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Unique Ideas for Get to Know Your Customer Day: Ways to Celebrate Your Customers


Coming up with Get to Know Your Customer Day ideas was the last thing on Alicia’s mind.

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Finally, she shortlisted the 6 best ideas for Get to Know Your Customer Day:

  1. Host a Customer Appreciation Event
  2. Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Personalize Your Outreach
  4. Share Customer Success Stories on Social Media
  5. Offer Special Discounts to Reward the Loyal Customers
  6. Thankyou Giveaways and Promotional Merchandise

Alicia was less than thrilled when management asked her to start developing ideas to celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day. As a business owner, she knew this third Thursday event was a way to get to know customers better and strengthen loyalty and relationships, but she had just spent hours organizing the office swag.

She couldn’t entertain the thought of ordering more stuff for customer appreciation that would mess up her neatly organized spreadsheet. If it were up to her, this event would never happen again. However, Alicia knew she had to develop some ideas for the marketing team.

She secretly hoped they could celebrate without any new giveaways, so she reluctantly contacted SwagMagic to order additional branded items. Even though it weighed on her mind, she set up a meeting to find ways to order swag but still maintain her spreadsheet.

Alicia was pleased to learn there were solutions to streamline swag orders without being overwhelmed. Once she felt ordering items wouldn’t ruin her system, she brought together a committee to brainstorm Get to Know Your Customer Day ideas.

The marketing team loved having new swag options, but they still needed to develop events and giveaways for both online and in-person. As ideas came in, Alicia carefully monitored them, ensuring her office space wouldn’t get cluttered again.

She continued advocating for SwagMagic, reassuring everyone it was the best option for giveaways and her sanity. Alicia was determined to use this third Thursday event to get to know customers better while maintaining order through the customer experience.

Get to Know Your Customer Day Gift Ideas

As Alicia desperately tried to rein in the plans for Get to Know Your Customers Day, our CEO enthusiastically stepped in. While Alicia focused on maintaining order, our CEO extolled the virtues of custom swag and began estimating just how much we’d need, much to Alicia’s visible distress.

Sitting at the head of the meeting table, our CEO provided excellent input on leveraging the event to build customer relationships and loyalty. Her suggestions included using social media platforms for contests and giveaways and creating questionnaires to better understand customer priorities for our loyalty program.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Though our CEO had great ideas for engaging customers and encouraging loyalty, her exuberance was clearly stressing out Alicia, who valued organization above all else. As numbers and plans grew exponentially before her eyes, the color drained from Alicia’s face. Our CEO meant well with her visions of branded giveaways, but she wasn’t considering how it threatened Alicia’s spreadsheet sanity during this customer appreciation event.

Alicia offered a list of 04 unique gift ideas for Get to Know Your Customer Day, which included:

Personalized Thank You Notes

Personalized Thank You Notes are a heartfelt way to celebrate this special day by getting to know your customers better. Sending personalized notes shows customers you truly appreciate them and want to connect with them, not just on a business level but a personal one. The effort to write personal messages helps you know your customers better and is a thoughtful touch they will remember.

Thank You Notes
Thank You Notes

Customized Gifts and Swag

Customized Gifts and Swag are fun ways to make Get To Know Your Customer Day special. Adding a personal spin with customized items enables better connections with customers so you can know them better. When they receive personalized gifts on this day meant for getting to know them, they will feel appreciated and it opens the door for more meaningful interactions to celebrate relationships.

swag kit

VIP Access to New Launch and Events

VIP Access to New Launches and Events makes customers feel valued on this important day for deepening relationships. By providing exclusive access and perks on Get To Know Your Customer Day, you show that you really want to know them better and nurture your bond. Making them feel special with VIP treatment helps start conversations that give insight into their preferences.

Free Samples of Premium Product Range

Free Samples of Premium Products gives customers a taste on Get To Know Your Customer Day of offerings they may not normally buy. Trying new products allows a business to understand customer interests better and serve them better. Surprising them with complimentary goods helps celebrate relationships and is a tactful way to get to know their tastes better.

Text Your Customers

Sending a personalized text message to customers shows you care about connecting beyond just transactions. This thoughtful gesture can go a long way on Get to Know Your Customer Day.

Build your Customer Profile

Compiling detailed customer profiles with purchase history, preferences, and personal details demonstrates you want to understand each client as an individual. There’s no better gift than personalized service.

Perform Customer Service Training

Investing time to train staff to provide exceptional service proves customers are your top priority. Enhanced understanding between company and client is the essence of this day.

Thank you Video

Creating a video greeting individually thanking loyal customers and sharing your appreciation makes them feel valued. It’s a wonderful gift letting them know they matter.

Customer Survey

Surveying clients gives them a voice to provide feedback, enabling you to better meet their needs. Taking this proactive step shows customers you want to understand them better.

Ask for Feedback

Simply asking customers for direct input gives them the gift of feeling heard plus helps you improve. Few things forge connection more than actively listening to each other.

Create Special Discounts

Offering customers exclusive savings or perks demonstrates your desire to give back. Surprising them with this gesture will make them feel appreciated.

Thank you and milestone email

Sending customized emails marking client milestones or deliver gratitude without obligation is a gift from the heart. Taking time for personal acknowledgement honors relationships.

Start a Loyalty Program

Launching a formal rewards program turns customer relationship building into an institution. Providing points, perks, and special status delivers value daily.

Customer of the day

Featuring an exemplary customer publicly on website/social media is the gift of recognition. It cements their brand loyalty while inspiring it in others when you celebrate clients.

Start an exclusive mailing list

Building privileged communication channels such as an exclusive newsletter, hotline, or text circle makes VIP clients feel exceptional. Restricting access intensifies membership value.

Know Your Customers Better

Any tactic on Get to Know Your Customer Day that develops enhanced individual understanding through profiles, conversations, or research gives the gift of relevance. Nothing conveys “you matter” more.

As for the Get to Know Your Customer Day gift ideas, our CEO wanted to give our most loyal customers a vest with the embroidered name of our company. She wanted to hold giveaways where our clients could comment on a social media post and win a mug or water bottle. Finally, she thought it would be a fantastic idea to use curated snack boxes to send out to customers who placed orders over a certain qualifying amount. 

We all agreed these were fantastic customer appreciation ideas, but Alicia had to leave the room to breathe into a paper bag. 

Get to Know Your Customers Day Questions

After calming down and putting aside her spreadsheet worries, Alicia began working closely with SwagMagic to build a store and locker to keep all the company swag without over-ordering. Her items would be ready to print and order whenever she needed them.

While other teams were building a Get to Know Your Customers Day quiz for giveaways and product recommendations and creating customer feedback captions for Instagram, Alicia worked hard in the swag department. 

The questions you could ask from customers on Get to Know Your Customers Day can include:

  1. What made you choose our product or service over our competitors?
  2. What do you like most about our product or service?
  3. What could we improve your experience with our product or service?
  4. How did you first hear about us?
  5. What other products or services do you wish we offered?
  6. How frequently do you use our product or service?
  7. Have you recommended our product or service to others? If so, why?
  8. What are your biggest challenges or pain points related to our industry?
  9. What are your long-term goals related to our product or service?
  10. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your experience with our product or service?

The biggest of Alicia’s Get to Know Your Customers Day questions were answered. She would be able to please our CEO and keep her spreadsheet intact!

Get to Know Your Customer Day Activities

Planning Get to Know Your Customer Day activities is integral to a customer day celebration. Now that Alicia had a solution to her swag storage problem, she could better help the marketing team develop Get to Know Your Customer Day ideas that would keep people engaged. 

Of course, the chance to win company swag and snack boxes was a huge part of that process.

Our team devised many ways to show our customers how much we care.

Unique activities planned for Get to Know Your Customer Day covers:

  1. Games to Engage with Customers
  2. Customer Interviews
  3. Create Customer Personas for Better Marketing
  4. Conduct Surveys for Expectation Setting

Get to Know Your Customers Day Social Media Ideas

It’s impossible to engage with customers without Get to Know Your Customers Day social media posts. From happy client captions for Instagram to restock captions for Instagram, we laid out the perfect social channel strategy

  1. Host a Twitter chat
  2. Customer Spotlight Story
  3. Instagram Takeover for a Day
  4. Share Customer Testimonials on Social Media
  5. Ask for Feedback
  6. Run a Contest to showcase your products

Get to Know Your Customers Day social media posts would help spread the word about our thrilling affair. Even Alicia was beginning to look forward to the celebrations. The office was excited about the special swag we would wear during the events! 

How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram Caption

Business meeting captions for Instagram can play a significant role in getting to know customers better. There’s no perfect way to introduce your business on the Instagram caption, but we like to keep ours as transparent as possible. 

Let people know what your business and customer celebrations are all about! Alicia helped us make a list of available swag for our party. We even had a fantastic social media response to that post in particular. It was a great way to up our event attendance numbers!

Office Swag and SwagMagic

Using SwagMagic, we could give away high-quality swag that our customers and employees love! Alicia was thrilled to get rid of all the new and old swag. Which meant her spreadsheet was completely empty and in need of zero maintenance. 

Working with a reputable, well-trusted swag company made our customer celebrations fun and profitable. While also drumming up plenty of new business without stressing our employees! If you want to keep a rotating collection of gifts for your team and client base, SwagMagic is your best bet! 

What unique ways to celebrate Get to Know Your Customer Day to show appreciation and strengthen relationships?

Customer Day is a great time to connect with your customers in creative ways that make them feel special. We could have contests, giveaways, or fun events to get better to know loyal customers while making new connections. Making it an engaging, memorable day shows we value our relationships.

Give some ideas for Get to Know Your Customer Day so that we find thoughtful opportunities to understand our clients better.

Get to Know Your Customer Day is the perfect time to ask your customers questions to understand them better. We could send surveys about preferences or host forums to gather insights. Finding thoughtful opportunities for customers to open up helps us know how to serve them best.

How could we update or enhance our loyalty program for Get to Know Your Customer Day?

Updating our loyalty program for this customer day is a way to get to know long-time clients better. We could add fun tiers with access to exclusive perks based on tenure. Checking in through lighthearted polls or trivia gives a chance to see what matters most right now.

What kinds of info should we aim to gather or add to customer profiles through questionnaires or interactions during the Get to Know Your Customer Day festivities?

Leveraging this special day by asking customers to update their profiles helps us know them better over time. Rotate the profile section focus year-to-year from contact, preference, or background info gathering. Make it easy and rewarding to participate frequently.

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