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Best Giving Tuesday Ideas

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The office announced it wanted everyone to go fully remote, BUT no one knew what was in store for them when they’d return for monthly meetings. While everyone was working from home, the local wildlife moved in. 

Literally moved in. Birds, deer, bunnies – you name it. I must admit, it was pretty cute. But when we come back for meetings or luncheons, they won’t leave!

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Most would say the entire office looked like a complete zoo. While most of our new coworkers are cuddly and cute they aren’t always the most… responsive. A bunny has turned my cubicle into a home and the birds have completely taken over the breakroom.

The problem is – no one has it in them to kick the animals out. Do they have a place to go? Do they need shelter? So, the team started brainstorming fun Giving Tuesday Ideas to give back to the local national park. If the animals don’t want to leave, the least we can do is help them get a better place to go. 

Giving Tuesday 2023 is on Tuesday, November 28th. This holiday always lands on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, so our team had some time to brainstorm fun Giving Tuesday slogans and Giving Tuesday gift ideas to get the whole community involved on this special day of giving! 

Plus, once the city finds out that animals are living in our building after going remote.. they’ll want to do their part to give back to the national park and forest rangers, too!

Giving Tuesday Ideas For Schools 

The office manager was the first to notice the animals. She was still going into the office once a week to keep an eye on things, and she saw all of the wildlife getting comfortable in our cubicles. She’s an animal lover at heart. So she never thought to say anything to anyone. If we weren’t using the office, why couldn’t we?

The marketing team knew the schools in the area would want to participate in our big Giving Tuesday campaign. So we started thinking about Giving Tuesday ideas for schools. How could they help? How can they participate? We knew they would probably need a no-cost way to participate. We figured the best form of advocacy for them would be social media. So the marketing team brainstormed Giving Tuesday post ideas, Giving Tuesday hashtags, and even Giving Day challenge ideas. 

Our designers put together Giving Tuesday social media posts that schools and universities could use, and our PR team got started on the outreach right away.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas 

Our office manager put up wildlife cams so everyone could watch the action on a live stream. Let me be the first to say it was a scene out of a movie. When we started coming into the office a few times a week, we thought they would go away – but we were wrong.

So, we decided to use this wildlife cam footage as content for our Giving Tuesday campaign ideas. We knew this wasn’t a traditional Giving Tuesday campaign examples… but it would definitely be the best Giving Tuesday campaigns you’ve ever seen!

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We used the wildlife cam footage for our Giving Tuesday post ideas and all our Giving Tuesday messaging. One team member even went out and got t-shirts made at our company store with an image of the animals hanging out in cubicles and the break room – one of the best custom shirts we’ve ever gotten from SwagMagic. 

a custom shirt is a great Giving Tuesday Ideas

Unique Fundraising Ideas 

While most of our new furry coworkers were harmless, there was at least one major panic attack over a few reptiles, and one guy in accounting quit. But none of that stopped us from raising money for a good cause. 

Our team was determined to get these animals out of there and revive their home in nature. We came to the table with innovative giving campaign themes and unique fundraising ideas. We even thought about private fundraising for individuals and out-of-the-box online fundraising ideas for individuals. 

We figured raising money for wildlife would be easier than other fundraisers in the community. Unlike fundraising for individual athletes and individual fundraising ideas for trips: we were dedicated to raising funds for something everyone loved and cherished… Animals!

wild animals back in the wild

At the end of the month, our giving campaign themes worked. The animals returned to their homes in the wild, and we raised thousands of dollars for the national parks and forest rangers. You should have seen the look on the forest rangers’ faces when they came by our office to help remove the animals… They had never seen anything like it! 

Since the wildlife fiasco, I think we’ll all continue raising money for wildlife and coming to the table with fun Giving Tuesday ideas. It really brought our team together!

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