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​​Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

The marketing team struggled to get anything done around the office after they suddenly lost access to their CRM, automation tools, and computers. They’ve been having to manually send emails and post on social media from their phones without the help of their everyday tools. The IT department is trying to figure out what could be going wrong with their logins, but no one knows what the problem may be. 

It wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t near the holidays. They need to plan their Black Friday campaigns, holiday emails, and all of their Giving Tuesday ideas before the end of the week. If they couldn’t figure out how to get into their CRM or email scheduling platform – this year’s marketing campaigns would be a total flop. 

The social media marketing manager had been writing all her Giving Tuesday messaging on paper and manually posting them to each platform from her phone. Without access to her calendar, she didn’t know much about the holiday in the first place. She found herself googling When is Giving Tuesday? When did Giving Tuesday start? What is this holiday even all about? Since she was locked out of her computer, she felt lost, and unorganized, and started going crazy trying to get all her work done on her phone.

Don’t worry – this major tech outage didn’t stop the team from having the best Giving Tuesday 2023. They were determined to still invest in all their Giving Tuesday gift ideas and to look for innovative ways to market to the public outside of technology. 

They just needed to step back and do things the good old fashion way.

Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas For Employees

The customer success manager was in charge of all the Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas for Employees. However, without her computer, she struggled even to remember everyone’s name at the company. How many people actually worked in accounting? Did anyone quit these last few months?

She wondered if she should buy a bunch of custom t-shirts with catchy Giving Tuesday slogans and the Giving Tuesday logo and call it a day. However, that wouldn’t work since she didn’t even have access to the spreadsheet with everyone’s shirt sizes anymore!

She went straight to work looking up innovative Giving Tuesday gift ideas online.

Cool giveaway items for giving Tuesday that employees would love:

  1. Custom T-shirt: Custom T-shirts are a great giveaway item for Giving Tuesday as they are both practical and personal. Employees can wear them on casual Fridays or on the weekends, and they’ll be reminded of the company’s commitment to giving back every time they wear it.
  2. Branded Hoodie: A branded hoodie is another practical and stylish giveaway item that employees would love. It’s perfect for colder weather and can be worn both in and outside of work. It also serves as a great reminder of the company’s commitment to giving back.
  3. Yeti Tumbler: A Yeti Tumbler is a high-quality drinkware item that is perfect for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It’s a practical item that employees can use every day, whether they’re at work or at home. Adding the company logo to the Tumbler is a great way to promote the company’s giving efforts.
  4. Fleece Sweatpants: Fleece sweatpants are comfortable and cozy, making them a great giveaway item for Giving Tuesday. Employees can wear them when they’re working from home or lounging on the weekends. Adding the company logo to the sweatpants is a great way to show support for the company’s charitable efforts.
  5. Champion Windbreaker Jacket: A Champion windbreaker jacket is a practical and stylish giveaway item that employees would love. It’s perfect for cooler weather and can be worn both in and outside of work. It also serves as a great reminder of the company’s commitment to giving back. Adding the company logo to the jacket is a great way to promote the company’s charitable efforts.

Since they had a company store with SwagMagic, they were able to easily order everything they needed from their phone.  

Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas For Clients


The marketing team never realized how much of their life revolved around technology, software, and computers. How long would they need to live like this? They couldn’t write emails and social posts from their phone forever. 

They also needed Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas for clients.

  1. Offer discounts on products and services.
  2. Send a personalized thank-you note expressing gratitude.
  3. Give a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop, encouraging your client to support small businesses.
  4. Send a care package with snacks, coffee, or other treats.
  5. Host a virtual event or webinar on a topic your client is interested in.
  6. Send a holiday card with a personalized message.
  7. Give a subscription to a magazine or online service related to their industry.
  8. Send a personalized gift basket with their favorite items, such as books, candles, or snacks.

While most of the gifts were figured out, without their work computers and access to their accounts, they knew they would never put together the best Giving Tuesday campaigns. They needed design assets, a landing page, and an email campaign if they wanted to raise money for a good cause anytime soon. 

The social media manager struggled with creating together Giving Tuesday social media posts with only her two thumbs. She was making all the posts from her phone and taking photos at the office. No one on the marketing team wanted to tell her how awful all the designs looked. Instead, they just sent her Giving Tuesday quotes hoping she’d switch to Twitter and tweet a few posts. 

team planning Giving Tuesday gift ideas

Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas For Customers

It had been nearly four days since the marketing team used their computers or any software. The IT team couldn’t figure out the problem or how to help them. Every time the marketing team asked, they shrugged their shoulders. 

While the customer success manager found great Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas for Customers from her phone, the email marketing manager struggled with her Giving Tuesday campaign examples, and the social media manager couldn’t find any Giving Tuesday hashtags or creative Giving Tuesday post ideas to use. 

All of the Giving Tuesday campaign examples and Giving Tuesday campaign ideas required so much extra care, and the marketing team felt hopeless without it. 

  • Swag Giveaways
  • Snack Treat Box
  • Personalized Thank You Notes

It turns out…The IT team was playing a prank on the marketing team and enjoyed watching them suffer through their week. After the holidays, the IT team gave them access to their tools and computers in the snap of a finger. 

While their marketing campaign didn’t go as planned, the Giving Tuesday gift ideas that the client success manager bought were a total hit. Their customers loved the branded shirts, water bottles, and cinch bags they invested in. They reached their goals and raised money for a great cause – without any of their computers. It was a Giving Tuesday miracle, and everyone was relieved when it was over. 

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