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Perfect Art Gift Ideas: Best Gift for Artists and Art Lovers

They are stuck on what to get the artist in your life. Finding a thoughtful gift for the creative person you know can be challenging. But have no fear; we’ve got plenty of fun, creative art gift ideas that will make a great gift! From gift cards to support their favourite artist to supplies to fuel their passion, these artist gift ideas will spread some joy.

We all have that artsy friend whose fridge is covered in masterpieces or that relative whose pottery studio overflows with crooked vases. While another scarf or gift card may cut it for some on your list, creative types often appreciate gifts that speak to them. Luckily, you don’t have to be Van Gogh to pick out a present as inspired as your giftee. Keep reading the gift guide for thoughtful and fun ideas any artist would love to find under the tree!

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Are you looking for an art gift for the artist in your life? Whether searching for the perfect artist gift basket or fine art supplies that’ll wow them, we’ve got you covered with great gift ideas for unique gifts for kids and every artist. 

Here are 23 unique art gifts for everyone:

Luxury gift set of coloured pencils or markers

A luxury set of art markers in vibrant colours is the perfect gift for any artist wanting to add pops of paint to their abstract paintings or sketches. The high-quality, rich pigments would make a great gift.

Set of color pencils
Set of colour pencils

Beautiful art print

Giving a one-of-a-kind art print from an up-and-coming artist is a unique gift idea to delight the art collector or decor lover. This thoughtful piece of art would look stunning on any wall.

Foliage line art drawing with abstract shape. Abstract Plant Art design for print, cover, wallpaper.
Foliage line art drawing with abstract shapes. Abstract Plant Art design for print, cover, and wallpaper.

Set of high-quality paintbrushes

For painters needing new supplies, a set of high-quality paintbrushes is an essential gift set. These brushes allow artists to blend or detail paints and chase their creative vision seamlessly.

Ceramics making equipment with paint brushes, pottery shaping tools on wooden table.
Ceramics-making equipment with paint brushes and pottery shaping tools on a wooden table.

Sketchbook or drawing pad

A professional-grade sketchbook or luxury drawing pad encourages any artist to bring new ideas to life. The thick, textured paper is perfect for pens, pencils, watercolours and more.

Sketchbook, colored alcohol based sketch drawing markers and other supplies, accessories for drawing
Sketchbook, coloured alcohol-based sketch drawing markers and other supplies, accessories for drawing

An easel for fine art

An easel is the perfect versatile gift for the painter, providing a stable base for canvases and easing the physical strain on artists. This functional gift allows creatives to create their next masterpiece comfortably.

Wooden board easel sign with stand
Wooden board easel sign with stand

Professional-grade camera

A professional-grade camera lets the visual [professional artist take their artwork to new heights. This high-resolution camera will capture crisp, vivid images to inform future creative projects or artwork.

retro and dslr camera
retro and DSLR camera

A book on the history of art

Art books make a thoughtful gift for artists wishing to connect with storied creative traditions, techniques, and voices. Please give them a comprehensive book on art history or spotlight a specific movement that inspires them.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

The ancient book
The ancient book

Sculpting tools for the sculptor

Professional sculpting tools allow any sculptor to realize their artistic vision fully. Steel loop tools, different sculpting heads, ribbers, and speciality tools enable detailed shaping and carving.

Art Supplies 

Fill a beautiful gift basket or box with various mixed media art supplies like acrylic paints, pastels, charcoal pencils, sketch pads, and more to thrill any creative.

Art supplies. Watercolor paints and brushes on bright blue background
Art supplies. Watercolor paints and brushes on bright blue background

Art instructional DVDs

For artists wishing to expand their skills, instructional art DVDs that provide tutorials across painting, drawing, mixed media, and more make a thoughtful and valuable gift. Guide their growth!

Art Books

Books diving deep into specific art techniques like oil painting, acrylic pouring, or modern ink illustrations provide artists with the guidance to master those mediums and develop their talents.

Woman sketching a flower on art book
Woman sketching a flower on art book

Set of Pastels Art Kit

A set of pastel art supplies allows any artist to add vibrant colour and rich pigment using sticks of pure powdered pigment. These professional supplies are perfect for blending and mixing colours.

Digital drawing tablet for the digital artist

For digital artists, a digital drawing tablet enables seamless creativity and artwork on their computers. These tablets allow users to draw directly on the surface and translate movements onto the screen.

Modern male drawing on graphic tablet
Modern male drawing on graphic tablet

Calligraphy pens

Various calligraphy pens with interchangeable nibs provide endless creative options for ink artists to develop their signature lettering style. Quality inks complete this gift for imaginative writing.

Watercolor paints

For the watercolour painter, a set of high-quality watercolour tubes or pans offers an unrivalled ability to mix, blend, and layer breathtaking washes of colour using the moisture control only watercolours allow.

Cropped image of artist mixing watercolor paints
Cropped image of artist mixing watercolor paints

Brush Cleaner: Gift for Painters

A quality brush cleaner gift set allows artists to efficiently clean oil, acrylic, or watercolour from their expensive paint brushes while conditioning bristles. This extends brush longevity between replacements.

Creative exercise book

A guided creative exercise book provides journaling prompts, sketch exercises, brainstorming frameworks and more to support artists wishing to expand their vision or overcome creative blocks.

Custom-made art apron

A custom-made art apron is a functional and creative gift for painters or sculptors. Personalize it with their name or a quote for an extra special gift to protect their clothing.

Carving tools

A set of sharp, durable carving tools will excite any sculptor ready for their next wood or stone project. Quality steel tools enable artists to carve fine details and lines for precision artwork.

female caucasian hands carving some wood with a tool on a wooden table
female caucasian hands carving some wood with a tool on a wooden table

Art markers

High-quality art markers in every colour enable artists to add saturated pops of paint to their sketches, drawings, canvases, and more. The versatility suits so many creative projects.

Artwork photo frame

Custom picture frames allow photographers, painters, sketch artists, and more to proudly showcase their favourite prints or pieces on the wall for all to admire.

Canvas for Art Teachers

For the art teacher, give the gift of blank canvases to motivate a classroom of budding artists to get creative. The possibilities are endless for student creations.

Portrait of woman holding blanc paint canvas while drawing in studio
Portrait of woman holding blanc paint canvas while drawing in studio

Unique Gift Box with Art Materials

A personalized gift box brimming with assorted sketch pads, charcoals, paint brushes, coloured pencils, and more has something for every artist’s interests to inspire new projects.

Water Paint Brush 

Water paint brushes allow artists to wet their watercolour pans evenly within the brush for smooth washes of colour. The control makes these ideal for watercolours.

Paint Palette

A quality paint palette with indentations for mixing different paint colours provides the ideal tool for any painter to blend custom colours.

Artist color wooden palette
Artist color wooden palette

Frida Kahlo Art Painting

Gift the work of an inspiring artist, like a Frida Kahlo print or painting reproduction, to motivate creativity and self-expression.

Custom Earrings, Mug, and Pencil Case in a Tote Bag

For the eclectic artist, assemble a gift bag of fun accessories like Frida Kahlo earrings, an abstract print mug, and a colourful pencil case to brighten their day.

swag kit

But first, we want to share a little story about the artists at our office. This story ends with our boss buying them some of the best gifts from artists. And the reason why is a little wild.

So the art and graphic design team that does all of our company’s art and design kept putting in order requests for more tablets. They do pretty much all of their design work on tablets, so it makes sense that they’d need them. But the orders just kept coming. And we kept signing off on them because we figured they’d only order them if needed. We could only imagine what all of those tablets were for. We pictured them in the design room with the entire drafting table covered in tablets from one end to another. I’m pretty sure we ended up ordering 30 tablets all in all…for a team of 5!

artist drawing

Best Gifts For Artists

Back to our list of gifts for artists. Here are gift ideas for artists who draw, as well as some ideas for gifts for artists who paint: 

For artists who paint, get them a gift related to their favourite type of paint. Some artists like oil paints, while others paint with watercolours. If they like to paint, find out what paint they use before buying a paint-related gift.

So, if they prefer oil, get them…

Oil paint set

A premium oil paint set with a rich palette of cadmium red, ultramarine blue, and more allows artists to mix vibrant hues. High-quality pigments from this thoughtfully curated set lay the foundation for masterpieces.

Oil paint brushes

A set of natural bristle oil painting brushes helps artists seamlessly blend, glaze, scrape, and detail oil paints on the canvas. With a range of brush heads, this gift supports many painting techniques.

Paint brush in clay jug and art painter tool on abstract background texture. Paintbrush painting
Paint brush in clay jug and art painter tool on abstract background texture. Paintbrush painting

Oil canvas

Stretched blank oil canvases give painters the ideal surface to begin their next landscape, still life, or abstract creation. Pre-primed linen or cotton is ready for oils.

Liquid Clear

Bob Ross Liquid Clear is the perfect gift for a happy little oil painting accident. This liquid white mixture helps oil paints smoothly adhere and blend on the canvas for seamless landscapes.

If they prefer acrylic, get them…

Acrylic paint

A quality set of acrylic paints in an array of vibrant colours like cadmium red and phthalo blue allows artists to experiment with mixing custom hues for their abstracts, landscapes, and more.

Close up shot of red acrylic paint in jar. Woman working on painting in the
Close up shot of red acrylic paint in jar. Woman working on painting in the

Acrylic paint brushes

Various acrylic paint brushes with different bristle types and tips help painters maximize blending, texture, detailing, and other painting techniques.

Acrylic paint organizer

An acrylic paint organizer with removable trays and custom slots lets artists neatly arrange their tube paints by colour or keep current colours separate for easier access while painting.

Finish gloss for acrylic paint.

An acrylic gloss varnish provides the perfect finishing coat to acrylic art, adding a clear, protective shine that enhances vibrancy. This finish elevates artwork.

And if they prefer watercolour, get them…

Watercolour paint set

Professional-grade watercolour tubes or pans provide brilliant colour pigments for mixing a diverse palette. Vibrant hues encourage creativity.

Colorful paints set on green color background, top view
Colorful paints set on green color background, top view

Watercolour palette

A watercolour mixing palette with individual wells for custom colour blending allows artists to mix the perfect hues—a nonporous surface won’t stain.

Watercolour paint brushes

Watercolour brushes for washes, detail work, and texture provide versatility. Natural hairs hold and release pigment optimally for watercolour’s unique flow and challenges.

Watercolor paper

Quality watercolour paper, rough or cold-pressed, allows paints to interact beautifully with the texture. These sheets are thick enough to withstand washes without buckling.

If you’re looking for gifts for artists who draw, get them…

Sketch Pad

A high-quality sketch pad with thick, textured paper provides the perfect drawing surface for graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils, pastels, and more. The tooth holds media beautifully.

A set of markers and sketch pad
A set of markers and sketch pad

Drawing utensils

Give an array of drawing utensils like graphite pencils, charcoal, pastels, and blending stumps. With multiple media, artists can experiment with new textures and effects.

Drawing board

A portable and adjustable drawing board provides an easel-like surface to attach securely and angle sketch pads. This allows for comfortable sketching anywhere.

child hand drawing with colorful chalk on a chalkboard on black background
child hand drawing with colorful chalk on a chalkboard on black background

Organizer for drawing supplies

A custom box, pouch, or carrying case with compartments to store pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners keeps all drawing tools protected yet easily accessible for creativity whenever inspiration strikes.

And if you want to wow them, gift the artist in your life with personalized drawing supplies. Create custom-branded pens, pencils, and notebooks for drawing. You can order these personalized branded art gifts from swagmagic.com!

Gift For Art Lover

Maybe you’re not shopping for an artist but an art lover. If you want a gift for an art lover, we recommend unique, one-of-a-kind art or artist gadgets.

If you want gifts for art history lovers or don’t have primary connections and can’t get your hands on a historical art piece, consider getting a replica of a famous art piece you love. You could also get them a one-of-a-kind art piece that is painted or crafted in a style that reflects a historic era of art.

Any of these above ideas make great birthday gifts for art lovers.

Back to the story: One day, Cody from accounting decided he needed a reason: Why did they need all these extra tablets? When asked, the art and design team said that it increased their work output and that using multiple tablets at once helped them reduce burnout. I guess this reason made Cody even more suspicious, and he reported it to the boss. To Cody’s dismay, the boss loves it and rewards everyone on the team for their forward-thinking. 

Our boss sent everyone on the art and design team art gift baskets and personalized art supplies to reward their forward thinking. The more work they put out, the more they were rewarded with artist gifts. The gift just kept coming!

spray paint artist

Luxury Gift Ideas for the Painter and Artist in Your Life 

We recommend purchasing personalised art supplies if you’re looking for luxury gifts for artists. This is a great way to gift art supplies that’ll stand out from the artist’s existing supplies. Personalization is a simple way to turn ordinary art supplies into luxury art supplies.

Other artist must-haves for the luxury art lover in your life include:

  • Contemporary (or different styles) art mug
  • Contemporary art blanket 
  • Contemporary art rug
  • Other decor that embodies a style of art that the artist appreciates and enjoys

Gifts for Young Artists

These ideas above are great gifts for young artists or art students. When shopping for young artists, you may also consider getting them a starter art supplies kit. A starter kit of coloured pencils or pens would also make great gifts for young artists who draw.

These were the kind of gifts that the art and design team was getting. And it was making everyone else super jealous…

So much so that teams started ordering their supplies surplus, hoping it would get the boss’s attention. Ididn’t’t.

artist drawing on a tablet

Art Gifts for Adults 

All of these above gifts listed also make great art gifts for adults. If you’re looking for the best gift for a drawing artist or a gift for an artist friend, we recommend getting personalized art supplies. Customised pens and sketch pads make excellent drawing gifts for adults!

To wrap the story up, we all had to return the extra supplies we’d ordered. The boss felt terrible, of course, and bought a personalized swag for everyone in the office to boost morale after the incident. 

Make This the Most Inspiring Holiday: Give the Gift of Custom Abstract Art l SwagMagic.

Finding that perfect, meaningful gift for the artist in your life can be a creative challenge. Skip the guessing game this year. Please book a consultation with our art gifting experts at SwagMagic to create a fully customized abstract art gift that fits your budget. From limited edition prints to paint sets to display pieces, match you with gift ideas that spark inspiration. Getting started takes 15 minutes, and our worldwide fulfilment centres ship the finished gift directly to the recipient’s door. Make this holiday season your most creative one yet – book your art gifting consultation today!

Choosing an art-related gift requires care and creativity. When done right, an abstract art gift can motivate an artist, decorate their studio, or commemorate a milestone. We hope our guide inspired you as you shop for the artistically inclined people in your life. More than a material gift, art has the potential to uplift, empower, and ignite creativity every single day. This holiday season, give the gift of art from the heart. Book a consultation with our team to get matched with the perfect abstract art gift that captures your unique relationship with the recipient. Spread creativity and joy this year through the thoughtfulness of SwagMagic art gifts tailored just for them.


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