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Fun National Paralegal Day Ideas and Activities

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National Paralegal Day was coming up, and what better way to celebrate than an off-site event?

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Our team has selected a few unique ideas for National Paralegal Day 2023 along with some fun activities:

  • Thank you Dinner for Paralegal Team
  • Networking Conference
  • Volunteering for a Cause
  • Team Building Activities and Games
  • Recognition and Awards Events
  • Social Media Shoutouts
  • Custom Swag Box
swag kit

  • Yummy Snack Kit
snack box with swag

Not only had we done pretty much everything, but we were bored with the same old games, prizes, and giveaways. 

So Sarah, the head of our marketing team, suggested visiting a local escape room and taking the paralegal team with us. We would take the partners with us as well and make it a way for them to get to know their paralegals better. 

We had no idea if this was a good idea, so Sarah booked a nice dinner afterward in case the escape room was a disaster, and we needed to make up for it. Our paralegals mean a lot to us, and we would hate to have them quit over a fun event gone wrong. 

We scheduled our time in the escape room and used SwagMagic to order t-shirts for the occasion. It was important to us to make everyone feel like a team, so why not match? SnackMagic played a crucial role, providing us with the snacks necessary to meet beforehand and discuss our strategies. 

We decided to split up into two teams, with members of marketing, partners, and paralegals on each team. We drew out of a hat to see who would be on which team, and from there, we allowed people to get together beforehand to talk it through. 

In retrospect, this was a great way to establish connections before arriving at the actual escape room, and people were better able to work together overall. However, we still didn’t know what to expect, throwing people in a small space together who had never really been in close proximity, wearing matching t-shirts to boot. 

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

team brainstorming National Paralegal Day ideas and activities

We established the legal secretary gifts and gifts for coworkers that we intended to give to our paralegal team, and the lawyers would hand them out before leaving for the escape room during the snack and strategy meeting.

The last time the lawyers chose a Christmas gift for a legal assistant, it was a pair of fuzzy socks, so we were thrilled to have SwagMagic on the case this time around. 

Now we have a list of amazing gift ideas for legal secretaries:

  • Desk Accessories
Colorful desk accessories
Colorful desk accessories

  • Business Card Holder
card holder

Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets
Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets

  • Custom Gift Basket
snack box with swag

water bottle

  • Eco-Friendly Snack Box
  • Office Décor Items
  • Stress Relief Puzzle

We finalized a firm-branded sweatshirt, workout gear, a mug, office supplies, and a water bottle from SwagMagic which went directly into beautiful gift baskets selected by the marketing team.

We knew our paralegals would love them, and we were thrilled to be able to provide them with such an incredible gift, especially in case the escape room went awry. 

We felt extremely confident that this year’s celebration would be perfect, from the gift baskets to the after-event dinner. The afternoon of the escape room event arrived, and everyone gathered in the conference room to munch on delicious vegan Snack Magic snack boxes and plan their strategies. Whoever lost had to buy a round of drinks at dinner!

Paralegal Day Gifts

Our National Paralegal Day gifts couldn’t have been better. Our paralegal gift basket was on point, and it was kind of like a paralegal survival kit. The team loved our National Paralegal Day ideas and activities and were so thankful that it put them in great spirits for the escape room.

The office was filled with a really fantastic vibe, and we owed much of it to the Paralegal Day gifts from SwagMagic, and of course, the tasty treats from SnackMagic for giving us the energy necessary to make it through the escape room and to dinner. We all climbed into a rented stretch limo and took off to the escape room.

team high-fiving

National Paralegal Day Activities

The escape room went perfectly and will go down in history as one of the best National Paralegal Day activities ever! With only one fight between Cathy and Terrance, it was the perfect selection concerning paralegal party ideas. We usually go above and beyond to celebrate World Lawyers Day and Attorney Day, so this was a nice change of pace. 

In fact, we had such a good time that we all agreed to do it again for Love Your Lawyer Day. It was indeed one of the best Legal Assistant’s Days ever!

Swag and Paralegal Celebrations

Our matching t-shirts were the best part of the escape room experience, and they blew up on social media. We had more clients and job applications than ever before and gained a large following on social media. 

The swag from SwagMagic is high-quality and durable and kept us cool, collected, and moisture-wicked while trying to figure out the escape room clues. We recommend them to everyone now and use their branded swag for social media and in-office giveaways! 

We also keep SnackMagic boxes stocked in our employee break rooms, as those snacks were far too delicious to pass up! 

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