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Raise the Morale Bar with These Remarkable Thanksgiving Gifts for Your Staff

Thanksgiving, a time-honored holiday centered around gratitude and togetherness, is fast approaching. As you prepare to give thanks for the blessings in your personal life, it’s essential not to forget about the individuals who make it possible for your business to flourish – your employees.

Just as cranberry sauce complements the turkey, employee appreciation embellishes an organization’s success recipe.

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As an employer or manager seeking ways to express your gratitude towards your team members during the festive season, keep reading as this blog post takes you through an exciting ride of a range of thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts for employees.

The Importance of Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Let’s be real – who doesn’t like a little appreciation now and then? Especially at work, where we spend a good chunk of our time giving it our all.

Thanksgiving gifts for coworkers are about more than traditions or being nice. They play a prominent role in creating workplaces that are happier, harmoniously vibrant, and, quite frankly, places where people get stuff done!

Ever read those studies that talk about how a ‘thank you’ can light up someone’s day?

It turns out they’re onto something. Showing appreciation to team members can seriously turn up their work game and productivity. They feel valued and part of the big picture rather than feeling like just another cog in the wheel.

In other words, saying thanks at Thanksgiving isn’t just good holiday spirit – it’s a smart workplace strategy!

So, let’s hop on this gratitude train and explore some stellar gift ideas that’ll leave your employees feeling as snug as a turkey on Thanksgiving!

How to Choose the Right Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Now, when it comes to picking out just the right gifts for your team members, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Firstly, think about who you’re giving the gift to. Are they a coffee-lover? Do they love to keep their desk neat and tidy with tiny little plants? Have they been working hard at keeping fit?

Your gift should reflect their personality and preferences. Because let’s face it – no one really wants a tie with turkeys on it! And don’t forget cultural sensitivities too.

Second, remember that you’ll probably be working within a budget. While we’d all love to give gold watches or expensive machinery, it’s not always plausible or practical.

The trick here is to find something that feels personal and valuable but doesn’t break the bank. It’s the thoughtfulness behind the gift that counts.

And finally, think about what message you’re trying to send with that gift – ‘Thank You’, ‘Great job,’ or ‘We value your hard work’. Choose something that communicates this in a meaningful way.

Top Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Employees

Now, let’s swap those simple ‘thank you’ emails with something tangible. Let’s add some sparkle in workplaces during Thanksgiving that clashes beautifully (or should we say tastefully?) against the ordinarily mellow office decor.

1. Customized Gratitude Journals

How to Practice Gratitude. Writing Autumn fall gratitude journal. Open paper notebook pages with

Nothing screams Thanksgiving louder than a beautiful gratitude journal stamped with each employee’s name on it. It’s thoughtful and personal and encourages self-reflection.

Plus, this pocket-sized gift also reminds employees throughout the year to pause and appreciate the small wins in life that often go overlooked in our daily rush!

2. Gourmet Food Baskets

stylish easter basket with food

You just can’t go wrong with a basket packed with delectable seasonal goodies. Whether your team is into savory treats or sweet delights, this choice of gift is a variety of deliciousness and pleasure.

And the best part, It’s something they can enjoy right away or take home and share with their family!

3. Personalized Coffee Mugs

mug mockup. coffee mug mock up. Blank coffee cup.
mug mockup. coffee mug mock up. Blank coffee cup.

Perk up their mornings with a tastefully designed, personalized coffee mug. Let each sip of their favorite brew become more heartwarming when they see a thoughtful message from you etched on it.

And worry not about whether this suits everyone’s preferences – who doesn’t want a hot beverage container handy, especially during those challenging work-from-home schedules?

4. Fitness Trackers

Fitness tracker on smartphone wooden tabletop

Give them a reason to get moving! Fitness trackers encourage health and wellness, two things we all know are crucial but sometimes neglect. They’re a perfect way of saying, “We care about you … and yes, it’s time to stretch those legs after those marathon Zoom meetings!”

A little on the upper side of the budget, these could be used as recognition for special efforts. As a bonus, know that exercise is directly linked to improved work performance.

5. Book Subscriptions

Woman, student and studio portrait in headphones, books or listen to investing podcast by yellow ba

For the bookworms in your workplace, nothing beats a book subscription. Allowing them to choose their next reads, whether it’s business, self-help, fiction, or beyond, is a thoughtful gesture and one likely to go down well.

Plus, learning never stops being useful!

6. Desk Plants

Desk plants

A splash of green in the workspace does wonders for mood and air quality alike! Gifting each employee a small desk plant is not just aesthetically pleasing but also aligns with the message of showing growth and appreciating their efforts.

7. Gift Cards

Gift cards

This versatile gem is an excellent gift for those hard-to-shop-for folks or if you’d rather let employees pick out something they need or fancy themselves!

Whether it’s for online shopping giants like Amazon or local boutiques or restaurants, this versatile Thanksgiving gifts for coworkers speaks volumes about your mindfulness.

8. Wine or Craft Beer Selection

Fresh draft beer dispensers behind

As long as it’s appropriate for your workplace culture, a selection of premium wines or craft beers can make exquisite gifts that employees can savor in their own time when unwinding post-workday hassles; think of it as an elegant ‘Cheers’ from you to them!

9. Online Course Subscriptions

Woman on laptop subscribing for Online Course.

Feed their curiosity with subscriptions to platforms like Coursera or Masterclass, where they can dip into subjects they’ve always wanted to explore outside of work hours! It shows that you support their personal growth beyond just work skills.

10. High-Quality Headphones

High-Quality Headphones

Who says work can’t rock n’ roll? With high-quality headphones, let your hardworking troops swap the constant pings and meetings jingle for their favorite jam! Make it a sound escape to keep them centered amidst work chaos, or have a mini dance-off when no one’s watching!

11. Personalized Stationery

Stationery items on a white background.

Let the traditional Thanksgiving ‘turkey hand’ drawing find its match with personal stationery items.

Fun and resourceful all at once, stenciled pens or goofily customized notepads might just ignite those big ingenious ideas you’re always striving for around the boardroom table. Create your store on SwagMagic and get creative with it!

12. Wellness Packages

Gift care box, package with healthy desserts and sweets.

The work life can sometimes make employees forget they’re not machines! Encourage them to relax with a wellness package that screams, “It’s unwind’clock!”

Some scented candles, herbal teas, or meridian balls… Voila! Your Thanksgiving gift just lit up quite a few smiles on their day off.

13. Tech Gadgets

Young man using Tech gadgets

Put the ‘fun’ in functional with nifty gadgets like a sleek new power bank or cool pop-up speakers for their next virtual conference.

It’s especially effective for those tech enthusiasts in your team who would literally light up and find this more exciting than finding hidden candies in the Pumpkin Pie!

14. Charitable Donation

Employees working in community charity donation center

Nothing feels better than doing good. How about making a charitable donation on behalf of your employees?

It could be towards a cause they hold dear, or even better – let them decide to which charity they want it donated! It’s the spirit of Thanksgiving gratitude at its best!

15. Extra Paid Time-Off

Happy young man taking care of his newborn baby and little daughter indoors at home, paternity leave

Wouldn’t you feel blessed if you were given some unexpected free days?

Make way for long weekend plans, family time, or simply some pause from work rush as you reward your team with extra paid time-off as Thanksgiving gifts this year – they’d love you for this, trust us! Yes, we saved the best for the last!

Ideas for Office Thanksgiving Celebrations

Beyond tangible gifts, your gratitude can take the form of Thanksgiving celebration ideas. You can do so by hosting office celebrations around Thanksgiving-themed activities that liven up the work atmosphere while promoting camaraderie.

Check carefully for any comfort-zone trespassing, then consider these ideas to add a little gravy to your workplace celebrations (quite literally!) – because nothing spells ‘team’ better than ‘togetherness.’

Plus, team building activities are all the rage again, and this could be a great opportunity to build bridges between the members.

1. Thanksgiving Potluck

Potluck fun

Bring in the Thanksgiving vibe by inviting each team member to share a traditional dish from their home.

The fusion of flavors creates a festive meal that everyone contributes to, just like when Aunt Betty brings her famous green-bean casserole or bubbling mac n’ cheese – a lovely event with food, conversations, and laughter.

2. Office Decoration with Thanksgiving Theme

Close up Thanksgiving dinner table in-front of fireplace

Turn your office into a festive hub of creativity. Remember those crafts from grade school – paper turkey feathers, cornucopias, and other adorable fall accents?

Bring the child out in everyone and organize a team decoration event. It’s sure to make your team enjoy every office moment till the holiday actually comes around!

3. Gratitude Board

Gratitude Board

Tiny stickers or colorful markers and a big blank poster board – there, you’re set for a meaningful activity! Call it the Wall of Thanks, and inspire everyone to write what they’re grateful for.

Voila, a daily reminder for the entire team about each one’s unique thankfulness journey!

4. Office Thanksgiving Quiz or Trivia Game

Happy employees playing Trivia game

It’s not your regular meetings, but this event will still get brains buzzing around Thanksgiving facts and trivia.

Distinctly away from your work focus, this will be an unexpectedly fun time with laughter guaranteed and maybe some friendly competition, too!

5. Volunteer Activity as a Team

Young volunteer working at charity center, holding food donation box and smiling to camera

Turn gratitude into action by organizing team volunteer initiatives at local charities or community centers.

Helping those less fortunate is an always relevant way of truly keeping up with Thanksgiving’s spirit, as it makes us all step back and once again count our blessings.

6. Employee Recognition Awards

An employee of the company is proud to receive an award

Did someone show great leadership skills during project crunch times? Or have they constantly met deadlines despite challenging situations? Or maybe their coffee machine jokes are the only thing that gets everyone through Monday mornings!

It’s time these everyday champions get recognized in front of everyone during celebrations.

7. Thanksgiving Themed Team Building Activities

Happy diverse colleagues playing group game in modern workspace

Add a twist to regular team-building activities by giving them a Thanksgiving spin! ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’ can become ‘Dish, City Known For Turkey-Dishes (real ones!), Wild-Animals seen during Fall!’ You get the idea.

8. Organize a Gift Exchange among Employees

Happy employees exchanging christmas gifts and enjoying cozy warm fireplace

Last but not least, have some good old gift exchange fun! Draw names randomly so each person buys for another person in the office.

The excitement of finding who gifted you is an interesting teaser till the holidays really kick in.

Tips for Making Your Thanksgiving Gifts More Special

Even the simplest gifts gleam with a splash of personal touch — it’s like adding a cherry to your Thanksgiving feast. Make every present unpacked and send out the warm and fuzzy vibes of ‘hand-picked just for you.’ Try out these fun ways to take your gift-giving up a notch this holiday season!

  • Personal Touch with Handwritten Notes: Nothing beats the thoughtfulness that comes with a handwritten note. Don’t just sign your name on the card provided. Personalize it with a little thanks or kudos for a job well done.
  • Meaningful Wrapping: Consider sustainable alternatives to traditional gift wrap, like using newspaper or brown paper bags. You might also add an extra touch with some fabric ribbon or even dried flowers.
  • Homemade Goodies: If you’re known for your baking skills, feel free to treat everyone in the office to some homemade cookies or jam. The effort and love that goes into it wouldn’t go unnoticed.
  • Sharing Their Impact: How has this particular employee made a difference? Share how their role contributes to the success of your business. This can be as simple as noting down instances they helped out or up-to-date stats on their performance.
  • Direct Delivery to Homes: For remote workers, have items shipped directly for an enjoyable unboxing experience!
  • Thoughtful Timing: It’s official – surprising someone when they least expect it wins you extra points! Like giving gifts a few days before Thanksgiving break as opposed to during holiday frenzy chaos – so they associate these happy gift memories with work times too!


Showing appreciation to your employees this Thanksgiving means more than you imagine. The right gift can make them feel valued, appreciated, and recognized for their unique contribution to the team.

And who knows, they might just gobble up work with newfound enthusiasm!

At SwagMagic, we understand that choosing the right gift can be difficult; hence, we have curated numerous exciting swag options that might fit just right within your objectives and budget frame!

So go ahead and add the magic touch of surprise and appreciation this holiday season. Let SwagMagic help you hit those high notes of gratitude!


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