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Best Team Gift Ideas: Personalized Swag Items and Unique Gifts for Employees and Coworkers in 2023 2024

Appreciation and recognition are essential parts of any thriving workplace. When a leader in the workplace takes time out of there to recognize top performers, the go-getters, and the team as a whole, you can retain top talent and keep your team happy.

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Studies suggest that recognition programs can boost morale, and productivity levels and help build positive workplace relationships. Taking time to appreciate your team for their contributions may also help reduce turnover and keep team members feeling appreciated for their hard work. In another survey, over 40% of Americans feel that if they were recognized they would put more energy into their work.

If you’re ready to motivate your team to go above and beyond – team gift ideas and incentives are a great place to start. Consider sending remote employees and those working from home office care packages with the company logo to make them feel part of the team. Gift cards, swag with the brand, and curated gift boxes also make excellent employee appreciation gifts.

When researching the best corporate gift ideas to give your employees this holiday season, choose presents that spark joy and excitement. The gifting experts at SwagMagic help companies build personalized gift boxes, swag kits, and more filled with goodies based on recipient hobbies and interests. With global shipping, it’s easy to deliver wow-worthy gifts to remote staff and those working internationally. Show your one-of-a-kind coworkers you notice their efforts with tailor-made gifts from SwagMagic they’ll genuinely appreciate.

Unique Gift Ideas for Office Team and Coworkers

Gifts are the driving force for motivation. Imagine the look on your team member’s faces when they receive a custom gift from their employer. Your team members will feel recognized for their contributions and appreciated by their employer- making it less likely that they’d explore other job opportunities. 

Whether it’s the end of a quarter, a holiday, or just because – gifts can completely change the workplace dynamic for the better. 

However, if you were to start researching gift ideas for your team, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices you have online. Would my team prefer custom jackets or backpacks? Should I give them a branded journal or a water bottle?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. 

We’re here to walk you through gifts for coworkers you can use to keep your team engaged in the workplace. You can use this list as a guide to help you build a thriving recognition program that values your team’s contributions and keeps them engaged throughout the workweek. These not only help you in team building, but these are the best gifts employees will love. 

Let’s take a closer look at our top promotional products to choose from. 

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Cork Bottom Insulated Mug 

Price: $38.76

Cork Bottom Insulated Mug is a great team gift

Sleek and modern. This insulated mug is perfect for the working professional always on the go and needs a warm cup of coffee and tea. This item comes in eight different colors and includes a gift box.

S’well 16 oz Traveler 

Price: $59.67

S'well 16 oz Traveler is a great team gift idea

This high-end is designed to keep beverages cold for 24 and hot for 12. It’s available in three modern colors and features vacuum-insulated construction and a condensation-free exterior for the best possible drinking experience. 

13 oz. Marble Campfire Coffee Mugs

Price: $14.61

13 oz. Marble Campfire Coffee Mugs

Get your brand noticed before noon with a high-end, sleek marble campfire coffee mug. This ceramic mug comes in six colors and can be personalized with a multi-color print. 

Sarada Bento Lunch Box

Price: $25.69

Sarada Bento Lunch Box is a great team gift idea

This reusable lunch box is another sustainable team gift designed to encourage your team to bring their lunch to work. It features two stackable compartments as well as a set of reusable cutlery. The right gift for employees who always wish to carry their food. 

Bambowie Bamboo Gift Set 

Price: $7.63

Bambowie Bamboo Gift Set
Zero waste bathroom kit. Set of eco friendly personal hygieny reusable accessories. Bamboo tooth

Another great gift is this set that features an eco-friendly bamboo pen and mechanical pencil. The two writing instruments come in a recycled kraft paper box and are the perfect team gift idea for employees for celebrating milestones, birthdays, accomplishments, or holidays in the workplace. 

Moleskine Hard Cover Ruled Large Notebook

Price: $38.48

Moleskine® Soft Cover Ruled Large Notebook is a great team gift idea

Another gift to leave a lasting impression is a Moleskine journal. This journal has over 96 sheets of paper, perfect for taking notes and jotting down ideas. 

Break Time 9 Can Lunch Cooler 

Price: $25.70

can cooler

A lunch cooler that’s perfect for long days at the office, picnics in the park, and everything in between. This 9-can cooler comes in two colors and can also be customized with your logo or brand messaging on the front of the bag. 

Cotton Canvas Boat Tote

Price: $30.15

Baltic 18oz Cotton Canvas Boat Tote is a great team gift idea

A canvas boat tote, perfect for every occasion. This high-end tote is also a great thank-you gift for your hard-working team. It’s the perfect go-to for celebrating the holidays or a gift to celebrate your team’s contributions.

CORKCICLE Classic Can Cooler 

Price: $43.50

KOOZIE Sport 20-Can Kooler

Get your brand noticed on the weekends with a branded can cooler. This team gift idea can be printed or laser engraved with your logo. It’s also designed to keep drinks colder for 3 times longer and can fit most 12-ounce cans and bottles. 

Restore Sport Duffel 

Price: $57.12

Restore Sport Duffel is a great team gift idea

Functional and stylish. This sports duffel is also perfect for trips to the gym, yoga classes, or weekend getaways. You can customize the product with heat transfer, embroidery, or a standard print on the front pocket. 

Merchant & Craft Ashton 15″ Computer Backpack

Price: $57.67

laptop backpack
laptop backpack

Another great gift idea is a backpack for every occasion. This computer backpack is designed to hold a 15″ laptop and all your everyday essentials. It comes in two colors and has many spacious compartments and different pockets. 

The North Face Ladies Sweater Fleece Jacket

Price: $143.33

The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket
Green fleece jacket

Want to surprise your team with branded company apparel? Another great gift is this heavyweight, sweater-knit fleece is warm yet breathable. It’s perfect for hikes, cold commutes, and days spent outdoors. 

Sportsman – Slub Fabric Dad Cap

Price: $27.50

Sportsman - Slub Fabric Dad Cap is a great team gift idea

You can never have too many hats. A branded baseball cap is a great branded gift for your team. Whether you’re celebrating the end of the year or looking for a gift at your company retreat – you can feel confident everyone will love and wear the branded hat everywhere they go. 

Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Price: $59.98

Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is a team gift idea

Upgrade your team members’ work from a home setup with a high-end charging mouse pad. This innovative gift is both stylish and functional. 

Auden Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $45.26

 Auden Bamboo Bluetooth® Speaker
 Auden Bamboo Bluetooth® Speaker
Handmade eco friendly natural wood smartphone speaker

Another crowd favorite is a Bluetooth speaker. It’s the perfect addition to a work-from-home setup and is sure to be used and appreciated by your team members. This is also a great team gift idea for celebrating accomplishments, year-end goals, or workplace anniversaries. 

Employee Gift Card

The Employee Gift Card is the best gift idea for a new team or new team member. This virtual gift allows them to pick out something they want or need, whether a nice lunch through a food delivery app, supplies for their home office, or something fun like an online subscription. It works well as an office gift when bringing on new hires remotely over Zoom meetings.

Holiday Gift Box

Happy Holidays!-tile-image

A Holiday Gift Box filled with tasty snacks is my top suggestion for the best gift for a new team. Having a variety for sweet tooth lovers and savory treats to share makes for great bonding for the group, especially if people open up and enjoy it together on a virtual Zoom call. It’s a thoughtful gift idea that brings people together.

Snacks Appreciation Gift

Give Thanks-tile-image

Showing appreciation for a new team with a Snacks Gift Box allows people to connect informally while enjoying snacks, making it the best gift idea. The variety of snacks suits different tastes and dietary needs, making this inclusive office gift build community among new coworkers as they participate in video calls.

Water Bottle

Price: $63.51

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Bottle - 23 Oz.

Equipping each new team member with their own Water Bottle makes for an office gift that supports health and sustainability. Having their bottle encourages staying hydrated during long virtual meetings while reducing waste from single-use cups. It’s a practical, branded gift sure to get regular use among the new work group.

Inexpensive Gift Pen

Price: $2.09

Ellipse Softy with Stylus - ColorJet - Full Color Metal Pen

An Inexpensive Gift Pen for each new hire serves as a handy office gift to mark their joining the team. Useful for taking notes in orientation or collaborating on Zoom calls, the pens keep the company brand top of mind. They’re affordable enough to order one for each person, ideal for distributing to an entire new team or department.

Phone Stand 

Price: $5.94

MiniStand : Miniature Phone Stand

The Phone Stand is my pick for the best gift for a new remote team. This handy item provides an easy way to prop up your phone while on video calls, preventing unflattering camera angles of mostly ceiling or nose! It’s a practical gift for work team that enables the technology vital for collaborating with virtual teams.

Explore Personalized Team Gift Ideas From Swagmagic

Looking for the best employee gift this Christmas to show remote and in-office coworkers you appreciate their efforts? Give the holiday gift of SwagMagic gift cards for a thoughtful, budget-friendly corporate gift. Our gift card shop allows you to customize denomination amounts to reward individuals or entire teams working from home or the office. Book a call today to have our gifting experts help select the perfect gifts for the holiday season, from gift cards to curated Christmas gift boxes tailored to your one-of-a-kind coworkers.

This Christmas, simplify corporate gift-giving and pick meaningful personalized presents employees will appreciate with SwagMagic. Our affordable, stress-free holiday gift solutions help companies demonstrate their people are valued, whether working remotely or on-site. We offer companies across the globe easy Christmas and employee gift ideas that delight teams and individuals. Contact SwagMagic now to discover budget-friendly ways to gift customized gift boxes, gift card bundles, swag kits, and more to your exceptional coworkers this holiday season, creating smiles with thoughtful gifts specially designed for your unique workgroup.

At Swagmagic, we have all these products and more available on our website. We make it easy to find, brand, and send gifts to your team members, no matter where they are in the world. Whether you want to personalize gifts in bulk or set up your company swag store – we’re here to help. 

Start shopping for our selection of gifts and promotional products today. 

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