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National Customer Service Week Celebration Ideas

Customer Service Appreciation Week was fast approaching, and while most years we had a plan, we still needed to decide what we would do this time. Our party planning team consisted of a few members of the marketing, one guy from accounting that never actually came into the office, and two customer experience employees. 

Discussing National Customer Service Week gift ideas with two customer-experience employees can be challenging. They wanted to go above and beyond to show appreciation for their team (and themselves), which we totally understood. Still, we also had a corporate-enforced budget hanging over our heads. 

customer service professional working

When their Customer Service Week ideas would get out of hand, such as suggesting a giant bouncy castle or fancy catered meals, we had to turn them down politely. While the group wasn’t quite seeing eye to eye on our upcoming Customer Service Appreciation Day, we agreed to order swag for our clients and our Customer Service team members from SwagMagic. 

Branded, customized swag is the perfect social media giveaway, especially because you can decide the size of the prize you want to give away, ranging from phone cases to workout sets, depending on your industry and audience. Even though we could all agree that swag would be perfect for our audience giveaways when it came to celebrating the actual customer service team, no one could agree.

The party planners constantly fought, and it even bled over into work. The guy from accounting was the biggest problem, as he didn’t want to spend money on celebrating customers, let alone an in-house team. While we all disagreed with his take, we also weren’t on the side of the customer experience team, who wanted to blow the budget on appetizers.

The arguments continued, and they only worsened when people started taking things personally. 

employees brainstorming a speech

Customer Service Week Speech

While the guy from accounting continued to give us Customer Service Week ideas on a budget, the customer experience girls swore they needed caviar. There were fights all over the office, with people accidentally “losing” customer experience surveys and “misplacing” client lunch receipts in accounting. 

While we all fought over what to buy and how to celebrate, the appreciation week grew closer, and we had to choose someone to give a speech. Our boss volunteered, thank goodness because we couldn’t even begin to think about the fights it would cause among our planning group to try and name someone to give a speech!

With the Customer Service Week speech taken care of, we returned to our planning process, frustrated that zero fights were being resolved. Finally, we decided we would write all the activities that had been previously suggested (except for the bouncy castle and expensive catering menu) on little slips of paper and place them in pencil cups. 

Then, someone would pick out three, and those would be the activities we would execute for our customer service and experienced team. Though this seemed to be the fairest route, another fight broke out over who would get to pull the slips from the pencil cup.

Customer Service Week Ideas for Employees

We had so many Customer Service Week fun ideas that needed to come to fruition and couldn’t because of the constant fighting. While the argument between accounting and customer experience grew to an all-time level of loud, people began coming out of their offices to see what the problem was, our boss included. 

He put a stop to the arguing and made us all sit down. We explained our Customer Service Week ideas for employees and why we were fighting, and we just couldn’t agree on a Customer Service Week 2023 theme. He gave us a list of Customer Service Appreciation Week ideas for a call center he’d used years ago and told us we could only pick from that.  

Customer Service Week Games to Enjoy

  1. Who am I? Guess your team member
  2. Customer Service Storytelling
  3. Pictionary
  4. Simulate Funny Customer Calls
  5. Role Play
  6. Create Your Own Game

Our boss left the meeting room, and we were left with a comprehensive list of Customer Service Week games and puzzles. While none of us had planned on Customer Service Week games or Customer Service Week puzzles, we had to agree that it was an excellent way to resolve our fighting while giving our staff something fun to do during the events. 

Since we could not choose what we originally wanted, we’d have to agree on something else. We picked three games, two office scavenger hunts/puzzles, and then the snacks and swag from Swag and SnackMagic. Our clients would receive swag in response to social media giveaways and purchases over a certain amount. 

We finally had a plan.

employees high-fiving

Activities for Customer Service Week Celebration

  1. Customer Service Awards Ceremony
  2. Customer Service Training Sessions
  3. Community Service Projects
  4. Customer Appreciation Program
  5. Guest Speaker – Customer Service Expert

We even got along when making plans for our remote team to participate. The team all agreed on Customer Service Week activities virtual that our remote team could join in. We devised a list of Customer Service Week ideas for remote employees and then returned to our pencil cup idea, with our boss choosing the top three to avoid fights. 

With our Customer Service Week virtual games ready to roll, our swag and snacks delivered, and our promotional social media posts up and running, it was time to kick off the celebrations. 

Customer Service Week Gift Ideas

The Customer Service Week gift ideas were a hit! The clients loved the free swag and prizes, and our customer experience team had a great time playing games and opening their gifts for customer service reps. While we didn’t have any customer service gifts funny the accounting guy shot those down), we had plenty of Customer Service Week gifts for remote employees.

Our week was an enormous success, and there wasn’t a single piece of swag or snack left in the boxes of free gear and food. 

A Successful Customer Service Week

Our customer service week gained us many new clients, and we learned to work together without arguing over the little things. Everyone involved in a fight reconciled, though nobody knows the name of the accounting guy to this day; he stopped losing customer experience surveys. In our office, all is well. 

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