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A Guide on How to Boost Employee Morale and Motivation

Our bosses have told us for some time that employee motivation and morale have become concerns. Not only is it important to keep employees feeling motivated, but it’s also essential to have a united and happy workforce that works together toward the same goal. 

Because we were invested in our workplace, we wanted to know the following:

What is employee morale?

What is employee motivation?

How to boost employee morale and motivation?

The people ops team came through for us and provided us with some great tips that can help boost confidence and inspiration in the workplace, so we can all do our best work.

We also knew our people ops team was cooking up some ideas on boosting employee morale and motivation, but they wouldn’t tell us what it was until the moment arrived. 

We got an email at the beginning of the week that told us we were all invited to an escape room activity the following day. Everyone was surprised and excited to see what it would be like!

We arrived at our chosen escape room location and were surprised to find they had created a complete replica of our office inside the escape room, even down to our trinkets and photos on our desks! It was fantastic and surreal to see.

The door closed behind us as we wandered around this odd office, and suddenly the lights went out. We had to use our wits and find clues to get us out of this room before our time ran out. 

Fun Ways to Boost Morale at Work

  1. Birthday Gifting
  2. Host team-building activities like An Escape Room
  3. Bring in snack
  4. Encourage breaks
  5. Plan a fun team outing
  6. Give recognition with swag
  7. Personalize the workspace

Of all the employee morale-boosting activities they could have chosen, an escape room was a great decision.

Not only did it push us to work together, but it also helped us discover things about our co-workers that we didn’t know before! The team spirit and camaraderie built during the escape room experience were remarkable.

We’d all been on some fun ways to boost morale at work, but this was a truly unique experience. Afterward, we were much more cohesive and productive in the workplace. 

The problem-solving skills that we developed during the escape room also came in handy when it came time to tackle real-world challenges. With our newfound energy, we could finish tasks faster and with better results!

Employees laughing

Who is Responsible for Employee Morale?

As we looked around the office, we started to find some clues that were entirely out of place. John discovered a whole box of bulk swag t-shirts, but strangely, they had a very different logo. 

Some unique recycled pens weren’t in our office supply closet. 

Someone had taken the initiative to order some fantastic swag of a higher quality and with a more creative flair.

We also noticed a board in the break room full of jokes, cool inspirational quotes, and exciting activities for us to do during our lunch breaks. We realized that maybe an individual or group was trying to show us how to boost employee morale and motivation with some amazing ideas.

As we checked the computers, we found employee morale examples and a list of 9 tips to instantly boost employee morale. Still, one thing was missing, any indication of who is responsible for employee morale.

Swag is a great way to boost employee morale and motivation

Small Fun Activities for Employees

Then we realized that to get out of the room, we needed to figure out who was responsible for employee morale. We needed to know whose job it was to figure out how how to boost employee morale and motivation and organize small fun activities for employees.

We initially thought it was the people ops team since they had run a couple of quick morale boosters and employee engagement fun activities in the office, but they weren’t in the room with us.

Then, it hit us. Management team plays a vital role in boosting employee morale and motivation as they create an environment where workers feel appreciated and respected. They can set the tone by providing recognition, employee rewards, and incentives and actively engaging in fun activities with their teams.

Employees team building

How to Increase Employee Morale Without Money

We asked some key questions to find out if management were the story’s real hero. Since they were in charge of the budget, does money really motivate employee performance, and did anyone have any ideas on increasing employee morale without cash?

The consensus was that money is not always the answer. One employee stated, “When you spend money on things, it can be like a bandaid – temporary”.

Instead of simply throwing money at the problem, they suggested other ways to increase morale in the workplace.

  1. Show appreciation
  2. Provide opportunities for growth
  3. Encourage open communication
  4. Be flexible
  5. Provide a positive work environment
  6. Recognize achievements:
  7. Encourage teamwork

How Does Employee Motivation Impact Organizational Performance

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Improved quality of work
  3. Lower absenteeism and turnover
  4. Higher levels of innovation
  5. Better customer service
  6. Positive workplace culture

We began to ask other questions, like how employee motivation impacts organizational performance. How does open communication improve employee motivation?

We began to realize that we were all looking for the same thing – to feel like we were part of something bigger and that our efforts mattered. We learned that how employers communicate incentives greatly impacts employee motivation.

The idea is simple – if employees feel their work is appreciated and recognized, they are more likely to be motivated and put in the extra effort required for success.

So realistically, all of us must invest in open communication, including the people ops team and management. This means creating a safe environment where everyone can be heard and valued for their contributions. There should be regular check-ins, feedback loops, and recognition of great work.

There was a click, and the door opened, revealing our managers and the people ops team clapping and celebrating our success. That surprise moment motivated us and made us realize that we’re all in this together and that the company supports our efforts and wants us to succeed.

At the end of the escape room, we noted down our learnings, and this is what we came up with:

How to gauge employee morale?

It is essential to understand the overall morale of employees by having regular meetings and surveys and engaging with them through different channels.

How to motivate an underperforming employee?

Motivating an underperforming employee starts with building a healthy relationship and providing encouraging feedback. 

What factors affect employee motivation?

Factors affecting employee motivation include recognition, communication, feedback, work environment, job satisfaction, and career development opportunities. 

Does intrinsic and extrinsic motivation relate differently to employee outcomes?

Intrinsic motivation relates to employee engagement and job satisfaction, while extrinsic motivation is associated with greater productivity and loyalty. 

How do leadership styles affect employee motivation?

Leadership styles can influence employee motivation in many ways. Supportive leaders provide clear direction and recognize performance, often creating a positive working environment where employees feel motivated to succeed.

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