Custom Swag Branding

Brand the entire swag experience with the following add-ons:
swag with logo, branded box stickers, branded experience, custom notes, and celebrity video messages.

Branded Box Stickers

Branded Box Sticker

(US & Canada Shipments Only)
$4 per box

Showcase your brand, your sponsors, or anything you want on our jumbo-sized box sticker. Add as many colors and as many logos as you'd like.


Branded Digital Experience

$2 per recipient

A custom landing page and banners to showcase your brand and sponsors.


Custom Printed Note

Custom Printed Note

(US & Canada Shipments Only)
$3 per box

Include a custom printed note in each of your recipient's swag boxes. There’s a 500-character limit.


Organizer Video Message

Video Message

$4 per recipient

Include a video on the recipient landing page from you to the recipient.


Custom Packaging

$3 per box

Include custom packaging for your recipient's swag boxes.


Branded Notecard

(US & Canada Shipments Only)
$3 per box

Include a branded notecard inside your recipients' swag boxes.


SwagMagic premium box

Premium Box

$6.00 per box

Send your swag in a sleek black box without SwagMagic branding for an ultra-premium recipient experience.

Customize Your Branded Swag with Printed Logo and Stickers

Custom branded swag goes beyond the mundane. It makes your recipient feel appreciated and is far more memorable. Sure, you could buy a random, unbranded gift for employees, colleagues, clients, or prospects. But how will they remember it was your company that sent it?

Unlike non-branded gifts, customized logo products (like swag) leave a lasting impression. These are items the recipient will use instead of throwing away. So, they’ll constantly be interacting with your company branding.

Personalized Swag and Corporate Gifts

Personalization is a high-value business strategy catering to employees, clients, prospects or other important stakeholders. A custom, personalized gift takes a standard offering and caters it to the recipient. It also adds your brand’s unique touch–because it contains your messaging and colors. In other words, you’re sending an item that’s already desirable (e.g., high-end apparel, sought-after drinkware) and kicking it up several notches in memorability.

For instance, sending a non-customized North Face sweater to someone is a nice gesture. The giftee will appreciate it. But adding your logo and a design specific to the recipient’s tastes turns a good gift into an unforgettable one.

Provided the recipient is a potential client, they’ll be knocking down the door to do business with you. If it’s an employee, they’ll feel recognized and will pay you back in increased loyalty and productivity. 

Why Is It Better To Personalize A Gift?

When you hear about personalized gifts and customized logo products, it might seem more complicated than it actually is. After all, you already sell a product or service, and delving into this strategy means more work is added to your busy schedule.

But custom swag takes minimal effort from you…as long as you’re aligned with the best custom swag provider. All that’s needed is high-resolution logos and branding colors, and we can create a custom swag store filled with various branded swag products as well as branded swag kits for any occasion.

Ordering custom swag is a small effort that yields big-time results. It’s a game of inches you’ve got to master if you’re going to succeed. Because investing in our products means you’ve taken the time to make that personal connection with your recipients.

Investing In Swag Custom Branding The Right Way With SwagMagic

We could spend hours telling you how SwagMagic takes standard swag offerings and turns them into unique, personalized, and dynamic branding tools. Or, you can book a call with us and see firsthand how custom-made magic comes to life.