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Thoughtful Manager Appreciation Day Gifts

Manager Appreciation Day was coming up quickly, and we needed some great ideas for Manager Appreciation Day gifts. We were celebrating this year by going to a local escape room to try to work as a team, which wasn’t always easy, as our office tended to gossip. From the water cooler to out-of-office happy hours, most people were always talking about someone else. 

As we tried to agree on boss appreciation gifts, we received an email stating the time and place of our escape room challenge. None of us were looking forward to it, but our boss wanted to go, and we were having trouble finding gifts for the boss who has everything, so we wanted to indulge her. 

The email instructed that we would have to leave our phones behind, so if we wanted to begin planning strategies, our team would have to get together beforehand to discuss ideas.

Unique gift ideas for Manager Appreciation Day include:

  1. Personalized Thank-You Note
  2. Curated Gift Basket
  3. Desk Plant
  4. Gift Card
  5. Professional Development Subscription
  6. Framed Photo
  7. Personalized Mug

We finally decided on a few Boss Day gift ideas, including hoodies and mugs from SwagMagic, and a box of her favorite foods curated especially for her from SnackMagic. 

We reluctantly met as a team, chatting briefly about who would lead when solving clues and how we planned to work together. For a team of people who preferred gossiping about each other to actually doing our jobs, we were actually making progress. 

We decided that Steven would be in charge, and Jessica would keep us on track. Marie, queen of the gossip, would make sure no one snuck a phone in, as we wanted to be as authentic as possible for the sake of our over-excited boss. 

The team left the meeting feeling confident and ready to tackle the escape room, but we were in for quite a surprise!

employees in office kitchen

Boss Day Gift Baskets

The team put together a Boss Day gift basket filled with unique Boss Day gifts:

  1. Gourmet Treats
  2. Coffee or Tea
  3. Desk Accessories
  4. Personalized Keychain
  5. Inspirational Book on Leadership
  6. Flower Bouquet
  7. Gift Card to a Famous Restaurant

We were thrilled to hand it over but shocked when she was nowhere in sight. We stood outside the escape room, texting her feverishly, wondering if she was okay. She was so excited, so not showing up had us concerned. 

SnackMagic boxes make great Manager Appreciation Day gifts

Finally, Marie received a text that said to go ahead without her, and she would be along soon! We put our funny Boss Day gifts aside and entered the escape room company lobby. The staff promised to keep our personalized gifts for the boss from SwagMagic safe while we navigated the room.

Upon entering, we were shocked once again. This room was a replica of our office, without the unique gift for the boss, of course. Even a few of the knick-knacks on our desks were there, and suddenly, the atmosphere felt a little creepy. The door shut behind us, and we were locked in. 

Marie gasped in terror, likely horrified by being trapped alone with people she loved to talk smack about, but the feeling rippled through the rest of the room. Suddenly, our boss appeared on a screen at the back of the room, and she was laughing and announced that we could come out when we could get along.

It turns out she knew about our gossiping. We all instantly regretted giving her a gift. 

Manager and employee laughing

Boss Day Gifts for Her

The boss day gifts for her we’d chosen were perfect as a gift for a female boss who has everything.

  1. Personalized Journal
  2. Desk Organizer
  3. Personalized Coffee Mug
  4. Aromatherapy Diffuser
  5. Spa Gift Card
  6. Motivational Book
  7. Scented Candle

We’d customized a sweatshirt with the company logo, which she’d launched and started on her own! When discussing (Female) Boss Day’s gift ideas, we had no idea she planned to turn against us. 

We all gaped in shock. While looking around the room, our gift for the female boss was sitting out on the counter in the lobby. Our boss disappeared from the screen, and we wondered if this was an escape room. We decided we’d keep her gift basket for the female boss if we ever made it out. 

Boss Day Gifts for Him

We discovered that the only tasks in the room were instructions that made us openly talk to each other. For example, we had to ask each other questions about our lives outside of work, starting conversations. The team, who loved to talk about each other, finally talked to each other. They even discussed Boss Day gifts for him for our direct manager. 

He played a significant role in getting us together today and couldn’t be here due to other obligations.

We decided to purchase him a few personalized gifts for the male boss:

  1. Desk Organizer
  2. Leather Portfolio
  3. Personalized Pen
  4. Tech Accessories

Maria stated she knew the best gift for a boss male! We decided to get him a luxury and a unique gift for the male boss, all in the form of a fancy backpack from SwagMagic. 

Before we knew it, we were getting along. After five hours of conversation and gift discussions, we were let out. Our boss was waiting with her gift basket and snacks, and she was thrilled that we’d learned to get along. After that, the gossip was nonexistent, and we were far more productive! 

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