can Kooler for a Hectic Work Day

Price: $43.50

Again, building on the idea of a nice beverage helping the work-from-home day go smoother, this koozie will keep employee drinks cool throughout their shift. Soft and well-insulated, this will be a go-to when employees want to keep something cold.

KOOZIE Sport 20-Can Kooler

Towel Set: Best Work from Home Gift Set

Price: $35.95

Towels may not be the most glamorous home office accessory, but they can be pretty helpful. A high-quality towel is excellent for many work-from-home employees, from keeping a desk clean and moisture-free to providing support when sitting all day.

Towel in the spa salon
Towel gift

Laptop Sleeve: Gift for People Who Work from Home

Price: $44.65

Plenty of work-from-home employees like to work in various locations; however, their equipment is susceptible to getting damaged. Luckily, this laptop sleeve is on our list of best work-from-home gifts for employees. Well-padded and tight-fitting, this laptop sleeve will become a staple for remote workers.

laptop sleeve

Throw Blanket: Great Gift for Anyone Working from Home

Price: $41.63

There’s nothing better than wrapping your legs in a nice throw blanket (it’s one of our favourite reasons to work from home). This throw blanket is perfect for warming up during those early morning briefings.

Throw Blanket

Mouse Pad: Perfect Gifts for Remote Employees

Price: $17.14

Although some people seem to think that the days of using a computer mouse have passed, many people still prefer to use a mouse on their laptops because it offers greater control than the trackpad. This high-quality mouse pad will allow your employees to work in style and make their offices their own.

Presents wrapped with bows

The new trend of work from home

Remote gifts are among the most popular due to the rise in remote work35% of people can work from home full-time, with an additional 23% able to work remotely at least part of the time. This allows for a dynamic workforce with people from all backgrounds working in the same office space. Many offices are hiring from all around the globe!

According to Forbes, some of the top reasons to work from home include:

  • Personalized schedule
  • Comfortable and productive
  • Lack of commute
  • Tax benefits
  • Reduction in office costs

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are turning to remote work.

However, this can lead to complex decisions when shopping for employee gifts. Ideally, you’ll get to know exactly what your employees need or are interested in. However, there are some excellent options for those looking to give work-from-home gifts to employees.

Also read: How To Set Employee Expectations For Remote Work.

How can you automate the process of setting up a swag store?

Getting work-from-home gifts for employees can feel like a challenge, but it can be a fun experience and a tremendous getting-to-know-you exercise with your employees. To make the process even easier, consider utilizing a SwagMagic store. SwagMagic will allow your employees or order and redeem gifts, meaning they get precisely what they want, and you never waste money on gifts they won’t use. Read more about how SwagMagic can help your employees receive gifts they’ll love here.

Creative Gift Ideas for People Who Work From Home at SwagMagic

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the remote worker in your life, SwagMagic has everything you need. Browse our wide selection of useful and fun work from home gifts to find something they’ll appreciate.

Finding a great gift for someone who works from home can be tricky. You want something useful to make their remote work life easier or more enjoyable. With SwagMagic’s wide selection of home office gifts, self-care packages, tech accessories and more, you can create a custom gift box filled with goodies to brighten any remote worker’s day.

We hope this blog post has helped you discover some unique and thoughtful gifts for the work from home person in your life. Remember to use promo code BLOG10 to save 10% on your first SwagMagic order. We can ship the perfect remote work gift directly to their home anywhere in the world. Brighten their holiday without ever leaving your own home office!

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