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Top 21 Swag Ideas for Virtual and In-Person Events

As we explore company swag ideas for events and the top swag item options, we first want you to consider your returns.

With branding methods like an event swag giveaway, you can’t necessarily link direct revenue-based returns to your investment. But, you could tie such initiatives to the return on your objective (ROO).

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Specifically, you could draw connections between your event giveaways and accomplishing marketing objectives, such as brand awareness. 

Then, you’ll be able to revel in how successful your event swag ideas are.

Customized Swag Items as Event Giveaway Ideas

  • Verona Coffee Mug: With your company’s branding it will offer a sense of warmth and the personal touch required for these more intimate corporate outings. 


Smartphone on white wireless charger pad
Smartphone on white wireless charger pad

  • Tote Bag: Make your clients, customers, and event attendees’ travel more comfortable and convenient with this event swag idea – the best fit for small in-person meetings and events.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

tote bag

  • Wireless Speaker: Music and podcast lovers at your summit, meeting, or meet-up will be eternally thankful. 

wireless speaker

  • Reusable Straw: Sustainable and eco-friendly giveaway idea for any event.

Reusable stylish eco friendly sustainable stainless steel metal straws on light blue background.
Reusable stylish eco friendly sustainable stainless steel metal straws on light blue background.

Office Pen
Pen close up shot

  • Webcam Cover: It ensures attendees have the utmost privacy during online meetings. It’s the most loved swag for virtual events.

  • Power Bank: It is ideal for remote workers who must ensure their devices are charged and ready to operate at a moment’s notice.

Power bank
Power bank on yellow background

  • No Wire Mouse Pad is another handy item that satisfies the needs of the remote workforce, further associating your brand with usefulness and value.

Plaid mouse pad
Plaid mouse pad

  • Desk Accessories: With company log and branding, it can help spruce up an at-home work environment.

Colorful desk accessories
Colorful desk accessories

Reusable eco friendly stainless steel water bottle .
Reusable eco friendly stainless steel water bottle on yellow background.

  • Can Insulator: Keep their minds engaged and their drinks refreshingly cool. 

can cooler

Swag Items for Virtual Remote Events

  • Bluetooth Finder: It can help them remember and locate essential personal items.  

Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset

  • Journal: Recipients can also write down their next game-changing idea in your branded journal. Thus, they’ll consider your company whenever they discuss their incredible innovation.


  • Waterproof speaker: An event sometimes requires extra oomph with your swag giveaway ideas since you’re competing with other companies’ messaging.


  • Branded Hoodie: Brand it with your logo and tagline and it will be cozy and on message.


  • Face Masks: Keeps attendees safe and healthy. You’ll be viewed as a responsible, conscientious brand.  

Face mask
Face mask



10 Unique Swag Kit and Swag Box Ideas for Global Events

Swag boxes are a great way to create a memorable experience for event attendees, whether the event is in-person or virtual. Here are 10 unique swag box ideas catering to various types of events:

Swag Boxes For In-Person Events

  • Fitness Enthusiast Box: Include a branded water bottle, a sweat towel, a protein bar, and maybe even a pedometer. This is perfect for sporting events, wellness retreats, or team-building activities that involve physical exertion.

  • Eco-Friendly Box: Offer a swag box made entirely of recycled materials and filled with eco-friendly items like bamboo cutlery, a reusable shopping bag, and biodegradable wipes. Great for green or sustainability-focused events.

swag kit

  • Foodie Box: Curate a selection of gourmet goodies that represent the event’s location. Think local jams, artisanal chocolates, and a small bottle of regional wine or craft beer. Ideal for food festivals or culinary workshops.

  • Artistic Box: Include sketchbooks, colored pencils, mini canvases, and other art supplies. This would be wonderful for creative conferences or art shows.

  • The Luxe Box: For high-end corporate events, consider including luxury items like a fine leather notebook, a classy pen, high-quality headphones, and a mini bottle of champagne.

Swag Boxes For Virtual Events

  • Tech Box: Given that the event is online, a tech swag box with useful gadgets like a webcam cover, a portable phone charger, and an ergonomic mouse pad can be a hit.

  • Cozy Home Box: Virtual events mean people are likely attending from home. A box with items like a branded blanket, a scented candle, and cozy socks could make their experience more comfortable.

  • DIY Kit Box: For a virtual crafting or cooking event, send out all the required materials for the project in a box so everyone can participate in real-time during the event.

  • Snack Box: Fill the box with a selection of snacks and beverages that attendees can enjoy while attending the virtual event. Make sure to add a variety catering to different dietary restrictions.

snack box with swag

  • Interactive Game Box: Include several small games or puzzles that can be used as ice-breakers during the virtual event. These could range from trivia cards related to the event theme to a mini jigsaw puzzle that attendees can do during breaks.

Remember to include some event-specific branding on the box and items when possible, and consider the logistics of shipping, especially for virtual events that may have international attendees.

How Does a Swag Giveaway Make Events Successful?

There are plenty of swag ideas for your events that people will love. But you’ve got to ensure you align the appropriate swag with the correct event, or else that potential for love will quickly turn into indifference. 

Provided you’re able to strike the right chord (which we’ll help you do), you’ll find many long-term benefits in brainstorming thoughtful swag ideas. 

People at a tradeshow - swag ideas for events

For one, attendees will likely remember the corporate swag you provide more than all the discussed topics. Why? Because you’re giving people a keepsake from that conference that leaves a lasting impression. 

To the above point, 85% of consumers claim they’d do business with organizations that have given them a promotional product. 

So, even if your keynote speaker flubs their speech or the food is subpar, a successful swag giveaway will leave attendees with positive sentiments towards your brand. That’s how you create lifetime clients and partnerships.

group meeting for coffee - swag ideas for events

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Swag for Events

When you brainstorm your conference swag ideas, you need to mull over what type of conference you’re running or sponsoring.

  1. Is it in-person (meetings or meet-ups)?
  2. Are you doing a virtual event over a video event platform?
  3. Are you executing your swag giveaway initiative at a trade show?

man attending virtual event - swag ideas for events

Trust SwagMagic To Make Your Conference/Event Swag Giveaway An Unmitigated Success

In and of itself, a swag giveaway isn’t enough to guarantee a return on your marketing objectives. Aligning with a swag provider like SwagMagic that allows you to Create Your Store and seamlessly send curated boxes (ideal for virtual events) ensures that your company event/conference swag giveaway delivers lasting results. 

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