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18 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas That Are Unique

Imagine a world without teachers! They make the world better in every way.

A survey by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that 94% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies in their classrooms. Such selfless service!

Unfortunately, teachers rarely get the appreciation they deserve.

October 5th, World Teachers Day, is just around the corner. You don’t have to get a panic attack because SwagMagic has got you completely covered!

Did you know that you can create your own personally branded swag store, choosing your preferred unique gifts and tagging them with your branded design and colors with SwagMagic?

This way, teachers can choose from the store, and parents or students can get them gifts in their hearts. How nice does that sound?  

To say thanks to teachers, here are unique teacher appreciation gift ideas:

Delicious Snack

If this is your Teacher is a person who always has a snack in their bag, then they will love this pack of interesting snacks from SnackMagic. This pack gives you the option to shop from a variety of available snacks from over 300 brands.

You can stock up on amazing snacks that are rare to find and send them directly to your Teacher!

What’s more, SnackMagic makes it even easier by creating delicious bundles with snacks that go well together.

snack box with swag

Wallet Organizer

How about a new wallet for that Teacher that is always organized? This Herschel Roy Wallet by PCNA is perfect. It’s a bi-fold and has multiple storage parts in it. 


Wooden Puzzle

This heart-shaped Goodfaire puzzle is an intriguing gift. It also doubles as an aesthetic wooden furnishing, so it can be placed in a corner in the Teacher’s space, and it can also be used as a puzzle.

Wooden Puzzle
Wooden Puzzle

Notes Marker

This PM-701 black-inked permanent marker is a perfect gift for the Teacher that loves to take notes. It has a fine bullet point and can be refilled with PM-701 refills.

Set of colorful permanent markers
Set of colorful permanent markers

Transit Backpack

This modern transit backpack is designed for easy commuting. It has a dedicated compartment for a laptop and plenty of other storage spaces to contain other materials. 


Gourmet Dishes

How about a tray of assorted dishes? Superior Dishes have a variety of mouth-watering dishes from different world-class vendors. Send a link to your Teacher and let them pick the content of their tray, and have it delivered specially to them.

Birthday Cake

Everyone loves a cake on their birthday. This cotton cheesecake by Cotton Blues will stay in your Teacher’s memory for a long time.

Cherry cake. Russian cake
Cherry cake. Russian cake

Picnic Bag

This collapsible picnic bag by Koozie is a worthy gift for your Teacher. It is modern looking and has a heat-lined compartment and a built-in bottle opener to give you easy access to your food and drinks.

A Collapsible Picnic Basket is a good teacher appreciate gift idea.

Brass Keyring

This Obie Keyring by ORIGAUDIO is the perfect gift for this Teacher. It has a brass ring that holds the keys securely and allows easy attachment to a loop or backpack. You can add some spice by customizing the keyring. 

Blank keyring
Blank keyring

Game Board

If your Teacher loves board games, this signature kit from ORIGAUDIO will work fine. It contains cards, dice, and dominoes neatly packed together in a portable kit that can be carried on trips. 

Backgammon, dice and chips closeup on game board. 3d illustration
Backgammon, dice and chips closeup on game board. 3d illustration

Silver Necklace

This engraved silver bar necklace made by SwagMagic gives off a minimalistic, subtle, yet elegant look. If your Teacher is more of a minimalist, then this gift is perfect for her. 

Yoga Mat

The exercise lover will appreciate this foam yoga mat from SwagMagic. The mat is printable, so you can make a nice customized print on it. 

Customizable Magnet

How about this customizable magnet by Laser Cuts Line for your Teacher that is a fanatic? You can make a neat print of anything the Teacher loves; showing characters, football club, or a sweet ‘thank you for teaching me’ note.

Curated Snack Box

If you are uncertain about what to choose, this Teacher’s appreciation curated box by SnackMagic will do the trick. The box is loaded with several mouth-watering goodies, and it is certainly a way to say thank you. 

Power Bank

This 400 mAh power bank by PCNA is perfect for this Teacher. It can provide additional 38 hours of power.

Power bank
Power bank on yellow background

Luggage Tracker

This Bluetooth luggage tracker is perfect for the Teacher that always travels. With the BeagleScout tracker by Powerstick, you can stay connected to your luggage and never lose track of it. The Bluetooth app increases the signal when you are close to your luggage. 


Cooking Spices

Spiceology has a gift pack with a variety of spice flavors. There is a seafood spice pack, popcorn spice pack, veggie lovers pack, and other varieties of spices. This pack is perfect for the Teacher that loves cooking. 

Box of Cookies

Everyone loves a box of delicious cookies, and you can get this from The Dirty Cookies

Fall cookies with candy
Fall cookies with candy

One-time Setup for All Your Gifting Needs

With SwagMagic, any school can set up a personalized swag store for teachers and students to order gifts. This way, teachers can make their personalized orders, and will no longer need to be stuck with gifts they do not want.

Also, students and parents looking to gift teachers no longer have to come up with a blank brain when making ideas for the Teacher’s gifts.

Thrill your teachers with our packs of a variety of gifts and make teacher appreciation week more exciting. Ready to start creating your store? Find us here 

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