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Employee Perk Ideas: Perks Programs and Solutions to Offer Employee Perks at Work

Hey there! Looking for ways to boost your company culture and keep employees motivated? Offering an employee perk program may just do the trick. Perks like employee discounts, gym memberships, and tuition reimbursement make work life a little sweeter, but studies show they can also increase productivity. So ditch the dull old benefits package and spice it up with some fun perks instead!

An employer paying money into a workplace or private pension scheme piggybank
An employer paying money into a workplace or private pension scheme piggybank

In this post, we’ll explore some popular employee perks companies offer, looking at discounts on your company’s products and services and deals from partner brands. We’ll also discuss lifestyle benefits like gym access and continuing education stipends. Perks make your team feel appreciated and promote better work/life balance. Who knew a few little extras could go a long way regarding motivation and company culture?! By offering discounts and deals tailored to your employees’ interests alongside benefits that enrich their lives outside of work, you demonstrate genuine care for your people. And doesn’t that just warm your heart?

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So get ready to perk up your company culture with discounts, reimbursements, professional development funds, and more as we dive into fab employee perks that entice top talent!

What are Employee Perks?

Perks at work are extra employee benefits on top of typical compensation and benefits like healthcare. Perks may include discounts, reimbursements, bonuses, or special incentives.

Company perks help employees save money, reduce stress, and strike improved work/life balance. Offering employee perks demonstrates that a company values staff and wants to enrich the quality of life inside and outside work.

Standard perks and benefits include employee discounts, professional development stipends, wellness incentives, paid time off, lifestyle bonuses, and more. These supplemental benefits boost morale, aid retention, and support recruitment efforts.

Types of Employee Perks

Employee Discount Programs 

These allow staff to purchase company products or services at reduced rates, usually 10-30% discounts. Popular options include discounts on gear with the company logo, software or tech products the company develops, and even services like phone or internet plans. Allowing employees to buy discounted products makes them feel invested and proud to work there.

Wellness Perks

Contributing to gym memberships, yoga studio costs, and health services promotes productivity by reducing stress. Consider subsidizing public transit passes, too, since commuting takes a toll. Wellness stipends empower employees to prioritize self-care. Other options are offering free healthy snacks in office kitchens, standing desks, and organizing workplace sports teams or fitness challenges.

Professional Development

Furthering skills and education keeps employees engaged in continual growth. Offer to cover some costs associated with relevant conferences, seminars, courses, or certificate programs annually. Some companies bring instructors on-site for lunch-and-learns, too. Investing in professional growth leads to fresh ideas and builds management skills from within.

Lifestyle Corporate Discounts 

Securing corporate rates on travel, insurance, phones, entertainment venues, and more leaves room in personal budgets for life’s little luxuries. Perks like hotel and airfare discounts and discounted movie or amusement park tickets make excellent employee rewards, too. Partnering with brands employees love keeps spirits high.

Paid Time Off

Offering ample vacation and personal days – think 3-5 weeks of PTO – allows staff to unplug wholly. It yields higher productivity and creativity upon return. Add in monthly closed office days or early summer Fridays, too. The flexibility and trust given build immense goodwill.

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Employee Benefits and Company Perks at Work

One of the best and most appreciated perks companies can offer their team is gifts and treats throughout the year. Fun gifts boost morale and make employees feel genuinely valued. Popular options include water bottles, notebooks, backpacks, coffee mugs, or tech accessories with the company logo to promote brand pride. Gift cards to leading coffee shops or meal delivery subscriptions also make great quarterly or annual gifts. Wellness-related ideas like fitness trackers, standing desk converters, massagers, and nice water bottles promote healthy lifestyles. To make budgeting easier, keep gift amounts modest, in the $25 to $100 range. Even small treats make a difference when employees feel acknowledged and cared for. So, ditch the stale benefits package this year and incorporate thoughtful gift ideas that make work life a little sweeter.

Fitness Tracker

Price: $124.94

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker - (Black) image

Providing fitness trackers as an employee perk idea helps promote healthy lifestyles and better work-life balance. Especially with remote work and hybrid schedules, encouraging walking, movement, and self-care during work hours increases productivity and satisfaction. The company wants to invest in overall well-being by offering perks like wearable step trackers, heart rate monitors, or sleep trackers.


Price: $86.25

Kneado Handheld Massage Gun

Investing in ergonomic equipment prevents burnout, with longer working from home periods becoming more common. Offering quality massagers for neck, back, and feet as employee perks helps alleviate muscle tension. This allows staff to take mini massager breaks as a valuable wellness perk and benefit.

Water Bottle

Price: $66.52

MiiR® Climate+ Wide Mouth Bottle - 20 Oz

Staying hydrated boosts immunity, focus, and energy levels for on-site or remote work. Offering high-quality water bottles with custom logo branding makes for great corporate swag. It incentivizes drinking water during work hours for excellent staff health.

Fun swag kits with company logo items like backpacks, notebooks, and coffee mugs bring visibility plus smiles around the office. Branded kits sent to remote staff spur brand connection, too. These make excellent employee satisfaction, employee perk ideas and build team spirit. 

Snack boxes

Give Thanks-tile-image

Providing monthly snack boxes or catered lunches shows your team you care about comfort and morale. Free food perks are easy to budget for and build goodwill quickly. Tailor treats to dietary preferences to make these job perks inclusive.

Table Lamp

Price: $29.99

Sunset Projector Table Lamp image

For hybrid teams working both on-site and remotely, providing desk accessories enhances any workspace. Offering a table lamp with adjustable warmth, brightness settings, and USB charging tackles eye strain. It displays care for employees’ health and comfort.

Mouse Pad Charger

Price: $59.98

Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

On similar lines, a mouse pad with a built-in wireless phone charger keeps devices powered up effortlessly. This desk essential prevents neck craning to check phones constantly. An employee perk enables better posture, focus, and workflow.


Price: $28.55

5.5" x 8.5" Cactus Leather Bound JournalBook

The shift to digital means writing by hand is a forgotten art. Offering monogrammed journals helps creativity flow and provides space to ideate productively. They also make great corporate gift ideas during performance reviews or the holidays.

Get Started Boosting Morale with Perks Today with SwagMagic

Offering a compelling package of perks tailored to your team’s needs boosts satisfaction and loyalty and yields higher productivity. Get creative in designing options that bring value by surveying what incentives your employees would appreciate most right now.

With dedicated support, SwagMagic makes implementing gift offerings, customized experiences, and stipends easier. Reach out now to craft perks that demonstrate genuine care for the well-being of your people. Investing in creative benefits that enrich work life pays dividends in performance, recruitment, and staff retention.

Prioritize delighting your team this year! Reach out now to explore options with our team. Discover how to tangibly make your people feel supported through perks offerings, big and small. Here’s to cultivating an empowered, motivated workforce by putting employee happiness first!

What does an employee perks program typically include?

Employee perks programs often include discounts on company offerings, wellness incentives, professional development stipends, lifestyle bonuses like entertainment discounts, gifting during milestones, and flexible time off options.

How much should I budget for wellness stipends for staff?

Aim to offer $25-$100 per month if providing wellness stipends. This enables pursuits like gym memberships, sports equipment, meditation apps, or other self-care needs.

What are some creative ways to offer employees lifestyle perks?

Creative ways to offer lifestyle perks include corporate discounts on travel, phones, entertainment like amusement parks, and childcare and eldercare resources.

Top perk ideas are increased work from home flexibility, unlimited time off, professional development funds, wellbeing incentives, and gifting packages around annual events or tenure milestones.

How do I choose the right employee perk options aligned to my team’s needs?

Survey employees anonymously first to identify the most desired perks before allocating budgets. Additionally, tailor options by department/role and employee lifecycle.

How do perks factor into considerations around total compensation packages?

While compensation includes base pay plus benefits, perks are supplemental. The right perks package can incentivize recruitment and retention comparable to salary raises.


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