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Spring Gift Ideas for Clients: Custom Business Gifts, Appreciation Swag and Personalized Corporate Gift Baskets

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means – it’s time to start thinking about gifts for clients! A thoughtful client gift is a great way to show your appreciation, stay top of mind, and boost your brand. With spring holidays like Easter just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start on the hunt for unique business gifts, appreciation gifts, and custom corporate gifts. 

In this blog post, I’ll share our favorite spring client gift ideas, from cheerful Easter baskets stuffed with sweet treats and personalized goodies to lush plant gifts that keep your logo front and center. We’ll also cover tips for getting the most brand mileage from your holiday gifts with creative personalization and packaging. Plus, we’ll get into some easy DIY gift basket ideas for clients if you’re looking for an affordable promotion that still makes a memorable impression.

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No matter what type of small business you run, gift-giving is a chance to connect with your clients in a more personal, memorable way. So read on for many fun, creative ideas on surprising and delighting your customers this spring! Gift-giving is also a great excuse to procrastinate filing taxes…but we digress. Let’s dive into some awesome springtime client gift inspiration!

Customized Branded Gift Box

Send a unique corporate gift basket filled with gift items like snacks, coffee, and wine to pop-by and show real estate clients appreciation this spring. These customizable baskets make excellent realtor pop-by gifts and are a great way for agents to thank clients and stay top of mind as the real estate market blooms.

Spring Bouquet: Corporate Gift

Price: $60


Treat your clients to a cheerful spring flower bouquet as a perfect gift to celebrate the season. Vibrant arrangements popped by as part of your real estate marketing make great gifts and put a smile on referral and corporate clients’ faces. This seasonal gift is sure to have them thinking of your services.

Sunglasses: Best Spring Gift

Price: $3.65

Malibu Sunglasses

Help clients look on the bright side with branded sunglasses as swag for your next real estate open house or spring pop-by gift ideas. These promotional products make great real estate marketing gifts, perfect for showing customer appreciation while keeping your brand top of mind. Every time clients slip on these shades, they’ll think fondly of working with you.

Airpods Apple Gift

Price: $312.49

Apple AirPods Pro - White image

Surprise top clients with Apple AirPods in a nicely wrapped gift box as a sign of your real estate referral appreciation this spring. These popular tech gifts work for both client’s thank you gifts as well as unique employee appreciation and will have the recipient appreciating your services whenever they use them.

Gift Card: Perfect Thank You Gift

gift card
gift card

Treat your favorite real estate clients to gift cards for local shops and restaurants. Popping by with gift card spring gifts is a great way to show appreciation and strengthen client relationships. They’ll think of your services next time they grab a coffee or enjoy a nice meal courtesy of your thoughtfulness.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Wine/ Beer pack: Gift for Clients

Cheers to great clients! Pop by with a pack of fine wines or crafted beers to toast your appreciation for your top real estate patrons. These drink gifts are a great way for an agent to celebrate a referral, show thanks for client loyalty, or keep your business top of mind for corporate clients.

Picnic Basket: Real Estate Client Appreciation Gift

Price: $62.92

Koozie Collapsible Picnic Basket

Treat real estate clients to springtime outdoor fun with a customized logo picnic basket. Filled with items like cheeses, snacks, and a nice bottle of wine, this gift crate makes an excellent pop-by gift. Clients will appreciate the gesture as they enjoy a spring picnic while keeping your agent services and brand at the top of mind.

Scented Candle: Unique Business Gift

Price: $22.25

Custom 8 oz. Scented Tumbler Candle in a Cardboard Gift Box

Help clients celebrate the spring season with a refreshing scented candle in a stylish gift box. Pop by with this bright spring gift as a pick-me-up for top customers and employees. The candle’s lovely aroma will remind them of your thoughtfulness each time it’s lit.

Chocolate Box for Realtor pop-by Idea

Price: $57.00

Perfect Size Gift Assortment image

Sweeten up someone’s spring with a gift box filled with decadent chocolates. This delicious surprise works perfectly as a real estate referral or employee appreciation gift. Add a custom gift tag with your branding to make your generosity top of mind for the recipient.

Logo Tumbler: Marketing Gift

Price: $28.52

Vagabond Tumbler 20oz

Treat your top contacts to a trendy logo tumbler for sipping springtime drinks on the go. This personalized gift is excellent for real estate agent marketing gifts, client appreciation giveaways, and corporate gifting too. It will keep drinks cool and your brand constantly on their minds.

Self Care Package: Holiday Gift

Price: $60


Show clients some love this season with a thoughtfully crafted self-care package. Filled with items like cozy slippers, relaxing candles, face masks, and herbal tea, this thoughtful surprise makes an excellent real estate referral or corporate gifting idea. Recipients will think of your generous gift each time they enjoy some “me time.”

Coffee Mug: Favorite Spring Gift Idea

Price: $32.37

Rover Copper Vac Camp Mug 14oz

This spring, pack up your top contacts with a sleek, branded coffee mug. Gifting these customizable cups lets real estate agents put their logo and services top of mind whenever clients take a coffee break. Fill them with gourmet beans or tea for a delightful gift.

Cheese Board for Clients and Customers

Price: $129.00

Ciccetti All Cheese Board image

Wow, clients with an artisan cheese board delivery filled with delightful cheddar, brie, grapes, and crackers. This unique corporate gift idea makes the perfect edible arrangement for real estate open houses, client birthdays, staff parties, and more. It’s sure to earn you rave reviews.

Snacks Gift Basket for Corporate Clients

Spring Medley-tile-image

Send tasty tidings with a custom snack box filled with delicious treats like crackers, baklava, cookies, and more. These creative boxes make excellent real estate closing gifts or home seller thank you presents. Snacking on your tasty gifts will have them appreciating your services in no time.

Spring Scarf for Themed Gift

Help clients wrap up in style with a lightweight branded scarf for the spring season ahead. This custom accessory makes a fantastic addition to any real estate agent care package, client gift crate, or employee ‘thank you’ basket. It will keep your brand wrapped around their shoulders as the temperatures rise.

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