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Frequently Asked Questions

Giving Tuesday

After running a customer success report, a mystified marketing manager realized their company's most valuable clients weren't ordering anymore. These big-name clients brought in a ton of money to the business and would typically place monthly orders for the same products and services. 

After digging around the data, he realized that most had just recently stopped placing orders. He sent a customer survey to their top customers looking for feedback and asking why they were choosing not to work with them anymore. 

When the surveys came back, he realized it wasn't about the quality of the products or the customer services - it was the brand itself. Their company didn't have values, a mission, or giveback initiatives they were passionate about.

The marketing manager was mad at himself. How did he never notice this? So, he set out with a plan for Giving Tuesday celebration ideas. Giving Tuesday is the National Day of Giving. He thought if he could put together a clear, cut giving-back initiative, it would inspire his top customers to reconsider doing business with them. 

To get started on his giveback campaign, he did some simple research. When is Giving Tuesday? When did Giving Tuesday start? How does Giving Tuesday work? What are some examples of successful campaigns? What good community event ideas, giveaway items, and charities can they give back to?

This project would take a ton of planning, but he knew if he was successful, he could change his company's image and bring back the business they were losing.

So, he got right to work creating the perfect Giving Tuesday campaign. Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday to follow Black Friday. That meant he had exactly three months to plan a great Giving Tuesday campaign and inspire their customers to give back and shop with them.

History Of Giving Tuesday

He knew when Giving Tuesday started but needed more context before planning a full-fledged marketing campaign. First, he needed to learn more about how Giving Tuesday works and the history of Giving Tuesday. 

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012. It's an ongoing initiative designed to inspire individuals to give back to their community and the people around them. Whether it's volunteering, donating, or advocating - these small initiatives push people to give back all year, not just on Giving Tuesday. 

The marketing manager knew he wanted to do something big. He wanted to develop an inspiring campaign that gave back to the community and inspired everyone to do the same. He mulled over his options. Should I plan a 5K for a local charity? Should I host a food drive for the month of November? Maybe, we can raise money for a cause, and our company will match the donations! 

All of them were good ideas. However, he wanted to do something that brought people together. So, he decided to plan a 5K run for a local charity in his community. All the donations would go to charity, and he would invite everyone in his community to participate. 

Giving Tuesday Gift Ideas

He got started planning the perfect 5K. He created an email marketing campaign and sent it to their current and previous customers. He created flyers, hung them around the community, and started posting them on social media. 

Next, he needed to start brainstorming gifts Giving Tuesday gift ideas and giveaways for everyone that was participating. He started ordering custom swag from SwagMagic with their logo and a Giving Tuesday design his graphic design team created. He ordered custom t-shirts for the runners, Giving Tuesday giveaways for event attendees, and a few extra swag items for a raffle he had planned. 

Everything was perfect! The Giving Tuesday graphics, giveaways, and custom items he ordered were what he was looking for - and he couldn't wait to see everyone in their custom swag, representing their brand and the cause they were raising money for. It would be the best 5K the community has ever seen. 

All of the logistics of the 5K were coming together perfectly. All he needed to do was plan the rest of the event and implement his marketing initiatives.

Giving Tuesday Social Media Posts

The marketing manager knew social media outlets would be his biggest tool leading up to the event. He needed a  Giving Tuesday post every day during the weeks leading up to the event. He started researching fun Giving Tuesday Facebook posts, Giving Tuesday hashtags, and giving quotes he could use for his social strategy. 

He highlighted all of the custom swag he ordered in his social posts to entice people to attend his event. He took pictures of the custom shirts and wrote Giving Tuesday quotes in the captions. He also shared weekly updates about the local charity they donated to and some fun facts. He wanted his company's followers to know their donations impacted the community.

For his social strategy, he posted every day leading up to the event. He engaged with comments, answered questions in the inbox, and even posted some social posts he created on community Facebook boards. He made sure to cover all of his bases and expanded his reach as far as he could with social media. 

Giving Tuesday Campaign Examples

Next, he started looking at other companies’ best Giving Tuesday campaigns example. He wanted to know what Giving Tuesday toolkit other companies were using and to pull inspiration from some of the most successful Giving Tuesday campaign examples. He noticed many businesses had online fundraising pages and custom swag stores with items that featured the Giving Tuesday logo.

He loved all of the ideas he came across.  He loved the custom items he created with his Giving Tuesday design and wanted to share them with the world! With SwagMagic's create-a-store feature, it was much easier than he thought it would be. He set up a store and invited everyone to purchase custom swag

It was a total hit! People that couldn't attend the event would buy custom shirts and water bottles with the Giving Tuesday logo to show support. He even noticed some of the clients they lost had placed their own orders as well. 

He knew that once Giving Tuesday ended, he'd still want to keep his swag store open and fill it with branded merchandise employees could buy. 

On the day of the event, the community came out and showed their support for the local charity. There was a sea of custom shirts with his Giving Tuesday design on them, and he couldn't be more proud to see their logo paired with such a great initiative. He felt proud of himself for turning his vision into a reality and loved having the opportunity to give back to the community. 

At the end of the event, he reconnected with some of the customers they lost. They loved that his company committed to giving back and appreciated their giveback initiatives. They made sure to tell him that they couldn't wait for next year's event and that they loved the simple ordering process through SwagMagic's website. 

At the end of the process, the marketing manager learned the true purpose of Giving Tuesday. He felt passionate about his giveback initiatives and wanted to continue making giveback initiatives throughout the year. 

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