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Ways to Say Thanks to Employees: Custom Swag and Employee Appreciation Quotes for Great Work 

Showing appreciation for our hardworking employees shouldn’t just happen once a year on Employee Appreciation Day. Finding ways to thank and recognize our team members for their great work, dedication, and for going above and beyond should be something we make a regular habit.

Whether a simple “thank you for always being such a team player” or setting up a full-fledged peer-to-peer recognition program, making employees feel genuinely significantly appreciated impacts engagement and work ethic. And the best part? Showing thanks doesn’t have to cost much – a heartfelt note, verbal recognition during a team meeting, or even a shoutout on social media can go a long way.

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In this post, we’ll share tons of ideas, quotes, and messages to help make sure your entire team feels recognized and knows their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. From personalized appreciation cards for work anniversaries to clever ways to give public kudos to those who constantly go the extra mile, you’ll find simple, actionable ways to show employees you notice and appreciate their efforts.

The Power of Simple “Thank You” Recognition Messages

Recognizing employees’ efforts doesn’t need fancy rewards or elaborate celebrations. Something as simple as a sincere “thank you” can make them feel genuinely appreciated. Two little words can have an incredible impact, whether spoken privately, written in a short card, or publicly in a team meeting. Thank employees for their dedication, patience, positive attitude, willingness to help, and any extra efforts you notice.

Ways to Thank and Show Employee Appreciation

The Power of Handwritten Notes

Send handwritten notes highlighting specific examples of their hard work and dedication. A heartfelt employee appreciation message connecting their efforts to company success can boost engagement.

Verbal Shout-Outs in Team Meetings

Verbally recognize their unique contributions during team meetings. Public words of appreciation for being invaluable to our team build morale.

Celebrating Work Anniversaries

Celebrate work anniversaries with thoughtful recognition messages outlining their talents and growth. Tailored messages show you value their loyalty.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs

Implement peer-to-peer recognition programs allowing coworkers to shout out those who go above and beyond. Employees feel encouraged when excellence is noticed and appreciated regularly.

Time for Team Appreciation

Set aside a portion of team meetings for employees to recognize each other’s recent wins and milestones. This gives more introverted staff a chance to hear praise.

Monthly Thank You Lunches

Surprise top performers by taking them out to lunch monthly. The 1-on-1 Facetime conveys a deep appreciation for their standout efforts.

Uplifting eCards with Quotes

Send e-cards with motivational employee appreciation quotes. The inspirational words will remind them their dedication matters.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Website and Office Recognition

Honor employees publicly with recognition on the website or office TVs. Highlighting their work for all to see is powerful.

Customized Certificates for Major Wins

Craft custom certificates for significant project wins. The personalized, framable token of appreciation can commemorate their achievement.

Surprise Snack Carts to Boost Morale

Surprise teams with treats like snack carts for recent successes. The morale perk thanks them for working so hard.

Employee Appreciation Message

Crafting meaningful messages of thanks requires personalization, specificity, and connecting employees’ efforts to company values.

Gift Giving to Appreciate

Gifts are a great way to say “thank you for your efforts”. It’s one of the best ways to appreciate your employees for their dedication and hard work.

Unique and Thoughtful Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Tumbler to Say Thank You 

Price: $33.95

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler

Gifting personalized tumblers is a unique way to show appreciation for employees’ dedication, arriving early and staying late to get excellent work done. When they use their new tumbler daily and are reminded of their gratitude, employees feel fantastic knowing their efforts don’t go unrecognized. It’s a simple gift conveying immense appreciation.

Fitness Tracker: Grear Idea to Show Appreciation

Price: $124.94

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker - (Black) image

For goal-crushing employees, an appreciation gift of a sleek fitness tracker thanks them for putting in miles of effort and being motivated to improve themselves continually. As they track their progress, the gift symbolizes the strides they’ve made at work through their ambition and self-discipline. It’s a high-tech way to show appreciation for their commitment to growth.

Noise-canceling Headphones– Unique Appreciation for Employee

Price: $124.20

Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones

Detail-oriented employees who focus intently deserve thanks and tools to maintain their concentration. Noise-canceling headphones eliminate distractions so they can continue exemplary work you greatly appreciate. Not only is it a useful gift employees will like, but it conveys how much you notice and value their dedication to producing excellent output.

Yoga Mat for Great Work Ethic

Price: $61.20

Restore Yoga Bag and Mat

For balanced, unflappable employees, a custom yoga mat is a fitting way to show appreciation for the calmness and flexibility they bring to the team. The meaningful gift thanks them for their reliability and commitment to personal wellness, making them perfectly consistent and pleasant coworkers. It’s a unique token of gratitude for the inner peace they cultivate.

Power Bank for Recognizing Employees

Price: $55.61

Mophie® Power Boost 10,000 mAh Power Bank

For employees who step up when work gets busy, gift a sleek power bank as appreciation for going above expectations and being a constant source of support the team can count on. Just as the power bank offers backup power, you acknowledge how their dedication charges up everything you do. It shows gratitude for handling the workload with fantastic stamina.

Engraved Journal to Thank your Employees

Price: $28.75

Libretto™ Journal

Recognize organized, creative standouts with a luxe, engraved journal as thanks for spearheading key projects with excellence. When you customize their journal with words of appreciation for consistently bringing innovative thinking, ideas flow even more freely. It’s a unique way to encourage their continued dedication to leading initiatives that fuel company success.

Custom Hoodie: Best Appreciation in the Workplace

Price: $39.10

Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie

Surprise hardworking, casual comfort seekers with an embroidered hoodie in their preferred color featuring the company logo inside a heart as a token of appreciation for being integral to the organization’s fabric over the years. Like the cozy layers they prefer, you want to surround them with thanks for warming the team culture with caring acts daily.

Monogrammed Coffee Mug

Price: $28.77

12 oz. Oslo Mug

A monogrammed mug personalized with words of appreciation makes a memorable gift showing gratitude for early risers dedicated to excelling from their first sip of coffee onward. With quality craftsmanship to withstand daily use, the mug thanks them for being fixtures on the team who can be relied on through thick and thin projects.

Backpack: for Work Anniversaries

Price: $48.30

SmushPack™ Packable Backpack

Adventure-loving employees will feel genuinely appreciated receiving a premium leather backpack engraved with a message of thanks for flexibly taking on various roles and projects over the years. Just as the backpack lets them carry whatever they need for diverse situations, you want to convey deep gratitude for their agility and dedication to the organization through the ups and downs.

Duffle Bag for Good Work

Price: $29.98

Revive Mesh Sport Duffel

Surprising jetsetting trendsetters with a stylish, personalized duffle bag is an exciting way to pack appreciation for how they elevate the organization’s image through outstanding work showcasing your brand globally. Its mobility symbolizes the impressive way high-achievers like them continually expand success for the company. Every business trip will remind them their efforts are valued.

Charcuterie Board

Price: $159

Large Charcuterie Kit + Board image

Sending a curated charcuterie board is a creative way to show employee appreciation with a personalized gift they can share and enjoy. With customized branding and thoughtful gourmet pairings, it conveys “thank you” in a memorable, delicious way.

Branded Swag Kit

A tailored branded swag kit fills your team with company pride and makes them feel appreciated. With custom items like stylish apparel, drinkware, tech accessories, and more, it’s a gift package designed to inspire and celebrate every employee.

Snacks Appreciation Basket

Ultimate Snack Mix-tile-image

Treat your team to a surprise snack basket filled with delicious bites! A gourmet selection of their favorite fuels, customized with creative branding, tells your crew, “Thanks for being so outstanding; now take a break on us!”

Self Care Kit


Show deep gratitude by gifting relaxation. A personalized self-care package displays genuine care for your staff’s well-being. With indulgent bath bombs, lotions, candlelight, and other pampering perks bearing your branding, it says, “Thank you for everything – now take some you-time.”

Employee Recognition Program to Convey Appreciation Message for Good Work

  • Cheer On Your Crew With Custom Swag

Boost morale and showcase your brand by gifting custom swag to your stellar staff! Unique and useful items like stylish t-shirts, sleek tumblers, designer totes, and cool tech accessories make your employees feel special while sporting your logo. An appreciation package of on-brand goodies, rewards dedication, rallies the team, and spreads the word about your company. Promotional products make excellent incentives and create walking billboards for your business. Spoil your squad with hot merchandise that reminds them how much you value their efforts!

  • Wow Employees With a Tasty Feast

What better way to make your staff feel valued than to surprise them with a scrumptious feast? Treat your hardworking team to a catered lunch featuring all their favorite foods. Watch their faces light up when you unveil trays piled high with pizza, wings, sliders, and more tasty treats. Send virtual employees an e-gift card to order in their favorites, too. A yummy meal is the perfect way to celebrate accomplishments and infuse fun into the workday!

  • Bring Your Crew Together with Team Bonding

Strengthen connections and camaraderie among your crew with fun team-building activities! Get the gang together for some friendly competition and challenges that will have them strategizing, collaborating, and laughing together.

Virtual events like digital scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and game tournaments are exciting ways to mix up routine video calls. Or gather the group for an in-person outing like mini golf, cooking classes, or a beach bash.

Team bonding breaks the ice, sparks creativity, and builds trust between colleagues and leadership. Morale and productivity get a boost, too! Reward your staffers with engaging experiences that ignite their spark and bring your squad closer together. The whole team wins when camaraderie is cultivated!

  • Surprise Your Squad with Personalized Snack Packs

Delight your team with a specially curated box of their favorite snacktime treats! Custom snack packs overflowing with handpicked goodies are a delectable way to spur smiles.

Give your staffers the royal treatment by letting them log in and fill a personalized box with all their most-craved munchies. Load it up with salty or sweet – maybe even healthy bites! Watch faces beam when those tempting care packages arrive on doorsteps.

Snack surprises are a simple yet powerful way to show employee appreciation. The best part? Remote staff feel the love, too, with boxes shipped right to their homes. Celebrate victories, milestones, or just a random act of workplace kindness with a tailored snack attack!

  • Set Up a Swag Shop for Your Squad

Give your team VIP access to hot merch by launching an exclusive online swag store for employees only! Curate a collection of trendy apparel, cool gadgets, handy accessories, and more. Then, customize it with your brand’s logo and signature graphics so staff can rep your organization in style.

Imagine the excitement of unveiling the company shop invite, loaded with credits for each staffer to snag their fave item. The handpicked assortment guarantees something for everyone – from hoodies to hats to slick water bottles. Watch morale and unity soar as workers sport their snazzy gear around town like walking billboards!

Make your employees feel like the MVPs they are with the ultimate swag perk – their own 24/7 online shop stocked with goodies to celebrate a job well done. Company spirit at an all-time high!

Best Employee Appreciation Quotes: Words of Appreciation

Here are a few employee appreciation quotes to say thank you for everything. Employees like being appreciated for their fantastic job and feel motivated.

  • “A good leader recognizes that they cannot do great things without great people.” – Simon Sinek
  • “There is no greater asset to an organization than people who feel appreciated, understood and supported by their leaders.” – Richard Branson
  • “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire
  • “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled.” – Anne Mulcahy
  • “It’s not your employees’ job to like you. It’s your obligation to treat them with respect.” – Simon Sinek
  • “The world’s best employee is the one who upon leaving, people will say, ‘I can’t believe you let him/her go.’” – Zig Ziglar
  • “The key is to hire great people who are passionate about what they do and support them in that passion.” – David Neeleman
  • “If you want others to excel, show appreciation for the smallest of improvements. Praise them.” – Jeff Dixon
  • “Employees who are appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” – Suzy Kassem
  • “When people feel genuinely appreciated, their self-esteem and creativity grows.” – Lou Holtz

How Building a Culture of Appreciation Boosts Employee Engagement

Implementing consistent employee recognition strategies makes team members feel happily invested in performing well. It transforms work from merely transactional to a place where they feel actively appreciated as individuals. That emotional boost inspires discretionary effort. When employees know their dedication won’t go unnoticed and feedback will be consistently encouraging, they adopt more ownership in maintaining high standards. Peer appreciation from coworkers also makes the team feel like a supportive community, motivating people to cheer each other on. Together, these effects produce higher engagement, satisfaction, and output.

The Importance of Employee Recognition for Team Members

Ongoing employee recognition should become a regular habit, not just occur sporadically. Praise and appreciation lose their sincerity and impact when employees only hear encouragement once in a blue moon. Frequent shoutouts for dedication, progress, achievements, and wins (no matter how small) reinforce positive behaviors most effectively. Train managers to catch people doing things right and take a moment to recognize it verbally. Highlight peer role models during team meetings. Send weekly recognition emails recapping all the great work you witnessed. When recognizing excellent efforts becomes an integral part of company culture, employees feel continually motivated to uplevel their contributions.

Fun Team Building Activities Focused on Gratitude

Inject more fun into company culture while simultaneously focusing on gratitude and appreciation by facilitating team-building activities centered around recognizing others’ efforts. For example, have everyone write thoughtful thank you notes to specific coworkers for their helpfulness, patience in explaining things, reliability, or making the workplace more pleasant. Then, let people read them aloud. Another idea is giving each employee a set amount of play money to “pay” peers whenever they notice extra effort. The person with the most money wins a prize at the end.

What are some examples of employee appreciation?

Great employee appreciation can be as simple as a verbal “thank you” recognizing specific contributions in a team meeting or handwritten notes to individuals praising their dedication. Unique ideas include shoutout boards, certificates, recognition ceremonies, appreciation events, and peer nomination programs.

Why do words have the power when showing employee appreciation?

Thoughtfully articulated messages resonate more than generic praise. Describing exact achievements and admirable qualities makes employees feel personally valued for their multifaceted roles, not just work output. This boosts engagement and morale.

What are the best appreciation words to use in employee appreciation messages?

The most meaningful messages get specific through recent examples, skill development, upheld values, and gratitude for consistency and tackling new challenges. Sincerity using terms like dedication, effort, hustle, care, and purpose has a significant impact.

Tips on writing employee appreciation messages

 Effective appreciation messages use names, context, growth, and organizational connections to personalize praise. Highlight specific accomplishments employees feel proud of while conveying admiration for diligence in upholding company values through their achievement.

What are some unique employee appreciation ideas?

Creative employee appreciation ideas include experience gifts, handwritten notes, peer recognition, scrapbooks or videos compiling team messages, opportunity assignments as rewards, milestone events, raffles for coveted perks, and even simple gestures like breakfast treats.

Unique Ways to Say ‘Thanks’ to Your Staff with SwagMagic

Our team at SwagMagic understands the importance of showing appreciation for your hardworking employees. Let us create unique, branded swag that conveys how much you value being #OneTeam. Book a call now to explore our custom employee appreciation packages, uniquely designed to make your staff feel like a fundamental part of your organization’s success.

The most effective leaders know showing gratitude is not just about the occasional perk or gift – it’s an integral part of company culture. With SwagMagic, you can make memorable branded swag part of ongoing programs demonstrating true employee appreciation. From branded apparel to custom welcome packages, we offer creative solutions that infuse positivity across remote teams, in-office staff, interns, and beyond. When you make small gestures to recognize excellence, it motivates your employees and boosts loyalty. Contact our team today to explore easy, scalable ways to say “thank you for always going the extra mile!”

The key is creating a culture where hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and all staff feel genuinely valued as integral parts of the team. With SwagMagic’s help, you can achieve new levels of employee engagement through strategic swag initiatives designed just for your unique workforce. Don’t wait – book a call now to start thanking your employees the way they deserve.

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