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Hi! Welcome to

Hi! Welcome to

You know that saying,

“it’s better to give than to receive”?

Yeah, well, that’s not entirely true.


Because if you’ve ever had to buy a gift for a team of 652 remote employees, or for a massive crowd of virtual event guests you’ve never even met, you know it’s waaaayyy more stressful to give than to receive.

Our sister company, SnackMagic—a snacks and beverage gifting platform, routinely heard the cries from their customers about the various issues they were having sending out swag to their recipients. We realized that a swag gifting platform could easily resolve a lot of their frustrations.  We replaced the snacks with custom swag and SwagMagic was born!

Episode 1: Pivot

Watch how STADIUM decided to pivot from delivering lunches to shipping snacks and beverages

Episode 2: The Launch

Take a peek into how SnackMagic launched in just 30 days. From Idea to First Order in 3 Weeks

Episode 3: Rapid Learning

Watch how SnackMagic talked to customers and listened hard to build their business


Gathering recipients' shipping addresses and apparel sizes

International customs issues and lengthy shipping times

Hidden costs and surprises with our flat fee of $25 per recipient. No ifs, ands, or buts

Minimums. Whether you're keeping it light or buying for 5000, you only pay for what gets redeemed

Pricing, simplified!
There are no hidden costs. There are no surprises.

We’ll send out your fully on-demand swag boxes to your recipients for wait for it...
Just $25 per recipient, plus the price of swag.


No lock in contracts, no long term commitment!

We’re the only service that lets people pick which goodies they get, and we make it simple. Whether you’re sending to one person or 100,000, everyone gets to build their own box from a menu of 2000+ unique options. It’s the un-screw-uppable gift everybody loves.

The Team

Meet the SnackMagic dream team! These are the folks who keep making snack time extra sweet. From the US, to India, UK to the Phillippines: we’re happy to meet you!

Jonny Adler


Shaunak Amin


Sheena Amin


Jordan Bank

Sales & Growth

Akhil Bansal


Jas Banwait


Morgan Brod

CPG Merchants

Joshua Catacutan

Customer Service

Maverick Claveria

CPG Merchants

Kieren Clements

International Relations

Raquel David

Customer Service

Gideon Greaves

International Growth

Daniel Greenspan

Strategic Partnerships

Holly Guenther

Customer Success

Olamilekan Isaac


Eunice Jamisola

Customer Service

Manik Juneja


Saurish Kar


Melissa Katz

Customer Success & Growth

Leo Luo


Anni Ma

Growth & Marketing

Rejoie Manguera

Customer Service

Brianna Meme

Customer Success

Shelley Nelson


Sandy Ng

Customer Success

Bonnie O’Callaghan

Customer Success

Denise Paik


Vijayta Panchal


Nish Patel


Justin Queen

CPG Merchants

Andres Rizo


Zaeem Shahid


Siddharth Sharma


Shirley Tiotuico

Customer Service

Greg Travers


Stephanie Yudowitch

CPG Merchants

Abby Zender

CPG Merchants

A movement to create meaningful careers

A movement to create meaningful careers

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