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Spring Corporate Gift Ideas and Custom Spring Swag for Employee Appreciation

Looking for the perfect corporate gifts to boost employee morale this spring? Custom spring swag is a fun way to show your team some appreciation and help lift their spirits after a long winter. Giving gifts to employees can really go a long way when it comes to motivation and morale.

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they tend to have higher job satisfaction. A little staff gift or bulk order of goodies is an easy way to brighten someone’s day and put a smile on their face. Employees love getting surprises, and a thoughtful spring gift is a great gesture that will make them feel special.

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In this blog, we’ll go over some fresh spring gift ideas for employees that are creative, budget-friendly, and sure to be a hit with your team. From practical gifts they can use at work to fun swag they’ll enjoy at home, we’ve got you covered on unique ways to customize feel-good gifts that spread joy throughout your organization.

Stay tuned for gift suggestions spanning all price ranges, easy ordering tips for corporate swag gifts in bulk, and advice on how to time the unveiling of presents to have the greatest impact on employee morale this season. With these springtime ideas, showing staff appreciation has never been easier or more exciting!

Smart Mug: Unique Personalized Gift 

Price: $292.60

Ember 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

This unique personalized gift is the perfect way to show your employees you care. Custom printed with the employee’s name or a fun phrase, this smart mug also keeps drinks hot for hours – the ideal thoughtful gift they can enjoy at their desk.

Gift Card: Employee Appreciation Gift Idea

gift card
gift card

Let your team know you appreciate them by giving the gift of choice. It allows gift recipients to select their own gift, making this a versatile employee appreciation idea. Give a Visa gift card in a fun spring motif as the best way to brighten an employee’s day.

Swag Gift Box: Best Spring Gift Idea

A box filled with goodies makes for the best bulk employee gift. Craft gift boxes with fun snacks, office supplies, self-care items, and other swag your team will love. This unique corporate gift idea allows you to give your employees a little bit of everything.

Custom Notebook: Perfect Gift for Employees Working Remotely

Price: $28.75

Libretto™ Journal

For remote employees who may feel disconnected, a custom-printed notebook is the perfect gift to show you care. Help employees stay organized with a stylish and practical personalized notebook for work notes or personal to-do lists.

Hoodie: Best Employee Spring Gift

Price: $39.10

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie

Give your team the best employee appreciation with matching corporate hoodies customized with your logo and slogans. This cozy gift helps build team spirit while keeping staff comfortable when office A/C runs cold.

Snacks Gift Basket

Spring Medley-tile-image

 Fuel your team’s productivity by gifting snack-filled baskets this spring! Treat staff to crunchy chips, nut mixes, protein bars, freshly popped popcorn, granola bites, dried fruit, and other munchies they’ll appreciate. Arrange bountiful baskets to delight snackers looking for an energy boost.

Fresh Fruit Basket: Best Employee Gift

Price: $84.00

Exotic Fruit Gift Box image

A healthy fresh fruit basket overflowing with delicious produce is the best employee gift to show staff appreciation. Packed with vitamin-rich snacks to power their day, this thoughtful gift will be loved by all. Arrange colorful fruit baskets delivered right to the office.

Water Bottle: For Corporate Gift

Price: $34.73

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Hydration is key, so motivate your team to stay refreshed with personalized water bottles, the perfect corporate gift for modern life. Help the environment by giving eco-friendly bottles they can reuse while drinking enough water to stay energized and alert.

Spa Gift Set: Staff Appreciation Gift

Price: $60


Hardworking employees will love being pampered with relaxation-inducing spa sets. Give them the gift of luxury and self-care with scented bubble baths, soothing lotions, or rejuvenating facial masks perfect for at-home use. This unique gift helps them unwind while making staff members feel truly valued.

DIY Garden Gift Kit for Earth Day 

Price: $35.00

You Plant We Plant Pack of 3 Tree Kits image

Celebrate Earth Day and employee appreciation with a gift that gives back – customize garden kits for staff to plant spring flowers or veggies. Watch team morale grow with this eco-friendly gift! Include starter pots, soil, seeds, plant markers and decor all wrapped up for each recipient.

Gift box filled with Chocolate for Sweet Tooth

Price: $124.00

Indian Inspired Chocolate Bar Gift Set (10) image

Satisfy any sweet tooth on staff with decadent boxes of chocolate treats for the spring season. This delectable gift is a festive pick-me-up, spreading smiles as employees indulge in premium cacao delights. Arrange beautiful presentation boxes filled with their favorite candy.

Tote Bag: Favorite Spring Gifts for Employees

Price: $37.38

All Over Print Tote Bag

 Customizable tote bags make excellent bulk gifts for staff members. Have canvas bags screen printed with your company logo and a fun springtime motif. Employees will love these useful bags for carrying laptops, gym clothes, beach items, and more, showing pride in your organization everywhere they go.

Flip Flop: Bulk Gift for Staff Members

Price: $22.20

Flip Flops

Help your team kick off spring by gifting colorful flip flops for the office or home use. These budget-friendly sandals in spring pastels, mixed with company branding, make walking around more comfortable and spreads smiles. It’s a fun way to lift staff member morale.

Phone Cover: Perfect Staff Gift

Price: $26.45

iPhone Case

Provide customized phone covers as the perfect staff gift for modern employees. Add your logo, inspiring slogans or cute graphics to protective phone cases so your team stays connected in style. This useful accessory shows your staff you appreciate their hard work while keeping devices safe.

Customized Caps: Spring Day Gift

Price: $31.17


Top off your spring gift-giving with matching employee caps for the warmer weather, ideal for company picnics, community service events, or outdoor unity. Have the employee’s name or fun nickname embroidered onto each baseball hat for a thoughtful, personalized touch.

Desk Plant to Boost Employee Morale

Price: $74.00

Spider Plant - Macadamia image

Boost employee morale from the roots up by gifting mini desk plants as an eco-friendly gesture. Small succulents, air plants, or flower bulbs planted in cute pots bring nature’s beauty to the office while improving mood and focus. Let recipients nurture office plants as you nurture your team.

Brownie Box: Christmas Gifts

Price: $55.00

Thinking Of You Cookie & Brownie Box (24 pc) image

Get a head start on holiday gift giving by sending decadent brownie boxes to staff around Christmas time. Packed with chocolatey personalized treats, this sweet care package signals the start of a well-deserved break. Employees will feel special unwrapping the delicious surprises as you wish them happy holidays.

Portable Chargers for New Employee

Price: $90.35

Mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Welcome new employees with practical and eco-friendly gifts to power their devices on the go. Sleek, customizable portable chargers mean they’ll never run out of battery during important work events again. This useful corporate gift will be appreciated by staff as they embark on their new career chapter.

Spring Ahead this Season with Thoughtful Gifts for Employees from SwagMagic

This spring, make your employees feel truly appreciated with custom swag from SwagMagic. It’s easy to get started – simply book a call with one of our gifting experts to explore your needs. We’ll help you craft gift packages, kits and bulk orders that perfectly match your brand, culture and budget. Don’t wait – give your hardworking team a fun surprise and stand out from the crowd this season!

Rewarding employees shouldn’t be an afterthought – it’s a chance to reinforce your values, lift spirits and make people feel sincerely valued. This spring, take the opportunity to wow your team with SwagMagic’s customized branded gifts suited for any budget. With our global catalog of swag items, design expertise, rapid fulfillment and hassle-free service, it’s never been simpler to make each employee feel like a VIP. Reach out today to learn more and spring into gifting action!


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