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18 Fun Friday Games and Activities for Employees

Incorporating fun activities into the office is a great way to encourage employee engagement, support team building, boost morale and keep employees happy.

Companies have started hosting a “Fun Friday” each week to liven up the workplace and boost employee morale. 

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The company’s fun-at-work celebration ideas don’t have to be intense, but you get the picture.

From games in the office to group activities that encourage teamwork, we want to share some of our best Fun Friday ideas with you:

Fun Friday Games: Fun Games to Play with Your Employees and Team Members


Every Friday, we participate in super fun activities like Bingo. We use an app to generate the numbers and cards. It’s so much fun to work together to see who can get five in a row first. Bingo is one of the best Friday fun activities!


Pictionary is a Friday night favorite. We break into teams and take turns drawing while the others guess the word or phrase. It requires a lot of problem solving to decipher each other’s doodles! But it’s much fun and brings us together. 

Lego Challenge

For our Friday stem activities, we often do Lego challenges. Working together and using creativity and problem solving, we try to construct elaborate Lego structures. It’s super fun to see what we can create. 

colorful lego
colorful lego


We look forward to our entertaining Friday charades games. Taking turns acting out fun phrases is always good for some laughs. Charade is a prime example of our best fun Friday activities!


Puzzles make for super fun Friday activities in the office. We work together to assemble the pieces, which requires teamwork and problem-solving skills. It’s so much fun to participate in this stem challenge and the feeling of completing the puzzle is an awesome Friday reward.

Playing puzzle game. Group of friends have party indoors together
Playing puzzle game. Group of friends have party indoors together

Don’t Smile

One of our favorite Friday games is Don’t Smile. The goal is maintaining a straight face while others try to make you laugh. It’s extremely fun and goofy. Trying not to crack up during Don’t Smile is among the best Friday fun!

Scavenger Hunt

We participate in office-wide scavenger hunts on Fridays. Following clues and hunting for items helps break up the week. Buzzing around the office on these fun missions is awesome. Scavenger hunts are truly best Friday fun activities!

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Never Have I Ever

Our Friday nights often include games like Never Have I Ever. We share things we haven’t done as others drop fingers for things they have done. It’s fun learning more about each other! Never Have I Ever is certainly among our very best Friday games.

Guess the Desk

For Guess the Desk, we submit photos of our workstations and everyone tries identifying who sits where. It sparks fun discussions about the little desk details that reflect our personalities. Participating in these office games on Fridays builds camaraderie.

Five-Second Q&A

One of our popular Friday games is Five Second Q&A where you have just 5 seconds to name 3 things in a category. It’s fun and fast-paced. The silliness of everyone blurting out answers makes Five Second Q&A among the best of the Friday activities.

Truth or Dare

Friday nights sometimes call for classic Truth or Dare. We use an app to generate truth questions and silly dares. It’s super entertaining watching coworkers reveal truths or take on wacky challenges! Truth or Dare makes for rewarding, unforgettable Fridays.

Heads Up

Playing Heads Up on Fridays shouldn’t be missed. We take turns holding up our phones and acting out the prompted words and phrases as coworkers guess. Lots of laughter fills the office on Friday when we play this entertaining game.

Karaoke Nights

Belt out your best vocals at Friday karaoke in the office! We use a karaoke app and mic to bring the concert vibe. Attempting those high notes shouldn’t be taken too seriously – fridays are fun so we just go for it with these singing sessions being the best fun Friday games.

In karaoke with friends
In karaoke with friends

Color Code Dress Up

We coordinate outfit colors on Fridays for some extra fun team building. Seeing everyone adorned in all shades of green or rocking their brightest red makes color code dress up one of the greatest Friday games in the office.

Office Olympics

Friday Office Olympics take activities like chair racing and wastebasket free throws over the top. We line up our rolling chairs or take aim across cubes in these competitive yet hilarious games. Office Olympics are the best way to kick off any fun Friday!


Sharing in a Friday potluck with everyone bringing dishes shouldn’t be missed. Experiencing all the delicious foods while socializing makes for one of the best fun Friday games. We linger over seconds and enjoy each other’s culinary specialties.

Stem Challenge

Solving STEM challenges on Fridays brings out our creative problem-solving skills. Building structures, designing Rube Goldberg machines, and tackling logic puzzles make for engaging group stem activities. These challenges shouldn’t be underestimated because applying critical thinking in hands-on ways is extremely fun.

Origami Craft

Folding paper into shapes and figures during Friday’s origami crafts shouldn’t be overlooked. Following intricate folds and working together to sculpt paper into ornate designs makes for gratifying hands-on fun before the weekend. Mastering origami craftwork is a rewarding shared accomplishment.

Fun Friday games are an excellent idea for companies looking to foster employee engagement and teamwork. Finding a game that works for your company and team may take some trial and error, though – as it did for us.

The initial game that involved the escape room may have been a little overboard, but it was certainly a great bonding experience for our team! And hey, the office escape room at least had a bathroom! 

Despite the initial concern when our People Ops team locked us in the office, the Fun Friday game was great for team building. Escape room games are trending as a way to foster collaboration among employees. 

But if escape rooms aren’t your thing, you could always do a scavenger hunt (it’s like an escape room without the hostage situation), trivia, or another team-based game. 

team of employees put their hands together on a fun friday

Finding the right activities for adults can be tricky. I mean, not all adults love escape rooms. But any sort of activity that encourages collaboration will make for a great Fun Friday activity.

We started looking around for clues when we got into the escape room. John discovered a whole box of bulk swag t-shirts – but strangely, they had a very different logo. We figured that must’ve been the first clue. Then Suzy found recycled pens – still not sure what that was about. Then, I found a cake in the replica break room fridge. When I looked at the cake, I noticed something written on it in icing. Written on the cake was a clue on how to escape… 

Anywho, the escape room scavenger hunt really allowed our team to bond – and we loved being able to keep the swag that we found. 

Fun Friday activities that don’t require a scavenger hunt could include a picnic lunch with lots of delicious snacks for your employees to enjoy together or a group card or board game that allows for some friendly competition. The possibilities for Friday Fun activities are endless – especially for in-person offices.

Fun Friday Virtual Games and Activities for Remote Employees

Organizing Fun Friday activities virtually can be trickier when your team is remote, but it’s not impossible!  Fun Friday ideas for working from home could include a virtual game your team plays together.

Virtual Fun Friday activities on Zoom that you could also do, like show and tell or a trivia game:

My Workspace

We take a virtual tour of everyone’s work-from-home setups. Getting a peek at each other’s spaces and décor is fun, even if it is remote. This also allows us to share tips and hacks for our home offices!

Open Mics

We showcase talents by signing up for virtual open mic performances on Fun Fridays. Whether playing an instrument, displaying artworks, or telling some jokes – open mics are wonderfully surprising when done remotely over Zoom!

Know Your Team

We play guessing games over video chat to see who knows their teammates best! Questions range from easy, like favorite foods, to harder about childhood dreams. It sparks funny conversations, learning more personal details from afar.

Show and Tell

We sign up to present a favorite item, hobby, pet or anything fun over Zoom. Taking turns sharing our show-and-tell items is highly entertaining! Discovering hidden interests and tales about prized possessions makes for virtual bonding.

Trivia Game

Test your smarts against coworkers in virtual trivia! We use an online trivia platform for some friendly competition. Trying to rack your brains over video chat feels like in-person trivia nights.

Fun Day Virtual Yoga

We squeeze in gentle virtual yoga led by coworkers on Fun Day Fridays. Following soothing flows together remotely maintains a sense of community while also promoting self-care. Namaste over Zoom!

Virtual games are a great way to promote fun Fridays in the workplace.

You could also take inspiration from schools. When classes went online, many teachers did Fun Friday activities in a virtual learning style.

Organizing virtual Fun Friday games can be as simple as sending out a pack of playing cards to each employee and playing a card game over Zoom.

A great choice to organize online Fun Friday games and activities is Teambuilds.com, where you can choose from tons of do-it-yourself events and virtual team-building activities.

The good news is that with virtual Fun Friday activities, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting locked in an escape room!

That reminds me, I never finished my escape room story! After 5 hours, we finally solved the mystery, and People Ops let us out. It’s safe to say this was a bad team-building exercise, and maybe next time, People Ops should use teambuilds.com.

Hopefully, the Fun Friday activities that we shared with you go over a little bit more smoothly in your office. 

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