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Best Conference Swag Ideas Loved by Everyone

The best conference swag ideas for your attendees can be hard to come by.

Mary loves working as an office manager, but she’s not a fan of her office.

But why she hates going in there?

If you asked Mary, she would tell you two words: “Conference Swag.”

You see, Mary’s boss is OBSESSED with conference swag.

She has thousands of conference promotional merchandise and swag items such as t-shirts, stress balls, pens, and even some talking robots for their desk.

Mary doesn’t know what to do with all of these gift items for conference attendees besides packing them in like a living Tetris game in her office.

To top it off, her boss has JUST informed her that he wants her to buy more swag because they have multiple global conferences coming.

What is Mary going to do now?

Luckily, we’re here with unique conference swag ideas to help both you and Mary:

1. Flyer Fun

This professional flyer is great for those who want to have some fun on the beach or go frisbee golfing at dusk. Completely customizable with your logo, name, or a simple message.

These frisbees are perfect for those who want to show how fun and carefree their company is. Let your attendees have some fun with your help with this flyer that will quickly become a staple at home.

black and gray conference swag bag

2. Relaxing Travel


There’s nothing more draining that a car or airplane ride where one cannot get some sleep. However, this travel pillow and blanket will allow anyone to catch some ZZZs in style. The customizable design in gray or navy allows you to put your logo and company name on the pillow/blanket combo, meaning attendees will dream of you whenever they use it!

3. Stretch It Out with Yoga


If you’re in the health and wellness industry, this customizable yoga mat will be a sure-fire hit. These cushioned yoga mats are .25” thick, giving users a slightly cushioned yoga experience wherever they are. Print your company colors and logo on the mat and get in people’s minds while they relax.

4. Keep Tech Safe with Covers


If you’re in the tech industry, there’s nothing you need more than storage for your electronics. This laptop sleeve is right up both your and your fellow attendees’ alley. Featuring a blank slate that allows you to completely customize the item, attendees will love the ability to keep their items safe in your branded merchandise.

5. Travel in Style


If your conference includes a lot of attendees from across the globe, you cannot go wrong with this bag tag as a simple corporate swag item. Durable plastic that’s waterproof with a glossy finish, this customizable luggage tag will allow you to print vibrant colors on it to ensure your attendees never lose their luggage with the help of your branding.

Holiday gift bags

How to Select Best Conference Swag Items and Gifts for Conference Attendees?

Selecting conference swag items is the most important job for both Mary and you.

Some things to take into consideration while choosing conference gifts include:

1.     Branded Merchandise

People are always on the hunt for high-ticket items. You’ll want to provide attendees who visit your booth with stuff they want to take home so it doesn’t go home with you. If you offer a product OR service, select items that can showcase your logo, and branding and ensure the product is relevant to what you’re selling). 

2.     Swag Usability

Far too often, companies will offer things that people simply do not need, such as talking robots. This stuff is likely to get left in the store as it’s not something people can see a use for once the novelty wears off. Make sure the conference swag items you provide offer something to attendees.

3.     Swag Relevancy

Attendees likely had to travel to the conference, either by plane or car, so look to give them items that reflect this. Things like luggage tags (with your branding) are an excellent option as a simple giveaway item that attendees can relate to their recent travel experience.

4.     Swag Reliability

Again, tying back to branding, what are you offering? Far too often, we see brands attempt to give away things like tablets when their specialty is something like lawn care. Make sure whatever you’re giving reflects your brand’s core message. Something luxurious is nice, but it’s not going to make the connection between you and your brand if it’s from an unrelated field.

5.     Think About fun

If you’re going to attend a conference, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Instead, look to make what you offer fun. Let’s be honest, a lot of people grab items for their friends and families at conferences, so don’t be afraid to offer things that are more family oriented. Cool pair of sunglasses or a nicely designed tote bag are great things to give away.

hands up at a conference

Mary’s Conclusion

Mary thinks about all the best conference swag ideas she’s seen, and she decides to follow her goodie bag conference ideas and create travel bags.

Each attendee receives a 2-in-1 blanket and luggage tag to ensure they can travel in style. Mary’s goodie bags are so popular that they run out before the event is over, and Mary doesn’t have to add anything else to her office!

Moreover, SwagMagic’s Swag Locker allows her to get her office space back while tracking her swag inventory online. She also safely recycled the robots. For more conference swag ideas and to come up with your goodie bag conference ideas, visit us here.

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