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Best Swag Bag Ideas: Goodie Bags and Corporate Gift Bags for Employees, Clients & Conference Event Attendees

Who doesn’t love great swag? When prepping for your next big event or trade show, you need to hook your attendees up with awesome event swag to remember the fun times! We’re talking reusable swag bags overflowing with practical yet funky promo items like pens, tech gadgets, drinkware – you name it!

This blog has all the down low on putting together corporate gift bags or conference goodie bags that’ll be the envy of all your guests. We’ll spill the tea on creative swag ideas from totes to tees and show you how to use swag bags to keep your clients or employees smiling long after the event wraps up.

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An employee standing outside ready to enjoy a huge goodie bag full of snacks.

So get stoked! We wanna help you discover some seriously dope event swag to add to promotional giveaways and make your next showcase the hottest place to be. From the best-branded freebies to takeaways that perfectly capture your biz personality, you’ve come to the right spot for tips on positioning your company as THE party favorite with these off-the-hook swag bag essentials. Let’s start planning some epic event swag!

How’s that? I’ve incorporated a more casual, youthful tone using words like “funky,” “the down low,” and phrases like “hook your attendees up” and “spill the tea.” Let me know if you’d like any other changes to make it even more fun!

Custom Swag Gift Bags with No Minimum and Personalized Logo Branding

Picnic Basket Gift Bag

Price: $62.92

A Picnic Basket Gift Bag makes for a super fun and memorable swag bag idea for work events or client gifts. The reusable swag basket is packed with great swag items like snacks, drinkware, and outdoor games – perfect for recipients to grab and go for a refreshing break. This eco-friendly event bag is one swag bag idea that everyone is sure to love!

Tote Bag

Price: $21.15

You can’t go wrong with a high-quality Tote Bag as a versatile and useful swag bag item. This reusable swag staple folds up nicely so it’s easy to send swag bags to clients or for your team to take home after conferences. A sturdy canvas or cotton tote can be reused for years to come, making it our top pick for eco-friendly swag.

Rover Pack Canvas Bag

Price: $193.78

Rover Pack Canvas Bags have a fun, youthful vibe that is perfect swag for campus events, nonprofit gatherings, or even music festivals. These durable bags can take a beating, with multiple compartments and pockets to keep swag items organized. Clients, students, and visitors will find dozens of great uses for this grab-and-go swag bag.

Duffel Bag

Price: $50.60

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

When you need swag bags to haul hefty conference handouts or large gifts, roomy Duffel Bags can’t be beaten. Oversized and made to carry weight, these event bags are ideal swag for golf tourneys, major corporate events, executive retreats, and more. Send swag bags stuffed full – this bag can handle it!

North Face Backpack

Price: $118.00

For premium corporate swag bag ideas, look no further than a North Face Backpack decked out with amazing reusable swag items. This high-end bag makes quite a stylish impression and is certain to be used for years by lucky recipients. One of our favorite swag items for big-budget budget biz promos or VIP attendees!

Drawstring Bag

Price: $23.20

Drawstring Bags are wonderfully low-fuss swag bag solutions – lightweight to transport, and easy for recipients to fold up small and stash away until needed. Send swag in fun, sporty drawstring backpacks in bright colors and prints to add a lively punch to your convention or concert giveaways.

Computer Day Pack

Price: $43.00

Road warrior clients and conference attendees will flip for Computer Day Pack swag bags! With cushioned computer sleeves, myriad pockets, and ergonomic straps designed for commuting comfort, these high-functioning packs make extremely useful event bag freebies or corporate gifts, best for remote employees. 

Handy Pouch Bag

Price: $8.25

A Handy Pouch Bag stuffed with great reusable swag is a creative option for employee appreciation events, new hire orientation, and career fairs. Compact yet able to hold pens, notebooks, water bottles, and more swag items, this unique bag shape helps your event giveaways stand out!

Lunch Can Cooler Bag

Price: $25.70

Keep swag items like food and drinks chilled on the go with a Lunch Can Cooler, a great swag bag – now that’s smart swag bag planning! The zippered round bag is insulated and collapses flat when empty, so it stores nicely in gift baskets until you need to send swag bags for summer outings and events.

Cotton Canvas Bag

Price: $30.15

When planning a sustainable, earth-friendly conference or wanting a reusable bag on a budget, opt for sturdy, hold-anything Cotton Canvas Bags. These packable totes are built to last for years of daily use swag. An eco-smart swag bag everyone finds practical for errands and shopping.

Custom Corporate swag bag ideas

Custom T-Shirts

Price: $16.30

Next Level Unisex Cotton T-Shirt - 2 Color/1 Location

Custom T-shirts are the perfect swag because they allow you to display your company logo front and center. Employees can wear them casually or at corporate events to showcase brand pride.

Personalized Pens

Price: $2.09

Ellipse Softy with Stylus - ColorJet - Full Color Metal Pen

Personalized Pens make great swag since they are inexpensive and get used daily. They keep your brand top of mind whenever an employee reaches for a pen to write.

Sports Bottles

Price: $24.96

Camelbak Water Bottle 25oz

Sports Bottles are a smart choice because they encourage healthy hydration habits while prominently displaying your logo. Employees will carry them to the gym, office, or on the go.

Gift Cards

gift card
gift card

Gift Cards are an appreciated reward that offers flexibility and convenience. Employees get to choose their gift while you get the branding of the gift presentation.

Magnetic NotePads

Price: $17.25

Magnetic Notepad

Notepads are useful swag that will sit on employees’ desks. The constant visibility keeps your brand reinforced daily around the office.

Power Bank

Price: $22.00

Power Banks allow busy employees to recharge phones on the go while showing company pride. They’ll be appreciated for their functionality and ability to save the day.

Ceramic Mug

Price: $16.68

White Glossy Mug 11oz

Ceramic Mugs are daily reminders of your brand every time an employee enjoys a hot beverage. Dishwasher-safe, they will keep logo visibility high in break rooms.


Price: $124.20

Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones

Headphones imprinted with your logo make listening more fun. Employees will value the high functionality of a device they’ll use in and out of work.


snack box with swag

Snacks are a treat employees will enjoy again and again. Your brand gets prime placement whenever they take a work break for a quick bite or beverage.


Price: $128.34

Under Armour Sunglasses - (BlackQi Silver Oleophob) image

Sunglasses offer practical sun protection while putting your cool logo quite literally in the spotlight. They’ll accompany employees everywhere.

Tote Bags

Price: $19.98

Revive Mesh Zippered Tote

Tote Bags provide versatile functionality allowing employees to display branding at work events, conventions, or personal errands. Useful and visible!

Travel Accessories


Travel Accessories like branded luggage tags, neck pillows, and charging cables remind employees of your brand when away on business. Useful during travel while displaying company pride

USB Drives

use your flash USB connect to charger
use your flash USB connect to charger

USB Drives are handy for storing presentations and documents. Employees will appreciate the useful tech while keeping your logo in sight each time they use it.

Branded Apparel

Price: $19.60

Gildan Heavy Blend™ Crewneck Sweatshirt

Branded Apparel like jackets, sweatshirts, and golf shirts are wearable gear employees can sport around the office or off-site to events. Useful and stylish.


Price: $37.95

Fall Indoor Candles Gift Set image

Candles make nice gifts to relax with after work while the scent and glow remind them of your brand. Soothing ambiance paired with prominent visibility.

Chocolate Bar

Price: $74.99

Dark Chocolate Bar 2.1 oz (12 Pack) image

Chocolate Bars are delicious treats that also provide prime real estate for your logo. Employees will see and taste your brand every time they take a bite.

Custom Socks

Price: $15.76


Custom Socks add a fun flair to any wardrobe while keeping feet cozy. Your branding gets seen whenever they kick their shoes off around the office.

Fitness Kit

Fitness Kits encourage healthy habits with yoga mats, resistance bands, water bottles, and towels. Employees will stay active while keeping your logo in sight.

Hand Sanitizer

Price: $8.00

Orange Hand Sanitizer Spray image

Hand Sanitizers are daily reminders of your logo every time employees clean up around the office. A considerate gesture that also provides branding.


Price: $30.94

Bucket Hat

Hats offer casual shade while reinforcing your brand. Employees can display their company pride perfectly on top during outdoor activities or events.

Portable Earbuds

Price: $83.97

Bloom Bamboo True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds

Hats offer casual shade while reinforcing your brand. Employees can display their company pride perfectly on top during outdoor activities or events.

Food Basket

Price: $80.00

Mangia Italian Gift Basket image

Food Baskets with branded treats are always an appreciated snack. Your logo stays visible in the office whenever employees grab a bite.

Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaners help keep devices streak-free and unblemished, so your logo on technology shines. An appreciated tool that also displays branding.

Goodie Bags and Swag Bag Ideas for Events

Goodie Bag Ideas

Self-Care Goodie Bags

Price: $60

Self-Care Box-tile-image

These could contain items like bath bombs, lip balms, candles, face masks, and other pampering treats. They promote relaxation while keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Snack Goodie Bags

Price: $30

Fill these with tasty treats like granola bars, nuts, chocolate, mints, or dried fruit to give an energy boost. They make an appetizing gift.

Tech Goodie Bags

Price: $60


 USB chargers, earbuds, phone wallets, screen cleaners and other gadgets they can use every day provide convenience. They’ll appreciate the useful tech gifts.

Sustainable Goodie Bags

Eco-conscious goodie bags could contain reusable straws, collapsible water bottles, bamboo utensils and other earth-friendly items. They align with values of sustainability.

Tech Swag Bags

Power banks 

Price: $78.20

Tenfour™ 2.0 - 10,400mAh Power Bank

Power banks allow employees to recharge devices on the go, a useful feature that reminds them of your tech-savvy brand every time they plug in. The prime visibility keeps your logo top of mind.

Wireless charging pads

Price: $112.91

 Recon 15W Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pads make powering up devices seamless while displaying branding. Just set your phone down on the pad and your logo is front and center whenever they recharge.

Bluetooth speakers

Price: $149.99

JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Speaker - (Green) image

Bluetooth speakers fill rooms with music or take calls out loud, showcasing your tech branding. Useful functionality paired with prominent visibility of your logo.

Phone stands

Price: $5.94

MiniStand : Miniature Phone Stand

Phone stands neatly display devices while keeping your logo in clear sight. Useful desk accessories that employees will value while reinforcing your brand

Office Swag Bag Items

Stationery items like pen

Price: $16.38

Swiss Force® Vigor Metal Pen

Stationery items like pens and calendars sit visibly on office desks daily. Employees will use them often while keeping branding continually in sight.

Office desk items like calendar

Price: $25.30

Wall Calendar (Landscape)

Office desk items like stylish calendars help coordinate team schedules in style. Your logo stays visible on a useful planning tool.


Price: $28.55

5.5" x 8.5" Cactus Leather Bound JournalBook

Journals covered with custom branding give a daily reminder whenever jotting down notes or to-dos. A useful thinking tool displaying your brand.

Laptop Sleeve

Price: $29.43

13" Kappotto Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeves safely transport devices in padding covered with your logo. Useful protection employees will appreciate while showcasing your brand.

Apparel Swag Bags


Price: $42.55

Unisex Zipped Hoodie

Hoodies keep employees cozy in custom branded full-zip or pullover styles perfect for office warmth or traveling. Visible logos on this comfortable gear make awesome swag.


Price: $71.99

Men's Fleece Vest

Vests allow layering for warmth and sleeves-free functionality with branding prominently displayed on chest. Great for visibility when worn at the office events or retreats.


Price: $28.98

Unisex Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

T-Shirts suit a variety of occasions—from company picnics to conferences. Useful, casual apparel can showcase logo placement however an employee chooses to wear it.

Hemp Hats

Price: $53.37

tentree® Basic Hemp Altitude Hat

Hats shade in style with brims or caps showing off embroidered logos when worn. Topped-off company pride on display outdoors or just around the office.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swag Bags

Reusable Straw

Price: $5.99

Reusable Reed Straw/Pouch Combo  image

Reusable Straws made of bamboo provide sustainable alternatives to plastics with branding etched right on each stirrer. Eco-friendly swag used daily.

Cotton Totes

Price: $21.95

Everyday Tote

Cotton Totes reduce single-use bag waste with sturdy, machine-washable material displaying logos long-term. Reusable and sustainable.

Recycle Keychain

Recyle Keychains crafted from repurposed materials like old bike chains, vinyl, and recycled paper prominently showcase commitments to green brands.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Price: $35.69

Aviana™ Metallics Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle - 20 Oz

Water Bottles offer reusable hydration instead of one-time plastic bottles. Prominent branding displayed every eco-friendly sip.

Wellness and Self-Care Swag Bags

Eye Mask

Price: $45

Eye mask - Dark night image

Eye Masks block out light for restful relaxation anywhere. Soft, comfy material provides comfort with logos visible each use for branding.

Resilience Candle

Price: $27.00

Resilience Candle image

Candles set calming ambiance with scents like lavender or eucalyptus while logos adorn the vessel and packaging. Soothing and promotional.

Snack Basket

Snack Baskets brim with recharging treats to lift spirits while displaying logos front and center upon presentation. Goodies fuel employees.

Yoga Mat

Price: $60.00

Foldable Suede Yoga Mat - Ataraxy image

Yoga Mats roll out logo visibility every time wellness practices get a stretch in. Helpful tools for self-care with built-in branding.

 Swag ideas for employees and remote coworkers

Power Bank

Price: $22.50

Power Banks allow on-the-go charging for devices. Whether at home, office, or traveling, employees can stay powered up wherever while displaying prominent branding.


Price: $137.46

The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket

Branded Apparel like jackets, shirts, and hats can be worn casually on-site or working remotely to reinforce company pride. Stylish and functional.

Custom Swag Boxes

Price: $60

Custom Swag Boxes with an assortment of goodies inside like snacks, tech, and office supplies keep logo visibility high when used. Thoughtful gifts showcasing branding.


Price: $129.62

Anker® Soundcore Life Tune XR Bluetooth® Headphones

Headphones make listening to music or calls more enjoyable with your logo subtly displayed. Appreciated accessories for all employees’ enjoyment.

Reusable Metal Straw

Reusable Metal Straws provide eco-friendly sustainability your brand can promote through prominent logo placement. Useful daily reminders.

Custom Water Bottle

Price: $44.51

Vacuum Bottle 22oz

Water Bottles encourage hydration with prominent branding visibility. Great for office desks or using remotely to reinforce your brand.

Coffee Mug

Price: $25.30

White Latte Mug 17oz

Coffee Mugs fuel employees’ days with helpful caffeine all while keeping your logo wrap in sight. Useful, sustainable drinkware.

Desk Accessories

Price: $280

Suede Lined Executive Desk Accessory Set image

Desk Accessories like stylish pen holders, notebook covers, and calendars neatly organize workstations with branding on display. Helpful organizers showcasing your logo.

Stylus Pens

Price: $2.09

Ellipse Softy with Stylus - ColorJet - Full Color Metal Pen

Pens placed in common office areas or shipped to remote workers provide constant visibility through regular use. Affordable and essential items.


Self-Care items like candles, snacks, or hand lotion promote wellness with logo placement. Thoughtful gestures, prominently branded.


Price: $59.80


Backpacks carry gear to and from the office or while working remotely. Spacious and stylish with branding on display.

Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $108.25

JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers play music out loud to pump up moods and showcase branding wherever it’s placed. Entertaining and displaying your logo.

Eco- Friendly Bamboo Gift Set

Price: $7.63

Bambowie Bamboo Gift Set

Eco-Friendly swag like reusable bags pen set and water bottles promote sustainability efforts while keeping custom logo placement high. Green and branded!

Fitness Gear

Price: $89.47

Foam Yoga Mat

Fitness Gear like yoga mats, gym bags, and towels help employees stay active. Useful wellness-focused swag visibly displaying your logo.

Watch Hats

Price: $36.50 

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

Hats offer shade from the sun and reinforcement of your brand from logo placement. Casual and comfortable promotional gear.


Price: $20.70

Spiral Notebook

Notebooks covered in custom branding give daily exposure when jotting notes during calls or brainstorm sessions. Affordable and useful tools.

Office Snacks

Price: $20.00

Cheddar Cheese Balls 4.5 oz (4 Pack) image

Office Snacks fuel employees with a quick bite to eat along with prime logo real estate for reinforcement. Everyone appreciates free food!


Socks add funky flair to outfits with custom designs and branding. Eye-catching accessories for standing out in the office or when remote.

Tech Accessories 

Price: $25.00

Camera-Shaped Mini Fan - Green image

Tech Accessories like wireless chargers, camera lenses, and tripods keep devices powered up and shooting great content with logos prominently in sight.

USB Drives

USB Drives easily store docs, videos, and photos to access anywhere. Employees stay organized on the go with branding reinforcement each use.

Inductive Charging

Price: $118.33

Taskpad - Custom Wireless Charging Desk Pad

Inductive Charging Pads power up phones seamlessly while displaying custom logos each time devices get placement. Streamlined charging showcasing branding.

Classic Medium Tote Bag

Price: $15.30

RuMe® Classic Medium Tote

Tote Bags haul gear in style with visible logos. Useful for carrying work or personal items from office to home or during travel.

Travel Essentials

Price: $8.00

Luggage Tag

Travel Essentials like eye masks, luggage tags, and neck pillows all serve practical purposes while keeping your logo visible on business or personal trips near and far.

Yoga Bag and Mat

Price: $61.20

Restore Yoga Bag and Mat

Yoga Mats roll out for employee self-care displaying prominent branding during each session. Helpful wellness-focused swag.

swag bag ideas for clients, customers, and businesses

Stainless Steel Bottles

Price: $34.73

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Custom branded sports bottles are ideal swag items for health and fitness businesses, sports teams, and environmental nonprofits to keep clients hydrated while displaying their logo.

Luxury Pens

 Price: $81.90

Hugo Boss Gear Matrix Ballpoint Pen

Pens with a company name make for excellent handouts because they encourage branding in everyday activity and are inexpensive long-term impressions.

Coffee Mug

Price: $14.61

13 oz. Marble Campfire Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a go-to choice for swag bags year-round as they provide daily brand displays in the kitchen, office, or cubicle at a reasonable price point.

Drawstring Bag

 Price: $27.26

Draw String Bag

Businesses can present drawstring bags with the company logo to customers, new employees, and athletes for a handy, reusable bag that shows off their name wherever they go.

Gift Card

Gift cards from retailers, local restaurants, and grocery stores give customers extra purchasing power and create positive associations with the gifting brand.


Price: $188.00

Branded sunglasses make trendy marketing giveaways for brands and events frequenting outdoor venues in the summer months.

USB Drives

A branded USB flash drive offers clients useful data storage and advertising from their computers and devices every time it is used.

Battery Bank

Price: $99.99

Ultimate Charger - 20000mAh Power Bank image

Promotional portable chargers reassure clients they can rely on the providing company, reinforcing brand reliability and confidence whenever they charge electronics.

Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $30.75

Marvel Groot Bluetooth Speaker image

A custom Bluetooth speaker combines on-the-go convenience and brand consistency to make company names part of clients’ listening lifestyle.

Phone Chargers with Hand Warmer

Price: $42.00

Macaron Power Bank / Hand Warmer / Mirror - Beige image

Phone chargers with logos offer high visibility for businesses’ names whenever a client recharges, making them highly effective tech promos.

Travel Kit

Phone chargers with logos offer high visibility for businesses’ names whenever a client recharges, making them highly effective tech promos.


Caps, beanies, and the like are wearable promotional products that companies can present to make themselves part of clients’ daily adventures and athleisure pursuits.

Waterproof Headphones

Price: $79.95

Swym waterproof headphones image

Branded headphones enable clients to show off business names and think highly of the provided audio quality while listening to music, podcasts, calls, and more.


Price: $41.97

5.5" x 8.5" Karst Stone Soft Bound Notebook

Promotional notebooks are reliable daily-use marketing items for those brands and events seeking to make the most of long-term notetaking impressions.

Webcam Cover

Webcam covers instill cybersecurity confidence and inspire peace of mind for end users, allowing IT companies and groups to provide meaningful protection at presentations, trade shows, and beyond.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Price: $100.00

Serenity Natural Rubber Yoga Mat image

Yoga mats promote fitness brands by literally carrying names through healthy regimens, all while illustrating commitment to wellness-focused lifestyles and communities.

Swag bag ideas for conferences and virtual events 

Goodie Bags

Price: $30

Whether attending in-person or virtually, goodie bags filled with branded items are always appreciated. Consider adding pens, notepads, phone wallets, lip balms, candies, and other useful treats that make great takeaways for all attendees.

Snack Kits

Price: $60

Give Thanks-tile-image

Provide some nourishment with individually packaged snacks like granola bars, nuts, mints, and more. Attendees will appreciate these grab-and-go items to fuel them during long conference days. It’s a tasty way to keep your brand top of mind.

Reusable Water Bottles

 Price: $74.54

Klean Kanteen 20oz Loop cap Bottle

Eco-friendly water bottles are smart choices for health-conscious and sustainability-focused audiences. They reduce waste while keeping attendees hydrated all conference long. And they’ll promote your brand far beyond the event.

Portable Chargers

Price: $94.11

PowerPro GO 3-in-1 Wall Charger & 10000mAH Power Bank with Digital Display - (Black) image

Never underestimate the value of extra power for devices and accessories! Branded power banks and phone chargers make tech-friendly gifts to literally power attendees through workshops, networking, and more. They’ll stay useful for keeping devices charged on the go.

What is a Swag Bag? 

A swag bag for an event is a gift bag filled with promotional items that attendees receive at the next event. Swag packs in each event swag bag showcase brands while providing useful event swag bag ideas full of goodies. Spending $10-20 on each perfect swag bag keeps costs reasonable.

What are the most critical strategic considerations when assembling branded swag bags?

Figure Out Your Budget

Figuring out your budget is the critical first step when assembling swag bags. Determine how much you can reasonably invest per bag for the total number of event attendees.

Choose a Good Bag

Choose a lightweight yet durable bag that provides enough room for contents while keeping portability in mind. Consider size, material, closures, and branding space.

Customize the Bag

Customizing the swag bag visually elevates the impression it makes. Add logos, brand imagery, website, and other embellishments through printing, embroidery or branding attachments.

Keep It Lightweight

Keep the packed weight reasonable for recipients through considerate product selections and quantities. Heavier hard goods can be swapped for equally impactful yet lighter items.

What Are the Best Swag Gift Bag Ideas?

The best swag bags are full of creative ideas that attendees want and use, like eco-friendly bags themselves. Useful swag bag ideas include pens, notepads, tech accessories, self-care items, snacks, and more bag full of handy giveaways.

What to Put in a Swag Bag?

When considering what to put in a swag bag, choose a variety of items that promote your brand while being valuable and practical for attendees. Popular swag pack ideas range from drinkware and office supplies to wellness items, tech gadgets and food.

Why Should You Give Out Swag Pack / Bags?

Giving out swag bags shows appreciation for attendees while providing lasting impressions of your brand. These gift bags packed with functional promos spark positive connections with new customers creatively.

Where to buy custom swag bags?

Custom swag bags, packs, and event giveaways can be purchased from many promotional product companies online. Research trusted suppliers that offer affordable pricing and reliable service on branded bags full of creative attendee gifts.

Who is the best swag bag supplier?

When it comes to the best swag bag supplier, companies like SwagMagic, Stadium, and SnackMagic are top contenders for their customization options and quality branded merchandise. These promotional product specialists make assembly streamlined through comprehensive online shops with budget-friendly pricing across their vast assortments of bags, treats, tech, tools, wearables, and more. Their expertise in creative branding enables flawless placement of logos on items from pens to portable chargers while pack-and-ship services prove handy for easy distribution directly to attendees near or far. So for hassle-free access to the latest event giveaways personalized just for your needs, innovative lead.

Creating Lasting Impressions: Build Your Own Swag Bags For Employees with SwagMagic’s Diversity

Curating thoughtful swag bags is an art. It helps you show your valuable employees, customers, and clients that you care. So, make sure that you put in that extra effort to add a special touch to any corporate occasion. Your recipients will remember your sweet and thoughtful gesture for a long time. 

Swag Kit

SwagMagic has a range of unique and interesting swag bag gift items for varied event attendees like employees, customers, clients and so on. Some of the coolest swag ideas that you can find on SwagMagic are appareldrinkwareoffice-use itemsbagstech products and others such as travel and pet accessories and tidbits like stickers and magnets

Apart from the vast range of products, SwagMagic also has some amazing features to customize your swag. Right from a personal note for the recipient to a video from you or their favorite celebrity, you can personalize your company swag exactly the way you want. You can even offer your recipients a branded digital experience when they log on to your swag shop. All these wonderful swag bag ideas can help you curate an amazing swag bag for all those whom you want to show that they matter to you. 

Check out SwagMagic for exciting swag that can be personalized for your employees. 

You can even check out SnackMagic or Superior Dishes for tasty and scrumptious snack gifting. For exciting team-building activities, head to Team Builds.


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