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Best Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees: Great Ideas to Celebrate Years of Service in the Company

Employees give their best to see an organization achieve its corporate goals. But how about offering an employee anniversary gift as an incentive for long-term service or as one of the perks of work?

No organization can thrive without a virile workforce. Most employees work for an organization for five to ten years or more. But unfortunately, employee recognition has kept dropping over the years. 

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Thus, “quiet quitting” and job hopping are on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that employee turnover rates are 57.3%. That shows a 25% drop in voluntary turnover and others. 

Daylight Desk Lamp: Best Work Anniversary Gift Idea

Price: $34.99

A daylight desk lamp is a thoughtful work anniversary gift. It could make reading or writing in a semi-lite home easier. No need to switch on the main light. 

The Daylight desk lamp makes it easier to work from home. It has natural, warm, and white light hues. So, the employee could pick the hue that suits them best per time. Besides, the light offers a healthy dose of sunlight, too.

Desk lamp
Desk lamp

Branded Company Apparel: Thank You Gift For the Year of Service

Treat deserving staff to branded outfits from your organization. A warm gesture should accompany the staff’s name and the company’s branding. 

It should give your staff a feeling of fulfilment and help to boost their confidence. So, employee anniversary gift ideas could include:

The Recover Sustainable Apparel or an All-Made clothing brand will do the magic. 

t shirt

Presentation Portfolio:  Personalized Employee Anniversary Gift

The presentation portfolio works best for a 1–5th employee anniversary gift idea. It will not only excite the employees but also help them work better. The portfolio has a pen loop, a 3-ring binder for files or documents, and zippers. It also comes with a card slot, a file folder, and a cushioned handle for comfy carrying. Celebrate work anniversaries with these thoughtful gifts to make employees feel valued. 

open black leather portfolio for documents
open black leather portfolio for documents

Employee Thank You Gift Card: Bulk Employee Appreciation Gift Idea

A well-funded virtual gift card for shopping could do the anniversary trick. Yes, it’s fine to think of presenting something fanciful or exciting. But at other times, the deserving staff may have a better use for the funds. A gift card will help employees fulfil their longings like travel or a shopping spree.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Having a specific budget for each staff grade is best to keep things fair. For example, the reward amount could increase based on the number of years spent in the organization. That could make each milestone unique and spur others to spend more service years.

gift card
Cropped view of young woman showing gift card

Branded Employee Gift Box – Perfect to Celebrate All Year Work Anniversary

A branded employee gift box is the ideal work anniversary idea to improve company culture and employee engagement. Giving customized corporate gifts shows team members that leadership values them and wants to celebrate their work anniversaries. Thoughtful, personalized gifts increase employee retention by making employees feel appreciated. This gift box lets each staff member feel special on their big day.

Happy Work Anniversary Card or Workiversary Greeting Card

Custom Printed Note

A happy work anniversary card is a simple yet meaningful way to celebrate employee work anniversaries. A brief moment to provide a greeting card can positively impact company culture and make employees feel good. The gesture demonstrates that management cares enough to acknowledge a team member’s contributions. This boosts employee retention by enhancing employee feelings of value within the organization.

Snacks Corporate Gift Basket

Winter Medley-tile-image

A snack holiday gift basket makes an excellent gift for employee work anniversaries. Everybody appreciates food, so this will instantly spread positive vibes across your team. Food sharing brings people together, improving company culture, employee engagement, and employee feelings about their workplace. This delicious gift basket thanks staff for their hard work and motivates them to keep achieving, supporting employee retention.

Care Package Gift Box for Women

Price: $90


A self-care package gift box shows female team members that you value them while celebrating major work anniversaries. Supporting women at work improves company culture and employee engagement through inclusion. Pampering working women makes them feel special, enhancing employee feelings about their treatment and improving retention. This gift box lets that talented employee know her efforts over the years are appreciated.

Plaque or Trophy: Personalized Gift for Employees

An award plaque is a popular work anniversary gift for an employee. However, organizations usually hold special events or award nights to present the plaque.

Trophies or awards are a thing of pride. Recipients usually display plaques in their offices or homes for family and friends to see. It also serves as a reminder to the staff of their hard work. 

An award would be appropriate for a five or more-year anniversary.

A trophy. An employee anniversary gift idea.

Tabletop Fire Pit: Unique Anniversary Gifts for Employees

After lighting, this exhilarating tabletop fire pit can run for 2-3 hours. Your staff has no worries about releasing smoke, soot, or ash into the atmosphere.

The tabletop fire pit is a ceramic bowl with a fiber cotton wick to ignite flames. 

The blue glass pebbles and flames shine through the windproof glass. It produces lovely flames that light up your employees’ homes.

As a reminder, you could customize this great idea with the company logo and staff name. Ask us how to order it.

Name Engraved Backpack – Best Idea for 25th Work Anniversary Gift

Price: $78.60

Everyone loves a backpack. All you need to do is to identify the one that works best for the employee. For example, a travel or computer backpack engraved with a name or logo could be an ideal gift for an employee.

Black Backpack
Black Backpack isolated

Artisanal Gourmet Tower

The artisanal gourmet tower is an excellent option from the list of our employee recognition idea and can be given as the best anniversary gift. But you could even spice things up more by making it a family affair. 

The point is, we all love a free and special meal, indoors or outdoors! 

A special meal package for the family says you not only care about work. It tells the staff that their personal lives matter too.

Here are a few gift ideas:

  • Family pizza night gift set
  • Mix berry nuts mixed
  • Taco night gift set
  • Grill & BBQ gifts
  • Mrs. Fields Cookie & Cocoa gift set.
  • Wisconsin favorites
  • Chocolate-covered almonds (designer tin).
  • Electronic diffuser & essential oil
  • Moment of calm gift set
  • Field & Co. Cable knit Sherpa blanket


Cakes and other confectionaries are always an excellent delight as an anniversary gift for employees, you can send them anywhere nationally. You could present them alone for one or less than five years of employee anniversary. 

However, cakes and candy have worked best as additional gift items for over five years. Then, for example, you could put them in a gift basket.

Cherry cake. Russian cake
Cherry cake. Russian cake

Custom Gift Basket to Celebrate 10th Work Anniversary with Swag 

A gift basket as an employee anniversary gift is always an exciting reward. First, however, you should critically examine the type of items in the basket. 

You could have a variety of items in the basket. For example, you have a unique basket containing personal effects, toiletries, corporate (branded), or vacation gifts.

The employee gift basket could contain edibles, drinks, little gifts for the whole family, and more. Whatever you choose, please ensure you select rare gift items and not any random stuff.

Some other gift ideas include:

We can help you create the perfect gift basket or, in other words – the perfect swag kit specifically for employee anniversaries and new employee welcome kits.

swag kit

Potted Plants

Price: $74.00

A potted plant works best as an anniversary gift for someone who works from home. Employees could place the plant by the window or desk to brighten up their home office. Besides, it’s fun and beautifies their home!

Potted plant ideas include:

  • Modern Sprout indoor herb garden kit
  • Poppies grow kit (The kit comes with all your employees need to grow and care for the houseplant. It also has a watering system to deal with little watering or over-watering. So, if they sometimes forget to water the plant, it will still survive).
  • A succulent plant (easy to maintain!)
Potted plants as an employee anniversary gift idea.

Parting Advice on Gifting

You can always add something extra with a physical gift, such as an evening with the CEO, a special awards event, or vacation day(s). Some employees like the quiet life, but others may love the public shows or celebrations. So, try to understand each staff’s uniqueness when celebrating them.

Feel free to do what your organization’s budget can accommodate. But remember, the staff retention rate keeps dropping every year. The best way to reward hard work is by appreciating those who help the organization succeed. Let SwagMagic help you achieve this; learn more here.

A woman giving a presentation.

Celebrate Work Anniversaries Milestones in Style with Personalized Anniversary Gifts Employees Will Love

Celebrate your employees’ dedication in style with SwagMagic’s anniversary gifts. From indulgent care packages to handy corporate swag, we have presents to suit every budget and work culture. 

Book a call with our gifting experts to explore the perfect way of marking your staff members’ 1st, 5th, 10th (or more!) years with your company. We’ll guide you through gift ideas tailored to your team and branding. Together, we’ll create memories they won’t forget.

Make your employees feel genuinely valued on this anniversary. Get in touch today to get the celebrations started!

With another successful year under their belts, your employees deserve recognition on their anniversary. Your gifts and experiences are potent culture-builders that motivate staff and boost retention.

SwagMagic takes the effort out of celebrating work milestones properly. Our team handles everything from branded gift boxes to curating care packages filled with pampering treats. With global delivery in 170+ countries, it’s easy for remote workers to take part, too.

Mark employee dedication meaningfully and show how much you appreciate their loyalty over the years. Contact SwagMagic now to explore great anniversary gift ideas for your upcoming staff celebrations.

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