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National Fun at Work Celebration Ideas in 2024 – Fun Work Party Games and Team Celebration Ideas

We hired a new team member focused on the employee experience a few years back. One of their office party ideas to boost morale was celebrating every national holiday possible.

It wasn’t as crazy as it sounds. We actually enjoyed many of the ways to celebrate and team building activities – specifically on National Fun at Work Day.

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Companies can incorporate fun activities to boost morale, productivity, and retention.

Our first piece of advice for fun team building activities is that you don’t have to go overboard with the parties. Some team members felt holiday exhaustion after a few months of our almost weekly celebrations.

National Fun at Work Day really promoted team building across our entire team – and our virtual team had a lot of fun. Wondering how to celebrate? Consider fun office awards, games, or contests recognizing your fun team and positive work environment. The key is incorporating fun activities that fit your unique team.

Here are a few amazing celebration ideas for Have Fun at Work Day:

Field Day: Best Office Party Idea 

If you’re in-person, another fun office activity to consider is hosting a field day on a warm sunny day. Split up into teams, with one team wearing company swag in one color and the other team wearing company swag in a different color. Personalized company t-shirts are a fun way to split the teams up, as they help collaborate team building while still providing that healthy bit of friendly competition that we all love so much. 

A team of employees throw a frisbee during a field day competition at work.

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Office Party Games for Team Celebration

Hosting office party games is another fun office activity that isn’t just limited to in-person employees either!

Our company figured out a way to host fun holidays to celebrate at work virtually so that everyone could participate. We used teambuilds.com to host virtual experiences, such as a virtual holiday party and team trivia challenges.

It was fun and everyone had the chance to participate. 

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Two employees cheer during a remote virtual holiday party as a fun at work celebration idea

Theme-Based Events: Ideas for Work Day

If games aren’t your company’s things, office party themes are always a good way to add some fun to the workday. These event theme ideas could range from themed parties with tons of snacks to dress-up parties.

Choosing dress-up themes for adults can get awkward when John and Susan refuse to participate. You are the only one walking around the office dressed like a Harry Potter character.

But if your team is the dress-up type, you could host an event where everyone dresses as their favorite movie or TV character!

But if you’d instead host a themed work event that doesn’t require wearing a wig, there are plenty of other theme ideas.

Consider hosting an ice cream sundae party. You could even have the office employees vote on their favorite snacks and fill the office with everyone’s favorite snacks for a fun work party.

A fun way to do this is to build a snack bundle for the office. 

An Ice Cream bundle is an example of fun at work celebration idea

Team Work Party: Outside the Office for Team Building

What about the work social event of the year? The office Christmas party of course!

If you’re in-person, coming up with Christmas party gift ideas should be a breeze. Just decorate the office and fill the office with specially curated holiday treats and beverages

If your employees are remote, there are still ways that you can host a corporate Christmas party.

Using a platform such as TeamBuilds allows you to host a virtual Christmas party and other fun holiday-themed events virtually. 

Employees celebrate at a Christmas Party.

So, ready to get started putting your work social event ideas to the test? Give these ideas a try and watch that employee morale skyrocket!

Oh, and take a word of advice from us – whatever you do, don’t bother trying to celebrate every single holiday. You’ll only end up with too many goodie bags, 10 extra pounds from all of the party snacks, and many employees who start sweating every time they hear the work office party. 

Boost Morale in 2024 with Refreshing Office Party Themes & Work Party Ideas 

Make 2024 a year full of workplace celebrations and work party ideas! Our team has over a decade of experience crafting creative team celebration ideas and ideas for work in 2024 that wow employees. Book a consultation with us today to start planning a fun and festive event to celebrate your hardworking team. We specialize in ideas to celebrate work milestones and company achievements in memorable ways. Let your coworkers know how much you appreciate them by throwing an office party they’ll talk about all year!

Investing in workplace celebrations, work party ideas and team celebration ideas sets your company culture apart in 2024 by bringing employees together regularly for positivity and joy. Keep your great ideas for work in 2024 flowing all year by prioritizing the celebration consistently. Explore our customized and creative packages of ideas to celebrate work anniversaries, retirements, landmark projects, and more. When you consistently celebrate achievement as a team, you build community spirit that boosts recruitment, retention, morale, and productivity. Contact us today to craft your perfect office event using the latest workplace celebration and team celebration ideas!

What team celebration ideas do you recommend for our upcoming work milestone?

Some great team celebration ideas for a work milestone could be throwing a catered lunchtime party, getting commemorative t-shirts made for everyone, or doing a fun outing like laser tag or escape room group activities. Having food, swag, and recreational activities makes for a well-rounded experience.

What fun office party ideas can we implement for our annual office gathering?

Fun office party ideas for an annual gathering include themed events like a “backyard bbq” with picnic foods, a casino night with fun money prizes, costume contests for holidays like Halloween, decorating stations for people to personalize company swag, or games like office trivia, office Olympics, or employee superlatives awards.

What good games for work could we play at our team retreat?

Some lively games for work that we could play at a team retreat are two Truths and a Lie icebreakers, design challenges where groups come up with something creative with limited supplies, scavenger hunts around the venue, karaoke or lip sync battles, improv skits based on audience suggestions, or team-based minute-to-win-it type games.

What office party activities will make our event interactive and enjoyable?

Engaging office party activities include mixology demos, crafting stations to make fun swag or props for social media, cooking games like an iron chef competition, office trivia with prizes, arcade game, and video game tournaments, escape rooms with office themes, or contests like ugly sweater design or pumpkin carving. Activity stations provide employees a way to mix, mingle, be creative, and play together.

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