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Best Trending Gifts For Employees in 2024: Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Co-Workers to Show Appreciation

HR is many times a thankless job. Take Jess, a frazzled HR manager who had just finished hiring 25 new employees. All of them are due to start in just one week, each in a different department. This was part of her company’s recent decision to expand to new territories after having a few pretty profitable years.

Now she is tasked with the challenge of welcoming and onboarding these new hires. New recruits often find themselves overwhelmed with all the information they are just taking in. 

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Employee with a  gift

Luckily, there is a handy and practical technique to keeping new employees at ease gifts.  There are plenty of trending gift ideas for employees. They can help make the process a little easier for new hires.

Small trendy gift ideas for employees, such as custom water bottles, personalized notebooks, or stress balls can go a long way.

Unique trending gifts for employees such as wellness subscriptions or virtual team-building experiences can help to create a positive and engaging work environment.

By incorporating these thoughtful and on-trend gift ideas, Jess can help to ensure that the new employees feel valued and supported as they begin their journey with the company.

As Jess continues to prepare for the onboarding of new hires, she realizes that she also needs to think about long-term engagement and retention. One effective way to achieve this is by offering trending corporate gifts for men and gifts for women that not only show appreciation but also create a sense of belonging and pride in the company.

Trending corporate gift ideas for employees in 2024 could include eco-friendly items such as reusable tote bags or bamboo utensil sets, or tech accessories such as wireless earbuds or portable power banks.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

These kinds of gifts fall in line with employee motivations centered on sustainability. These bulk trending gift ideas for employees not only demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation but also provide practical value for the employees in their daily lives.

By incorporating these trending corporate gifts for employees in 2024, the HR manager can help to create a culture of appreciation and engagement that will benefit both the employees and the company as a whole.

Jess realized that she can also use SwagMagic’s curated box gifts to get these types of gifts into the hands of their new hires as soon as she can. She was able to get a nice draft of items she was thinking about acquiring: 

Wireless Earbuds

Price: $89.98

Treat your team to wireless earbuds with your company logo, a tech gift that helps employees listen to music anywhere. This thoughtful Christmas gift enables your staff to enjoy podcasts and stay productive.

Apple.AirPods ear buds
Apple.AirPods ear phones case on a bright green background

Personalized Tumbler

Price: $30.80

Keep your coworkers hydrated in style with customized tumblers bearing their names. This useful gift with an engraved office motif shows you appreciate their hard work.

Pink tumbler
Pink tumbler

Portable Phone Charger

Price: $94.11

Equip your employee with a slim power bank emblazoned with your logo to recharge their phone on-the-go. This practical tech gift makes remote work easier with universal compatibility.

white wireless charger pad
Smartphone on white wireless charger pad

Desk Organizer

Price: $280

Promote organization with sleek desktop trays your staff can personalize with an inspirational quote. This custom-engraved office gift helps your employees tidy documents and locate items quickly.

Colorful desk accessories
Colorful desk accessories

Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $99.95

Let your team jam out with a compact speaker stamped with your emblem and pumping crystal-clear sound. Music lovers will appreciate this awesome branded gift for their workspace.

Portable bluetooth Speaker, wireless boom box, Small radio, waterproof, Stereo Sound System
Portable bluetooth Speaker, wireless boom box, Small radio, waterproof, Stereo Sound System

Travel Mug

Price: $27.83

Coworkers will love this corporate gift of an insulated, customized mug bearing your logo for sipping coffee and tea on the go. It’s a daily reminder of your gratitude.

Travel Mug 14oz

Fitness Tracker 

Price: $124.94

Support employee wellness goals with slim fitness bands monogrammed with your company initials to monitor daily step counts, sleep, and more. It’s the health-conscious office gift for the new year.

Hand with fitness tracker

Personalized Notebook 

Price: $38.48

Boost organization with a journal embroidered with your emblem for writing notes and staying on task. Your staff can see your logo whenever they access this useful planner.

Black leather notebook
Black leather notebook

Succulent Coffee or Tea Gift Box 

Treat your team to hand-selected beans or aromatic loose leaf teas beautifully packaged with a mini succulent plant bearing your colors. It’s a sustainable corporate gift that keeps on giving.

Heart shaped candies, coffee cup and gift box
Heart-shaped candies, coffee cup and gift box

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Price: $240

Allow your staff to focus with cushy headphones equipped with noise-cancellation technology and engraved with your inspiring mantra. Employees will appreciate this upgraded work tool.

Wireless headphones
Wireless headphones

Jess understands that showing employee appreciation is crucial to keeping the team motivated and engaged. While trending corporate gifts are a great option, there are also other creative ways to express gratitude without breaking the budget.

DIY employee appreciation gifts can be a fun and thoughtful way to show appreciation while also adding a personal touch. Inexpensive staff appreciation gifts can include items such as coffee mugs, desk plants, or personalized thank-you notes. Keeping things budget-friendly can also help ensure you don’t get any regulatory bodies looking over some of the company’s expenses towards employee appreciation. 

Clever employee appreciation gifts can also be a hit. These could be a branded stress ball that says “squeeze the stress away” or a company-branded tote bag filled with goodies. By exploring different gift options and getting creative with ways to show appreciation, the HR manager can foster a culture of gratitude. This with spread positivity and will benefit the entire company.

employees opening holiday gifts

Now that the planning going smoothly enough due to the help of SwagMagic’s wide catalog of possible gifts and giveaways, she might as well think about long-term possible gifts for later in the year. 

Even with a tight budget, Jess knows that finding affordable yet thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget can be tackled with a little forward thinking. With Christmas being one of Jess’ favorite periods, Jess is determined to spread holiday cheer. She wants to show appreciation for the team’s hard work once the weather begins to get colder. 

Some creative holiday gifts for employees on a budget could include hot cocoa kits, festive socks, or scented candles. Alternatively, employee Christmas gift ideas could also include charitable donations made in the employees’ names or a company-wide holiday party with fun activities and games. By focusing on the spirit of giving and finding meaningful ways to show appreciation, the HR manager can help bring joy and positivity to the workplace during the holiday season. Jess has even made up a preliminary list in her head:

Customized Holiday Ornament

Tap into Christmas cheer with personalized ornaments that make thoughtful holiday gifts for employees. These festive best gifts showcase your appreciation while helping coworkers decorate for the season.

Scandinavian christmas paper honeycomb ornaments. Modern christmas decoration
Scandinavian christmas paper honeycomb ornaments. Modern christmas decoration

Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Treat your team to a delectable hot chocolate set filled with decadent flavors and holiday mugs. This best corporate gift helps spread holiday warmth, and employees will love the sweet gesture.

Cup of splashing hot chocolate with marshmallows as gift boxes shape on blue background
Cup of splashing hot chocolate with marshmallows as gift boxes shape on blue background

Festive Socks

Keep your team in good holiday spirits from head-to-toe with fun festive socks. A small but delightful gift, these cozy socks will bring moments of laughter and joy to your staff.

Christmas gifts and festive socks or stocking on red background with festive lights and decor
Christmas gifts and festive socks or stocking on red background with festive lights and decor

Holiday Candle

Price: $37.95

Set the seasonal mood with a hand-poured candle in a festive winter scent like pine or cinnamon. This thoughtful gift infuses holiday magic wherever your employee burns it.

Holiday candles
Holiday candles

Chocolate Box

Price: $124

Indulge your coworkers this Christmas with a decadent chocolate box filled with all their favorites. It’s a fail-safe corporate gift guaranteed to delight even the pickiest on your list.

Box of chocolate
Box of chocolate

Gourmet chocolates with festive flavors like peppermint or gingerbread is a delicious gift idea.

Holiday Coffee Mug

Price: $40.11

Treat your employee to the gift of cheer every morning with a personalized, holiday-themed coffee mug. This useful gift helps showcase your appreciation in a fun way.

Christmas holiday mug
Christmas holiday mug

A holiday-themed coffee mug with a festive design is a useful gift for employees who love coffee or tea.

Ugly Sweater

Give your team a good chuckle with an intentionally hideous festive sweater. It spreads holiday cheer through laughter and makes a lighthearted employee gift.

two men wearing ugly sweaters with snowflakes on them
two men wearing ugly sweaters with snowflakes on them

An ugly holiday sweater with a fun and festive design is a playful gift idea to bring some holiday cheer to the workplace.

Holiday Treats Gift Basket

Wow your staff with a Christmas gift basket loaded with delightful baked goods and tasty winter treats. This impressive spread is a surefire way to lift holiday spirits.

Christmas gift basket
Christmas gift basket

A gift basket filled with holiday treats is a delicious gift idea for employees.

Miniature Christmas Tree

Add a delightful holiday touch to your employee’s desk with a mini decorated tree. This festive gift helps spread the Christmas magic with just a dash of sparkle.

Cozy Christmas background with decorative Christmas tree and bokeh lights.
Cozy Christmas background with decorative Christmas tree and bokeh lights.

A miniature Christmas tree can add some holiday spirit to the employee’s workspace or home.

Cozy Blanket

Price: $37.12

A cozy blanket is a gift idea that can be used to stay warm during the holiday season.

An empty red Christmas cup on a cozy blanket
An empty red Christmas cup on a cozy blanket

Part of what Jess appreciates about Christmas is the ability to add a personal touch to the holiday gifts for employees. These can be simple items such as monogrammed keychains or customized coffee mugs with the employee’s name or initials. Unique gifts for employees can be related to the company’s services as well. These could be a subscription box service with the company vendors or a personalized puzzle featuring the company’s logo. One option Jess noted was SnackMagic’s own curated boxes. This is where customers can purchase customized boxes of snacks for their intended recipients. 

With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine the best gifts for employees. However, Jess knows that the key is to consider the employees’ preferences and interests. For instance, a gift card to a local restaurant or spa might be more appreciated than a generic item that doesn’t align with their interests. Jess knows that having some regular office items but with a personalized flair can spice things up: 

Personalized Water Bottle

Price: $38.95

This great gift for your remote employees allows them to stay hydrated wherever they’re working. As a best-seller, this thoughtful gift ensures your coworker has their preferred beverage on hand.

18 oz. H2go Rincon

Customized Desk Nameplate

Make your employee feel special by personalizing a nameplate for their home office. This perfect gift for any remote worker helps designate their at-home workspace. Coworkers will love this top gift idea.

Monogrammed Journal

Price: $10.04

Help your remote coworker stay organized with this bestselling customized journal. Monogramming adds a personal touch they’ll appreciate. It’s the perfect office supply for employees working from home.

5.5" x 8.5" FSC® Mix Bound JournalBook

Engraved Pen Set

Price: $2.09

This engraved pen set allows your remote employee to add style to their daily writing. Coworkers will adore this thoughtful personalized gift for their home office.

Ellipse Softy with Stylus - ColorJet - Full Color Metal Pen

Customized Mouse Pad

Price: $17.14

This useful gift idea features a personalized design to brighten up your remote coworker’s desk space. Employees will love this great accessory for their office supplies.

Mouse Pad

Personalized Picture Frame

Surprise your employee with a customized picture frame for their desk. This thoughtful gift will remind them of the office while working from home.

Embroidered Tote Bag

Price: $30.15

With space for a laptop and emblazoned with their initials, this popular tote makes a perfect gift for remote workers. The personalization makes it the top choice for any employee.

Baltic 18oz Cotton Canvas Boat Tote

Customized Phone Case

Price: $26.45

Keep your remote coworker’s phone safe with a personalized case. This great gift protects their device with a unique design touch. It’s sure to be used daily.

iPhone Case

Personalized Travel Bag

Price: $39.97

On-the-go remote workers will appreciate this customized bag. Monogramming and ample storage make this popular item the best gift to help organize work materials.

RuMe® GTO - Garment Travel Organizer

Engraved Watch

Price: $53.69

An engraved watch combines function and personalization for the ideal employee gift. This customized accent helps coworkers keep on schedule in their home office.

Casio Super Illuminator Watch - (Black) image

Laptop Sleeve

Price: $35.31

One of the best gifts for coworkers. Give your employee the convenience to carry their laptop wherever they go. 

 Laptop Sleeve

Overall, finding the right gifts from the company to new (and even current) employees can be a challenge. By considering unique and personalized options, Jess was able to create a meaningful and memorable experience.

Meaningful and well-thought-out gifts for employees can be a powerful way to demonstrate appreciation. They can also foster a positive workplace culture, especially at the start of one’s career. By showing that the company values its employees and is invested in their well-being, the HR manager can build strong relationships. This can also promote a sense of loyalty and commitment. In the end, the best gift ideas for office staff are those that come from the heart. These gifts reflect the unique personalities and interests of the team. By putting in the effort to select thoughtful and personalized gifts, the HR manager can create a festive and joyous atmosphere. This will be appreciated by everyone in the office.


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