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Best Company Swag Ideas in 2024: Corporate Swag Items

Hey there swag seekers! It’s 2024 and you know what that means – it’s time to step up your company swag ideas game. Let’s be real. Company t-shirts and branded pens just don’t cut it anymore. Employees expect awesome perks and insta-worthy freebies.

So ditch the boring old promo items and get ready to wow your team with the latest and greatest corporate swag they’ll be excited to bring home. We’re talking trendy tech gadgets, footwear Friday surprises, self-care packages loaded with snacks, and beyond. Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered with epic custom swag boxes and swag items big and small.

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We’ll look at fun monthly subscriptions, customized gear, eco-friendly finds, and awesomeness to make your people proud to represent your brand and company culture. Stay tuned for seriously cool ideas that’ll have your crew buzzing all year long!

Ok, enough hype – let’s get to the good stuff. Here are the best company swag ideas your new and remote employees will lose over the next year!

company swag ideas as a marketing strategy
Company Swag is a great tool for Marketing Strategy & Relationship building

Best Company Swag Ideas: Custom Apparel (Hoodies and T-shirts)

Branded apparel can bolster brand recognition while amassing goodwill with your swag recipients, whether employees, colleagues, customers, partners, or prospects. 

Take the McDonald’s chicken hoodie. They turned their swag recipients into walking billboards, offering a clever, creative, and memorable design that people would happily wear.

Therein lies a core component of your branded apparel. People should want to wear it, whether for a laugh (like with the chicken hoodie) or to show it off because it looks good. We tend to stick to visual appeal at SwagMagic, as highlighted by our catalog items below:

The North Face Pullover Hoodie

Price: $89.15

The North Face Pullover Hoodie

The North Face Pullover Hoodie is your team’s ideal go-to swag item. With its cozy fleece fabric and drawcord hood, this classic style is built for cold-weather comfort and made to last. Your new employees will love wearing this branded hoodie no matter the season – making it a versatile swag win for your whole crew.

The North Face Ladies Mountain Peaks 1/4-Zip Fleece 

Price: $114.05

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

The North Face Ladies Mountain Peaks 1/4-Zip Fleece

Wow your female customers and employees with The North Face Ladies Mountain Peaks 1/4-Zip Fleece. The stylish stripe pattern and functional fastener highlight The North Face’s signature outdoor style while the stretch fleece fabric offers lightweight warmth and all-day coziness. This flattering yet sporty top will become a staple piece they’ll proudly wear around town.

The North Face City Parka

Price: $263.72

Brave winter weather in style with The North Face City Parka. Loaded with technical details like a waterproof shell, inset bib, and hidden StormflapTM with snap closure – your team will stay warm and dry on the go. The unbeatable quality and classic design ensure this branded parka delivers style and function – making it a swag item they’ll wear for years.

AllmadeUnisex Tri-Blend Tee

Price: $26

Allmade Unisex Tri-Blend Tee

For a casual, laidback look they can pair with anything, Allmade’s Unisex Tri-Blend Tee is a foolproof choice. Made of a super soft cotton, polyester, and rayon blend, this tee provides unbelievable comfort. Available in a rainbow of colors and sizes XS-4XL, it’s an inclusive selection everyone on your team can appreciate.

Top Company Swag Ideas for 2024: Drinkware (Coffee Mugs and Bottles)

Did you know that 71% of Gen Xers are likelier to do business with advertisers offering free branded drinkware? 

While you mull over swag ideas, those are the insights you need to influence your decisions. Also, remember that your Gen X employees or colleagues would likely appreciate promotional drinkware just like consumers. 

It all comes down to offering value with your company swag. People want convenient, portable drinkware they can bring anywhere and reuse. It makes life easier, and your brand will be associated with that ease whenever the swag recipient sips from their tasty beverage.

Check out some of our branded drinkware offerings below:

YETI Rambler 10 OZ Tumbler With Magslider Lid

Price: $30.80

YETI Rambler 10oz Tumbler w/ Magslider Lid

The YETI Rambler Tumbler is a fantastic employee coffee swag or corporate gift to give your employees. With its durability, temperature retention, and closure slider, this great company swag allows your team to show off your company logo in any setting while enjoying their favorite hot or cold drink.

H2go Rincon

Price: $38.95

18 oz. H2go Rincon

For an eco-friendly way to show your employees appreciation, the H2go Rincon is a great branded item. Made from natural marble stone, wheat straw, and food-grade plastic, this reusable straw cup lets your team stylishly sip while reducing single-use waste.

Glass Pint Beer Steins

Price: $20.73

16 oz. Glass Pint Beer Steins

Glass pint beer steins make for fantastic unique company swag that employees and customers will use time and again. These impressive steins can be customized with etching or full-color sublimated designs to showcase your branding.

YETI Rambler Tumbler

Price: $53.85

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

This durable double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. This mug makes a great corporate gift your team will love. This modern eco mug helps your employees reduce waste in style – showcasing sustainability as an integral part of your company culture.

Best Swag Items for Travel Lovers (Backpack and Tumbler)

Is your brand adventurous? Does it embrace the wonders of travel and outdoor activity? Even if your company isn’t a direct reflection of those swashbuckling values, maybe a subsection of your team possesses those traits, or perhaps a subsect of your target customers does.

Either way, your brand can feed the desire for nature and exploration with the SwagMagic catalog items below:

S’well Traveler

Price: $ 59.67

S'well 16 oz Traveler

For eco-conscious teams, S’well’s reusable 16oz Traveler Bottle makes sustainable travel swag that helps show employees that you care. It eliminates 16 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills this year and keeps drinks cold for a whopping 36 hours! Now that’s cool swag even customers would covet.  People love these with custom engraved with your logo.

GTO – Garment Travel Organizer

Price: $39.97

RuMe® GTO - Garment Travel Organizer

The GTO Garment Travel Organizer is a fantastic swag gift to jetsetting employees. This lightweight organizer protects suits, dresses, and blouses to prevent wrinkling while traveling. Employees will appreciate arriving crisp and professional thanks to your thoughtfulness. It great way to show you care about making business trips easier through functional swag.

Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler

Price: $51.04

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler

For employees on the go, Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumblers keep drinks deliciously hot or refreshing cold during daily commutes and long trips. Durable and dependable, your team can fill them with coffee, tea, or their signature cocktail and not spill a drop. Useful travel swag like this fits your team’s lifestyle.

GARYLINE Ultimate Flyer

For employees who love outdoor fun, the GARYLINE Ultimate Flyer is an awesome frisbee they’ll never stop playing with. Its colorful custom print area makes this great swag a functional way to showcase pride in your brand during team-building events, company picnics, tailgates, or vacations to the beach or park.

Define Company Culture with Bags and Backpacks

This section meshes the outdoors and travel, but it goes beyond that because who doesn’t need a bag? It can be the best gift option as a conference swag idea. Even the non-adventurous recipients of such swag will appreciate the storage and not have to pack their belongings in plastic shopping bags.

The usefulness offered by a bag will link to your brand. Plus, if the bag is of high quality, that top-notch quality will also be associated with your company. Take these bags available in SwagMagic’s catalog, for instance: 

Port Authority Exec Backpack

Price: $62.83

Port Authority Impact Tech Backpack

The urban backpack from Ten Thousand is a sleek swag bag perfect for commuting employees and clients. With its padded laptop sleeve, breathable straps, and weatherproof fabric, this bag keeps work essentials safe while showing off your logo. It’s a stylish, functional company swag idea employees and customers alike will be sporting around town.

The North Face Groundwork Backpack

Price: $78.60

The North Face Stalwart Backpack

For an eco-friendly swag option, choose the Willow Backpack by Parks project. Made from recycled plastic bottles with vegan leather details, this bag helps employees reduce waste in style. The modern, minimalist look provides ample space for gear while putting your sustainability-focused brand on display.

Port Authority Crush Ripstop Backpack

Price: $62.83

Port Authority Impact Tech Backpack

Give your team some extra carryall with the heavy-duty utility tote from Bullet Line. Employees will love stashing their stuff in this supersized cotton canvas tote custom-printed with your branding. The extra long straps mean they can throw it over a shoulder or across the body for hands-free carrying at work events or tradeshows.

The North Face Fall Line Backpack

Price: $78.60

The North Face Stalwart Backpack

The Hype backpack proves that hype-worthy company swag ideas for employees don’t have to cost a fortune. These affordable backpacks are made of durable polyester and sport-dedicated laptop and accessory pockets to keep your team organized on the go. Adding your logo makes for functional swag they’ll be proud to carry at the office, gym, airport, and beyond.

Corporate Swag Items: Eco-Friendly Swag Products for Lifestyle

Lifestyle items are easy wins. They’re often the little gadgets that set your swag recipients up for success and comfort, ensuring phones remain charged, files get backed up, etc.

Below are a few standout branded Lifestyle catalog items from SwagMagic:

PopGrip Golf Ball

Price: $20.32

PopSockets Wood PopGrip

The PopGrip Golf Ball is a fun company swag item every employee can use for a better grip on their phone. This clever gift features real mini dimples for traction so your team can easily snap photos and scroll without fumbling. It’s a great idea for swag – giving your employees something handy yet playful to make them smile.

PowerStick Loop+

Powerstick’s Loop+ charger offers employees a swag product they’ll constantly use to power up devices everywhere. This portable 5000 mAh battery easily fits in a pocket or clips onto a bag for on-the-go charging of phones and tablets. It’s both convenient and customized with your logo so your team can stay powered no matter where the day takes them.

Mophie 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Price: $90.35

Mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

With Mophie’s 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank, you give busy employees swag they’ll appreciate daily. This premium charging bank features wireless charging capabilities to easily juice up Qi-compatible devices. Sleek and lightweight with multiple input/output ports, it’s swagged your team can use at home, in the office, and while traveling – making employees feel valued.

Cool Company Swag Ideas: Office Stationery (Custom Pens and Personalized Notebooks)

It’s safe to assume the bulk of your swag recipients spend a significant chunk of the day at the office. Be with them at work, helping them thrive by sending them valuable, high-quality, and stylish office-based swag items such as the SwagMagic catalog items below:

Hugo Boss Ellipse Softy w/ Stylus – Laser

Price: $81.90

Hugo Boss Gear Matrix Ballpoint Pen

The Goldstar Ellipse Stylus Pen is the kind of high-quality swag that shows your company values innovation. This sleek metal pen featuring soft-touch ink and a capacitive stylus is the type of swag tech-savvy professionals will use daily. Laser engraved with your branding, it’s a daily reminder of your forward-thinking ethos.

ZEBRA PM-701 Permanent Marker

For a sustainable kind of swag, opt for Zebra’s plant-based PM-701 marker. Made of recyclable, bio-plastic derived from plants, this permanent marker proves your brand thinks green down to the smallest details. Your team will appreciate having these reliable, eco-friendly writing utensils handy as they tackle office tasks in style.

Castelli  Large Tuscon A4 Ivory

Elevate your next company giveaway with Castelli’s Large Tuscon Binder. This rich ivory binder has a refined yet artistic look thanks to textured grooves and a debossed logo area. It’s the type of high-quality swag your team will proudly display on their desk – keeping important documents organized while putting your discerning taste on exhibit.

Unique Company Swag Idea: Custom Swag Boxes

Branded Swag Box

Who doesn’t love a branded swag box? These custom boxes stacked with your favorite custom swag items make for a creative company giveaway that excites employees. Fill them with apparel, tech gadgets, drinkware, or other niche swag collections tailored to your teams’ interests. It makes for an impressive display they’ll be thrilled to unpack.

Custom Snack Box

Give Thanks-tile-image

Reward your hardworking team with a curated snack swag box filled with delicious treats customized to your brand. From bags of artisanal popcorn printed with your logo to boxes of branded cookies and candy bars – a creative assortment is sure to satisfy employees’ sweet and salty cravings. This tasty swag also entices customers to do business with you.

Personalized Boards and Platters

Price: $159.00

Large Charcuterie Kit + Board image

Take your next corporate gift up a notch with personalized cutting and charcuterie boards etched with your logo. These natural wood platters engraved with messages like “Thank You for Your Business” make a lasting impression on VIP customers while also serving as functional decor employees will use time and again. This unique swag shows thoughtfulness through exquisite details.

Be Sure To Partner With The Top Company Swag Provider In The Game

shaking hands and agreing on company swag ideas

Company swag can either be an investment that yields massive returns–or it can be a financial sinkhole. It all depends on who you partner with as a provider.

SwagMagic works with companies like yours to provide a turnkey branded swag experience, storing your swag and picking/packing your orders.

Swag Store 

We’re also flexible, allowing you to build your online company swag store or send swag kits. Additionally, we’ll gather the necessary information about your recipients to ensure they get what they want. Empowering employees to take control of choosing company logo-branded merchandise and swag will help boost morale, motivation, and team spirit. Giving staff the autonomy to select items they want also strengthens corporate culture and identity.

At SwagMagic, we’re your partner in the swag business with our swag store. We want our products to help your organization flourish–not be just another promotional item that gets hidden in the stockroom. 

Want to learn more? Then request a demo today!

What is Company Swag? – Ask these Questions About Company Swag Ideas and Supplier

Company Swag is promotional merchandise or marketing giveaway products, such as apparel – hoodies, t-shirts, drinkware – coffee mugs, bottles, tumblers, writing utensils, performance wear, wireless chargers, etc., companies giveaways to increase brand awareness and foster goodwill. 

Customers, sales leads, and–most relevantly–employees are the typical recipients of this branded business merchandise.

While the primary focus with customers is market penetration and improving sales, swag for your workforce is meant to enhance employee morale and foster loyalty.   

The levels of customization can vary. For example, you can design swag with your company’s logo, add a tagline, and personalize swag for your employees. This transforms run-of-mill swag into dynamic custom company swag

How Does Company Swag Benefit Employees?

Company swag offers the following benefits:
– It tells employees you expect them to be around long-term and proves that you’re invested in their future with your organization.
– Employees get immersed in brand colors, which establishes company loyalty because it solidifies that everyone is on the same team. Recipients will feel vital to the business and endeavor to live up to your faith in them.
– Company Swag gives employees a sense of pride because they can show it off. After all, your specifically branded swag is something they could’ve only received by working for your organization, and they’ll feel honored as such.  

How Does Company Swag Help With Clients?

The base-level benefits of giving company swag to clients are:
– Increasing brand visibility and loyalty
– Providing value to customers free of charge, making them want to reciprocate that gesture with their spending money. 

Who is the best company swag supplier that offers high-quality branded merchandise and promotional products

The best swag supplier across the globe for custom business swag items is SwagMagic. They have the largest selection of custom swag items to purchase at competitive prices, whether you need a few simple branded garments or full custom swag boxes for employees and clients. These are the best company swag ideas your employees will love in 2024. 


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