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Custom Promotional Giveaways and Unique Promotional Items for Trade Shows, Events, and Conferences 2023 2024

A promotional giveaway or marketing campaign gift item is what an organization offers something free to the customers, prospects, or employees for brand recognition and to drive sales.

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It’s a time-honored marketing approach that manifests itself in many ways. Some companies have competitions where customers compete for big-ticket items like hot tubs or tropical getaways.

An image with giveaway board

However, we’re more in the business of inexpensive promotional giveaway ideas.

This way, you’re not limiting who receives the giveaway items. Plus, you’re giving away branded items with your company’s logo and messaging. You’re planting your branded seed and letting it grow through smaller cost-efficient giveaway ideas instead of going over the top.

We’re discussing ideas like clothing, tumblers, lip balm, tote bags, notebooks, and office stationery as promotional giveaways that help promote your brand and leave a lasting impression. 

These are items that people use every day. So, if your branding is all over these products, the recipients will continually interact with your brand.

Below are a few motivating factors to embark on a promotional gift giveaway campaign:

  • Increasing your social media followers
  • Getting more email subscribers
  • Introducing a product
  • Rewarding your customers
  • Running a booth at a tradeshow

Unique Promotional Products, Custom Trade Show Giveaways and Personalized Marketing Giveaways at the Best Price in 2023 2024

Custom Hoodie By The North Face

Price: $89.15

Cost efficiency doesn’t mean low quality. You don’t want your business promotional giveaway ideas to consist of trinkets people won’t use. Instead, you want your branded items to have a sheen of the highest quality.

Sure, you aren’t giving away a mansion or a trip to Australia. 

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

However, the Apex DryVent Jacket from The North Face is more affordable than the above examples and similarly impactful. It’s a top-tier piece of apparel that’s breathable and waterproof. And the recipient will hold a special place in their heart for your company because you gave it to them.


Ladies City Trench From By North Face

Price: $263.72

For the sake of gender diversity, we wanted to add a jacket for women to our business promotional giveaway ideas. Not just any jacket either. The North Face Ladies City Trench is trendy, stylish, and something the recipient will look for excuses to wear.

What happens when someone continually wears a piece of clothing with your branding all over it? Anybody who sees the jacket now sees your branding. Your company is subliminally in the back of their mind the next time they need related products or services.


Unisex Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee

Price: $28.00

It’s not always winter, so your promotional item recipients can’t always use their jackets. Nevertheless, keep quality–and cost-efficiency–in mind with Allmade’s unisex Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee.

This is a versatile choice because the tee is a blank slate. You can design the shirt in a manner that best represents your company. Add your company logo and choose a color that makes them stand out from the crowd.

gift sample for promotional event

Rambler Stackable Mug With Magslider Lid By YETI

Price: $38.46

Here’s another suggestion that proves affordable promotional giveaway ideas can be done with highly desirable products. 

YETI Rambler mugs are some of the most desirable products of their kind, as highlighted by an article on Consumer Reports. Supplying such a trendy item shows your company’s finger is on the pulse.

Plus, morning commuters needing their daily caffeine rush will hold a special place in their heart for your company. After all, they’ll see your logo when they sip their favorite hot beverage. 

YETI Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler With MagSlider Lid

Drinkware Cerro By ETS Express

Price: $27.15

Not everybody is a coffee drinker, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy liquid replenishment in a sustainable drinking vessel like the H2go Cerro.

This reusable steel thermal bottle is reliable and sleek and comes with a gift box. 

Having your company be top of mind whenever someone hydrates themselves is ideal. Your brand will be associated with health, wellness, and hydration. 

Frosty Beer 2 Go – FC2G By ASOBU

Is your target customer or employee a beer drinker? If so, prove that you understand their wants and desires by supplying them with the Frosty Beer 2 Go as a promotional giveaway item. 

It’s this type of specificity that wins consumers and employees over. 

You’re not just giving them some random trinket they’ll never use. You’re offering a value-based item covered in your branding that suits a recipient’s lifestyle. Those are the factors that drive brand loyalty.

britePix® Can Kooler By Koozie

Price: $40.21

On the subject of enjoying a cool frosty beverage, the britePix Can Kooler folds flat into pockets and bags. Thus, recipients can enjoy a cool, refreshing brewski wherever they go (as long as alcohol is permitted). Also, they can bring your brand with them wherever they go.

CORKCICLE® Classic Can Cooler

 Campster Drawstring Rucksack

Price: $23.20

A camping bag for modern needs is the ideal promotional giveaway item for adventurous, intrepid customers and employees who also lead demanding professional lives. 

The Campster Drawstring Rucksack strikes that perfect balance between rugged and sleek while leaving a lasting branded impression on your recipients. 

Piggyback Drawstring Bag

Spot & Touch Tool Kit

Price: $18.53

As one of the more unique promotional giveaway ideas, the Spot & Touch Toolkit keychains is a helpful product that aids people in finding missing items through a Bluetooth tech keychain. Promote your business and be the one that ensures giveaway item recipients never lose their valuables again.

Spot : Bluetooth Finder

Stress Ball – Lowest Price Promotional Fun

Make our stress balls your next great custom giveaway for the next trade show. These squishy relievers allow you to add your logo to an affordable product that makes a unique promotional item. Employees and clients alike will enjoy squeezing away stress with this cheap promotional item customized with your branding.

Custom Fidget Spinners – Promo Marketing Giveaway

Get your logo on these fun custom fidget spinners for your next unique promotional giveaway. These cheap promotional items can spin at conferences, events, or office spaces as great stress relievers while displaying your branding. Add your logo to these custom giveaways for a unique and useful item.

Promotional Sports Cap

Price: $24.77

Our promotional sports caps make a unique and useful giveaway item. Add your logo to these cheap custom promotional hats that make great shade relievers at outdoor company events. Employees and clients will appreciate receiving this affordable logo product.

 Spacecraft Colorblock Cap

Promotion Pen

Price: $16.38

Hand out logo pens and pencils as your next event custom giveaway item. Add your logo to these useful cheap promotional products perfect for conferences, trade shows, and office spaces. Clients and employees alike will enjoy using this great writing tool to prominently display your unique branding.

Swiss Force® Vigor Metal Pen


Make our coolers your next cheap custom promotional items for employee and client giveaways. Add your logo to these useful products that make great drinks and food relievers at catered outdoor events. This affordable logo product doubles as wonderful branding every time it’s used.

Hand Sanitizer

Promote health and your logo with custom hand sanitizer giveaways. Add your branding to these great germ relievers, perfect for conferences, building entrances, offices, and clinics. This affordable logo product will be frequently used, showcasing your unique branding.

Empower Your Brand with SwagMagic: Personalized Promotional Giveaway Item and Unmatched Marketing Freedom

With SwagMagic, you have the option to not play guessing games with promotional trade show giveaways items, or promotional gifts.

Your promotional item recipients can receive what they want when you invite them to your SwagMagic-powered Custom Swag Store. You provide them with credits, and they choose their preferred swag accordingly.

In this instance, your brand is associated with freedom of choice, flexibility, and giving recipients what they want. You couldn’t ask for better positioning with your marketing.

Discover more about what SwagMagic can do for your marketing campaigns and request a demo today! 

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