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Best Giveaway Ideas for National Paralegal Day

Few things are more challenging than creating the perfect gifts and giveaways for your employees and clients. Our company is a prominent law office, and we have many clients and social media followers interested in law and the ways our company operates. 

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Unique gifts and giveaway ideas to celebrate National Paralegal Day are:

tote bag

Steel thermos mug and coffee mug
Steel thermos mug and coffee mug

  • Funny Stress Buster Balls
Antistress toy mesh ball filled with hydrogel
Antistress toy mesh ball filled with hydrogel

  • Creative Notepads
Notepad and pencil
Notepad and pencil

water bottle

  • Pens with Logo
pen set

branded tshirt adidas

  • Phone Accessories
Mobile-phone case
Mobile-phone case

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

  • Desk Organizer
Colorful desk accessories
Colorful desk accessories

Suppose you need clarification on what is a paralegal or what is a paralegal vs a lawyer, in that case, a quick internet search will explain the primary differences and why lawyers immensely appreciate their paralegals. 

Our office is no exception to that appreciation, and this year, one of our partners, Jim, wanted to go above and beyond for the paralegals working in our office. We were in the process of hiring, and Jim wanted our social media followers to get a glimpse into our company and how well we treat our employees. 

His idea was a good one, but he needed to give our in-house marketing team more time to start planning. Jim suggested office parties, off-site celebrations, ordering swag for giveaways, and signing up for snack boxes that could be regularly delivered to our office for everyone to munch on. And he wanted us to document all of it on social media. 

After spending a few high-pressure days coming up with a content calendar, ordering swag from SwagMagic, and booking sites for off-site celebrations, it looked like Jim was going to get his wish. Our company would go big for National Paralegal Day, and our followers would be along for the ride. 

Gifts for Lawyers

When our paralegals learned about the big celebration dedicated to them and how hard they work, they went from excited to stressed almost immediately.

They couldn’t wait to receive social media recognition and custom gifts like branded swag, and non-stop snacks, but they were concerned about not having anything to give in return. 

We assured them that gifts for lawyers were unnecessary and that every paralegal gift basket handed out was because we genuinely appreciated them. Still, Rhonda, one of the longest-working paralegals at our firm, did a SwagMagic search for professional gifts for lawyers. 

She bought a set of two beautifully engraved glasses for each of the lawyers at the firm and asked the rest of the paralegals to chip in a few dollars toward the gift. She spent a lot of money, and everyone else seemed irritated that she didn’t consult them before making a purchase. 

Those of us on the party planning team were concerned about how Jim would take this, seeing as he really wanted to make it all about the paralegals. Then, Rhonda posted the glasses on social media, complaining about how paralegals do so much for the lawyers and get nothing in return. 

We couldn’t understand it since we’d already told her that huge appreciation events and gifts were right around the corner! We had to beg her to take it down before it passed to Jim and the other partners. 

Rhonda did take down her post, and she ended up apologizing, but none of us were sure what to make of it. Either way, we had to move on. The lawyers had given out a fantastic gift for the legal assistant, and a beautiful Christmas gift for the administrative assistant, so we couldn’t understand why Rhonda was so angry. 

We dropped it, focusing on the paralegals and legal assistants and planning for their big day. Jim found out about the glasses and Rhoda’s post, and it was only a short time before she was called into his office. 

Jim was confused about why Rhonda would post such a thing, as our lawyers always gave out legal secretary gifts. Just that week, she’d gotten a big legal secretary gift basket for her birthday! We’ll never know what happened in the meeting with Jim and Rhonda. 

Did they fight over gifts for assistants and gifts for secretaries? Did Rhonda demand a raise? Or did they decide to amicably part ways? We have no idea, but we do know that Rhonda slammed the door behind her when she left, gathered her things, and we never saw her again.

SwagMagic Celebrates Paralegals

Despite all the Rhonda drama, our Paralegal Day celebrations went off without a hitch, and they were massively successful with our employees and across our social channels. Jim had a line of people wanting to interview for the job openings, which, without Rhonda, there was one more!

SwagMagic delivered beautiful custom-branded swag right to our office door, and the SnackMagic boxes were a perfect complement. Everyone in the office loves them (not just the paralegals), so we purchase them weekly for every department! We’ll definitely choose them for future events!

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