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Best Thank You Gifts for Startups: Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for New Businesses to Show Your Appreciation 2024

Starting a business requires endless hustle, but don’t forget to celebrate the key players who’ve helped grow your startup dream into reality! The perfect appreciation or holiday gift is a chance to showcase how much you value your team.

A customized or personalized gift set shows that extra effort for employees, investors, mentors, and loyal clients who’ve contributed to your success story. But skip the tired corporate gift baskets, as an innovative company, you need great and custom gifts as creative as you are!

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That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite unique customized great gifts for clients tailored specifically for startups. From personalized tech accessories engraved with his/her name to exciting experiential gifts like racecar driving, these custom gift options provide meaningful ways to motivate and delight those who’ve supported you.

No matter your budget or business size, we have creative corporate holiday, Christmas gift, and appreciation gift ideas that could work for your situation. Remembering those who join you on the startup rollercoaster ride is a way to show how much their support means to founders like you in 2024 and beyond!

Start up business team
Start up business team

Personalized Gift – Office Supplies 

Price: $28.75

A classic choice, personalized stationery like notepads, pens, and diaries with the company logo showcases a blend of utility and personal touch. It’s something every business will use and appreciate.


Tech Gadgets- Perfect Gift Idea for tech-savvy people

Startups are often tech-oriented. Consider perfect corporate gifts like tech gadgets, USB drives, wireless chargers, or high-quality headphones. They are practical and always welcomed by the tech-savvy crowd.

Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets
Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets

Subscription Corporate Gift Boxes

Whether it’s a monthly gourmet coffee subscription or a box filled with productivity tools, subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. A curated gift box is undoubtedly one of the best employee gift for foodies.

snack box with swag

Books- Client Gift for Small Business Owners

Knowledge is a startup’s best asset. Books on entrepreneurship, innovation, or industry-specific topics can provide invaluable insights.


Desk Plants– Unique Corporate Gift Idea

Price: $17.00

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

A little green can brighten up any workspace. Plants like succulents or snake plants not only enhance aesthetics but also improve air quality.

desk plant
Home office desk with potted plants, books and pegboard.

Custom Gift Cards

Sometimes, letting recipients choose their gift is the best option. Thank-you gift cards to popular online stores, local restaurants, or co-working spaces can be a hit.

gift card
gift card

Relaxation Gift Set – Gift for Women

Running a startup can be stressful. A relaxation kit with essential oils, candles, and a massage voucher can offer a much-needed break.

Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher

Professional Courses or Webinars

Investing in someone’s personal growth is perhaps the most thoughtful gift. Consider gifting courses from platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or LinkedIn Learning.


Handwritten Notes

Personalized handwritten notes are a thoughtful gift giving idea for valued customers. Handwrite a sincere message on a quality notecard to accompany a gift or even as a standalone customer gift idea for 2024.  

Thank You Notes
Thank You Notes

Customizable gifts such as T-shirts, mugs, or caps with the company’s logo or motto can be a great way for startups to showcase their brand and make recipients feel part of the journey.

swag kit

Name Engraved Coffee Mug 

Price: $19.55

A name-engraved coffee mug is a simple yet thoughtful gift. Personalize a stainless steel travel mug with laser engraving of the recipient’s name or short phrase. Every morning when they take their first sip of coffee, they’ll be reminded of your gratitude.

Black Glossy Mug 11oz

Snacks Gift Basket – Best Christmas Gift

Treat them to a snack gift basket overflowing with delicious goodies. This Christmas gift basket comes packed with gourmet cookies, nuts, cheeses, and more tasty bites. It’s a delicious way to show your appreciation in the holiday season.

SnackMagic | Build-Your-Own snack stash | 100% custom | Choose Snack Magic.

Business Card – Appreciation Gift

Have a set of elegant linen-style business cards printed with a special message or quote on the back. It’s a unique corporate gift to accompany an appreciation plaque or certificate. Any time they exchange cards, your gratitude message gets shared.

Water Bottle – Business Gift for New Employees

Price: $74.45

Welcome new employees with a sleek, personalized water bottle as a special and unique gift. Choose from a variety of sizes and add their name or initials etched onto the exterior. Staying hydrated throughout the workday will remind them of your appreciation and support as they embark on this exciting new chapter.

Klean Kanteen 20oz Loop cap Bottle

Gifting is an age-old tradition to express gratitude, and in the world of startups and new businesses, it can serve as a potent tool to nurture relationships and foster goodwill. Whether you’re a stakeholder, a client, or just someone who wants to say ‘Thank You,’ picking the right gift can leave a lasting impression.


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Rebecca, the Head of Marketing for TechFlow, approached SwagMagic with her dilemma. Within days, SwagMagic presented a personalized range of swag — sleek, branded wireless chargers, custom-designed T-shirts with TechFlow’s logo shimmering under city lights, and elegant notepads for their press kits. But what took the cake was the creation of TechFlow’s very own swag store, a virtual treasure trove of curated items along with snacks that guests could redeem.

On launch day, as journalists and influencers walked away with their personalized swag, the buzz was undeniable. The product was revolutionary, but the way TechFlow marketed itself, with SwagMagic’s help, was the talk of the town.

In the realm of corporate gifting, SwagMagic didn’t just provide gifts; they crafted stories, ensuring that businesses left an indelible mark on everyone they touched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Thank You Gifts Important for Startups and New Businesses?

Creates Positive Vibes: Startups thrive on positive energy. A thank-you gift can not only make the recipient feel valued but also foster an atmosphere of goodwill and positivity.
Strengthens Relationships: Whether it’s a vendor, an employee, or an investor, expressing gratitude helps in nurturing and strengthening business relationships.
Reflects Professionalism: Taking the time to choose and give a gift reflects a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail, qualities highly respected in the business world.

What are important tips for choosing the perfect business thank you gifts for startups and new corporate entities?

Understand the Recipient: Before selecting a gift, try to understand the recipient’s preferences, needs, and company culture.
Quality Over Quantity: It’s better to give one high-quality gift than multiple low-quality ones. It reflects thoughtfulness and appreciation.
Packaging Matters: How you present your gift is as important as the gift itself. Opt for eco-friendly packaging and add a personal touch with a note or card.
Keep it Professional: Remember, this is a business gift. Steer clear of overly personal items. Stick to things that can be used in a professional context.

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