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Fun Office Game Ideas for Team Building – Boost Morale with These Fun Activities

Welcome back to the office! After too much time working remotely, it’s time to gather your team members again for classic team building. We all know that having fun at work and participating in office activities as a team is a great way to help build camaraderie, spark creativity, reduce stress, and bring laughter into the workplace.

In this blog, we’ll share ideas for fun office games and activities you can play with your team. Whether you want some quick activities to do for 10 minutes during a meeting to energize people or more structured team building games to play for 30-60 minutes, we’ve got you covered. We’ll suggest playing games in small groups around the office and some activities involving your whole team.

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Get your team together for some friendly competition with classic office games like paper airplane contests, office chair races, or scavenger hunts around the office. Or share ideas and collaborate by playing Pictionary, doing team-building storytelling games, or acting out ad-lib skits. There are so many fun and creative ways to play, bond, and unlock innovation as a team right in your workplace.

We’ll provide everything from supplies needed to step-by-step instructions so it’s simple to get these office activities up and running. Help boost morale, spark creativity, and bring more laughter and camaraderie back into your office. Let the games begin!

The Marshmallow Challenge

This fun office game is a favorite for entertainingly boosting morale. Teams are given supplies like spaghetti sticks, tape, and string to build the tallest freestanding tower possible that can support a marshmallow on top. This activity played in the office taps into creativity, collaboration, and friendly competition. By playing this game together, teams bond in a fun way as they brainstorm designs and cheer each other on during the build. This game always creates lots of laughter while revealing teammates’ creative talents and problem-solving skills.

An office scene with four teams of three people each, wearing colorful shirts and smiling, building different towers with spaghetti sticks, tape, and string. One team has a tall and straight tower, another has a curved and wobbly tower, another has a pyramid-shaped tower, and another has a tower that looks like a rocket. Each tower has a marshmallow on top. There are banners on the walls that say 'The Marshmallow Challenge' and 'Teamwork makes the dream work'. The image has a bright and cheerful style.. Image 3 of 4

Office Trivia

Office Trivia is a fun game to play at work that boosts company knowledge and culture. Have someone prepare trivia questions and answers related to your workplace, company history, products, policies, etc. Break into teams and play this game in the office over the intercom or during lunch for a fun dose of competition. Award small prizes to the winning team! This entertaining office game rallies the troops through mental challenges related to your business while showing off who knows your company best. Laughter is guaranteed!

Office Chair Racing

Get ready for some hilarious antics when you play this office game! Clear off a hallway and take turns racing office chairs down the path one at a time. Time each race and award the fastest time. This activity is fun and energetic and encourages playful competition, collaboration, and lots of belly laughs. It’s hard not to have morale boosted when you see leadership riding an office chair down the hall at top speed! This game, played in a fun way, is about letting loose and tapping into every employee’s silly side.

An office scene with six people, wearing casual clothes and helmets, racing office chairs down a hallway. The chairs have wheels, handles, and flags. The people are smiling and cheering. There is a timer on the wall that shows the seconds. There are posters on the walls that say \'Office Chair Racing\' and \'Let the fun begin\'. The image has a realistic style.. Image 2 of 4

The Egg Drop

This exciting office game rallies the troops to work together to solve problems creatively. Small teams are given office supplies like tape, paper clips, rubber bands, straws, and more to build a contraption safely holding an egg. Each team’s structure is then dropped from an elevated height to see if the egg survives intact. This STEM-inspired game brings out everyone’s inner inventor as minds tick on how to protect the egg best. It’s always fun and dramatic to see the crazy contraptions everyone comes up with while bonding together with a common goal of protecting their egg!

Office Scavenger Hunt

Send teams on a mission around the office with an office scavenger hunt! Make a list of ordinary or silly items they must hunt down and photograph as proof, like a stapler, coffee mug, office plant, or even a silly selfie with the boss! Teams move around the office together checking items off the list and HAVE fun exploring new nooks and crannies of your workplace. You can even turn this into a photo scavenger hunt where teams must stage funny or creative shots. This game sparks positive energy, collaboration, and exercise for an ultimate morale boost.

Corporate Pictionary

This classic drawing game gets a work makeover! Have players come up with standard corporate terms, office lingo, and company slogans and try drawing them on a whiteboard while their team guesses. From “synergy” to “circle back” – hilarious interpretations and brainstorms unfold. This game in the office reveals teammates’ different thought processes while everyone tries to decode each other’s drawing skills. Get ready for laughter, unity, and a boost of energy across the office!

An office scene with four teams of four people each, wearing formal clothes and holding markers, drawing and guessing corporate terms on whiteboards. The whiteboards have different drawings such as a circle with an arrow, a handshake, a pie chart, and a light bulb. The terms are written below the drawings. The people are laughing and having fun. There are balloons and confetti in the air. There is a sign on the wall that says \'Corporate Pictionary\' and \'Think outside the box\'. The image has a cartoonish style.. Image 4 of 4

What are some creative ways to incorporate team building activities into the workplace?

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery game is one of the most entertaining, fun office activities you can play! Split into teams and have one person act as the murder victim. Everyone else becomes a suspect with a backstory. Appoint detectives must interrogate all the suspects to uncover clues and eventually solve the mystery of who committed the murder. This thrilling game in the office brings out everyone’s dramatic flair and sleuthing skills while working together to unravel the story. Expect lots of intrigue, laughter, and lively interactions with this activity!

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Escape Room

Escape rooms are an immersive team-building activity that promotes problem-solving and working together under pressure. Create an escape room scenario within your office using locks, puzzles, cryptic clues, and more that must be solved to unlock the final prize! Divide employees into groups and have them race against the clock, cracking codes and overcoming mental challenges. This adrenaline-boosting game forces groups to collaborate, think creatively, delegate tasks, and communicate effectively to “escape” the room. It also allows everyone to see their office space in a new, exciting light!

An office scene with three teams of four people each, wearing matching shirts and badges, trying to escape different rooms. The rooms have different themes, such as a haunted mansion, a pirate ship, and a space station. The rooms have various locks, puzzles, clues, and props that the teams have to interact with. The teams are showing different emotions, such as excitement, frustration, curiosity, and joy. There is a countdown clock on the wall that shows the remaining time. There is a sign on the wall that says 'Escape Room' and 'Can you beat the clock?'. The image has a realistic style.. Image 2 of 4

Board Games

Incorporating classic board games into office camaraderie is a timeless way to spark fun competition and colleague interaction. Games like Scrabble, Jenga, Chess, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or Pictionary are familiar and easy to play in the office. Have game stations around the office or play over lunch break to lighten spirits and build meaningful connections through play. Board game battles reveal coworkers’ competitive and strategic talents in a lighthearted context, bringing more laughter and morale.

An office scene with eight people, wearing casual clothes and sitting around different tables, playing board games such as Scrabble, Jenga, Chess, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Pictionary. The people are smiling, laughing, and having fun. There are snacks and drinks on the tables. There are posters on the walls that say 'Board Games' and 'Play more, stress less'. The image has a colorful and playful style.. Image 4 of 4

Blind Drawing

This hilarious visual game is sure to be a morale booster for all. Have teammates pair up back-to-back, with one person facing a whiteboard. The facing-away partner must attempt to draw a simple image or familiar office item based solely on verbal description from their teammate. The awkward and bumbling interpretations spark lots of laughter! It also helps colleagues learn each other’s communication styles and thought processes while creating a spirit of play. Blind drawing breaks the tension and brings staff together through funny shared experiences.

No Smiling

In the no-smiling game, your goal is not to smile! This game in the office helps build awareness and control over our expressions, emotions, and reactions, which helps improve focus and mood. Have everyone mingle about the office, keeping a neutral face while one person tries to make another colleague smile through funny faces, banter, or jokes. If you crack a grin, you’re out! The last person to keep a straight face wins. This activity played periodically, makes for silly interactions that help improve moods.

Two Truths and a lie

Two Truths and a Lie are beloved icebreaker games for bringing staff together in the spirit of storytelling and friendly deception! Have each person write down two outrageous facts about themselves, plus one lie. Taking turns, everyone shares their three statements while the team guesses which fact is the lie. This game always leads to lots of surprises, intrigue, laughter, and a sense of discovery about your coworkers’ interesting lives in and out of the office. These revelations help teams bond and unite around shared experiences.

Office Olympics

Bring out everyone’s competitive spirit with fun Office Olympics held outside the office! Use office supplies to make up silly games and hold relay races across the parking lot or grassy areas. See who can stack the most coffee cups while balancing a bean bag. Time stapler relay races to load and staple sheets the fastest against your rival. Have a ball toss into a wastebaskets tournament, or get creative with more offbeat, high-energy challenges. Award medals or have a prize ceremony for the winning staff members! Taking activities outside the office for frivolous competitive fun energizes morale.

An outdoor scene with four teams of five people each, wearing sporty clothes and different colored headbands, participating in various office olympic games. The games include stacking coffee cups, balancing bean bags, racing with staplers, and tossing balls into wastebaskets. The people are showing enthusiasm, determination, and teamwork. There are flags, banners, and medals that have office-related symbols on them. There is a sign on the grass that says 'Office Olympics' and 'Go for the gold'. The image has a lively and vibrant style.. Image 4 of 4

Event Theme Ideas for Fun Office Activities

Another idea for fun activities at work that you could try is to host office party themes. You could try plenty of event theme ideas, such as snack theme parties or dress-up themes. Our company tried hosting a party with dress-up themes for adults, and it did get a little awkward when three people all showed up as Yoda from Star Wars. Like what are the odds of that happening? 

A Personal Wellness Journey goodie bag is a fun office activity idea.

If you don’t want to host an office activity that requires you to paint your face green, other theme ideas could include company swag days – where everyone gets some comfy company swag, like a sweatshirt and sweatpants, and the whole office wears sweatpants to work and enjoys snacks all day (that sounds like a dream come true!). 

You could also try plenty of virtual theme activities at your office, such as wellness days. For this, you could host virtual workout classes. It’s a great stress reliever for your employees and science shows us that physical exercise boosts productivity! 

How can you use fun office games to boost morale?

Engaging Team Members

Fun office games are a foolproof way to engage all team members. Activities invite friendly competition that energizes colleagues as hidden talents and creativity shine through playful connections over shared laughter.

Fostering Team Spirit

The camaraderie built through office games plants seeds of trust and belonging. Play facilitates cheerful interactions that bond staff through a spirit of vulnerability and support.

Creating a Fun Work Environment

Workplace fun in the form of games makes the office environment uniquely joyful and engaged. Laughter fills the air, releasing tension while making work interactions more positive and memorable for everyone involved.

Why are fun team-building activities and games important 

Helping Employees Connect

Fun team-building games provide a relaxed setting for employees to make meaningful connections. Playful activities allow colleagues to interact socially, discover common interests, and gain understanding. These interpersonal bonds foster a spirit of collaboration.

Boosting Employee Morale

Participating in lively activities together is a proven way to boost employee morale. Shared laughter and creative challenges release stress, spur imagination, and promote high-spiritedness. Uplifted employees are more motivated and productive.

Encouraging Sharing of Ideas

The creative thinking and problem-solving inspired by team games opens channels for sharing innovative ideas. With guards down amidst the social play, employees feel comfortable expressing thoughts and opinions to one another. This builds trust in ideas.

Boost Office Morale the Fun Way with SwagMagic and TeamBuilds

At SwagMagic and TeamBuilds, we offer end-to-end services to help your office boost morale, inspire greatness, and set corporate culture through the power of play. From creating custom promotional swag and apparel to organizing engaging office activities, games, and team workshops – we make it easy and impactful.

We know that fun and creative social activities are the secret sauce for building dream teams that innovate. Our offerings break the ice, catalyze meaningful connections, energize focus, relieve stress, and activate the collaborative spirit your company needs. With extensive experience running corporate events and smart swag design, we ensure all activities cater to your workplace culture and wellness needs while making your staff feel valued.

Contact our team today to brainstorm the perfect fun office activity or swag launch for inspiring unity, wellness, creativity, and cheer across your organization. It’s time to boost morale the proven way and tap into the magic your company culture is waiting for. Let’s get started!

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