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3 Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Our story begins within the walls of our corporate office with our Office Manager, Mira. Though she covered all the typical Office Manager responsibilities, Mira had the unique responsibility of being responsible for corporate gifts for all the employees in our company. She took her job very seriously, but it took only a short time to realize that gift-giving in the corporate world was no piece of cake. 

Mira had seen it all when it came to corporate gift blunders. She knew selecting the wrong gift could lead to awkward moments and disappointed recipients. Determined to save the rest of us from the perils of terrible corporate gift-giving, she embarked on a mission to identify corporate gift-giving mistakes and how to avoid them. 

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Though the road ahead might be bumpy, Mira was determined to learn from those who came before her (mostly Larry, who was fired for handing out flasks labeled “Coping Liquid”), but also from past mistakes that she’d made in her role. To help her give out gifts that would inspire and thrill our team, Mira made a document for herself outlining the possible mistakes that can come with corporate gift-giving. 

She also made sure to highlight using a customization company that provides items in bulk is a fantastic choice, so Larry did get one thing right. He just didn’t choose the right product, obviously. Mira mentions SwagMagic in her document, and she still uses them for our events, company parties, and client giveaways today!

Here’s a closer look at Mira’s journey, and how she discovered (and fixed) corporate gift-giving mistakes. 

Gifting Mistakes
Gifting Mistakes

Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)

Mira’s list is quite comprehensive, and she continues to add to it as she navigates corporate-supplied gifts for employees. 

Mistake #1: Generic Gifts Galore 

The first mistake Mira encountered was the abundance of generic gifts. Employees would receive identical pens, stress balls, and coffee mugs every year. It was as if our office had a deal with a cloning machine. Mira realized that the secret to overcoming this mistake was personalization. 

She studied the preferences and hobbies of her coworkers and came up with creative gifts tailored to each individual. For example, instead of another plain mug, she gave Steve, the caffeine enthusiast, a “World’s Okayest Coffee Drinker” mug. It made everyone laugh, and it showed that Mira had put thought into the gift. Working with SwagMagic was a fantastic option for this, as every item is customizable in some way. 

Another common mistake that Larry made was the excessive branding on every corporate gift. We love our company, but the logo was plastered on everything, from water bottles to USB drives. It seemed like employees were walking billboards for their own workplace. Mira knew that subtlety was key. 

Instead of a giant logo, she opted for subtle branding or no branding at all. For instance, she chose a sleek leather notebook with a discreetly embossed logo for the writer in the office, rather than a neon-green notebook shouting the company’s name. It was a much-appreciated change that prevented her colleagues from feeling like branded merchandise. Plus, she was able to get all the necessary logos and employee-specific gear from SwagMagic!

Mistake #3: The Regift-o-Rama 

Mira had to address the ever-present issue of re-gifting. Due to Larry always giving people something they didn’t want, as well as ordering far too much swag, the office was a swirling vortex of recycled, unwanted gifts. She realized that regifting was a result of corporate and HR not understanding their colleagues’ tastes and interests. 

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To combat this mistake, Mira introduced a fun game where employees shared a few of their favorite things anonymously. She then used this information to create a gift exchange where everyone received something they truly wanted for retirement, birthday, and holiday parties.

The office was filled with laughter as people unwrapped presents they genuinely appreciated on special occasions, and regifting became a thing of the past. As Mira revolutionized corporate gift-giving, she became known as the “Gift Guru” of our office. Her thoughtful and personalized approach brought joy and laughter, and we began to genuinely look forward to what corporate, and our fellow coworkers, would come up with when it was time to give gifts. 

employees exchanging gifts

SwagMagic and Corporate Gifting

Mira showed the world that corporate gifts didn’t have to be dull and uninspiring but could instead be a source of delight and connection. With SwagMagic and SnackMagic on her side, the options were endless! Everyone loved the high-quality gear, tech, and clothing from SwagMagic, and the events featuring boxes from SnackMagic were a hit. 

Mira changed the way we viewed gifting in our office, turning it into a people-centric opportunity. Finally, we knew how much corporate cared about us, and were able to show each other the same! 

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