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Custom Business Promotional Products, Trending Promo Swag and Branded Giveaways in 2024

Promotional Giveaway campaigns are a popular way to connect with customers, but many business promotional items seem stale.

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However, the free item reward is popular amongst customers. If you’re looking to give away a large package, think of a vacation for a travel agency or a new tablet for an electronics store; this way you’ll get even more entrants who want the grand prize.

You need to connect with customers—and studies show that rewards and giveaways create loyalty— but how?

Read on to learn about selecting promotional items, see some examples and get more information on how SwagMagic can push your giveaway ideas to the next level with the golden ticket strategy.

The following lists will show you great promotional items for businesses that will make your customers rush to take photos.

Folding Flyer

A most loved promotional product. If your company is all about the outdoors and sports, why not utilize a frisbee with your logo on it as a golden ticket item? Your customers will advertise your business every time they play with it while you’ll be contributing to hours of fun for them.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Wine Glass

A cool promotional product. If you are in the alcohol or restaurant business, it can be difficult when looking for giveaway items. Far too often, items in your field are either breakable (e.g., stemware) or perishable (e.g., food). This wine Koozie will allow you to put your company logo on it while still being easy to ship without worrying about damage to the item. 

Wine glass
Wine glass

Mouse Pad

Price: $17.14

An inexpensive promotional product. If your business is in the tech field or even requires customers to purchase with a computer, this mouse pad is an excellent giveaway item. You can design it to reflect your brand and it easily fits in most boxes as a special surprise.

Plaid mouse pad
Plaid mouse pad

Custom Pin Buttons

A customized promotional product. If you are going to have multiple giveaways, or if you are going to give away a lot of “golden ticket” promotional items, these stylish buttons are an excellent option. They’re easily customizable and sturdy, making them perfect for any business. A great way to use these is to have your entrants wear them in a specific place.

Red badge pin isolated on white mock-up, 3d render illustration
Red badge

Engraved Silver Bar Chain Bracelet

A luxury promotional gift item. If you are in a luxury business, this bracelet is perfect as a golden ticket item. You’ll be able to ship these out to clients and customers who will more than love to wear this bracelet for a chance to win the grand prize.

An engraved silver bar chain bracelet makes a great luxury business promotional item

Bag Tag for Trade Show

Price: $8.00

A lifestyle-based promotional product. Do you sell the promise of a specific lifestyle to people? Many people consider traveling around the world a bucket list item, and this bag tag will fit right in with your company mission. A completely custom promotional product, this works well with asking people to go on vacation with their tag!

#6771 Gold christmas tag isolated on a transparent background
Gold christmas tag

Square Food Container

A promotional product for small businesses. A lot of people are interested in taking their lunch to work making this square food container an excellent giveaway item. Whether your grand prize is food or you’re looking to sell organizational items, this food container is perfect.

Eco craft paper tableware. Paper cups, dishes, fast food containers and wooden cutlery
Eco craft paper tableware. Paper cups, dishes, fast food containers and wooden cutlery

Foam Yoga Mat

Price: $89.47

A bulk promotional product. If you’re in the health and wellness industry, you understand the power of a good stretching session. This customizable promotional yoga mat will work wonders for your clients and customers. As a promotional idea, ask them to do their favorite yoga poses in locations around town.

Pink Yoga Mat
Pink Yoga Mat

Face Mask

A healthcare and wellness promotional product. If you’re in the healthcare field, you know the importance of a face mask. This customizable face mask will allow you to show your clients you care while also making for a stylish Golden Ticket item.

face mask

Engraved Pen: Most Loved Custom Promo Product

Price: $16.38

Stylus pens are one of the best promotional products because they achieve incredibly high brand awareness. Everyone uses pens, so imprinting your logo on an inexpensive but useful writing pen enables popular promotional visibility every time it’s picked up and used – keeping your brand top of mind. With easy to create custom imprinting, these custom promotional items help cement the company’s image with a useful gift for clients or employees.

Swiss Force® Vigor Metal Pen

Drinkware: Tumbler

Price: $33.95

Logo-imprinted, stainless steel drinkware like tumblers are popular business gifts. Employees appreciate a useful item that they’ll need every day, promoting your brand as they drink from a quality tumbler at the office or around town. With custom imprinting and various coloring options, tumblers are an effective and affordable way to market your business while thanking important clients and team members alike through this simple business gift.

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler

Logo Product: Apparel

Price: $39.10

Custom apparel makes an excellent business gift for promoting team spirit or branding. Embroidering or screen printing your company logo onto t-shirts, polos, caps, or outerwear enables your brand message to act as free advertising when worn publicly. Clothing allows for easy to create custom imprints for popular promotional items while also providing value as useful gifts, combining marketing and gifts into a smart business strategy.

Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie

Low Price Tote Bag

Price: $21.15

Useful business gifts like customizable tote bags promote your brand effectively at low prices. Employees, clients, and trade show visitors alike welcome durable, imprinted bags for carrying work materials or groceries displaying your logo far beyond an event. Totes enable popular promotional visibility through custom imprinting that acts as mobile advertising for your brand. The spacious design provides ongoing value for all recipients.

Daily Grind Tote

Personalized Drinkware Mug

Price: $15.25

Logo mugs make quick and effective business gifts. Mugs customized with your branding allows for daily visibility as recipients use them in meetings or to enjoy a coffee break displaying your colors and logo. Vistaprint and other online outlets make imprinted mugs an easy to create promotional product for fostering company spirit or gifting special clients to show appreciation through useful branded merchandise right in their hands.

15 oz. Large El Grande Coffee Mug

Custom Water Bottle

Price: $32.66

Promote your brand and see your logo on the water bottles as environmentally friendly gifts. Useful for office or travel, customizable bottles advertise your brand whenever clients, employees, or prospects refresh themselves. Acting as moving billboards, imprinted bottles provide immense brand impressions over their lifetime. Water bottles make great wellness-focused business gifts showing you care.

Tall Stainless Steel Water Bottle 32oz

Hand Sanitizer

Price: $9.00

Hand sanitizer branded with your colors and logo helps promote health while displaying your logo. Recipients welcome sanitizer pumps or travel bottles imprinted with your branding as timely, functional gifts optimizing visibility. High-demand hand sanitizers act as smart viral marketing through useful, imprinted business gifts.


Simple keychains customized with your logo make handy business gifts with ongoing impressions over years of use. Recipients connect your brand to their daily lives through practical imprinted keychains they may use daily to access their home, car, and work – expanding your brand exposure. Add a custom imprint to build consistent visibility through this simple, long-lasting gift.

How you can automate the process of setting up your swag store with promotional items?

A Golden Ticket giveaway is an excellent method to keep your customers coming back for years to come. Rather than getting people who just want something for free, you’ll be giving back directly to the customers who already love your brand. What’s better than that?

There’s nothing more fun than setting up a promotion. Especially when you’re looking to use some custom promotional products as the grand prize as well. However, sourcing these items can be difficult.

SwagMagic is an easy-to-use swag shop that allows you to create custom items that your customers select. Simply create your shop, share your links, and never overspend on merchandise again. Your employees and customers will be able to select exactly what they want. Learn more here.

Women celebrating after receiving a business promotional item

Top Promotional Products and Branded Promo Item Trend in 2024: FAQs

What are the things to consider when selecting custom promotional products?

Your Niche: A health-focused brand has a more health-savvy audience than the average person. Promoting a product more aligned with their brand ethos is essential, as doing otherwise will promote a confusing brand image.

Your Budget: Of course, you don’t want to overspend the budget you allocate for brand promotion. If budget is a restraint, you want to avoid expensive promotional gifts. Goes without saying that you can always pull off great promotions on smaller budgets, too. All you need is a definite understanding of what your audience would be excited to receive.

Contest Rules: Ensure your Golden Ticket giveaway includes proper rules, terms, and conditions so that everyone is aware of what is required to enter and also save your from any legalities. You must follow specific social media conditions for each giveaway based on your state – so be mindful of those rules.

Who are the best business promotional products vendors and suppliers?

Finding the right shop for promotional or reusable items depends on the brand’s goals. If looking for personalized items with custom logos, a vendor experienced in promotional items with logo creation can ensure quality results. Shop promotional products at 

They offer categories catering to advertising needs, so brands get products customers love. 

What type of totally promotional product categories do you offer?

Vendors provide all popular promotional product categories, from practical reusable items people use daily to trendy merchandise targeting wider audiences. Catalogues carry diverse custom logo merchandise spanning apparel, drinkware, tech accessories, office items, and more to cover all promotional advertising goals.

Do you create custom promotional products with a company logo?

Reliable vendors employ expert design and production teams focused solely on creating customized company logo products that customers cherish. Whether you’re looking for everyday reusable items or creative personalized merchandise, their manufacturing infrastructure handles logo imprinting on any product brands need for effective promotional advertising.

Which is the best form of advertising that customers will love?

Well-chosen logo merchandise that delights is the best form of advertising. Vendors enable brands to tap their expertise in producing quality custom promotional items — from practical reusable products to creative personalized ones — that turn customers into brand ambassadors eager to spread the word.

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