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Best Company Swag Ideas Your Employees and Clients Will Love in 2024

Business gift
Business gift

Hey there swag fans! Are you looking to spice up your company’s promotional offerings? Tired of handing out the same old pens, mugs, and t-shirts to your employees and customers? 

Let us explore creative and fun swag ideas that can help get your business noticed and bring a smile to your employees’ faces. From quirky to functional, these marketing freebies are sure to impress existing and potential clients while showing your brand’s personality. So read on for some cool new promotional product ideas!

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Top Company Swag Ideas and Promotional Items for 2024

Custom Apparel as Promotional Items

Unisex Organic French Terry Full-Zip Hoodie by Allmade     

Price- $68.54

Unisex Organic French Terry Full-Zip Hoodie by Allmade

This cozy unisex hoodie made of organic French terry fabric is perfect for promoting a laidback, eco-friendly brand image. Employees will love the soft feel and versatility of this hoodie they can wear year-round.

ITC Unisex Midweight Pigment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt    

Price- $59.72

ITC Unisex Midweight Pigment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt

Customize this midweight crewneck sweatshirt with your brand logo for a comfortable giveaway employees will sport around town. The pigment-dyed fabric holds color well for vibrant, long-lasting prints.

Windbreaker Jacket  

Price-  $65.67

Windbreaker Jacket

A lightweight windbreaker jacket with breathable fabric is a practical giveaway employees will appreciate. Having your brand name printed prominently on the back keeps your name visible wherever they wear it.

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Nike Dri-FIT Stretch 1/2-Zip Cover-Up      

Price- $111.14

 Nike Dri-FIT Stretch 1/2-Zip Cover-Up

This moisture-wicking performance cover-up from a leading activewear brand makes a great giveaway for fitness-focused companies. Employees will love the quick-drying comfort during workouts.

Adidas Pullover                

Price- $90.97

Adidas Pullover

Reward loyal employees with a cozy custom Adidas pullover featuring your brand’s logo. Employees will love repping their favorite brand while staying warm in this high-quality athleticwear.

Logo Branded Drinkware

YETI Rambler Tumbler w/ Magslider Lid  
Price- $30.80

YETI Rambler 10oz Tumbler w/ Magslider Lid

YETI’s durable insulated tumblers make great branded giveaways for companies that want to be top of mind every time someone grabs a drink. A customized Rambler tumbler is built to last years.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2   

Price- $292.60

Ember 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Tech-savvy remote employees will appreciate this smart mug that allows you to set an exact drinking temperature from the app and maintain it for hours. Useful tech paired with your branding.

Emery 2-in-1 Double Wall Stainless Tumbler 
Price- $42.83

Emery 2-in-1 Double Wall Stainless Tumbler

This 2-in-1 tumbler that functions as a cup or pitcher is perfect for companies promoting an active lifestyle. New employees can take it on the go or use it at home.

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup   

Price- $40.11

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup - 16 Oz

MiiR’s durable stainless steel camp cup is ideal for brands focused on outdoor adventures. A custom logo on these insulated cups provides lasting brand impressions.

CORKCICLE Stemless Wine Cup     

Price- $53.48

CORKCICLE® Stemless Wine Cup - 12 Oz.

For brands marketing to wine lovers, these stemless cups are a sleek giveaway. Custom-etched corkcicle cups keep wine chilled while showing off your branding.

Tech Accessories: Best Swag Items

 CableCatch : Cable Organizer   

 Price- $12.23

CableCatch : Cable Organizer

Give employees a handy solution for organizing messy cables and cords while displaying your branding. This useful tech accessory promo keeps your name visible.

Wrapsody Wireless Headphones   

Price- $124.20

Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones

These comfortable wraparound headphones make an excellent branded giveaway at trade shows and events. Employees will appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity.

NoH20 – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker    

Price- $48.30

NoH20 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

For brands focused on outdoor, active consumers, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a practical promotional item. Employees can take it to the beach or pool.

mophie Power Boost 20,000 mAh Power Bank   

Price- $91.79

mophie® Power Boost 20,000 mAh Power Bank

Keep your employees charged anywhere with this compact yet high-capacity branded power bank. An essential tech giveaway that employees will appreciate.

Courant Essentials Catch: 3     

Price- $174.98

Courant Essentials Catch: 3

This 3-in-1 wireless charging stand lets employees simultaneously charge their phones, AirPods, and Apple watches while displaying the brand logo. Great for tech brands.

PowerStand desktop wireless charging dock   

Price- $72.07

PowerStand desktop wireless charging dock

Help employees cut cord clutter with a custom-branded wireless charging stand for the desktop. Your logo sits front and center whenever it powers up.

Out of the Woods Pen Holder   

Price- $20.09

Out of the Woods® Pen Holder

A classic branded pen holder keeps desk organization on point while providing cheap but useful swag. Employees appreciate the handy office gift.

Hugo Boss Gear Matrix Ballpoint Pen    

Price- $81.90

Hugo Boss Gear Matrix Ballpoint Pen

For executive gifts or high-end clients, these sleek Hugo Boss pens add a touch of luxury. Custom engraved pens elevate your brand image.

Moleskine Hard Cover Ruled Medium Notebook    

Price- $38.48

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Medium Notebook

For branding focused on creativity, a custom Moleskine notebook is perfect for jotting notes and ideas. The premium quality builds brand affinity.

Laptop Sleeve    

Price- $35.31

 Laptop Sleeve

Protect employees’ tech in a padded laptop sleeve embroidered with your brand name. Useful and constantly seen when they tote their computer.

Bags and Backpacks-Stylish Company Swag Items

Carhartt Foundry Series 20″ Duffel    

Price- $129.14

Carhartt Foundry Series 20" Duffel

Rugged and durable, this Carhartt duffle bag makes a great gift for brands targeting hardworking employeess. The heavy-duty fabric and custom logo will withstand tough use.

KOOZIE Sport 20-Can Kooler    

Price- $43.50

KOOZIE Sport 20-Can Kooler

For brands promoting outdoor events and activities, this hefty 20-can insulated cooler keeps drinks cold while showing off your logo. A fun and functional giveaway.

Samsonite Mobile Solution Convertible Waist Pack     

Price- $54.14

Samsonite Mobile Solution Convertible Waist Pack

This versatile Samsonite pack conveniently converts from a waist pouch to a crossbody bag for on-the-go employees. Useful for travel and everyday.

The North Face Fall Line Backpack    

Price- $140.48

The North Face Fall Line Backpack

For brands focused on outdoor adventure and exploration, this sturdy North Face backpack is a winner. Outdoor staple employees love space for your logo.

Out of The Woods City Tote     

Price- $41.33

Out of The Woods® City Tote

This large tote bag perfect for everyday use provides ample space for prominent brand customization. Consumers will rely on it for everything.

Custom Swag Boxes and Eco-Friendly Swag Kits

Employee appreciation swag kit

Surprise staffers with a branded custom swag box filled with useful promo items like tumblers, tech accessories, office items, apparel and more. A collection of goodies they’ll enjoy.

Holiday gifting swag kit

Build holiday gift sets with a collection of customized swag like blankets, mugs, snacks, and other cozy or festive promos. A gift kit clients will appreciate.

Thank you swag kit

Show employee appreciation with a customized “thank you” corporate swag kit. Could include tumblers, tees, blankets, or any useful items with your logo.

Employee appreciation snack kit

Treat hardworking employees to a branded “snack kit” filled with tasty goodies like cookies, candy, nuts, jerky, and other food. A sweet way to show thanks.

Holiday gifting snack kit

Surprise clients and friends with a customized holiday gift basket full of delicious branded snacks and treats. A sweet addition to their celebrations.

Thank you snack kit

Say thanks with a personalized snack pack including cookies, candy, nuts, dried fruit, jerky, and other tasty treats. A creative way to show your appreciation.

Snack Nibbles: Best Swag for Employees

Wasabi Peas

Price- $8.27

Spice-loving employees will enjoy these zesty wasabi peas. Portable and snackable promos are perfect for imprinting your logo right on the bag.

Coffee-Infused Salted Caramel Granola Bites
Price- $4.79

Coffee lovers will perk up over these sweet and salty granola bites. Make the custom wrapper all your own for a delicious branded giveaway.

Backyard BBQ Potato Chips 1.5 oz
Price- $2.99

These smoky backyard BBQ chips offer a tasty crunch that employees will love. Imprint bags with your logo for snacking with a side of branding.

Kettle Popcorn 2 oz
Price- $4.19

Crispy fresh-popped kettle corn makes a lovely light bite to share. Custom bags with your logo give a delicious branded snack.

Mango Carrot Plant-based Smoothie Melt Snacks 1 oz
Price- $5.99

A superfood twist on classic fruit snacks, these plant-based bites make feel-good giveaways. Promote your health-conscious brand.

Company Swag Store and Branded Gift Shops: The Best Company Swag Idea for 2024

Offer branded merchandise in an online “swag store” for employees to redeem points. Could include popular promos like apparel, drinkware, tech accessories, and more.

Swag store

Offer branded merchandise in an online “swag store” for employees to redeem points. Could include popular promos like apparel, drinkware, tech accessories and more.

Gift Shops

Offer a “gift shop” where employees can redeem points for useful branded merch like apparel, drinkware, office items, and tech.

Let employees or clients shop a custom “holiday gift shop” stocked with a variety of festive and branded giveaways.

Give employees or employees access to a “thank you gift shop” where they can pick promos like drinkware, tech accessories, and apparel.

Values and Purpose of Company Swag

Usefulness Drives Regular Impressions

  • Swag should provide utility, not be dust-collecting junk. Useful swag gets used regularly.
  • Functional items like apparel, drinkware, tech accessories, and office gear bring inherent value.
  • Useful swag improves recipients’ lives and incentivizes daily use.
  • The more recipients use an item, the more branding impressions occur.
  • Quality swag gets used repeatedly versus forgettable trinkets.

Strategic Branding for Maximum Visibility

  • Prominent branding is key – logos and customization should be front and center.
  • Vibrant, bold branding transforms mundane items into walking ads.
  • Swag showcases your logo and designs every time the item appears.
  • Branding should take center stage while the item fades into the background.
  • Branded apparel acts as wearable billboards, and travel mugs as moving branding.

Building Affinity Through Quality Freebies

  • Great swag feels like a gift and shows recipients you care.
  • Free functional items provide value beyond marketing.
  • Swag builds positive brand associations through useful freebies.
  • Well-conceived swag gives your brand a competitive edge.
  • Establish your brand as one that provides solutions and care.
  • Thoughtfulness, utility, and customization make swag feel special.

Boosting Shareability for Expanded Reach

  • Certain swag is inherently shareable on social media.
  • Phone accessories, apparel, and drinkware attract attention.
  • Shareable swag provides free advertising and brand exposure.
  • Even private use spreads impressions – notebooks, bags, etc.

Cost-Effective Marketing and Brand Familiarity

  • Swag provides affordable and effective advertising.
  • Useful branded items embed your brand in daily life.
  • Immersive promotion drives familiarity and trust.
  • Swag inspires word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied recipients.

The Power of Useful, Customized Swag

  • Utility and customization are key to effective swag.
  • Quality over quantity yields an impressive ROI.
  • Strategic branding on popular everyday items builds connections.
  • Great swag boosts meaningful brand impressions and engagement.
  • Invest in swag that provides value and highlights your brand.

Custom Company Swag Items and Promotional Products: Things To Consider Before Finalizing

  • Aligning swag with your brand identity and voice It’s important to select swag that aligns with your brand’s established identity and voice. Choose colors, messaging, and designs that reflect your brand style. Promotional items should enhance your image, not dilute it. Keep swag cohesive.
  • Picking items that resonate with your target audience Consider your target demographics and customer interests when selecting branded merchandise. Tech enthusiasts may appreciate phone accessories while outdoor explorers love durable drinkware. Choose swag your audience will find useful and relevant.
  • Determining your brand’s style – fun, luxurious, eco-friendly, etc. Establish the style you want your brand swag to portray, whether playful, premium, sustainable, or on-trend. This guides product selection, design, packaging, and more. All elements should work together to reflect the desired brand style.
  • Researching competitors and industry norms Research competitor swag and industry norms to inspire new ideas and avoid overly-common items. Put a fresh yet relevant spin on standard swag. Or break the mold with outside-the-box products.
  • Focusing on usefulness and versatility Strive for swag your recipients can utilize in daily life, not just more logo-splashed junk. Versatile products with practical use and purpose make memorable swag.

Want to Ask These Questions About Company Swag?

What kind of company swag do employees like?

Employees appreciate functional swag they’ll actually use like high-quality drinkware, bags, apparel, office items, and tech accessories with the company logo.

The most popular swag includes t-shirts, water bottles, pens, notebooks, bags, hats, phone accessories, and any useful items employees can regularly use.

What is branded swag?

Branded swag refers to promotional products like apparel, office supplies, drinkware, and tech accessories that are customized with a company’s logo and branding.

Why do companies give swag?

Swag helps companies increase brand awareness, foster team spirit, show customer appreciation, thank employees, and create positive associations.

What is in a swag box?

Swag bags contain free branded merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, tech accessories, snacks, coupons, and other goodies companies give away.

How do you design swag?

Effective swag design focuses on useful products with visible imprint areas for logos. Prioritize quality over quantity and choose items recipients will enjoy.


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