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Build your own branded swag kits and we'll take care of picking, packing and shipping. Just say when! We're thinking corporate occasions like new employee onboarding, work anniversaries or sales kick-off meetings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Giveaways and Branded Promotional Items

Conferences offer a prime opportunity to showcase your brand by gifting attendees valuable branded items. These promotional products become great conference giveaways when thoughtfully selected to appeal to target audiences. Classic swag like pens, water bottles, and apparel imprinted with your logo make memorable freebies.

Colorful pens displaying your brand name, website, or tagline put your message directly in attendees' hands. Reusable water bottles keep attendees hydrated while providing free advertising every time they sip. Comfortable t-shirts or useful jackets imprinted with your branding spread awareness as people travel home.

Eco-conscious choices like reusable metal pens or durable drinkware made of materials like stainless steel appeal to sustainability-focused attendees. The most useful giveaway products extend your brand’s visibility by becoming favourites people use daily once at home.

Getting creative with shaped bottle openers, tech accessories or other niche promo products tailored to your industry also works well. When selecting giveaways, aim for versatility, broad appeal across demographics and price points reasonable for your promotional budgets. With a bit of insight into your target audiences, conferences can be leveraged to distribute giveaway products that spread positive brand impressions.

Best Conference Swag Ideas

Conferences offer prime opportunities to get your company swag directly into attendees' hands. But trade show giveaways should provide utility beyond trinkets and push promotional value for your business. The best conference attendee ideas equip people with useful items integrated into daily life post-event.

Popular picks like multi-tools with bottle openers, durable hydration bottles, portable phone chargers and custom lanyards make swag bags more exciting. While comfy socks, stain-removing wipes, eyewear chains and mini first aid kits offer unexpected functional freebies.

Get creative brainstorming ideas for conferences that align with your brand identity and audience interests. Tech tools, self-care items, sustainable products, food and beverages all make good business conference swag. Or try offbeat ideas like custom keychains, sequin pillows, magnetic wall calendars, and branded cinch bags for unexpected whimsy.

No matter your industry, aim for quality, useful giveaways over throwaways. Treat conference attendees to swag bags that surprise and delight. The more functional value your promotional products provide, the more impressions they will make, spreading brand awareness when people use them in daily life.

Importance of Virtual Conference Swag

Promotional swag remains one of the best ways to build brand awareness, even when conferences move fully or partially online. Though in-person attendees can’t drop by booths, virtual conference swag ideas like contest giveaways, eGifts and branded merchandise help companies make an impression.

Corporate gift ideas may ship directly to registrants' homes rather than being bundled into swag bags. Snail mail gifts like custom thermoses, portable chargers or apparel surprise and delight remote attendees while providing daily branding impressions as promotional products integrate into regular use.

Digital marketing giveaways add value as well. Conference organizers can embed eGift cards or digital subscription codes within confirmation emails to delight. Planning contest giveaways for the best virtual backgrounds, funniest pet cameos or most creative workspace setups give attendees a reason to engage on social media and provides user-generated content to extend your event’s reach.

Getting inventive with virtual swag helps humanize brands even without in-person contact. Well-timed direct mailings and digital freebies tailored to core audiences’ needs build meaningful connections with key stakeholders regardless of physical distance, keeping your brand in mind until people reconvene in person.

Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

When preparing giveaways for your next conference, aim for event swag gift ideas that offer maximum utility for attendees paired with expansive branding real estate. Rather than random gift items, provide a curated list of the best swag ideas tailored to your target audiences’ preferences and brand values.

Popular conference gift picks like multi-tools, stainless steel water bottles, soft apparel basics and sleek tech accessories equip people with items integrated into daily routines long after events wrap. Creative swag ideas for conferences might include functional products like stain removal wipes, customized notebooks, wearable food containers or phone grip stands suited to niche fields.

Consider ordering well-designed gift boxes showcasing an array of thoughtfully bundled conference swag. The unboxing experience surprises and delights, driving social shares as recipients flaunt giveaway hauls. Whatever assortment of loot you provide, focus on quality, usefulness and versatility versus one-and-done trinkets.

The most influential event swag gift ideas foster authentic connections with audiences that pay dividends for brands over time. With creative yet functional giveaways perfectly matched to stakeholder needs, conferences become springboards for genuine brand affinity versus superficial hype.

Unique Giveaway Items and Customized Gift Ideas 

Giveaways are a great way to make an impression on conference attendees, whether as swag bag staples or specialty prizes for competitions. When selecting the best event giveaways, aim for both usefulness and uniqueness tailored to your brand identity.

Popular picks like multi-tools, filtered water bottles, cozy socks and sleek tech accessories equip people with items integrated into daily routines long after events wrap. While creative ideas for swag at conferences might include niche products like custom stress balls, stain removers, snack containers or phone stands suited to particular fields.

Get inventive brainstorming functional yet novel giveaways aligned to audience interests. Consider staging social media contests awarding personalized experiences, exclusive access or opportunities to engage with company leaders. Or bundle an array of thoughtful swag into beautifully designed gift boxes that surprise and delight through memorable unboxing experiences.

No matter the specifics, effective conference giveaways foster authentic connections with attendees that pay dividends for brands over time. With creative yet useful freebies tailored to stakeholders’ preferences, conferences become springboards for genuine affinity versus superficial hype.

Small Business Swag Ideas

Giveaways and promotional items play a key role in driving booth traffic and engagement at conferences. Rather than random swag, the most effective giveaways for conferences offer useful products aligned with brand identities and audience interests.

Classic picks like multi-tools, filtered water bottles, portable chargers and tote bags equip people with items integrated into daily life long after events wrap. Getting creative with niche giveaways like custom stress balls, stain removers, snack containers or phone stands suited to particular fields also works.

Aim for quality and utility when selecting swag bag inserts and prizes for onsite contests. Consider unexpected gifts like subscriptions, exclusive access and personalized experiences that surprise and delight attendees. Beautifully designed gift boxes add excitement by creatively showcasing an assortment of curated giveaways.

No matter the specifics, smart conference swag giveaways foster authentic connections with audiences versus superficial hype. The more functional value and relevance promotional giveaways offer, the greater the long-term brand impressions. With creative yet useful freebies tailored to stakeholder preferences, exhibitors transform conferences into springboards for genuine affinity.

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