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New Employee Welcome Gifts, Onboarding Welcome Kits for Joining Day Ideas, and Gift Kit Items

You might be asking, what does employee onboarding have to do with a new employee welcome gift? 

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After all, onboarding is a comprehensive process that lasts for many months. Sometimes it takes up to a year, depending on the position. At that point, we’re no longer talking about a new hire.

Still, a new hire welcome gift and the onboarding process have a symbiotic relationship. Going the extra mile and providing this work perk of a new employee welcome kit ensures the onboarding process starts on the right foot. 

So, what goes into the most successful new employee welcome gift idea to help ensure successful onboarding? Read below to find out:

What Is A Welcome Gift For New Employees?

You can welcome new employee with a new hire welcome kit, a package, a gift card, an employee handbook, a single gift kit item, or a box where employers compile a collection of gifts to convey to a new employee that you’re excited to have them as part of the team.

You can offer just one gift. However, this hypothetical singular present will have to knock it out of the park if you want to make a lasting impression. That’s a tall order since you don’t know your new team member well. 

On the other hand, putting multiple presents into a kit filled with value-oriented items heightens the chances of an impactful new-hire welcome gift. 

With SwagMagic, you don’t need to wait until your new hire’s first day to send them their kit or package. Instead, you can have it delivered to their home before they start. For instance, you can schedule your new hire’s gift with SwagMagic to arrive days prior to their first day on the job. They’ll then begin their role with the ice already broken. They’ll already feel like a member of the team. That’s onboarding 101 right there. 

Furthermore, the delivery feature is ideal for remote employee gift ideas. SwagMagic can help make a new remote hire feel just as involved as your most experienced in-office staffer.

New Hire Employee Welcome Gift Ideas and Items

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Stylish Sweaters

Price: $89.15

It’s one thing to give a new hire a blank piece of clothing they may use as pajamas or when they’re cleaning the bathroom. 

It’s a different story to include stylish apparel in a welcome kit that your new hire will want to show off to all their friends and family. For instance, giving a new coworker a North Face Pullover Hoodie tells them your company focuses on quality and wants to provide them with only the best. 

employee kit gift example

With SwagMagic, you can customize apparel with your branding and messaging. Not only are you offering high-end fashion, but you’re also adding a touch of personalized gift. Plus, as your new hire models their snazzy branded hoodie everywhere they go, they’ll be a walking billboard for your business. 

 Journals And Pens For On-The-Job Notetaking

Price: $29.50

Taking notes is how most new employee’s accumulate the necessary knowledge to perform their roles.  

So, why not give your new hire a journal with your branding and their name etched into it? Then, while you’re at it, gift them a customized pen too. They’ll need something to write with, after all. 

Tucson Ivory Scribe Journal

Caffeine Rush Can

Price: $53.85

Welcome your new employees with an extra morning caffeine to keep up with their rigorous onboarding tasks. 

Make that process convenient for them with the Rambler 20 OZ Tumbler. No pothole or quick turn will cause any spillage, ensuring your new hire is fueled at the beginning of every day.

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

Tote Bag

Price- $30.15

A tote bag makes an excellent employee appreciation gift due to its versatility and practicality. It serves as a daily companion for carrying work essentials, groceries, or personal items, showcasing thoughtfulness and utility. Additionally, a branded or personalized tote bag fosters a sense of belonging, aligning the employee with the company’s identity right from the start.

Baltic 18oz Cotton Canvas Boat Tote

Welcome to the Team Gift Box

With a box full of branded swag and snacks, all that’s left is to equip them with the necessary tools to do their job. Whether that be a brand new laptop or tech accessories, we can include those with snacks and any branded swag for an employee welcome kit ideas you can check off your list without even lifting a finger.

New hire employee kit

New Hire Employee Welcome Kits Items and Ideas for Joining Onboarding Day

Employee welcome packages are a fantastic way to introduce new hires to your company culture and make them feel valued right from day one. The contents of a welcome kit or a gift basket can vary based on the company’s industry, size, and needs, but here are some standard items and ideas that could be included in a comprehensive welcome gift for employees:

Office Supplies Employee Gift

  • Notebooks and Pens: Price: $31.64
    Branded notebooks and pens are not just practical; they help in instilling a sense of belonging.
  • Sticky Notes: Price: $0.80
    An office gift that is useful for jotting down quick thoughts or reminders.
  • Folders and Binders
    To help organize documents, especially during the onboarding process.
office supplies
office supplies

Welcome New Employee With Tech Gadgets

  • USB Drive– Price: $39
    Preloaded with essential forms, handbooks, and perhaps a welcome video. 
  • Headphones– Price: $84.25
    For focused work or online meetings.
  • Laptop Stand
    Ergonomic aid for a comfortable work setup.
Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets
Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets

Personal Care- Staff Appreciation Gift

  • Hand Sanitizer: – Price: $9.60
    Always a useful item to have on a desk.
  • Reusable Water Bottle:– Price: $21.74
    Eco-friendly and serves as a reminder to stay hydrated.
  • Snacks: – Price: $49
    A small assortment of healthy snacks can be a nice touch.
Self Care Kit, Self Care Package. Cosmetics bottles, face massager, sweets, headphones, scented
Self Care Kit, Self Care Package. Cosmetics bottles, face massager, sweets, headphones, scented

Company Swag Gift Set

  • T-Shirts or Hoodies: Price: $42.90
    With the company logo or other branded material.
  • Coffee Mug: Price: $28.77
    Also branded, for use both at work and home.
  • Stickers/Badges: Price: $8.28
    Fun items that can be put on laptops, notebooks, etc.
swag kit

Curated Snack- New Hire Welcome Kit

  • Granola Bars: Price: $4.79
    A quick source of energy that’s easy to eat on-the-go.
  • Pretzels or Pita Chips: Price: $4.80
    A crunchy option that’s a bit indulgent without being too unhealthy.
  • Dark Chocolate: Price: $20
    A small bar of dark chocolate can be a delightful treat.
  • Cookies: Price: $9.99
    A couple of small, individually wrapped cookies can make anyone’s day better.
  • Juice Boxes: Price: $146.99
    A tasty and hydrating alternative to water.
snack box with swag

Creating a new employee welcome corporate gift set that is thoughtful and well-curated not only makes new hires feel welcomed but also sets the tone for their experience and engagement with the company.

Welcome Box Ideas and Thank You Gifts for New Hire Employees Onboarding

A welcome box serves as a warm introduction to the company culture and provides new hires with the essentials to kickstart their journey. Here’s a list of items and ideas that you can consider including in an onboarding gift box for new employees.

Curated Welcome Box with Essential Items

  • Employee Badge: If your office requires badge access, this is essential for the first day.
  • Company Handbook: This serves as a ready reference for company policies, culture, and values.
  • Office Map: A layout of the office can help new hires navigate the space easily.
  • Desk Nameplate: Personalized nameplates can make new hires feel like part of the team from day one.
Wooden stand with small nameplate on working table

Starter Welcome Box with Office Supplies

  • Notebook and Pen: Price: $45.19
    Branded items can be a nice touch.
  • Sticky Notes: Always useful for jotting down reminders.
  • Mouse Pad: Price: $ 17.14
    Useful and an opportunity for branding.
Mouse Pad

Gizmos Welcome Box with Tech Gadgets

  • USB Drive: Price: $39
    Preloaded with essential onboarding documents.
  • Wireless Mouse: Price: $55.54
    A useful add-on for those who will be working on computers.
  • Phone Charger: Price: $90.35
    You can never have too many!
Mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Welcome Box with Company Branded Swag

  • T-shirt/Hoodie: Price: $29.79
    With the company logo for a sense of belonging.
  • Coffee Mug: Price: $27.80
    Branded mugs can make morning coffee a little more special.
  • Water Bottle: Price: $74.45
    Encourage hydration and sustainability.
Klean Kanteen 20oz Loop cap Bottle

Comfort Welcome Gift Box

  • Desk Plant: Price: $48
    Like a small succulent, to brighten up the workspace.
  • Snack Box: Price: $50 onwards
    A selection of healthy snacks like granola bars, nuts, and dried fruits.
  • Tea/Coffee Sampler: Price: $7.19
    A variety pack to help them find their preferred office brew.
Organic Lemon Ginger - Loose Leaf Herbal Tea .9 oz image

Personalized Welcome Box

  • Team Photo: A framed picture of the team can instill a sense of community.
  • Local Guide: Tips on the best local eateries, coffee shops, and commuting shortcuts.
  • Handwritten Welcome Note: Price: $3.00
    From the team or manager to add a personal touch.

Remote Employee Welcome Box

  • E-Gift Cards: For coffee or food delivery services.
  • Virtual Team Meet-and-Greet: Scheduled for the first week.
  • Digital Onboarding Packet: Include all necessary documents and guides in digital format.

Fun and Playful Welcome Box

  • Company Stickers: For laptops or notebooks.
  • Keychain: Branded or thematic based on the company’s focus.
  • Puzzle or Brain Teaser: Price: $26.50
    Something to give them a break during the day.
Wooden Puzzle

EcoFriendly and Welcome Gift Box

  • Sustainability: Use eco-friendly materials for packaging and items when possible.
  • Inclusivity: Ensure the items are universally usable, keeping in mind different preferences and potential allergies.
  • Customization: For birthdays or anniversaries close to the joining date, consider including a small celebratory item.

A welcome box sets the tone for an employee’s experience at your company, so make it thoughtful, useful, and engaging. It’s an investment in making new hires feel valued and supported from the get-go.

Why Should You Prioritize New Employee Welcome Gifts?

New hire gifts are integral to onboarding. Considering how 1/5th of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days, getting off to a very good to excellent start should be your top priority. 

Forbes includes gifting, combined with a personalized note, as one of the 15 best ways leaders make their new team members feel like they belong

Let’s then examine the human element of new hire gifting. Starting a new role is daunting for even the most experienced professionals. Anxiety levels run high, and those first few months can be a demanding, exhausting adjustment period. 

Doing everything you can as a leader to mitigate those challenges and quell anxieties can foster loyalty and inspire your new hire to perform at a high level. They’ll know you’ve invested in their success, so they’ll double down on their investment in your organization’s success. 

Welcome kit

What Should You Include In An Employee Welcome Gift Kit?

Here are a few recommended items that can be added to the employee onboarding kit:

  • Personalized Note: From their direct supervisor or team, making the welcome feel more personal.
  • Photo Frame: For their desk, which they can fill with a photo of their choice.
  • Wellness Coupons: Discounts or passes to gyms, meditation apps, etc.
  • Welcome Letter: From the CEO or department head, welcoming them to the team.
  • Quick Start Guide: A simple guide explaining important contacts, how to access internal systems and other key information.
  • Team Directory: Helps new hires get to know who’s who.
  • Personalized Note: Include a little note welcoming them to the team and explaining the snack kit.

While you can’t go wrong with delicious snacksas part of any new hire welcome kit, tasty eats should only make up a portion of the package.  

So, what’s next after you’ve loaded the package with snacks? 

First and foremost, you don’t want to be too cheesy or over the top. That’ll make your new hire feel awkward and have the opposite effect of what was intended.

At the same time, you don’t want to deliver a lame, boring welcome kit to your new hire. We’re talking cheap, ugly clothing or useless trinkets nobody will use.

It won’t be the end of the world if the welcome package is chock full of mediocre gifts, but it won’t resonate either. You’ll have much more of an uphill struggle with the remainder of the onboarding process. 

Therefore, your best option is custom-branded, high-quality swag that immediately immerses your new team member in your thriving company culture.

Looking for New Employee Welcome kit Ideas? Leave It To The Experts

You might not have time to compile the perfect new hire welcome kit. It’s understandable. You’ve got a lot going on. 

Don’t worry, though. SwagMagic can curate your new hire gift package on your behalf.

At $25 per giftee, we’ll pick, pack, and store new hire kits, including branded swag,  so you can focus on your more pressing job-related responsibilities. 

Request a demo with SwagMagic if you want to learn more about how we can bolster your onboarding process. 

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