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Frequently Asked Questions

Manager Appreciation Day

Manager Appreciation Day is one of the best days to thank that person in your office who seems to always be there handling the day-in and day-out crisis. So, when is Manager Appreciation Day? If you are like many people, you may not know the answer to this. Manager Appreciation Day is October 16th, 2023. And don't forget Employee Appreciation Day 2023. That is March 3rd.

Consider a bit about why this day can be so important and why it should be a time when you stop and think about those who you know. 

The office just announced that most of the staff were going to go work from home when the pandemic hit. Everyone got pretty used to working from home. Yet, that changed when the team reported that everyone would be going to a hybrid situation going forward. That means that at least two days a week, the team would be in the office, but the rest of the time, we would be working from other locations. Most thought it was a good thing but didn't anticipate what was going to happen.

Everyone was working at home. However, back at the office, the local fauna had become pretty comfortable around the office itself. There were birds on the roof. The deer were easily found on the lawn at all times of the day and night. Bunnies could be seen just about everywhere. It was a charming sight for most.

Now that they are back, though, they don't move. There are so many stolen lunches, not to mention bird poop incidents, in the office that it seems like you are entering a battlefield when you leave the office to make a run to the car.

Appreciation Messages to Boss

  1. "Thank you for guiding me professionally and personally. Your leadership and words of encouragement mean a lot to me."
  2. "Your support and advice have helped me reach where I am today. I am grateful to have you as a guide and a mentor."
  3. "You consistently inspire me to meet my targets. Thanks for being such an amazing leader!"
  4. "Your visionary ideas and leadership skills make working here an enriching experience. Thank you for everything you do."
  5. "I appreciate the confidence you've shown in me. Your encouragement has helped me grow in my role."
  6. "I am grateful to have you as my boss who brings out the best in me."
  7. "Your mentorship has been an invaluable contribution to my professional development. Thank you for investing in my growth."
  8. "Thank you for leading by example and inspiring us to put our best foot forward."
  9. "Your guidance and trust make it easy to work with you. Thanks for being a great boss!"
  10. "Thanks for creating a supportive and positive work environment. Your leadership truly makes a difference."

The office manager noticed it first. And this is where you need a few of those Boss Appreciation quotes to spew out there, or you want to send a curated box of goodies to someone you appreciate. Even the most intelligent boss quotes don't make a big enough impact here.

Let me explain. The office manager is a very reliable person. She was going into the office at least once a week throughout the time that everyone else was remote. That means that, while most people were at home working, she took it upon herself to visit the office. She did so as a way to keep an eye on things.

Over time, this changed – and this is where an appreciation message to boss and colleagues could be seen as very worthwhile. As she continued to visit, she noted a change, so to speak, in the wildlife. They were braver than ever. They came out of hiding more frequently and didn't seem to be as worried about the people around them, with, of course, so few around. Every week, they got more comfortable. An appreciation message to the boss here would be all about how this manager kept the office safe from the invading wildlife.

Thoughtful Boss Day Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Quality Pen: A high-end, stylish pen from a reputable brand is a classic gift for a boss.
  2. Desk Organizer: An elegant, wooden desk organizer can help your boss keep his workspace tidy.
  3. Coffee Maker or Mug: If your boss is a coffee lover, consider a high-quality coffee maker or a personalized coffee mug.
  4. Business Book: A bestselling business book or autobiography of a successful entrepreneur can provide inspiration and insights.
  5. Leather Portfolio or Briefcase: A stylish leather portfolio or briefcase can be a practical and thoughtful gift.
  6. Personalized Stationery: Consider personalized stationery like a notepad or planner with his name or initials.
  7. Whiskey Decanter Set: If he appreciates fine spirits, a classy whiskey decanter set could be a hit.
  8. Gourmet Gift Basket: A gift basket filled with gourmet snacks, chocolates, or cheeses can be a delightful treat.
  9. Wireless Charger or Tech Gadgets: If he enjoys tech, a sleek wireless charger or the latest tech gadget can be a great gift.
  10. Fitness Tracker: If your boss is into fitness or wellness, a fitness tracker from a reputable brand could be an excellent choice.

So things started to change – and this is why people deserve things like Boss Day gifts to honor the good work they do. She put up a series of wildlife cams throughout the outdoor areas. This allowed everyone working remotely to be able to check out the action on the live stream. It sure felt good to see those birds, deer, and bunnies everywhere. There were even a few instances where a wild turkey showed up on the camera. That certainly got people talking about something other than the boring meeting we were in. Boss Day gifts for him or her could easily be a sweet little message delivered to their door, but for our team, these cameras provided a lot of fun and enjoyment.

When we started coming into the office a few times a week, we thought they would start to go away. This was what the Boss Day gifts funny jokes are made out of, though. They didn't go away when we got back at all. We were very wrong about that assumption.

Unique Boss Day Gifts for Her

  1. Monogrammed Planner: A high-quality planner with her initials monogrammed on the cover would be a thoughtful and practical gift.
  2. Aromatherapy Diffuser: A stylish aromatherapy diffuser can create a calming atmosphere in her office.
  3. Personalized Jewelry: A piece of jewelry, like a pendant or bracelet, with a motivational quote or her initials.
  4. Luxury Scarf: A beautiful, luxury scarf could be a great addition to her professional wardrobe.
  5. High-end Notebook: A premium quality, leather-bound notebook for jotting down thoughts and ideas.
  6. Fine Tea or Coffee Sampler: A selection of gourmet teas or coffees for her to enjoy during the workday.
  7. Stylish Desk Accessories: Elegant desk accessories like a gold stapler, a crystal paperweight, or a chic desk lamp.
  8. Succulent Garden: A low-maintenance, stylish succulent garden for her desk or office.
  9. Luxury Hand Cream: A high-quality, fragrant hand cream can be a pampering gift she'll appreciate.
  10. Cookbook from a Celebrated Chef: If she enjoys cooking, a cookbook from a famous chef could provide some culinary inspiration.

This is when you think twice about those Boss Day gifts for her this year! The fact is, the animals were seemingly taking over, laying claim to the property, and not willing to just give it up. We used to be able to head outside for lunch, enjoying our lunch with the sound of the birds. Now we have to worry about the squirrels who are all too eager to help themselves. They have the run of the courtyard. This Boss Day 2023, we may have to pay them a visit with a few nuts since they are taking over the place.

The birds are also everywhere. That doesn't sound like a bad thing, but a few challenges occurred. First, someone was the victim of a poop attack the other day, and it wasn't an employee but a partner of the company. That was an embarrassing situation and one that warrants a Boss Day gift basket for that professional. In addition, those mama birds are super protective during the spring, dive-bombing anyone that comes anywhere within the area. Good thing they built their nest near the door!

Manager Appreciation Day Ideas

  1. Recognition Event: Organize an event (in-person or virtual) where team members can express their gratitude and share positive experiences they've had with their managers.
  2. Personalized Gifts: Team members can give personalized gifts such as a mug with an inspiring quote, a custom-made trophy, or a piece of artwork.
  3. Team Video: Create a video where each team member says a few words of appreciation for their manager. This can then be shared during a team meeting.
  4. Appreciation Messages: Encourage team members to write appreciation messages or cards expressing their gratitude and highlighting the manager's positive qualities.
  5. Lunch or Coffee Treat: Treat your manager to a special lunch or coffee from their favorite spot. If working remotely, consider sending a gift card to a local restaurant or café.

On Office Manager Appreciation Day, we really need to take a second look at those videos and why we ever thought raccoons were cute. They are the real problems we deal with just about every day. They are mean little critters that are not scared of you at all.

Our Office Manager Appreciation Month got started off with a good scare when one of them was lurking under a car and seemed to jump out to scare an employee. She was afraid to walk to her car for the next week.

When it comes to Manager Appreciation Day ideas, keep things simple. I also have to warn you that you don’t want to create a lot of food waste in your office. So, don't bring in and toss out that cake during Manager Appreciation Week. Because those little raccoons are sure to figure it out, and once they know you have food, they don't leave. I would encourage snack boxes to go instead.

Appreciation Days 2023

Appreciation Days 2023 really needs to focus on not only the work we do but the treacherous situation of just getting into the office each day. We may also need a medical assistant day to celebrate the more than one medical pro that had come in to help out when someone was hurt.

At least one time a week, there's also a major panic attack happening. It's usually the result of a frog breaking into the lunchroom or a snake seemingly standing guard over a car door. It may seem comical, but on community manager appreciation day, it becomes critical to appreciate those that have to deal with these types of problems that were not in their original work description.

Let's not forget to also make a point to appreciate Administrative Professionals Day for all of those that had to answer phone calls with people shrieking in the background thanks to a new critter making its way into the office.

If we don't do something soon, we might have to go back to working from home forever. On the other hand, maybe that's just what we need to do.

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