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Best Company Swag Ideas: Branded Swag Item Employees Will Love 2024

At SwagMagic, we prioritize our employees’ morale, and we’re continually amazed at how much a small bit of recognition can boost our hardworking team. You don’t need to do anything overly dramatic to lift your employees’ attitudes.

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While those statistics don’t paint an ideal picture, there is a bright side. It won’t require many resources to shift such mindsets. Instead, the strength of your company culture and logoed swag can establish the foundation for outstanding and lasting employee morale.

person wearing swag with a hat that says swag

What better way to instill an excellent culture than by offering thoughtful promotional items and employee swag? The team unity and harmony you foster are remarkable when you make a straightforward yet meaningful gesture like providing Christmas swag kits.

Branded Swag bags and company logo gifts for new employees and remote employees go a long way in boosting morale and engaging employees and customers. With the right great swag and promotional items, you can increase retention, referrals, and brand awareness.

Best Company Swag Ideas for 2024

person conducting an office meeting

Branded Tumbler

Price: $53.85

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

Give your employees a branded tumbler they’ll use every day. Swag-like tumblers and mugs make great gifts for your staff. They’ll appreciate receiving a high-quality drinkware item they can fill up with their favorite hot or cold beverages. Whenever they use their new tumbler at home or on the go, they’ll give your branding valuable impressions. Useful swag gifts that employees utilize regularly provide consistent brand touchpoints

High-Quality Traveling Bags

Price: $39.97

RuMe® GTO - Garment Travel Organizer

Depending on your location, you’ll probably have many team members taking the bus or train. Make their life easier by providing a high-quality swag bag in which they can store their must-haves for their daily commute.  

Custom Swag Box 

A Custom employee swag kit or box makes for fantastic and great company swag. These boxes allow you to uniquely tailor great swag gifts to promote your brand. Select from a wide variety of promotional items to include and design an eye-catching box showcasing your logo. With customization options like engraved metal tins or branded packaging, you can create branded boxes that employees will be thrilled to receive. Custom Swag Boxes not only boost employee morale but also increase brand visibility with recipients likely to keep these corporate gifts on display.

Water Bottle

Price: $44.51

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Vacuum Bottle 22oz

A promotional water bottle is the most loved employee swag idea. A type of swag employees can utilize daily, water bottles indirectly market your brand to anyone who sees them. Choose bottles in your company colors and engraved or printed with your logo for walking advertisements. Every time employees drink from these bottles at home, at the gym, or around town, your branding gets more impressions. Useful swag like water bottles in sleek designs see a lot of usage compared to other promotional items, delivering more bang for your buck.

Eco-friendly Swag Tote Bags

Price: $19.98

Revive Mesh Zippered Tote

You know what they say, different totes for different folks. Okay, maybe we just say that. Still, Tote Bags handles all the trouble of storing much-needed items for the workday with some style and panache.

Customize a tote bag for your team members, and they’ll keep special storage space in their hearts for your company. Best company swag ideas for employees branded with the company’s logo to show off your company

Micro USB to USB Cable

Merchandise that a company gives out like branded charging cables make for practical swag that can help remind staff you care. Essential tech accessories used daily mean your logo printed on the front gains valuable impressions at home and on the go. Whether coiled neatly on a desk, popping out of a bag at a coffee shop, or plugged into a car charger, a custom cable triggers brand recall whenever spotted. Promotional items a workforce may buy for themselves also add sincerity to the gesture.

Wireless Charger

Price: $39.97

Statik 3-in-1 Wireless Charger image

Products that make life more convenient like wireless chargers create a fantastic kind of swag customers and employees appreciate. These swag items are great because they prove genuinely useful to your team daily. Branded wireless chargers prominently display your logo every time employees power up their devices at home or in the office. Their convenience means chargers see consistent use, allowing your branding to gain regular impressions in a subtle yet effective way.

Planning Journals

Price: $45.15

Shinola® SoftCover Journal - Medium

Your team is a group of high-functioning professionals keen on delivering results. Planning is a significant part of top-notch performance, typically requiring a journal to stay on top of their tasks and projects.

 Aid in those organizational skills by gifting your team a branded journal.

Stylish Apparel – Best Swag to Define Company Culture

Price: $89.15

example of company swag ideas - sweater

Nothing makes your team look more cohesive than custom swag items like branded apparel representing your company colors. Design desirable pieces with coveted brands that your employees will want to wear regularly. Choose The North Face or other popular labels to create custom apparel sure to appeal when adding to your swag collection. Employees will wear and be enthusiastic to sport quality swag featuring respected brands, allowing your logo to gain valuable impressions whenever they head out around town. 

Corporate Swag Desk Decor

The tasteful office decor is proven to boost employee morale. So, why not capitalize on that trait with exquisitely designed, custom-branded desk accessories

Show your employees appreciation and boost morale with branded swag desk decor. Your team can use swag items daily and it makes for meaningful gifts. Swag packs with calendars, notebooks, pen sets, and desktop organization items prove handy for productivity. At the same time, your branding stays visible on employees’ desks and computer screens when they utilize practical decor gifts. Mousepads, acrylic desk organizers, framed prints, and more offer prime real estate for your company logo. 

Snazzy Writing Instruments

Impress both clients and employees by gifting snazzy writing instruments engraved with your logo on the front. Not only will recipients regularly utilize practical swag like pens and highlighters, but your employees will feel pride seeing such sleek branding materials. Help your remote employees rep their employer’s image even when offsite by sending posh pen sets for their home office or desk packets for client meetings.

Popular Swag for Pet Lovers

70% of families own pets in the US. Find out who’s a pet owner in your organization, and dole out your branded swag accordingly. 

For instance, a branded dog bowl proves you’ve taken the time to learn about your team members’ personal lives. 

What Is Company Swag?

Swag, generally, is marketing merchandise or promotional products companies giveaway to increase brand awareness and foster goodwill. 

Customers leads, and–most relevantly–employees are the typical recipients of this branded business merchandise.

While the primary focus with customers is market penetration and improving sales, swag for your workforce is meant to enhance employee morale and foster loyalty.   

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gifts they’ll love and send joy their way


Swag for companies is often items such as drinkware, writing utensils, performance wear, wireless chargers, etc.

The levels of customization can vary. For example, you can design swag with your company’s logo, add a tagline, and personalize swag for your employees. This transforms run-of-mill swag into dynamic custom company swag. 

What are the Benefits of Company Swag for Employees?

According to LinkedIn, company swag offers the following benefits:

  • It tells employees you expect them to be around long-term and proves that you’re invested in their future with your organization.
  • Your employees get immersed in brand colors, which establishes company loyalty because it solidifies that everyone is on the same team. Recipients will feel vital to the business and endeavor to live up to your faith in them.
  • Swag gives employees a sense of pride because they can show it off. After all, your specifically branded swag is something they could’ve only received by working for your organization, and they’ll feel honored as such.  

How Does Good Company Swag Help With Clients?

The base-level benefits of giving swag to clients are clear–you’re increasing brand visibility and loyalty. Plus, you’re providing something of value to customers free of charge, making them want to reciprocate that gesture with their spending money. 

However, since this blog is about employee morale, we’ll discuss how improved employee morale pays off with your clients. 

When your team holds positive sentiments toward their work environment, there’s often a ripple effect with how they treat your customers. 

In other words, happy workers = happier clients. Company swag contributes strongly to such an atmosphere. 

Designing And Gifting Cool Company Swag items is Seamless With SwagMagic

concert scene

With SwagMagic’s collection of curated company swag boxesand dynamic features like the Create Your Own Store option, purchasing and delivering swag can be seamless. 

The above notion applies no matter where your team members are located. Depending on your needs, we’ll handle almost everything, including shipping, storage, and obtaining delivery addresses. 

Want To Learn More? Then Check Out SwagMagic’s Diverse Swag Catalogue.

The jury is in. company swag will skyrocket your team’s morale at a reasonable cost to your company. Check out our offerings in our vast catalog of corporate swag items and take the first step toward improved employee morale today. 

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