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Hispanic Heritage Month Activities: Unique Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2024

Hey everyone! September 15 kicks off National Hispanic Heritage Month 2024, a time to celebrate and honor the contributions of Latin Americans to our culture. This year, I’ve put together some fun virtual activities so we can all take a Latin American tour from home.

We’ll highlight independence days in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. We’ll also learn about Hispanic Heritage Week’s history, which started in 1968 when President Lyndon Johnson expanded it. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan expanded it further to cover 30 days from September 15th to October 15, 2024.

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We’ll celebrate famous Latin music, art, food, and more throughout the month. I’ll share highlights from the new Museum of the American Latino in Washington, DC, which opened last year. And we’ll see how Americans with Latin roots enrich our nation.

I’m excited to explore the diversity of Latin America with you all. Prepare to celebrate Día de la Independencia on September 16 as we kick off a month honoring the generations of Hispanic and Latino Americans!

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities: Way to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Educational Events

Check your local library or community center to see if they are hosting any Hispanic Heritage Month events, like special speakers, film screenings, or presentations on Latin American history and culture. This is a great way to gain more understanding.

Cultural Discussions

Organize a Hispanic Heritage Month virtual tour in your community or workplace to spark thoughtful dialogue around the Latinx experience. Hearing diverse voices firsthand is invaluable.

Art Exhibitions

Visit museums or galleries showcasing works by Hispanic artists. Expanding one’s cultural literacy through artistic expression opens minds.

Small Festivals

Attending local Latin cultural festivals is a lively way to honor Hispanic Heritage Week traditions—salsa dancing, foods, artisans and more!

Listen to Hispanic Music

Curate a special playlist with musical genres like salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton. There’s no better soundtrack to liven any Hispanic Heritage Month celebration!

Learn a New Dance (Salsa or Bachata)

Sign up for salsa or bachata dance lessons. Not only is it fantastic exercise, learning these social dances is a fun way to get into Latin culture.

Visit Museum

If possible, plan a trip to see the Smithsonian Museum of the American Latino in Washington DC. The incredible collection of Latinx contributions spanning 500 years is an enriching experience.

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Read a Book by a Hispanic Author

Pick up a novel, poetry or non-fiction book written by a Latinx author. Try authors like Julia Alvarez, Sandra Cisneros or Juan Felipe Herrera.

Volunteer Support to a Hispanic Organization

Look for volunteer opportunities with local Hispanic non-profits, especially those helping recent immigrants integrate. Lend your time to support the community.

Taste Hispanic Food and Snack

Whip up some traditional recipes like empanadas, plantains, tamales or tres leches cake. Or support Hispanic-owned bakeries and restaurants in your area. ¡Buen provecho!

Get Some Hispanic Swag

Rep your Latin pride by sporting customized gear, t-shirts, jewelry or bags with Hispanic Heritage Month themes. Spreading awareness is stylish.

These activities honor Hispanic Americans’ rich diversity of cultures, traditions, and contributions to the United States.

Our management team believes that Hispanic Heritage Month activities for students should continue after early education and use them for inspiration to implement Hispanic Heritage Month activities for adults at work. Overall, we’re super thankful to be able to work with SwagMagic to bring in the gear and curated boxes we need for our planned activities to go off with a hitch.

Our office plans Hispanic Heritage Month activities because it is essential to celebrate and recognize the contributions of the Hispanic and Latinx communities to our country. We want to give a voice to all the individuals who have worked and continue to work hard to make this nation a better place. 

Our office also views this as an opportunity to learn more about the cultures and traditions of our Hispanic community within our office walls. Our goal is to create a space where people can share their stories, gain insight, and better understand different cultures within the workplace. 

music is a great Hispanic Heritage Month activity

Event Ideas for Hispanic Culture Celebration

Many offices need help to come up with Hispanic Heritage Month event ideas. SwagMagic has your back with personalized gifts and prizes regardless of what you decide to do. 

Hispanic Heritage Month events don’t have to be over the top or extravagant. Instead, you can recognize and celebrate the contributions of Hispanic Americans with a smaller gathering.Here are some Hispanic Heritage Month event ideas to get you started:

  • Host a potluck lunch or dinner featuring traditional Hispanic cuisine
  • Sponsor an evening of Latin music and dancing
  • Offer a Hispanic-themed trivia night
  • Hold a movie night featuring films that portray Hispanic culture and history
  • Invite a special guest speaker to come in and talk about the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Set up a photo booth with props that showcase the Hispanic culture
  • Give out company swag with your organization’s logo, such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, notebooks, etc.
Hispanic cuisine

You can also take to the internet and download a Hispanic Heritage Month lesson plans PDF. Hispanic Heritage Month ideas for work don’t have to be a challenge. SwagMagic can help you celebrate without stress, but many events will embrace Hispanic culture without breaking the party planning budget!

Easy Latino Heritage Month Crafts

Some offices enjoy creating Hispanic Heritage Month crafts. A few easy Spanish crafts include:

Paper Maracas

Make colorful maracas out of paper mache or recycled materials. Decorate them with paint, sequins, ribbons, and beads for a fun musical craft. Have a maraca-shaking dance party!


Craft a miniature piñata out of paper mache or reused containers. Fill it with candy or small toys and let the kids have a blast breaking open the piñata. Just watch out for the candy shower!

Papel Picado

Cut tissue paper into elaborate holiday-style banners. Use flower, heart, or star shapes in festive colors. Hang the vibrant papel picado decorations around your office or event space.

Piñata Cookies

Bake sugar cookies and gently crack the tops before decorating so they look like broken piñatas. Fill them with frosting, sprinkles, chocolate candies or dried fruit for a tasty, on-theme treat. Just try not to break all the piñatas!


Easy Hispanic Heritage Month crafts can bring your office together, and SnackMagic can provide all the snacks necessary to munch on while employees create. Our office loves to find new ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work, and it’s always a joy to brainstorm what we should do next. 

It’s a beautiful way to unite teams while providing education, displaying appreciation, and having fun! If you need help figuring out where to start, you could take a poll and see which crafts interest your team. 

Favorite Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Classroom

Look no further if you’re searching for Hispanic Heritage Month activities for elementary-age kids. From Hispanic heritage activities for preschool to Hispanic Heritage Month activities for elementary students, here are some fun, hands-on activities to help young learners appreciate Hispanic culture and traditions.

Art Projects

Have students make colorful Papel Picado banners or their Latino-inspired art featuring traditional icons like Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera. Getting creative with Latin art is impactful.


Put together a playlist of music from various Latin cultures – salsa, merengue, bachata, bossa nova, and more! Have a dance party or analyze the history and influence of iconic genres and musicians.


Choose recipes for Hispanic desserts like churros, arroz con leche or tres leches cake and host a tasty cultural potluck. Experiencing firsthand the rich flavors is delicious.


Read aloud works from legendary authors like Sandra Cisneros, Julia Alvarez or Pam Muñoz Ryan. Discussing the themes and perspectives opens young minds.


View family-friendly films that honor the Latinx experience like Coco, In the Heights or Encanto. Representation through media makes an impact.

Hispanic Heritage Month classroom activities can be exhilarating, and these will work for Hispanic Heritage Month activities for kindergarten too. Remember to order swag for everyone! 

Employees and Students Benefit from Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is an important time for employers and students to celebrate Hispanic culture and recognize Hispanic individuals’ significant contributions to society. Employers can use this time to show appreciation for their Hispanic employees and colleagues by recognizing their merits and celebrating their work. 

Management teams can also offer special seminars and activities that celebrate the cultural diversity of their employees.

At the same time, students can use this month to understand the Hispanic culture better and immerse themselves in its beauty. 

Hispanic Heritage Month is an excellent opportunity for employers and students to show respect for Hispanic culture and recognize the achievements of Hispanic individuals in our society. SwagMagic can make your events even more memorable

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