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Best Company Swag Ideas in 2024: Trending Branded Swag Items and Custom Promotional Products

With promotional items and swag trends up for grabs in 2024, companies are on the hunt for fresh, eye-catching, and eco-friendly branded items. In this guide, we cover some of the year’s anticipated promo product hits, including reusable straws, colorful phone accessories, apparel from recycled materials, and swag that gives back. Whether you want to outfit your team or customers or make a splash at your next event, we discuss the swag and custom gear set to trend and help your brand effectively market itself.

With more employees working remotely than ever before, companies need new ways to unite teams behind their brands. One trending idea is sending remote staff fully loaded swag boxes, complete with the company logo splashed across practical products they’ll use.

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Swag Kit

These custom swag items for employees could include water bottles, notebooks, tech accessories, apparel, and more, bundled together in a great company swag kit.

Not only does it allow remote workers to wear the brand, but unboxing videos and photos shared online also garner added exposure. With curated swag boxes all the hype in 2024, now’s the time to put together customizable packages that promote connection even across distances for your work-from-home remote employees. 

Best Company Swag Ideas

You’d be amazed at how effective company swag gifting can be for your company. A timely, memorable company swag idea like a swag bag is a marketing and advertising tool for your brand, products, and services. At the same time, these offerings establish goodwill and loyalty among employees and consumers.

  • 🍃 Sustainable Merchandise: Reusable straws, bamboo cutlery sets, and reusable shopping bags are all the rage!
  • 📱 Tech Gadgets:
    • 🔋 Wireless Charging Pads: No wires, no worries!
    • 🎧 Bluetooth Earbuds: Say goodbye to tangled cords!
  • 🕶️ Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Accessories: Dive into new dimensions with cool accessories!
  • 🧘‍♀️ Wellness Items: Resistance bands, yoga mats, and apps for the mind, body, and soul.
  • 👕 Customizable Apparel: Hoodies, T-shirts, Caps and much more. Wear your style with pride!
  • 🌱 Plant Kits: Green thumbs up for mini plant kits like bonsai or succulents!
  • 📚 Digital Products: E-books, online courses, and more at the touch of a button.
  • 🎲 Interactive Desk Toys: From classic fidget spinners to high-tech toys for those quick breaks.
  • 🥤 Collapsible Drinkware: Quench your thirst on the go with portable cups and bottles.
  • 💡 Smart Home Gadgets: Light up your life with smart bulbs, plugs, and other nifty devices!
  • ⌚ Wearable Tech: Track your life, one step or heartbeat at a time.movies, shows, or celebs.

Apparels- The North Face Ladies Mountain Peaks

Price: $129.05

Stay warm while representing your brand with our Southwest fleece line, made from a soft microfleece material. Whether it’s a pullover, vest, or full zip jacket, Southwest fleece keeps your employees and customers comfortable in any weather while keeping your logo front and center. The fleece collection comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any brand.



Make your branding portable with our extensive selection of custom bags, from basic cotton totes to sleek laptop bags and everything in between. Our promotional bags let recipients carry your message with them everywhere they go. Choose the size, material, and features that work for your needs. Add your logo on both sides so your brand is visible at all times. It’s branding on the go!

drawstring bag


Price: $38.46

Keep your business top of mind every time they take a sip with our personalized stainless steel mugs and tumblers. Double wall insulation means their beverage stays hot or cold longer while a grippy silicone band prevents slippery slips. Lids keep spills at bay and a wrap-around design showcases your logo. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, it’s reusable branding they’ll use daily.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

YETI Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler With MagSlider Lid

Tech Products- Headphones

Price: $124.20

Whether they’re listening to music or taking calls, our branded headphones keep your business front and center. Choose in-ear buds or over-the-ear cans and customize the color to match your brand aesthetic. Quality audio drivers provide premium sound while tangle-free cords and carrying cases add convenience. They’re the great swag gift recipients will use again and again.


Office Items

Make sure your logo shows up front and center anytime they jot down a note with our personalized pens, notepads, sticky notes and more useful office essentials. Useful functionality combines with prominent branding opportunities on practical items they’ll use every day. Office supplies may seem small but they make a huge branding impact.

office desk items

Personalized Gifts

Select that one perfect item to promote your brand with our collection of unique personalized employee swag. Find something that aligns with your company culture or suits an individual recipient’s personality. Add custom engraving of names or messages to make it extra memorable. The options are endless when you want to give your employees a gift with a purpose that promotes your brand and employees love. 

trending swag gift items

Custom Swag Items for Employees and Office Staff

Branded swag products for coworkers and office culture are something you should consider for any time of the year.

Wireless Speaker Light

You can help spruce up an employee’s desk and work environment with this wireless speaker and light in one, affectionately called the Egg Drop. This aesthetically pleasing and levitating light also helps your employees broadcast their Zoom calls in a fun way – meetings will never be the same and employees will love your swag choices. 

Office swag items- Wireless speaker light

WebCam Cover

As far as the “swag items for office” category goes, another excellent choice is a webcam cover. 

Moreover, a webcam cover is especially relevant regarding the topic of “swag trends 2024.” 

We live in a day and age where virtual meetings are increasingly becoming the norm. So, a webcam cover ensures your team members have additional privacy.  After all, nobody wants to become a central part of an embarrassing webcam story.

Business Swag Items For Employees And New Hires

Baseball caps must be part of the discussion when talking about cool swag items for employees and what’s trending in 2024. 

Ball caps offer a timeless style that–utilizing SwagMagic’s many customization features–can be galvanizing swag items for employees and new joining team members.

Baseball Hats

Price: $31.17

Specifically, we’re referring to SwagMagic’s blank hat made of 100% chino cotton. The price is right to purchase in bulk. Then, you can design the cap with your company’s colors, logo, or other interesting designs. 

Swagmagic cap- swag item that can be purchased in bulk

Rain Jacket

Do you want to make a lasting and positive impression with new employees?We suggest bolstering the onboarding process with a meaningful swag item. So, instead of something cliche like a t-shirt, why not give your new team member a branded DryVent™ Rain Jacket from the North Face?

This high-quality investment tells new hires you’re invested in their long-term success. 

Rain Jacket- an example of swag product

With these swag items for employees and new joining team members, you’re bound to bolster your workplace culture and job satisfaction among staff.

Promotional Items For Business Events And Conferences

What are the best swag ideas for events and conferences?

You first need to consider that these swag item ideas are for people who are often on the move, going from event to event. You also want something compact enough so that they can take it with them in their luggage when they leave.

Wireless Speaker

Price: $48.30

Thus, your best bet is to revolve your company swag ideas for employees around an on-the-go lifestyle with something like the wireless speaker. It has features such as:

360-degree omnidirectional sound which is sure to impress.

wireless speaker

Snack Baskets

Another way you’ll win the hearts of event or conference attendees is by gifting snacks. The best part is, that you can offer it during their registration confirmation, know before you go email, or as a thank you for attending. They can build their box via the redemption link and choose to get it shipped to their home – no need to lug it around the conference!

Company Swag Items For Retirement

Gifting swag items for retirement is crucial for an employer who wants to prove the value of long-term loyalty and hard work in their organization. You need to bring out all the bells and whistles for a retiree. The momentousness of the occasion calls for it. 

Superior Dishes

You could mark this celebratory occasion with selections from the Superior Dishes Happiest Hour menu, featuring a plethora of delicious cocktail ingredients. This way, your retiree will have the necessary components to party at work, after work, and during the first weeks or months into retirement.

Charcuterie Board

As your dedicated employees reach their well-deserved retirement, show your employees how much you appreciate their loyalty and hard work with a gift as cozy as their future feels. Custom-branded charcuterie boards make for the perfect winter swag to keep them feeling connected. These bamboo boards engraved with their name or retirement year will serve as a reminder of their time with you. Bring one out during cozy nights with loved ones to relish retirement with charcuterie spreads and warm memories.

Arte Cheese & Charcuterie Board image

Popular Swag Items for Holiday and Year End Gifting

How can you set your company apart with swag items for corporate gifting for Christmas and New Year?

Stick with the classics. Because those tried and true gifting items will always be trending.

Custom Branded Ugly Socks 

For instance, what about holiday-themed socks with your company’s branding? SwagMagic offers you this opportunity with our customizable socks. It’s a fun, festive idea that will get everyone in the holiday spirit and put smiles on their faces. 

socks with your brand

Unique Company Swag Items For Corporate Gifting and Promotions

Swag items for corporate gifting and swag items for promotions are focused on marketing your brand. These offerings aim to win the hearts of current clients and prospective customers.

This promotional strategy doesn’t mean you’re handing over billboards in gift form. Instead, businesses must give their clients something of value–that betters their lives–free of charge. Ideally, after receiving the swag gift, the client or lead will wish to reciprocate by investing in your company.

Wireless Earbuds

Prie: $199.99

So, in 2024, Kronies wireless earbuds customized with your branding are ideal for corporate gifting and promotional swag. Even if someone has earbuds, everybody can use backups–especially high-quality ones like the Kronies. What’s more–your recipients will think of your brand whenever they listen to their favorite tunes or podcast. 

Wireless buds- swag product

Engraved Pet ID

An Engraved Pet ID Tag will prove valuable to your pet-owning recipients – (doesn’t everyone have a pet post-COVID?) They’ll have your company to thank when their furry friend is returned to them after running away. That’s the type of positive sentiment you want to be associated with your organization. 

keychain where you can engrave brand name

Stay On-Trend With Custom Swag Boxes and Company Swag Store by SwagMagic In 2024

We’re truly your one-stop shop for swag, meaning we know what’s trending year-to-year. Moreover, we know what’s timeless–the swag gifts that’ll never lead you astray.

On top of our thorough swag-based knowledge, we offer all the necessary bells and whistles–like our comprehensive swag features–ensuring your gifting success. 

Partnering with us means you’ll have an expert ambassador to guide you through the swag-purchasing experience. We’ll align with your business goals and ensure you get the best return on your corporate gifting investment. Learn more by booking a demo with us today!


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