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Best Gifts for Team: Custom Team Swag and Corporate Gifts for Employees and CoWorkers in 2024

Finding the perfect employee appreciation gift or holiday gift can be tricky, mainly when your team works from home. A customized gift box full of goodies is always a great option to show your remote staff some love. Our company logo on mugs, hats, shirts or desk accessories for the home office makes any small gift feel more personal.

Giving a gift, no matter how small, is an excellent way to connect with employees and remind them they are appreciated. In a world of video calls and instant messages, a tangible surprise shipped to someone’s home brings smiles in a really special way. And who doesn’t love getting mail that isn’t bills or junk? Exactly!

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This post will explore fun and creative gift ideas to wow your remote team. From tasty treats to stylish accessories, these great gifts can be tailored to match any budget. Getting something thoughtful doesn’t have to break the bank when you shop smart. Read on for plenty of stellar options, and let the holiday cheer commence!

employees exchanging team gifts

Whether you create a custom swage store or send your team perfect gifts in bulk, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of our top gifts for teams you can choose from to personalize with your logo:

Personalized Canvas Tote Bags

Price: $30.15

These custom tote bags allow employees to carry a helpful item printed with the company logo, showing team spirit wherever they go. The handy bags promote unity. Employees will appreciate these spacious, durable bags for carrying laptops, notebooks, gym clothes, and more. They make great reusable shopping bags, too.

Baltic 18oz Cotton Canvas Boat Tote

Water Bottle: Best Gift for Employee

Price: $62.70

A branded water bottle encourages hydration and healthy habits while reminding staff they’re part of a team. It’s a simple, affordable way to build camaraderie. These useful bottles provide a daily reminder of shared identity and values. They also reduce waste from single-use plastics.

CamelBak 20oz Water Bottles

Gift Card: Team Gift Idea for Work

Gift cards empower each worker to select their own gift, meeting individual needs while keeping the team connected by a shared gesture of appreciation. The personalized cards can be spent according to personal preferences on food, entertainment, self-care, or more. This is the best employee gift for any occasion. 

Pen: Corporate Gift Set

Price: $2.09

Practical pens adorned with the company insignia make a professional statement. They’re an economical way to equip the group with a daily reminder of unity. These proper writing instruments will often be employed for notes in meetings, journaling, reminders, and lists.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Ellipse Softy with Stylus - ColorJet - Full Color Metal Pen

Throw Blanket: Best Employee Gift

Price: $41.63

Cozy branded blankets foster comfort and connection. They bring the team together by providing a versatile item everyone can use at home or in the office. Great for curling up on the couch or having lunch outside, they build bonds beyond workspaces.

Throw Blanket

Essential Oil Diffuser: Cute Gifts for Team

Price: $49.99

A custom diffuser promotes health and wellness while perfuming workplace air. It’s a thoughtful, therapeutic gift bound to be appreciated by all. The tranquil diffusers can run intermittently throughout the day to provide calming scents without overwhelming anyone.

Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser image

Wireless Charger for Work from Home Employees

Price: $99.99

Sleek wireless chargers efficiently power devices overnight so employees start each day fully charged. They boost productivity through tech convenience. Never search for cords again! Just set your phone on the pad and let it charge.

Ultimate Charger - 20000mAh Power Bank image

Curated Gift Box for Coworkers

A custom gift box with an assortment of treats, tools, and team items fosters a spirit of unity and appreciation. The varied items cater to different preferences, bringing balance to the team. Signature snacks lift spirits between busy work periods or while collaborating on projects. Branded tech accessories increase functionality across devices, optimizing workflows. Overall, the thoughtfully bundled box builds communal understanding through shared experiences.

​​12 oz. Oslo Mug: for Staff Members

Price: $28.77

These mugs create consistency across the team drinkware while showing pride in the organization. Their simple, usable style makes a memorable gift. Easy to grip and pair with any decor, they’ll be a staple at office brew stations.

12 oz. Oslo Mug

Stainless Steel Tumbler: Employee Appreciation Gift

Price: $42.83

Durable stainless steel tumblers keep drinks hot or cold on the go. A branded set gives the team portable items they’ll use daily. Great for water, coffee, tea, or protein shakes, they also prevent spills en route to meetings.

Emery 2-in-1 Double Wall Stainless Tumbler

Stemless Wine Cup: Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Stemless wine cups encourage work/life balance. The set gives employees unified barware for responsible happy hours and team building. They also make great cups for soda, juice, and daily items. Easy sipping, easy gifting!

Bottle of wine, cups of mulled wine and ingredients on wooden background
Bottle of wine, cups of mulled wine and ingredients on wooden background

Koozie Collapsible Picnic Basket

Price: $62.92

A convenient company picnic set fosters informal connection and collaboration. Outdoor lunches enhance culture and community. Weather permitting, take your sandwich outside and dine al fresco with colleagues.

picnic basket

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Awesome Gift for Team

Price: $108.25

Portable speakers pump up morale anywhere with custom playlists or podcasts. Music creatively bonds teams. Their convenient size makes them perfect for hotel rooms, job site trailers, and more.

JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Bluetooth music speaker

Wooden Puzzle: Unique Team Gift Idea

Price: $26.50

Intricate wooden puzzles challenge groups to connect pieces just as they connect with one another. Working together builds trust and belonging. Perfect for an informal team-building exercise, they facilitate camaraderie.

Wooden Puzzle
Wooden Puzzle

Soft Cover Ruled Pocket Notebook for Productive Employees

Price: $34.53

Handsome branded notebooks keep everyone’s ideas aligned through consistent brainstorming tools. They focus on collaborative efforts. Their convenient pocket size ensures concepts get captured on the go, too.

Black pocket journal
Pocket journal

Port Authority Impact Tech Backpack: Awesome Team Gift

Price: $62.83

Roomy backpacks equipped with padded laptop sleeves keep employee technology protected. They enable secure mobility and flexibility. Padded shoulder straps prevent strain, while multiple compartments stay organized.

Black Backpack
Black Backpack

Classic Medium Tote: Gift Ideas for Team Members

Price: $15.30

Durable cotton tote bags hold team necessities in classic style. Spacious and sturdy, they carry books, gadgets, and more anywhere. The natural material looks excellent and doesn’t show scuffs over time.

Black tote bag
Black tote bag

Duffel Pack: Employee of the Month Gift

Price: $129.14

Versatile Arcane packs work as professional luggage or expanded totes. Their flexibility equips the group across changing situations. Padded handles and straps make hauling heavy gear comfortable even when loaded down.

duffel bag

The best part? There’s always a reason to celebrate. Whether it’s a milestone, the completion of a big project, a holiday, or just because – you can always find a way to use perfect team gift ideas to inspire your team members. 

When building a recognition program, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of items and choices available. Do you give them cash bonuses at the end of the quarter if they reach their goals? Do you raffle an all-expenses-paid vacation? 

In a recent study, 65% of employees felt that merchandise and travel awards were remembered longer than cash rewards. While cash may be an easy gift to give your employees, it doesn’t foster the connections you need to build a thriving workplace dynamic that is appreciated and recognized. 

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SwagMagic is an invaluable tool that brands can use to build a strong recognition program that delivers results. We have a variety of services that will help you enhance your gift-giving program and help your team feel appreciated. 

A Global Gifting Solution 

If you have a global workforce, you know it’s not easy to build a recognition program or find a way to send gifts to all of your employees. You need to consider the fees associated with international shipping and any other problems that may occur along the way. 

The gifts you send could get caught up in customs and never arrive to your team. If everyone in the United States received their items, but your international team didn’t, it could lead to an unwanted disconnect and leave them feeling underappreciated. 

With our global gifting program, you can confidently ship team gifts to over 150+ countries. We have a menu of items designed outside of the United States, so you can save on shipping costs and ensure every team is appreciated, no matter where they are. This program will give you peace of mind when shopping for team gifts for the holidays or your next special occasion. 

Create Your Own Custom Swag Store

Providing your employees access to customer swag is one of the best ways to enhance company morale and keep them engaged with the workplace. Custom t-shirts, backpacks, and journals may seem like products to you, but to your team, they symbolize being part of something bigger and better. Every time they put on a branded jacket or use their custom backpack, they’ll be reminded of your brand and the team they get to grow professionally with. 

At SwagMagic, we make it easy to create a custom swag store your team can shop and enjoy. 

Here’s how you can customize your swag store for your team:

  • Option to choose your own products 
  • Upload designs your team can use to customize their products 
  • Set up your own budgets 
  • Decide who can access the store 

Once your team is set up, they can choose products to customize, add their design, and place their order – we handle everything else from there. 

swag kits make great team gifts

Next-Level Personalization and Customization

In today’s digital age, personalization goes a long way. Personalization and customization options help your team feel appreciated for their contributions and recognized. Once you have a swag store set up, your team members can freely choose items that pique their interest and place an order for themselves. This allows them to pick a product they will actually use and enjoy – so you don’t need to worry about the item ending up in their junk drawer or the trash. 

You can also upload as many designs as you need so your team can pick a design, colour, and item unique to them. 

Buying items in bulk for your next team gifting project? Businesses can also take advantage of our swag box customization options. If you’re sending out team gifts to your employees, this is a great way to add a personalized touch to every swag box you send. 

Here are a few customizations you can use:

  • Add crinkle paper to your boxes
  • Branded box stickers
  • Custom printed notes
  • Organizer video messages 
  • Branded notecards
  • Branded digital experience

Surprise Your Employees With Team Gifts From Swagmagic

Gifts are some of the best tools to help your team feel appreciated and recognized. At SwagMagic, we have everything you need to provide your employees with personalized team gifts they use and love. We have many high-quality options for celebrating milestones, holidays, or special occasions. With our solution, you can create an experienced custom to your brand to help your team feel like a team!

Explore our custom swag options today to get started. 

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