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Trending Gifts for Clients: Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Client Appreciation in 2024

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Our CEO is obsessed with Willy Wonka. He wants to do golden ticket sweepstakes for customers to help promote our new product launch. He has an entire plan for his strategy. When our new product comes out, he will start hiding tickets in all the packaging. Some will be blue with 20% off your next purchase, and some won’t have any discount at all. But there will be one product with the golden ticket. 

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Whoever finds the ticket gets one of the trending gifts for clients that the marketing team comes up with. 

The problem is, our marketing team doesn’t exactly think it’s a trendy idea. When was the last time Willy Wonka was even popular? Late 2005? 1971? How would they brainstorm trending gift ideas for clients and customers for a Willy Wonka-themed contest?

This divided the office. While most of Gen Z sided with the marketing team, the others were on the CEO’s side. It wasn’t like the trending corporate gift ideas for clients and customers needed to be Willy Wonka-themed. But it was hard for the marketing team to feel passionate about something they thought would be a total flop. 

While the CEO appreciated the pushback he got for his idea (it’s not often that his team is very passionate about something!) He wasn’t exactly thrilled that his idea was the one that was being thrown under the bus. 

So, the CEO had a plan. He would convince the marketing team and the Gen Z employees that Willy Wonka was still fun and marketable. 

Then he would do all the work himself. He was ready to submit design requests for his flyers and to start researching gifts for clients that participated in his chocolate-themed sweepstakes – would he be able to pull it off without his team on his side?

How hard could it be? Once he was done with the design requests and the marketing content, he asked his assistant to go out and buy Willy Wonka decorations to decorate the office. She came back with chocolate, lollipops, and a purple hat. 

Together, the CEO and his assistant figured out some rules for the sweepstakes. The golden tickets were hidden in the packaging. Whoever takes a photo and posts it on social media first gets to pick a gift from a list of trending corporate gifts for customers in 2024. It was perfect! It would generate some brand awareness and keep people engaged. 

Now, he just needed to look for trending corporate gifts for clients. What would they like or dislike? Should he invest in many trending corporate gifts for customers or just one big item? He realized he wasn’t exactly sure what his customers liked and needed the marketing team to help him find trending corporate gifts for clients in 2024. 

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

But he wasn’t going to show his defeat. He headed to the company swag store with SwagMagic and purchased one of every item he could find. 


Price: $39.60

Giving your client a cozy, branded beanie is the perfect gift to show your appreciation while keeping them warm all winter long. This useful gift expresses your gratitude for your ongoing business relationship in a fun and memorable way.

Tunezie Wireless Earbud Beanie

Dad Hat

Price: $27.50

Make your client feel like one of the team by gifting them a stylish Hoffman Dad Hat with your company logo. Not only will they think of your brand every time they wear it, but the adjustable fit makes it a corporate gift that is sure to get used by clients of all ages.

Sportsman - Slub Fabric Dad Cap

Juicebox Power Bank

Price: $56.35

In today’s world of mobile devices, give your client the gift of convenience with a sleek Juicebox Power Bank. Whenever they need a charge on the go, this useful tech gift will remind valued clients of your thoughtful business partnership.

Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
Power bank

Airpods Case 

Price: $44.99

Upgrade your client’s tech game with a branded Airpods case to stash their earbuds. With its useful everyday function and visibility, this popular corporate gift puts your brand name front and center for clients whenever they listen to music or take calls.

Apple.AirPods earphones case
Apple.AirPods earphones case

Branded stainless steel water bottle

Price: $34.73

Hydration is made easy while keeping your brand visible – that’s what your client will enjoy with a sleek stainless steel water bottle printed with your logo. This eco-friendly gift nurtures your business relationship every time they quench their thirst.

Reusable eco friendly stainless steel water bottle
Reusable eco friendly stainless steel water bottle

Short Tumbler 

Price: $53.85

Treat your client to their morning cup of joe with a sturdy branded tumbler for hot or cold beverages on the go. This useful gift will showcase your logo prominently at client meetings and remind them daily of your thoughtful business relationship.

Pink tumbler
Pink tumbler

Wine Tumbler

Wine down work nights in style with a sleek insulated wine tumbler sporting your custom logo. Whenever your client unwinds at home, this popular corporate gift will showcase your brand while appreciating their loyalty.

Tumbler whiskey drink glasses
Tumbler whiskey drink glasses

Branded apron

Price: $32.20

Give your top client a fun and functional corporate gift with a customized cooking apron. Whenever they fire up the grill or prepare dinner, this handy gift will reinforce your brand and highlight the mutual benefits of your business relationship.


Duffel bag

Price: $57.12

Help your road warrior client travel in style with a durable duffel bag embroidered with your logo. Roomy enough for overnight trips but compact for the gym, this versatile nylon bag makes packing and brand visibility easy – nurturing your business partnership wherever they go.

green canvas duffel bag
green canvas duffel bag

Branded Corporate Business Gifts Ideas for Clients

Next week, the office was filled with chocolate, candy, purple, and branded corporate gifts. Turns out, SwagMagic has over 2000+ promotional gifts for customers, so his order was much bigger than he expected. 

The CEO didn’t want to admit his mistake, so he said he purchased all the luxury corporate gifts with logo as part of his sweepstakes. The rest of the team was worried this Wilky Wonka-inspired sweepstake was getting out of control. The CEO printed more than one golden ticket hidden in their products, right? 

Adidas Pullover

Price: $90.97

Treat your VIP clients to luxury while promoting your brand with a plush Adidas pullover embroidered with your custom logo. This high-end best corporate gift will have clients lounging around in extreme comfort while keeping your company top of mind.

Adidas Pullover

Nike Bill Cap

Price: $36.50

Gift your clients something that keeps on giving with this Nike bill cap embroidered with your logo. This unique headwear gift idea guarantees to have your clients thinking of your brand every time they wear it, making it a great way to continuously showcase your logo. The high-quality cap can be worn for years to come, serving as an evergreen branded gift for your best corporate clients.

Nike Dri-FIT Stretch Mesh Sandwich Bill Cap

North Face City Parka

Price: $263.72

Treat your top clients to a unique gift that will keep them warm on winter days with the North Face City Parka featuring your custom emblem. This cozy, high-end parka makes an incredible branded gift to show clients you care about their comfort as much as the business relationship. The parka’s quality and timeless style ensure your logo will stay visible for seasons to come.

The North Face City Parka

Anker Bluetooth Headphone

Price: $129.62

Give the gift of music with Anker Bluetooth headphones prominently displaying your logo. Whenever they use these high-quality headphones your clients will be reminded of your thoughtful gift and partnership. This useful tech gift will promote your brand every time they listen to music, take calls, and video conferences. It’s a long-lasting, branded gift that keeps your business relationship top of mind.

Anker® Soundcore Life Tune XR Bluetooth® Headphones

Unique Client Gift Ideas to Thanks Them

The CEO turned into the Willy Wonka of corporate gift ideas for clients. Instead of chocolate everywhere, we had gifts. The gifts towered over cubicles, making a mess in the hallways, and stacked up in the boardroom. It was two weeks into the campaign, and no one had found the golden ticket yet. The marketing team was starting to get worried that no one ever would. 

There were many great corporate gift ideas for clients in the room they could use for other campaigns.

The crazy part? That was only to name 10 of the 2000+ items they had purchased from SwagMagic. There were sure to be more unique client gift ideas hidden away in the closet or corporate gifts in the CEO’s office. 

Gift Card

Giving your best clients a gift card to their favorite retailer is a thoughtful way to provide them a unique corporate gift idea they can use. With the flexibility to get something they’ll enjoy, a gift card shows your client you care about providing them with a present tailored specifically for them. It’s a client gift idea that is always appreciated.

Holiday Gift Box

Treat your great clients to a specially-curated holiday gift box filled with gourmet snacks and other surprises. This unique corporate gift idea shows your thankful attitude for your loyal client’s business in an indulgent, celebratory package. With a personalized touch, this client gift idea is a festive way to wish them happy holidays.

Happy Holidays!-tile-image

Thank You Gift Set

Show your appreciation for your thoughtful client’s partnership this year by gifting them a special thank you gift set. Including items like premium chocolates and coffee, luxe candles, and more, this great gift set celebrates your outstanding business relationship. It’s a best client gift idea that says more than just thanks.

Give Thanks-tile-image

Tech Gift – Wireless Earbuds

Price: $89.98

Give your tech-savvy client the corporate gift to take their home office up a notch. A gift like wireless earbuds, an external phone charger, or other useful gadgets is a unique way to improve their daily tasks while keeping your brand top of mind. For the client who has it all, it’s a great and modern client gift idea.

Skullcandy Jib 2 True Wireless Earbuds

Holiday and Christmas Gifts for Clients 

Two months had passed, and now it was Christmas in the office. The gifts were still in boxes, and the golden ticket was still yet to be found. 

Did someone find it months ago and didn’t know what to do with it? Did it accidentally get thrown away? Maybe the CEO had forgotten to include it at all!

The market team sat down with the CEO with a plan. They explained they should pivot the campaign to focus on the holidays and use all the promotional items as corporate holiday gifts.

All of the items would be perfect client gifts for Christmas. They had everything from backpacks and duffel bags to coffee mugs and water bottles. With a note and some festive packaging, they could turn them into meaningful gifts for clients. The CEO sighed – he knew they were right. The items eventually needed to be used as gifts for clients. 

Snacks Gift Basket

Treat your clients to a thoughtful holiday gift basket filled with delicious gourmet snacks to enjoy all season long. This gift that keeps on giving will have clients appreciating your generosity and thoughtfulness each time they grab a tasty treat. A snacks gift basket is a great way to show your clients you care.

Fall Medley-tile-image

Self-care Gift Package

Gift your busy clients with a self-care package designed to help them relax and recharge during the hectic holidays. Clients will appreciate this thoughtful client gift filled with calming scented candles, soothing bath bombs, herbal tea, face masks, and more. It’s a gift that promotes rest and renewal.


Personalized Duffel Bag

Price: $221.56

Equip your on-the-go clients with a personalized holiday duffel making business travel easier. Embroidered with their initials, this useful duffel helps clients pack efficiently while keeping your brand top of mind. Clients can use this and will appreciate this thoughtful giveaway crafted to provide convenience while reminding them of your partnership.

Osprey Arcane™ Duffel Pack

Elliston Blanket

Price: $102.35

Give your clients the gift of cozy comfort this holiday season with a plush Elliston blanket in their favorite color. This high-quality blanket helps clients unwind in superior softness while displaying your custom embroidery. It’s a holiday gift for client that they will continue appreciating as they snuggle up all winter long.

Elliston Blanket™

Luxury Corporate Personalized Gift Ideas for Clients

All the promotional items from SwagMagic were used as unique high-end corporate gifts for the holiday season, which was a total hit! Even though no one found the golden ticket, the team used the campaign flop to brainstorm gift ideas for VIP clients and leave a lasting impression on their top-paying customers. 

Even though the Willy Wonka campaign was a total flop, a ton of good came from it in the end! Everyone got VIP gifts and luxury corporate gift ideas they could use throughout the festive season, which was more valuable than any golden ticket. 

Personalized Smart Mug

Price: $292.60

Let your client wake up to their favorite hot beverage perfectly heated in a personalized Ember temperature control mug. This high-tech mug allows you to completely customize temperature settings to keep drinks hot, helping your client start their day right. It’s the perfect gift to keep your top customers caffeinated and thinking fondly of your business.

Ember 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Peter Millan Autumn Crest

Price: $267.00

Your client will be thanking you for seasons to come after receiving a luxurious Peter Millan cashmere sweater customized with their initials. This gift combines superior warmth from finely sourced cashmere with a personalized touch that makes a client feel truly special. It’s the ultimate way to provide a gift as unique as your partnership.

Peter Millar Men's Autumn Crest Quarter-Zip Vest

North Face ThemoBall Trekker Vest

Price: $221.88

Let your clients explore the great outdoors while representing your brand with a personalized ThermoBall Trekker vest. This gift will have them thanking you for helping them comfortably take on all of life’s adventures. With custom embroidery, it allows you to find the perfect gift to build your client connection.

The North Face ThermoBall Trekker Vest

Apple AirPods Pro

Price: $312.49

Give the gift of pristine sound by custom engraving a set of Airpod Pros for a loyal client. With active noise cancellation to improve sound and an engraved case adding a personal touch, it’s a luxurious tech gift any client or customer would appreciate. It shows you take the business relationship as seriously as they do.

Apple AirPods Pro - White image

Surprise and Delight Your Clients This Holiday Season with Custom Corporate Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for your clients doesn’t have to be stressful. With SwagMagic, you can easily send customized gifts tailored to each recipient. Skip the holiday shopping rush and let us handle everything – from selecting gifts to personalizing notes, to delivering locally or globally.

Get started now by booking a consultation to discuss your clients’ preferences and branding. We’ll match you with a SwagMagic expert to simplify the process. Plus, as a new customer, ask us about holiday discounts for bulk orders placed by December 31st.

Spread holiday cheer to your clients and make sure they feel appreciated with the help of SwagMagic. The sooner you book, the sooner we can wow your clients!

This holiday season, focus on strengthening client relationships instead of gift shopping. With SwagMagic’s dedicated services, sending impressive swag globally is easy. Our swag experts handle everything from designing branded unboxing experiences to fulfilling global orders.

Skip the holiday hassle and let SwagMagic handle corporate gift-giving this year. Book your consultation today to get custom recommendations tailored for your clients. Plus, inbox us after ordering to get 10% off your next swag order!


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