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Unique Promotional Giveaway Ideas to Help Promote Your Business and Spread Brand Awareness

Hey friends! Are you a small business owner looking for creative ways to get the word out about your brand? Well, you’re lucky because promotional giveaways are an excellent way to spread brand awareness and get new customers.

Giveaways are when you offer some gift, prize, or reward to entrants for free in exchange for doing something like following you on social media, signing up for your email list, or posting about your brand. It gives people an exciting chance to win something fun while simultaneously helping you promote your business. Win-win!

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There are many unique giveaway ideas – gift cards, photo contests, excellent products, services, you name it! In this post, I’ll talk about some of my favorite types of giveaways that small businesses can use and also give tips on how to make your giveaway a hit.

Get ready to learn some awesome ideas for giveaways that can help spread the word about your excellent brand! Whether you want to grow your social media following email list or get more eyes on your business, giveaways are a tasty recipe for promotional success. Let’s dig in!

Product Giveaway Ideas for Business, Events, Conferences & Social Media

Customized Hoodie

Price: $42.90

Run your giveaway for a customized hoodie with your logo or design on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Ask your customers to engage with the content by tagging friends or sharing the post for extra entries. It’s a fun promotion idea that customers can wear proudly.

Unisex Premium Hoodie

Name Engraved Bottles

Price: $35.69

Engraved bottles with customers’ names make great giveaway content that people will use daily. Share photos of the personalized bottles on social media and ask followers to comment with the name they’d want engraved to enter. This giveaway idea works well to boost engagement.

Aviana™ Metallics Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle - 20 Oz

Company Logo Cap

Price: $31.17

Hats with your company logo are handy giveaway ideas that work for any business or event. Promote the cap giveaway on social media and encourage shares and tags for more entries. The caps will give you walking brand exposure when customers wear them.


Personalized Phone Cover

Price: $26.45

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Phone covers customized with names or monograms make great giveaways to run on Instagram and Facebook. Share images of the customized cases and ask people to tag the friend they think would love the case to be entered to win. This drives social engagement and gets your brand seen.

iPhone Case


Price: $29.28

Functional backpacks with your branding are brilliant giveaways to promote on social platforms. Ask followers to share the post and comment on their favorite place to travel for extra contest entries. Backpacks get taken everywhere, giving you ongoing brand impressions.

Merchant & Craft Ashton 15" Computer Backpack

Coffee Mug: Entrant Giveaway

Price: $19.55

Everyone enjoys a lovely coffee mug! Give away colorful mugs with your logo by posting the promotion on social and encouraging people to tag 3 friends they’d enjoy drinking coffee with for entries. Mugs are valuable giveaways that work well for engagement.

Black Glossy Mug 11oz

Luggage Tag: Themed Giveaway Idea

Price: $8.00

Run your luggage tag giveaway by showing off your branded tags on Facebook and Instagram. Ask people to comment with the most exotic or fun location they’ve traveled to enter the contest. It helps connect with audiences through wanderlust stories.

Luggage Tag

Waist Pack

Price: $54.14

Promote your waist pack giveaway across social channels and have people tag someone they think would wear it well. The giveaway content produces exposure for your brand, and waist packs keep your belongings secure while exercising, traveling, and more.

Samsonite Mobile Solution Convertible Waist Pack

Airpod Case: Successful Giveaway Product

Price: $4.50

An airpod case giveaway can generate great engagement on Instagram or Facebook. Post an eye-catching branded case and ask followers to share the image via stories for giveaway entries. It’s a promotion targeted at tech-savvy customers.

Troop AirPods 3 Case

Journal: Giveaway Ideas that Work

Price: $23.69

Beautifully branded journals make excellent giveaways to run on social media. Ask audiences what they would journal about if they won contest entries. Show images highlighting journal features to attract interest in this engaging promotion.

Hardcover Journal

Creative business giveaway ideas with brand customization include:

Run a Photo Contest Social Media Giveaway Idea

Run an Instagram- social media contest asking customers to post photos of them using your product or at your business location. Offer the winning photo a branded gift card or product package. Give entrants incentives to promote the contest with friends for extra entries. Use contest software to collect and review entries quickly.

Best Local Experience: Run a Successful Business Giveaway

Ask customers to share reviews and stories about their best experience with your local business on social media channels or your website for a chance to win a custom-branded gift basket full of local treats. Promote entries across your social channels. Make the gift basket packaging feature your branding for extra exposure.

VIP Branded Product Giveaway via Email List

Offer your email subscribers exclusive access to VIP giveaways featuring your branded hats, shirts, tumblers, and other swag they can’t get anywhere else. Fans love exclusivity, and giveaways can help! Use email automation to target inactive subscribers while running a giveaway promotion, get people to enter, and draw them back in.

Co-Branded Gift Card Best Giveaway Idea

Partner with a complementary local business to offer a co-branded gift card for both services. Cross-promote for broader reach. Make the partnership official with a joint press release or community event. Let people enter the giveaway content and help them win both services while still promoting your brand. 

Hashtag Contest for Early Product Access: Instagram Giveaway

Encourage social media followers to creatively showcase and hashtag your product on their channels through contests to win early access to your newest product launch. Increase creativity by suggesting fun and quirky photo or video concepts.

Influencer-Sponsored Business Giveaway Idea

Collaborate with influencers in your industry to run an exciting themed giveaway sponsored across both your accounts, granting exclusive branded merchandise, services, or access. Require participants to engage with both accounts to drive traffic and cross-exposure.

Customer Appreciation Local Business Treats Giveaway 

Ask loyal customers to share what they appreciate most about your business for a chance to win a custom gift basket packed with delicious treats from beloved local food businesses. Promote their posts for maximum exposure and community love.

A Kamp Hammock is a great giveaway idea

Things to Consider When Selecting Promotional Giveaway Items

Make sure it’s your product

This is the most common issue we see with promotional items. Companies will purchase something utterly unrelated to their industry in the hopes of attracting some more entries. Think of a travel agency offering an iPad or a tech company giving away a year’s worth of candy.

Here’s what happens with those giveaways- you will get a lot of entries for the moment, and then people will never look at you again. Instead, offer something with your branding. This will remind people of you whenever they look at or use the item.

Have some guidelines

There are a lot of people who enter every giveaway possible in an effort to win. They truly don’t care about the product; they want to win. These people will mass-enter a number of giveaways in an effort to increase their chances of winning something.

To combat these entries, have some guidelines for entering your giveaway. This requires them to do some work and lets you get entries from people interested in your offering.

Make them fun

Look, there aren’t a whole lot of people who are going to be willing to enter a giveaway for something mundane like a succulent plant. Make the item you’re offering for entertaining purposes or will be utilized. You’ll attract people who want the item and have plans to use it.

Set a giveaway schedule

Do you want to go full Oprah and have a week of giveaways? Or are you looking to do something big for the holiday season? Create a quarterly giveaway and plan a marketing schedule around them (e.g., Christmas giveaway, spring cleaning, etc.).

Get creative

Tying this in with guidelines and forcing entrants to get creative with their entries works two-fold for you. It produces new content that you can share and makes the experience fun for the entrant.

From embarrassing family photos to showing user designs, creative giveaways are more likely to get invested customers. Also include hashtags in your rules for these posts so that other customers can see what people are doing.

Wrapped presents containing giveaways for employees.

Running a Giveaway? Start Planning Your Contest with SwagMagic

Ready to launch an exciting and effective giveaway campaign? Book a call with our team to start planning a custom contest perfect for your business. We’ll help you choose the right giveaway prizes and promote your contest across social media to drive entries and spread brand awareness. Get started now to grow your audience and boost engagement FAST!

Running a creative giveaway is one of the best ways to promote your small business without a big marketing budget. The right contest helps you engage new audiences and delight existing customers. With thoughtful planning around your goals, target market, and ideal prizes, your next giveaway can become a viral hit!

Remember – giveaways shouldn’t just be about giving stuff away for free. Use these campaigns to build excitement, collect leads, highlight your products, or achieve other business objectives. Our team is ready to make your next giveaway a big success! Book a consultation to start crafting the perfect contest for your brand.

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