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National Have Fun at Work Celebration Ideas

A few years back, we hired a new employee experience manager. One of the ideas they had to boost employee morale was to start hosting more work parties. That somehow translated to celebrating every single national holiday that ever existed.

It wasn’t as crazy as it sounds. In fact, we actually enjoyed a lot of the work party ideas and fun office activities – specifically National Fun at Work Day

There are plenty of fun office activity ideas that companies can incorporate to boost employee morale, increase work productivity, and increase employee retention.

Our first piece of advice for fun office activities at work is that you don’t have to go overboard with the parties. Because after a few months of our practically weekly parties, many people were feeling a little holiday exhaustion (if that was possible).

National Fun at Work Day really helped promote team building at our company – and we all had a lot of fun in the process. Wondering how to celebrate?

Here are a few amazing celebration ideas for Have Fun at Work Day:

Field Day

If you’re in-person, another fun office activity to consider is hosting a field day on a warm sunny day. Split up into teams, with one team wearing company swag in one color and the other team wearing company swag in a different color. Personalized company t-shirts are a fun way to split the teams up, as it helps collaborate team building while still providing that healthy bit of friendly competition that we all love so much. 

Office Party Games

Hosting office party games is another fun office activity that isn’t just limited to in-person employees either!

Our company figured out a way to host fun holidays to celebrate at work virtually so that everyone could participate. We used teambuilds.com to host virtual experiences, such as a virtual holiday party and team trivia challenges.

It was fun and everyone had the chance to participate. 

Theme Based Events

If games aren’t your company’s things, office party themes are always a good way to add a little fun to the workday. These event theme ideas could range from themed parties with tons of snacks to dress-up parties.

Though choosing dress-up themes for adults can get a little awkward when John and Susan refuse to participate. You end up being the only one walking around the office dressed like a Harry Potter character.

But if your team is the dress-up type, you could host an event where everyone dresses as their favorite movie or tv character!

But if you’d rather host a themed work event that doesn’t require you to wear a wig, there are plenty of other event theme ideas to choose from.

Consider hosting an ice cream sundae party. You could even have the office employees vote on their favorite snacks and fill the office with everyone’s favorite snacks for a fun work party.

A fun way to do this is to build a snack bundle for the office. 

Team Party

What about the work social event of the year? The office Christmas party of course!

If you’re in-person, coming up with Christmas party gift ideas should be a breeze. Just decorate the office and fill the office with specially curated holiday treats and beverages

If your employees are remote, there are still ways that you can host a corporate Christmas party.

Using a platform such as TeamBuilds allows you to host a virtual Christmas party and other fun holiday-themed events virtually. 

So, ready to get started putting your work social event ideas to the test? Give these ideas a try and watch that employee morale skyrocket!

Oh, and take a word of advice from us – whatever you do, don’t bother trying to celebrate every single holiday. You’ll only end up with way too many goodie bags, 10 extra pounds from all of the party snacks, and a bunch of employees that start sweating every time they hear the work office party. 

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