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Top Gift Ideas for National Customer Service Week

Our office had many ways of celebrating Customer Service Appreciation Week. Not only did we hold a week-long event for our social media followers that included games and giveaways, but we threw an enormous, after-hours work party for our customer service team. Last year, we had acrobats come and perform a show in the building parking lot, and the assistant to the head of our marketing team Krista (who also planned parties), was determined to top it. 

At this point in the planning process, Krista has an impressive list of National Customer Service Week gift ideas:

  1. Professional Mentorship Programs or Workshops
  2. Wellness Retreats
  3. Reward them with Loyalty Badge
  4. Health and Safety Equipment
  5. Dinner Treat or Snack Box
  6. Personalized Thankyou Note

For our clients and social channel followers, she plans to give away customized swag and snack boxes. She will do the same for our in-house customer service team, but with the intent to go bigger. 

Customer Service professional on the phone

For example, someone might win a giveaway on Instagram and receive a company-branded mug. But for our customer service team, Krista ordered enough swag to fill large gift baskets and plenty of snacks to boot. 

Everyone in our office loves Krista. She’s funny, outgoing, and friendly. Her Customer Service week ideas are always outstanding, but sometimes, she goes overboard, and let’s face it, we’re working with a corporate-enforced party planning budget. Last year’s acrobats put us over, and we all pitched it to pay the remainder. 

Customer Service Week 2023 was shaping up to be even bigger. Krista hired a band to play songs with a thank you theme for our team members, and we planned on streaming it live to each of our social channels, so our customers could feel the love too. 

We were all delighted with how the party was shaping up. The band cost was much less than last year’s acrobats, and we were just under budget, even after purchasing the swag and snacks!

Employees talking around a table

We were right in the middle of finalizing our Customer Service Week Gift ideas when our boss interrupted the meeting. He apologized but said due to circumstances out of his control, we would have to cut the budget drastically. Apparently, we’d lost a few loyal customers over the last couple of months, and corporate was concerned about us spending too much money and time on Customer Service Week gifts. 

Krista was devastated. What better way to regain customers than to show them how much we value them? She explained the fantastic Customer Service Week games we had planned and how those would draw in past, present, and new clients. 

Our boss said he would show her plan to corporate, and we could move forward pending approval. We canceled the live band just in case, and SwagMagic allowed us to keep our curated swag in our personal store, leaving it ready to order whenever we were. There was nothing to do now but wait for permission from corporate, and as the days dragged on, it seemed like our intricately planned customer service party wouldn’t happen. 

Krista, our fearless marketing and party planning leader, never lost hope. 

Customer Service Week Gifts for Employees

  1. Customized Swag Kit
  2. Themed Snack Box
  3. Technology Accessories
  4. Professional Development Resources
  5. Wellness Programs
  6. Time Flexible Job Profile
  7. Paid Time Off
  8. Team Outings
  9. Company-branded Merchandise
  10. Gift Baskets
  11. Virtual Team Building Activities
  12. Company Social Media Shoutouts

Our Customer Service Week Gifts for Employees sat waiting in our swag locker, and our SnackMagic boxes were left unordered. The celebratory week was quickly approaching, and though we had plenty of small gifts for team members on hand, we wanted to do more. 

Not to mention, we had yet to figure out Customer Service Week ideas for remote employees, and we could see the stress Krista was under. Against her good judgment (we tried to stop her), she picked up the phone and called the corporate office, determined to discover an answer to our party planning drama. 

employee on the phone

Customer Service Week Gifts for Clients

  1. Personalized Thank You Notes
  2. Branded Swag
  3. Food Gift Basket
  4. Customized Planners

We all sat and listened as the phone rang, and Krista was patched through to the financial department. She explained what our boss told us and went into detail about our Customer Service Week gifts for clients. Though we couldn’t hear the person on the other end, they must have asked for further information regarding our customer service gifts and gifts for customers. 

We were all waiting, watching Krista, and keeping our fingers crossed for party approval. Finally, Krista disconnected the call, and the smile on her face spoke for itself. The party would go on!

Customer Service Week Gifts for Corporates

  1. Corporate Gift Baskets
  2. Premium Alcoholic Beverages
  3. Recognition Awards
  4. VIP Experience Tour
  5. Celebrity Event Tickets

We all celebrated the approval of our original budget from corporate. Our boss was irritated that we went over his head, but he knew that Krista’s plan would bring back lost clients, and he asked us to purchase Customer Service Week gifts for corporates, so he could show his colleagues the high-quality swag we planned to distribute. 

We rescheduled the band for our Customer Service Appreciation Day and were overjoyed at all of our Customer Service Appreciation Week ideas that were coming to life. This celebration was shaping up to be the best one yet, and still under the original budget!

Customer Service Week Thankyou Messages

  1. Thank you for your dedication to providing exceptional service to our customers.
  2. We appreciate your outstanding performance and commitment to excellence.
  3. Your commitment to our customers is truly remarkable, and we are grateful for your hard work.
  4. Your exceptional service and dedication to our team have not gone unnoticed.
  5. Thank you for being a valuable member of our team and for your commitment to excellence.

After some event promotion, our parties went perfectly, and our Customer Service Week message that we appreciate our clients was evident. After winning snacks and swag via our social media contests and reading all of the Customer Service Week quotes we posted, we saw a massive uptick in business. 

Our Customer Service Week message to employees was also perfect and came in the form of a live band singing songs about appreciation. They loved it, so did our followers, and most importantly, so did corporate. Everyone was so pleased with Krista, she got a promotion to Head of Marketing, and she’s already planning next year’s celebrations!

The Right Swag for Your Customer Celebrations

SwagMagic played a massive role in the success of our Customer Service Week celebrations. They supplied us with incredible custom gear, and they could work with us on shipping and hold our order in our store while things were up in the air. 

Our celebrations ended up being huge for business, and we gained more new clients that week than ever. Plus, our customer service is always stellar because we have a team that feels supported and appreciated. Wins all around!

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